A Historical Summary of or Background on How The Rwandan “Genocide” Came About:

 On July 1st, 1962, Rwanda achieved independence (after having been a German colony from 1884 and a Belgian protectorate after Germany lost WWI).  The Germans and the Belgians had favored the minority Tutsis, as kings, ruling over the majority Hutus.  At independence, the majority Hutus won the election and formed the government.  The Tutsis of mostly the ruling classes chose to go into exile, mostly into Uganda, rather than accept democracy and the rule of the Hutu majority.

In exile in Uganda, these Tutsis integrated the Ugandan society up to becoming officers in the Ugandan army, intelligence, security, and other branches of the government.  In the 1990’s, these Tutsis with the help of the Ugandan army, started invading Rwanda to start a civil war in order that they may overthrow the democratically elected Rwandan government.  And, since Uganda was an American client state already, the US backed these incursions starting in 1990.

Then, on April 6, 1994, the plane carrying two African heads of state, Juvenal Habyarimana of Rwanda and Cyprien Ntariamira of Burundi was shot down as it approached the Kigali airport.  The two presidents  were returning from signing a peace accord in Arusha with Paul Kagame’s rebel movement called RPF so that Rwandans could vote for a new government by 1995.  Immediately after the shooting down of the presidential plane, Kagame’s RPF and the Ugandan army invaded Rwanda and started slaughtering people, triggering killings on both sides until July when, finally, Kagame’s RPF took the capital city, Kigali.

These killings ended with 500,000 to 800,000 Rwandans Hutu and Tutsi victims.  The victors, Kagame and his RPF, put out their view of the events, which said that the presidential plane was shot down by Hutu “extremists”, and that the Hutus then slaughtered Tutsis, and that he, Kagame, and his RPF invaded Rwanda to stop this “genocide”.  But, is this view of the events THE TRUTH??? Not according to the evidence!

The Bill Clinton Apology at the Kigali airport in Rwanda:

On Wednesday, 25 March, 1998, Bill Clinton apologized in Rwanda by stating a big lie: that he did not know what was going on but that Hutus had killed Tutsis whereas he, Bill Clinton, actually was one of the contributors to the killings in Rwanda because he had armed and financed the guy, Kagame, who was responsible both for triggering the killings on April 6, 1994 and for killing in a cold-blooded way most of the Rwandans who perished, both Tutsis and Hutus.

Here is a sample of what Bill Clinton said:

“I have come today to pay the respects of my nation to all who suffered and all who perished in the Rwandan genocide….

“During the 90 days that began on April 6 in 1994, Rwanda experienced the most intensive slaughter in this blood-filled century we are about to leave. Families murdered in their home, people hunted down as they fled by soldiers and militia, through farmland and woods as if they were animals…

“They were killed–killed because their identity card said they were Tutsi or because they had a Tutsi parent, or because someone thought they looked like a Tutsi, or slain like thousands of Hutus because they protected Tutsis or would not countenance a policy that sought to wipe out people who just the day before, and for years before, had been their friends and neighbors…
“The government-led effort to exterminate Rwanda’s Tutsi and moderate Hutus, as you know better than me, took at least a million lives. Scholars of these sorts of events say that the killers, armed mostly with machetes and clubs, nonetheless did their work five times as fast as the mechanized gas chambers used by the Nazis…

“We come here today partly in recognition of the fact that we in the United States and the world community did not do as much as we could have and should have done to try to limit what occurred…

“It may seem strange to you here, especially the many of you who lost members of your family, but all over the world there were people like me sitting in offices, day after day after day, who did not fully appreciate [pause] the depth [pause] and the speed [pause] with which you were being engulfed by this unimaginable terror.”

But what is the TRUTH?

The Truth is that President Clinton lied when he made his apology in Rwanda, and Paul Kagame, the guy who was being presented as the hero who stopped this “genocide” knew also that Bill Clinton was lying to Americans and to the world.

In fact, the “official” version of the events that was being circulated worldwide, beginning with Bill Clinton and the other Western governments and media, was a TOTAL LIE.  A HUGE LIE.  A LIE THAT MUST BE DENOUNCED TODAY, TWENTY YEARS LATER…


[Bill Clinton and Hitler Paul Kagame in Rwanda]


The title of his book, Accidental Genocide.  The writer, Professor Peter Erlinder, an international lawyer who has been associated for the longest with searching for the truth as to what happened in Rwanda and defending Rwandans falsely accused by Hitler Kagame, and, because he wanted to tell the truth and he refused to be bribed by Kagame and he refused to cover up the crimes committed by Kagame with the West’s help, he has paid dearly in harassment, threats, even in imprisonment by Hitler Kagame in Rwanda.

