Michael Kirby, the UN head of Human Rights, with incensed disposition, has compared human rights abuses in North Korea to the crimes committed by Nazis in Europe.

Hitler Kagame

[African Hitler Paul Kagame]

How demeaning, disrespectful, and insulting to Adolf Hitler’s victims are Michael Kirby’s words comparing abuses in North Korea to Nazis when even the combined human rights abuses in North Korea, Syria, Iran, and,… let’s see, what other country the “Free World” doesn’t like?… oh, yes, Venezuela, do not add up to even half of the Nazis’ victims’ toll?

Yet, incredibly, shamefully, hypocritically, this same United Nations has in its drawer and collecting dust, a UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights’ October 1st, 2010 “Report of the Mapping Exercise documenting the most serious violations of human rights and international humanitarian law committed within the territory of the Democratic Republic of the Congo between March 1993 and June 2003”.  This report, which had to be leaked to France’s Le Monde so that its contents would not be too watered down by the UN supporters of the African Hitler Paul Kagame who is mostly responsible for the crimes catalogued in the report and is a friend of the “Free World” – you understand? – documents gross human rights violations, despicable war crimes, heartbreaking crimes against humanity and genocide in DRC where over 8 millions, that’s 8 million innocent human beings have been killed by Kagame and over 2 million women have been gang-raped and mutilated in the most barbaric and savage ways, including little girls as young as 4 years old by Kagame’s barbaric soldiers (the UN has the pictures but wouldn’t publish them). Where is the outrage, Michael Kirby? UN?

UN’s Two Bureaus on the DRC: Cover for Kagame and Whitewash Kagame’s Crimes:

What the UN has been doing since it started investigating and reporting on the crimes, atrocities, and human rights violations committed in the DR Congo and publishing these crimes going back to 2000 with its first “Report of the Panel of Experts on the Illegal Exploitation of Natural Resources and Other Forms of Wealth of the Democratic Republic of the Congo”, has been to maintain 2 parallel bureaus within the UN when it came to the DRC: one bureau to publish, store, and burry all the damning “reports” on mostly Kagame’s atrocities and holocaust committed in the DRC, and another bureau to continue to issue “carte blanches” for Kagame to continue to kill with impunity, then whitewash, cover up, and sing praises as to how “good” he is for the African Great Lakes.

Why? Why these 2 bureaus by the UN when it comes to Kagame and his slaughter in the DRC while showing continuous and constant outrage when it comes to North Korea and other nations deemed unfriendly to the Free World?

How long is the UN going to ignore the blood of 8 million Congolese just to please Hitler Kagame?

Why?  Why?  First, Hitler Kagame’s invasion of Rwanda (from Uganda) starting in 1990 and then of the DRC in 1996 was done with the approval and the tacit and total military help from Bill Clinton of the US, Tony Blair of England (DRC invasion), and Louis Michel of Belgium.  Second, mining companies from the “Free World” were banking for Hitler Kagame to help them help themselves to Congo’s resources regardless of how many millions Congolese Kagame,  Museveni, and “Joseph Kabila” kill.  Third, Kagame knew how to blackmail the Free World and the UN by binding them to his crimes: 1.  by giving America a couple of military bases in Rwanda;  2. by offering his Rwandan army to the UN for its “peace” keeping missions throughout Africa – this same army that has gang raped, mutilated, and killed hundreds of thousands of Hutus and moderate Tutsis both in Rwanda and the DRC and over 8 million Congolese –. Fourth,  there is a “personal” friendship between Ban Ki-moon, Hitler Kagame’s James Kabarebe, and the Rwandan-Tutsi family of the Kanambes, who have been running the DRC government since 2001 for Kagame (Janet Kanambe/Kabila used to work for Ban Ki-moon), after Hitler Kagame gave “Joseph Kanambe/Kabila” the order to kill the Congolese Laurent Kabila (see revelations by former Kagame’s associates – Rudasingwa, Nyamwasa, and the late Karegeya – ).

Truly, there is no comparison between the supposed “Nazis”-like crimes the UN’s Michael Kirby is accusing North Korea of committing and the unspeakable atrocities that the trio Kagame-Museveni-Kabila/Kanambe have committed in Rwanda and in the DRC (even though all human rights abuses, be they just ten or one million, should not be taking place or tolerated in our world in this day and age).