Yet America, the land of the free, still befriends and covers up for this African Hitler.

This is the book that MUST be read today and American people must rise in denouncing the crimes committed by Paul Kagame and covered up by our US government…

Beside the book Accidental Genocide, do we have any iron-clad evidence that Bill Clinton lied to us and to the world?

Let us consider the evidence uncovered by the UN and even by American officials, evidence that Bill Clinton intervened to stop it from coming out or altogether covered it up:

PROOF 2:   The Gersony Report

Robert Gersony was an American who worked for the American government, specifically for the US AID (Agency for International Development), and he was attached to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.  In 1994, this American official was sent to travel throughout Rwanda and see whether the conditions were right for the return of the civilian Hutu refugees who had fled when Kagame’s Tutsi forces, backed by the US and the Ugandan army, invaded Rwanda from Uganda in a full invasion beginning on April 6, 1994.

By October, 1994, Mr. Gersony discovered disturbing patterns of deliberate and systematic killings of Hutu populations by Paul Kagame’s RPF (Rwandan Patriotic Front).

Part of the Gersony Report reads:

Significant areas of Butare Prefecture, Kibungo Prefecture, and the southern and eastern areas of Kigali Prefecture have been — and in some cases were reported to remain as early as September — the scene of systematic and sustained killing and persecution of the civilian Hutu populations by the RPF…  These [Rwandan Patriotic Army] actions were consistently reported to be conducted in areas where opposition forces of any kind — armed or unarmed — or resistance of any kind — other than attempts by the victims of these actions to escape — were absent.  Large scale indiscriminate killings of men, women and children, including the sick and elderly, were consistently reported.”

The Gersony Report, instead of being made public, it was labeled “confidential” and not available to the American public or to anyone else.  In fact, at first, Bill Clinton denied that this report ever existed.  Why did Bill Clinton decide to hide this report?  Bill Clinton knew in advance that Paul Kagame was committing mass slaughter and ethnic cleansing of Hutus and Tutsis who had remained in Rwanda because they lived side by side with the Hutus (which is what democracy and harmony are all about, and which Kagame did not believe in).

PROOF 3:  George E. Moose’s Information Memorandum to Warren Christopher, September 1994

In September 1994, US Assistant Secretary of State for Africa, George E Moose, drafted an Information Memorandum titled “Human Rights Abuses in Rwanda” for Secretary of State Warren Christopher.

In this Memorandum, the US Secretary of State is informed that UN investigators on the ground in Rwanda had

concluded that a pattern of killing had emerged” there, the “[RPF of Paul Kagame] and Tutsi civilian surrogates [were killing] 10,000 or more Hutu civilians per month, with the [RPF] accounting for 95% of the killing.”

The memorandum “speculated that the purpose of the killing was a campaign of ethnic cleansing intended to clear certain areas in the south of Rwanda for Tutsi habitation.  The killings also served to reduce the population of Hutu males and discouraged refugees from returning to claim their lands.”

The above Memorandum clearly told  Bill Clinton that Paul Kagame and the Tutsis were actually slaughtering 10,000 or more Hutus per month to clear the land for habitation by Tutsis from Uganda and to ethnically cleanse the Hutus in order to reduce their numbers.  Yet, Bill Clinton went to Kigali and lied to Americans and to the world that Kagame was a hero and that the Tutsis were the victims and the Hutu government and its militias were the perpetrators.

To this day, Bill Clinton has not stood up like an upright leader to recant his lies.  Thus, Kagame’s killings now numbers in the millions and Kagame believes that with Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, and the West’s SILENCE, he can continue killing with impunity until God’s Kingdom comes.

PROOF 4:  ICTR Investigator Michael Andrew Hourigan’s Affidavit

Beside Robert Gersony, an American official with US AID, George Moose and Warren Christopher, leaders in the State Department of the US government, there was also an upright man, an Australian lawyer, Michael Hourigan, a war criminal investigator who was appointed by the UN to ICTR (International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda) in order to investigate the assassination of two presidents, President Habyarimana of Rwanda and President Ntariamira of Burundi, on April 6, 1994.