In the DRC, Rwandan and Ugandan soldiers have buried women and children alive; they have burned them, sometimes burning whole villages in their own homes; after gang-raping Congolese women and little girls, they have mutilated them with machetes, sticks, metal pieces, and sometimes shot  them through the genitals. Simply said, Kagame, Museveni, and Kanambe-Kabila have committed unspeakable crimes.

So, Mr. Michael Kirby, why do we never hear and see the outrage over the atrocities committed byPaul Kagame, Yoweri Museveni, and “Joseph Kabila”?  When are the UN and the world going to get over the lies and deceptions and the false narrative of Paul Kagame as the man who stopped the so-called Rwandan “genocide” when there is official proof now, as detailed with the ICTR, that Kagame actually is the one who triggered the Rwandan co-killings or co-genocide? (see our blog “Paul Kagame, Butcher of the Great Lakes, Worse than Idi Amin” or just go to www.rwandadocumentsproject.net ).

Kagame’s Methods of Killing (practiced by his “disciplined” army):

In fact, following is a description by a Rwandan Tutsi soldier in the Kagame’s army, Lieutenant Abdul Ruzibiza,  of the “different killing methods” taught and sanctioned by Paul Kagame, which brought about “the kind of gruesome death that I witnessed with my own eyes”, in Lieutenant Abdul’s own words. (The defectors and former Hitler Kagame’s associates such as Rudasingwa and Nyamwasa would not disagree with Ruzibiza’s words herein quoted.  Only Kagame’s apologists and paid agents will disagree).

Member of Kagame's commando that shot down Habyarimana's plane

(Ruzibiza was a member of the elite commando ordered by Kagame to down the plane flying President Habyarimana on April 6, 1994, which triggered the 100 days of Rwandan Tutsis and Hutus co-massacres that was triggered by and used by Kagame to seize power in Kigali.  Ruzibiza, like almost all the soldiers of that special unit, later went into exile where he was tracked and eliminated by Kagame – for this blood-thirsty Hitler, exposing his crimes is, in essence, betraying the entire nation of Rwanda):

1. Tying up the legs, then binding both arms in the back while pulling and applying
pressure until the chest bones crack up, then kneeling the victim and striking them in the head with a used up hoe. After the victim collapses, smashing the head in both temples, splitting up the head like a clod.
2. Tying up the victim as described above, then stabbing them in the ribs repeatedly with knives, or stepping on the victim’s belly while bayoneting them.
3. Tying up the victim, then fitting their head with a plastic bag closed up around the neck, leaving the victim to die from suffocation.
4. Tying up a person, drawing gasoline into a syringe, then squirting the fuel into both of the victim’s ears, and leveling a hard smack simultaneously on both ears. The victim will fall into an agonizing spell of dizziness, before dying.
5. Making a running noose around somebody’s neck with a rope, then dragging the victim until the noose tightens and death ensues.
6. Tying up together both arms and legs real tight, then hanging the victim upside down on a horizontal beam until blood oozes out of the mouth, ears, and nose, and death ensues.
7. If there was critical information to wrest away from the victims, they were downright tortured. They were needled on their genitals, jabbed all over with sharp objects, and pinned under dripping fireballs from a burning plastic object until they begged for death. There were times when siblings, or a husband and a wife, or a mother and a son, were forced to have sexual intercourse out there in the open before being killed, etc.
8. Often times for those who were killed by gunfire or grenades, it was when lack of time didn’t allow for a slow death. Other times, girls who had just been raped by RPF soldiers were the lucky ones to be killed with bullets, supposedly to ward off any bad luck from these girls that might cause the rapist soldiers to die on the battlefield. And yet, this crime was not tolerated at all even though it was committed in many areas. If you were found to have committed this crime, you were punished severely. If by a remote chance the rape victims were spared, they walked away thinking rape was part of an accepted culture within the RPF organization, because they had no way to know that the offenders had been punished. Another crime that was severely punished, was raping women then brutally shoving up knives or sticks deep inside the women’s private parts, causing them to bleed to death.
9. In a particularly unique show of ruthlessness, in order not to waste time, RPF soldiers would hold children victims by the legs and swing them against a wall or a tree, smashing their heads and killing them instantly.
10. I have no personal knowledge of any place, nor have I been told or heard of any, other than from the Rwandan national radio and the RTLM radio, where an RPF soldier ever disemboweled any pregnant woman, killing her and the child… If it happened, I am not aware of it. I do know, however, that in killing such pregnant women, RPF soldiers kicked them in the belly and ribs with knees, and then fitted their heads with a plastic bag to asphyxiate them. RPF soldiers firmly upheld a dubious theory, whose exact origin is uncertain, that a pregnant woman will not die from a blow to the head with a used up hoe, or will take much too long to die.” 
(See “Testimony of Abdul Ruzibiza”, January 9, 2009).

The above “methods of killing” described by Lieutenant Abdul Ruzibiza, were and are still being used by Paul Kagame’s soldiers both in Rwanda and in the DRC.  And, there is plenty of photographic documentation of the killings. Yet, the UN continues to rely on this army for peace missions? An army that is responsible for the holocaust of over 8 million people and gang raping of over 2 millions, including little girls?

The “Free World” knows also that Kagame’s Rwanda is too tiny for him to control the huge DRC, so he has an associate, Yoweri Museveni of Uganda and a Trojan Horse that he set up in DRC, the former intelligence officer of the Rwandan army and a cold-blooded killer known to his Rwandan troops as “Commandant Hyppo” (from his Rwandan real name, Hyppolite Kanambe) whose cover name in DRC is “Joseph Kabila”. This Kanambe/Kabila makes sure that Rwanda and Uganda are NEVER threatened by the DRC, and that he kills any and every Congolese who shows potential as a military or civilian leader who may either expose them or help stop the atrocities in DRC and bring peace to the Congo (he just assassinated Colonel Mamadou Ndala and has brought General Olenga from the eastern DRC battle front to Kinshasa to poison him).

This method of eliminating anyone among the Congolese who can be a leader or a menace to Rwando-Ugandan control of  the Congo or threaten the mineral businesses of Kagame, Museveni, Kanambe/Kabila, and their international partners in DRC, this method was, first, used by Kagame’s RPF and RPA in Rwanda against the Hutus and even against the moderate Tutsis who wanted to live with their fellow Hutus in a united and democratic Rwanda.

Here is how Lieutenant Abdul describes it:

The following were categories of people high on the RPF target list:

1. Hutus with distinction as civil servants, entirely devoted to Habyarimana and the government.
2. Any Hutus with high intelligence, determined and incorruptible like Gapyisi.
3. Any Hutus whose death would be easily blamed on the government, like opposition figures.
4. Any Hutus whose death wouldn’t point to any outright suspect in an
5. Any high-ranking military officer, if possible.
6. Any Tutsis born and raised inside Rwanda were not to be trusted. If their killing could be successfully blamed on the government, there was no loss to us.
7. Any clear-minded Tutsis seen as possible future opponents of the RPF ideology. Landoald Ndasingwa was one such Tutsi, and we narrowly missed him several times.
8. Tutsi families living in an isolated area were to be targeted for collective killing, as a way to incriminate the ruling MRND. That’s exactly what RPF soldiers did at Kabatwa in Gisenyi under the dual leadership of Gashayija Bagirigomwa and intelligence officer Moses Rubimbura. This is an authentic massacre that did take place in early 1994.
9. Even long after the war, the RPF elected to sacrifice Tutsis in search of a good reason to plunder in Zaire. That was the case of Bagogwe Tutsis at Mudende, and of Banyamulenge Tutsis at Biura and elsewhere. Proof is available for these events, which are but an open secret to everyone within the RPF-Inkotanyi.” (See Ruzibiza, Ibid.)

(Just change the above target names of “Hutu” and “Tutsi” with “Congolese”, “Habyarimana” with “Mobutu” and “Laurent Kabila”, “Gapyisi” with “Diomi Ndongala or Honore Ngbanda”, “Rwanda” with “DRC”, …)

The above are the same categories that make up the “Hit List” that “Joseph Kabila” has been using on Congolese in the DRC and in the Diaspora, in order to insure the continued control of the DRC by Rwanda and Uganda.  Anyone who thinks that “Joseph Kabila” is a native Congolese and that he cares about the Congo and the Congolese people and that he hates the killers of Congolese, Kagame and Museveni, is either a blind and dumb fool or an agent of this murderous trio of Kagame/Museveni/Kanambe-Kabila.