In 1996-1997, Mr. Hourigan gathered evidence, in Rwanda, with documentation, detailing how Paul Kagame and his RPF, with Americans and Ugandans help, had shot down the plane that was carrying the 2 African presidents.  Mr. Hourigan found three of Paul Kagame’s soldiers who had been part of the commando that shot down the presidential plane.  He also discovered that the missiles used to shoot down the plane “came from stockpiles the Americans had seized in their first war against Iraq. It was in a warehouse at Kigali airport, rented by a CIA Swiss front company.”

When Investigator Hourigan presented his evidence to Lead Prosecutor Louise Arbour, she, based on orders from Bill Clinton, ordered the investigation closed. She took the report and buried it and Hourigan was fired.  In other words, Bill Clinton was not looking for the Truth, but rather he wanted to shift the blame from his friend and protégé, Paul Kagame, to “Hutu extremists”, which was a big lie.  And Bill Clinton went to Rwanda apologizing when he knew that he and Paul Kagame were actually responsible for both the triggering of these mass killings and for most of the killings of Rwandans (both Hutus and Tutsis).

PROOF 5:  American Researchers Christian Davenport and Allan C. Stam’s “What Really Happened in Rwanda”

Christian Davenport and Allan C. Stam are two academics who investigated for over 10 years to answer the question “what really happened in Rwanda?”  beginning with the premise of established and “official” line of explanation that “Hutu extremists shot down Habyarimana’s plane; that the government of the dead Hutu president, Habyarimana, then planned and carried out a ‘genocide’ against Tutsis; and that Paul Kagame with his RPF fighters invaded Rwanda to stop this mass killing of Tutsis”.

But, as these two American experts in research methodologies proceeded with their painstaking research, which was first approved and supported by US AID, ICTR prosecutor, and the US State Department, later, as the hidden truth started appearing through the data and evidence they gathered, both American researchers were kicked out of Rwanda and the official US and UN institutions that had welcomed their involvement turned against them and refused to work with them.

However, part of what their research led them to uncover is the following:

“Perhaps the most shocking result of our combination of information on troop locations involved the invasion itself: The killings in the zone controlled by the FAR (Ugandan official army) seemed to escalate as the RPF moved into the country and acquired more territory. When the RPF advanced, large-scale killings escalated. When the RPF stopped, large-scale killings largely decreased. The data revealed in our maps was consistent with FAR claims that it would have stopped much of the killing if the RPF had simply called a halt to its invasion. This conclusion runs counter to the Kagame administration’s claims that the RPF continued its invasion to bring a halt to the killings… the majority of victims were in fact Hutu, not Tutsi.

“This conclusion — which has drawn criticism from the Kagame regime and its supporters — is buttressed by the maps that we painstakingly constructed from the best available data and that show significant numbers of people killed in areas under control of the Tutsi-led RPF.”

Where is the American media that led to the resignation of a President of the United States, or is there no more upright and truth-searching and truth-exposing journalists in all of the United States?

 PROOF 6:  Carla Del Ponte’s Memoirs, Madam Prosecutor: Confronting Humanity’s Worse Criminals and the Culture of Impunity

Ms. Carla Del Ponte is a former Swiss attorney general who was appointed United Nations Chief Prosecutor at ICTR with the mandate of prosecuting those who were responsible for the Rwandan “genocide”.

When the evidence, the documentary as well as eyewitness evidence clearly showed that war crimes had been committed by Paul Kagame and his RPF in the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Hutus and even Tutsis who had been living peacefully side by side with the Hutu majority in Rwanda, Carla Del Ponte decided to do her appointed job.  Her job being to find the culprits and punish them for war crimes and other crimes against humanity.

However, because the criminals were Paul Kagame and his RPF, and since her mandate was to punish those responsible, and, therefore, she was ready to do her job and prosecute Paul Kagame and the members of his RPF who committed these mass killings, Bill Clinton threatened Carla Del Ponte that she should cover up, that she must bury the results of her investigation exposing Kagame and RPF and not prosecute them or else she would be fired from her post as lead prosecutor with the United Nations.

In her integrity and for the sake of human dignity, the value of human lives, especially when one considers the different and despicable manners that Kagame and his RPF slaughtered, burned people in crematoriums, buried them alive, and systematically killed women, children, the elderly, men, and committed gang rape and other unspeakable crimes, Carla Del Ponte refused to give in to Bill Clinton’s threats.  Therefore, Bill Clinton got her fired from her UN’s Lead Prosecutor’s position in 2003.  All the evidence is in her Memoirs for anyone to read…

Once again, President Bill Clinton lied to American citizens and the world.  How can he pronounce any words about caring for humanity, helping humanity, or even running any programs to help the downtrodden in Africa or anywhere else through his so-called “foundation” when he, even as of today, has never denounced Paul Kagame’s crimes in Rwanda, or the millions of Congolese that Kagame has killed in the Congo DR while Bill Clinton’s friends in the mining industries, being facilitated by Hitler Kagame, rape the minerals of the Congo and use these millions to donate to the Clinton foundation, bribe journalists, and fund politicians’ elections???

PROOF 7:  Rwandan Tutsis Former Friends and Colleagues of Paul Kagame

This April, twenty (20) years have elapsed since Paul Kagame and his RPF invaded Rwanda from Uganda, shot down the Rwandan presidential plane in which two (2) presidents perished, then, with the backing of the Ugandan army and the technical, financial, military, and political assistance of Bill Clinton’s administration, hundreds of thousands of Hutus and Tutsis perished from April to July 1994.

In these twenty years, many of the Tutsis who had been members of RPF and fought side by side with Paul Kagame have fled to save their lives while thousands have been assassinated by Kagame.  Even so, Kagame has continued sending his killing goons to eliminate them wherever they have fled.  Many have not survived these assassination attempts.  The last one to be killed is the former Rwandan Tutsi spy chief, General Patrick Karegeya, who was strangled to death on January 1, 2014, in South Africa on direct orders from Hitler Kagame. He bragged about it.

Before his assassination, Patrick Karegeya had given interviews and made public revelations as to Kagame’s assassination of  Habyarimana and Ntariamira and his fomenting the multiple “militias” in eastern DRC.  In fact, while the Western media, following Bill Clinton’s lead, continue to cover up Kagame’s crimes, thereby giving him carte blanche to kill whoever and whenever with impunity, Karegeya and other exiled Rwandan military and political officials have been detailing the murderous and criminal history of Kagame.

An example: while the Western media and the so-called prosecutor at the Hague play Hitler Kagame’s tune by calling Terminator Bosco Ntanganda a “Congolese” general, in spite of the obvious facts that he, himself, told the court  that he was born in Rwanda where he grew up and trained in the Rwandan  army, and that he speaks the Rwandan language of the Kinyarwanda and he does not speak any Congolese language, the Western media and the prosecutor debase themselves as if they were dumb by dubbing him “Congolese”.  The simple truth is that this foolishness of calling Bosco Ntanganda “Congolese” was possible only because these very intelligent people ignore the fact that all these Rwandan soldiers and militias who kill and rape and help insure the stealing of the Congolese resources come from Rwanda and are recruited, trained, sent, and controlled by Kagame; and that in 2009, the trio Kagame, Museveni, and Kabila/Kanambe (former Kagame’s soldier and his Trojan Horse and agent now in the DRC) came up with the scheme to “integrate” Rwandan soldiers into the Congolese army every time another Kagame-created “militia” starts killing and raping Congolese and later is pushed to make “peace” (akin to the US “integrating” Al Quaida fighters into the US army for “peace”).  That’s how Rwandan soldiers have become “Congolese”, beginning with “Joseph Kabila”, Nkunda Batware, Bosco Ntanganda, Mutebushi, Makenga, Ruberwa, etc.

In South Africa, Patrick Karegeya, before his assassination, gave an interview to the French media outlet RFI in which he declared that Bosco Ntanganda, like Ruberwa, Nkunda Batware and others, was a Rwandan Tutsi, a Rwandan soldier, who was trained and sent to DRC by Kagame.  He stated that the person who should be at the Hague is Kagame who sent Ntanganda to commit these crimes in DRC.  Karegeya said that he was ready to testify against Kagame and to give detailed evidence against Kagame.  Now Kagame has silenced him and has bragged about it with impunity.

Another Rwandan Tutsi and former friend and colleague of Hitler Kagame is Kayumba Nyamwasa who has survived three assassination attempts in South Africa.

Both General Kayumba Nyamwasa and Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa have publicly stated that Paul Kagame is responsible for the assassination of THREE (3) African presidents:  Juvenal HABYARIMANA  of Rwanda, Cyprien NTARIAMIRA of Burundi, and Laurent Desire KABILA of the DRC.  On top of this Kagame is responsible for the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Rwandan Hutus and Tutsis and of at least 8 million Congolese.