The Silence of the “Free World” governments and of the UN tells and encourages the African killing trio, “the African Kings of Slaughter and Rape” to continue to kill and rape in the DRC.

The World Media like BBC Are Corrupt, they Perpetrate Kagame’s Lies:

Now, where are the media from this “Free World”?  A Rwandan member of Kagame’s army tells us how Rwanda manipulates and buys off members of the world media, which is why the world knows more about the crimes of the leaders of Korea and Syria than those of the “African Kings of Slaughter and Rape”:

Lieutenant Ruzibiza reveals Kagame’s manner of dealing with the foreign reporters he allows to “investigate” his deeds in what the Lieutenant called

The Secrecy Surrounding the RPF’s Crimes in Areas under its Control (today, February 2014, these areas include Rwanda and the entire DRC): 

“The one major trickery, which the RPF will use for ever, is flatly denying its crimes, accepting them only when they are innocuous. In the more than 4 years of war, the RPF allowed journalists in their zones only after ascertaining that at least they have a favorable opinion. Other journalists the RPF corrupted with fat kickbacks, like the one Hussein Abdou Hassan of the BBC. You could never have guessed whether this guy was an RPF soldier or a journalist from a respectable news organization like the BBC. The RPF invited journalists only at a time of its choosing, and showed them around only in selected areas, often warning them of a possible ambush or an on-going battle as a reason to stay off certain areas and reveal only what’s been carefully pre-choreographed..”.
(See Ruzibiza, Ibid.) 

 Most major media outlets (BBC, Euro News, Aljazeera, New York Times, The Washington Post, etc., Le Soir of Belgium, etc., The Observer and the Guardian  of London, etc., CBS, NBC, etc., Reuters, AP, RFI, etc.,) those with an African presence in Africa have the same African “correspondents” who are never changed.  Thus, these agents are corrupted with big sums of money and other “privileges” by these African dictators and murderers, so that they can always report “half-truths” and outright lies that are fed them by these murderers.  This is why, in spite of the numerous evidence that came out at ICTR about Kagame being responsible for the triggering of the Rwandan co-genocide, these world media, like the UN, have covered up or refused to publish this evidence, leaving their audience or readers in the dark.  In a way, all these media like the BBC are co-murderers with Kagame, Museveni, and Kanambe-Kabila, because, by not exposing them and not campaigning for these killers’ removal, these media have allowed this trio to continue to slaughter both in the DRC and in their own countries of Rwanda (Kagame, Kanambe-Kabila) and of Uganda (Museveni).

It’s Now Up to Obama, Hollande, Merkel, and Cameron:

Thus, now, it is up to Obama, Hollande, Merkel, and Cameron, these leaders who were not part of or supported the triggering of these crimes in Rwanda and the DRC, it is up to them now to bring these atrocities to an end.  Kagame just assassinated Patrick Karegeya in South Africa and Kanambe-Kabila just assassinated Colonel Mamadou Ndala in eastern DRC and is preparing to poison General Olenga for kicking out of the DRC, with the UN’s FIB help, the butts of his Rwandan brothers members of M23.

Keeping quiet, Obama, Hollande, Merkel, and Cameron, means that you agree with these killings and all the atrocities that this trio has been committing, that you tolerate them, that you permit them, and that you really do not care.  Is this true? If it is not, when are you going to expose this trio, bring charges against them, and campaign to remove them? Are you going to continue to befriend these criminals just because they give you military bases and let you use their bloody soaked and gang-raping armies? How many more millions have to die in the DRC and in Rwanda? It’s been already 17 years of African genocide and gang-rapes in DRC, how many more years are you going to allow these atrocities to continue?

The free world is watching you and History is about to write your story when you leave office (which is what these three African kings of slaughter and rape are counting on knowing that they will survive you) and, remember, History always reveals the Truth, no matter how long it has been covered up.


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