Would Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, the Western leaders (Obama, Hollande, Cameron, Merkel, …), governments, and media, would they have been covering up for 16 years for any leader, white or Black, no matter how much money or minerals he gave them and no matter how many military bases he blackmailed them with, if he had killed three European (white) heads of state or if he had slaughtered hundreds of thousands of his own white people, including little children, the sick and the elderly, and, on top of this, if he had invaded the next door country where he had slaughtered 8 million white people and gang raped and mutilated 2 million white women and white little girls as young as 4 years old???

geno-new-9   geno-new-11

[Kagame and his soldiers hack children to death]


[The trauma of being gang raped and mutilated]

What do you say, Bill Clinton?  What do you say, Tony Blair? What do you say, Barack Obama?  What do you say, Francois Hollande?  What do you say, David Cameron?  What do you say, Angela Merkel?

Well, What do you say, Western media (NY Times, NY Post, Daily News, Washington Post, Washington Times, Wall Street Journal, LA Times, Atlanta Constitution, the Independent of London, The Guardian of London, Le Monde, Le Figaro, le Canard Enchainé,…  BBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, PBS, EURONEWS, RFI, FRANCE 5, ETC. ???





As one listens and watches the world media these days, one would never believe that the worst crisis of our Era actually is taking place neither in Ukraine, nor in Syria, nor in Venezuela, nor in North Korea; but, that the worst crisis has been going on in Central Africa in the Congo (DR) where over 8 million innocent people have been killed by two neighboring countries: Rwanda, Uganda, and “Joseph Kabila”, and over 2 million innocent women and little girls as young as 4 years old have been gang raped and mutilated.  You would never know it if you just landed on earth from planet Mars.


Those media that report on Africa, their reporters in Africa are routinely paid off by the African dictators they report on.  Almost ALL reporters of Western media in Africa take the money (it’s only Black Africans dying, anyway!).  This is why they report “positive” things about these African dictators who murder African people or make the death of 8 million Africans “bearable”, negotiable, and not so urgent, not so despicable, not like the death of 100 Ukrainians.

One of the prices the reporters would pay of NOT reporting what these dictators want the media to say about them would be to be banned from reporting from the dictators’ countries. So, the rule of thumb is that any Western news organization that reports on African dictators and has access to them is being paid off. Period!

The BBC case

Case in point: as early as 2004, a BBC reporter who was bought by Kagame was exposed by a Rwandan Tutsi and soldier in Hitler Kagame’s army, Lieutenant Abdul Ruzibiza, who was a member of the commando unit that was sent by Kagame to shoot down Rwandan President Habyarimana’s plane, which triggered the 1994 Rwandan co-genocide. (This is why, in spite of the evidence, BBC has never forcefully exposed Kagame as the trigger of the Rwandan 1994 co-genocide. Neither has any major media outlet with reporters in these countries. There are tons of money for these reporters to make).  If it were not for the corruption, these three African kings of slaughter and rape would have been arrested long time ago so that the people of Rwanda and the DRC would be in peace right now.

Lieutenant Abdul Ruzibiza, in his 2004 “Confession”, has a section he calls “The Secrecy Surrounding the RPF’s Crimes in Areas under its Control”  [(keep in mind that today’s “Areas under Kagame’s control” include, beside Rwanda, the entire DRC using his Trojan Horse, “Joseph Kabila” – cover name –, an intelligence officer in Kagame’s army that invaded the DRC and commanded one of the deadliest units that slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Hutu refugees and Congolese in 1996-1998) – any foreign government or media that says otherwise is either corrupt, racist, or in league with African Hitler for the minerals, the military bases, or otherwise –] : 

“The one major trickery, which the RPF (of Paul Kagame) will use for ever, is flatly denying its crimes, accepting them only when they are innocuous. In the more than 4 years of war (1990-1994 in Rwanda), the RPF allowed journalists in their zones only after ascertaining that at least they have a favorable opinion. Other journalists the RPF corrupted with fat kickbacks, like the one Hussein Abdou Hassan of the BBC. You could never have guessed whether this guy was an RPF soldier or a journalist from a respectable news organization like the BBC. The RPF invited journalists only at a time of its choosing, and showed them around only in selected areas, often warning them of a possible ambush or an on-going battle as a reason to stay off certain areas and reveal only what’s been carefully pre-choreographed. Many times journalists were driven around along the Ugandan border instead of going deep inside Rwanda, until they got tired and stayed overnight, not having covered more than one single kilometer from the border. This mastery of deceit kept the RPF’s lifeline going and prevented anyone from ever stumbling upon its horror scenes. The RPF also simply outfoxed the government in killing people and burning their bodies, then carefully dispersing their ashes in far-flung woodlands, removing any possible trace of the dead. Of course we know most of the areas where these macabre crimes occurred. It was simply out of question to surprise the RPF, since a special permission was needed prior to setting foot in their zones, and the scout officer had to carefully screen sites to visit.”

Why?  Why the loud and sustained outrage over Ukraine, Syria, Venezuela, North Korea, and why NOT over the Democratic Republic of the Congo?

Another  reason, beside corruption, was given in The Washington Post years ago,  specifically on June 29, 2003, by Lynne Duke in an article titled “Whispers of Genocide and again, Africa suffers alone”:

“Many may be forgiven for believing it is about race and the lesser value that the United States places on African lives.”

Yes, it is about race, race, race, and the lesser value that the Western world places on African lives… and this was written by a white woman who went and saw, and… understood!

Rwanda and DRC case

World governments of the “Free World”, beginning with the United States (under Bill Clinton), are actually the ones that were behind the invasion and the occupation of the DRC in the first place.  Bill Clinton armed and supported Rwanda and Uganda in their invasion of Rwanda to remove Habyarimana as a stepping stone (see Kagame’s letter below) to the invasion and occupation of the DRC for the DRC’s resources and land.

Below is Kagame’s letter showing that the final goal of  the US (Bill Clinton), Museveni, and his invasion of Rwanda after he killed Habyarimana was not to stop any genocide – which he, Kagame, triggered with his killing of Habyarimana – but rather the ultimate goal was the invasion and occupation of the DRC (Thus, because Bill Clinton, the UN, and Tony Blair were supporting and covering up for Kagame and Museveni, BBC and the other major world media never published this Kagame’s letter or the evidence in the Gersony Report to expose Kagame’s killing of Rwandans and, later of Congolese):

“Dear Brother Jean Baptiste Bagaza, we have the greatest honour to extend our sincere gratitude to you both for your financial and technical support in our struggle that has just ended with the taking of Kigali.

“Rest assured that our plan to continue shall be pursued as we agreed at our last meeting in Kampala.  Last week I communicated with our big brother Yoweri Museveni and decided to make some modifications to the plan.  Indeed, as you have noted, the taking of Kigali quickly provoked a panic among the Hutus who fled to Goma and Bukavu.  We have found that the presence of a large number of Rwandan refugees at Goma and the international community can cause our plan for Zaire to fail.  We cannot occupy ourselves with Zaire until after the return of these Hutus.  All means are being used for their return as rapidly as possible.  In any case, our external intelligence services continue to crisscross the east of Zaire and our Belgian, British and American collaborators, the rest of Zaire.  The action reports are expected in the next few days.

“Concerning the Burundi plan, we are very content with your work to ensure the failure of the policies of FRODEBU.  It is necessary to paralyze the power of FRODEBU until the total ruin of the situation in order to justify your action that must not miss its target.  Our soldiers will be deployed, this time, not only in Bujumbura, but in the places you judge strategic.  Our elements stationed at Bugesera are ready to intervene at any moment.  The plan for Burundi must be executed as soon as possible before the Hutus of Rwanda can organize themselves.

“In the hope of seeing you next time at Kigali, we ask you to accept, dear brother, our most respectful greetings”. 

[The above letter was dated August 10, 1994, written by Paul Kagame and addressed to Jean-Baptiste Bagaza of Burundi.  The letter was marked “confidential” and was uncovered among the documents of ICTR by chance by the legal assistant of Attorney Christopher Black, one of the lead counsels during ICTR’s Military II Trial in 2008.  The translation is Mr. Black’s].

The importance of Kagame’s letter above as described by Lead Counsel Christopher Black when he exposed this letter on November 18, 2008 follows:

“The importance of this letter if you have grasped it fully cannot be overstated.  It means the attack on Rwanda from 1990 was not the prime objective of Kagame and his collaborators.  Zaire was always theprime objective.  That their excuse for the attack on Rwanda about establishing democracy and return of refugees, was completely false.  That the invasion from Uganda had only one purpose: to clear the path through Rwanda to Zaire.  That the return of refugees, as many witnesses have stated, was not for humanitarian reasons, but to clear the path for the invasion of Zaire.  It means that the Americans, British, particularly with Kagame and Museveni, planned the invasion of Zaire [sic] in 1994, probably before that.  It means that the excuse given for the invasions of Congo since this letter was written to clear the ‘Interahamwe’ or ‘genocidaires‘ is completely false.  No mention is made of ‘Interahamwe’.   No mention is made of ‘genocide’.  It means, since this was received, it looks like a date stamp of this tribunal, 8th December 1994, that the Prosecutor of this Tribunal has been hiding information indicating a conspiracy to commit a war of aggression against Congo-Zaire, Zaire and all of the war crimes have flowed from it since and the continuation of those wars in Congo now begun 14 years ago, if not longer.  And that the principal parties are the principal parties stated in this letter.  It indicates that the prime target, Hutus in Rwanda and Burundi, that they want to suppress the Hutu population in order to carry out their plan.  Democracy was never their concern.  And it indicates that the Prosecutor was in — had information in a territorial and temporal jurisdiction of this Tribunal under rule — under Statute-Article 1.  That they are also concerned with war crimes committed in neighboring states.

“So, here you have the smoking gun, the letter, planning the invasion of Zaire with the Americans and British.  And it confirms our theory all the way through this trial that the Belgians were involved with those other countries.  And again, there must be — and this, as a colleague pointed out, is page 8 of 12.   So where are the other eleven pages of — what other letters do they have in their hands?  And again, it indicates that these men have been stitched up, falsely accused, in order to clear them out of the way so this plan can take place.  If this is published in the New York Times or Washington Post, the whole picture of the war in Rwanda and the wars in Congo would change.

“So I ask the Prosecutor, once again, where is that file?  And in fact I would like them to produce the indictment against Kagame 9 because I want to see what he’s been charged with, exactly what crimes and where.  So, again, I ask for this file to be produced and I ask why they have not acted.  Mr. Jallow and Louise Arbour and everybody else have been protecting the RPF which has now resulted in millions of deaths in the Congo and continues up till today and what is going on in Congo now.

“And I state openly that the Prosecution office is complicit with this invasion of Congo and is responsible themselves for all those murders in Congo because they’ve hidden this for a long time and they could have exposed it many years ago and stopped the invasions.

“If the international community, that is, other than the United States and the Britain, had been aware of what was going on, it would never have taken place.  But they sit there and they accuse us, my client, andthe other officers here of committing crimes, they knew what they were doing in Zaire.  I don’t think they can even shave and look in the mirror in the morning.”

And, as Kagame, Museveni, and “Joseph Kabila” have killed millions of Congolese, the West, in the words of an American diplomat, “has looked the other way” even while 4-year old little girls have been gang raped and mutilated.  Just as the governments of the West have “looked the other way”, so has their media.  Except, here and there, an article without any sustained drumbeat calling for the sacking of the dictators, a report, all being ignored by the Western governments.

A sample of the reporters who have written about these atrocities that have been ignored by the leaders of the West, beside The Washington Post’s “Whispers of Genocide…” mentioned above: The Heraldscotland staff’s “West’s Involvement in Congo Suffering” of 22 November, 2008;  Nicolas Kristof’s New York Times’ “Congo Killing Fields Worse than Holocaust” of  6 February, 2010; Johann Hari’s Independent of London’s “Congo’s Tragedy: The War the World Forgot” of 5 May, 2006; Eve Ensler’s Glamour Magazine’s “Women Left for Dead – and the Man Who’s Saving Them” of 1 August, 2007; Lorette C. Luzajic’s’s “The Coltan Miners’ Slaughter: The Congo Holocaust(s) for Absolute Beginners” of 23 October, 2009; David Patterson’s “Peter Erlinder Jailed by One of the Major Genocidaires of our Era” of 17 June, 2010…

In the United States, while the government and Hitler Kagame’s supporters lie about FDLR and so-called Hutus who want to attack – but never do – Rwanda, it was actually a former US diplomat, Herman Cohen, who stated the obvious, in a guest piece, titled “Can Africa Trade Its Way to Peace?”, 12/16/2008, in the New York Times:

“And from 1996 to today, the Tutsi-led Rwandan government has been in effective control of Congo’s eastern provinces of North and South Kivu. This control has been maintained through intermittent military occupation and the presence of Congolese militias financed and trained by the Rwandan Army.
During these 12 years of Rwandan control, the mineral-rich provinces have been economically integrated into Rwanda

[Indeed, any one who knows a little Geography and looks at the sizes of Rwanda and the DRC, would conclude that Rwanda could NEVER be in “effective control” of Congo’s Kivus without controlling, first, the DRC government, which Kagame does through his Trojan Horse, his agent “Joseph Kabila”]


[Imagine Barack Obama continuously meeting and joking with Osama ben Laden after the latter killed the 3,000 Americans on 9/11…  This is what “Joseph Kabila” does by meeting with Hitler Kagame… All reports have shown that Kagame has slaughtered millions of Congolese.  “Joseph Kabila”, former officer in Kagame’s army, consults regularly with him on how to perpetuate Kagame’s control of DRC… And the West and their media, pretend that “Joseph Kabila” works for the DRC. Who’s the FOOL?]

Due to the fact that these dictators are supported by Western governments and even former heads of governments (i.e. Hitler Paul Kagame is supported by the US and British governments and others, with Tony Blair now his paid lobbyist and Bill Clinton his partner and friend), another CONSEQUENCE for any reporter who dares to expose the truth is death by poisoning (i.e., the BBC African reporter Komla Dumor – Just check what he was working on and who he interviewed before his sudden death -, in DRC, Rwanda, and Uganda, many reporters have met the same fate, sometimes by assassination with bullets, what an American reporter called “a heavy dose of lead”, when he wrote about “Joseph Kabila” as if this dictator was Al Capone, in the way he kills anyone who he suspects to be a potential enemy or opponent while the West “looks the other way”).

Thus, these dictators (Kagame, Museveni, Kanambe-Kabila, and others) feel free to kill and to silence any opposition because the Western governments have given them carte blanche to do so while actually giving these killers more money (it’s only Black Africans dying, anyway!); these same Western powers that raise Cain when 100 Ukrainians are killed while hypocritically shouting about crimes against humanity and oppression when it comes to nations like Syria, North Korea, Venezuela, and others.

Freedom and independence on the part of BBC and the rest of the world media would have exposed Kagame, Museveni, and Kabila-Kanambe long ago.  Not only because there is a mountain of evidence from official and global institutions like the UN and others on the crimes that they have committed, but because even small media outlets,  independent reporters, lawyers, and investigators have detailed these atrocities.  Yet, BBC and the other media keep repeating ad nauseum the same lies and falsehoods that were made up by Kagame and his associates in 1994 – 2001 when they had the direct backing of the Western governments in their invasion of Rwanda and of the DR Congo.

Today, Kagame’s own pals who have defected have detailed his crimes (Dr. Rudasingwa, General Kayumba, General Karegeya – now assassinated by Kagame,…), including even his subalterns (Abdul Ruzibiza, Aloys Ruyenzi,…). This evidence from those who worked with or worked under Kagame is backed by the mountains of UN evidence and even the evidence uncovered during the ICTR trials; evidence such as The Robert Gersony Report, the Michael Andrew Hourigan Affidavit, George E. Moose’s “Human Rights Abuses in Rwanda”, Carla Del Ponte’s Memoirs, Christian Davenport and Allan C. Stam’s “What Really Happened in Rwanda”, and International Lawyer and Professor Peter Erlinder’s The Accidental Genocide.  Therefore, NO world media, government, or entity has any excuse to continue to praise Kagame or to not expose him for his crimes, atrocities, and holocaust in the Congo, beginning with his assassination of the Rwandan democratically elected president, Juvenal Habyarimana, which was done by Kagame in order to trigger a conflict that allowed him, with Bill Clinton and Museveni’s help, to take over power in Rwanda, in preparation for their invasion of the DRC.

Corruption, corruption, and corruption of BBC and the other major media shame this generation, our generation, especially when both these media and the governments of these countries, KNOWING THE EVIDENCE, keep quiet over the crimes and holocaust while propping up these three African kings of slaughter and rape, namely Hitler Paul Kagame, his partner Yoweri Museveni, and Kagame’s Little Hitler in DRC, Hyppolite Kanambe (cover name “Joseph Kabila”), Kagame’s Trojan Horse in DRC.

Thus, the billions of dollars that Hitler Kagame, his associate Museveni, and Little Hitler “Joseph Kabila” (real name Hyppolite Kanambe), these three African kings of slaughter and rape, have made from the Congo’s resources through the blood of over 8 million innocent Congolese, these billions of dollars they have shared with the Bill Clintons, the Tony Blairs, the mining companies, the hundreds of other Western politicians they have bought, including the media (BBC and others). To the US, Hitler Kagame has blackmailed with two military bases in Rwanda in order to keep the Pentagon looking the other way while Hitler Kagame slaughters millions of Congolese.


[There is NO CONGOLESE on this picture.  Yet, Ban ki Moon, the world media and the Western governments play Hitler Kagame’s game in identifying as “president of DRC” Hitler Kagame’s former army subaltern, Commandant Hyppo (Hyppolite Kanambe), cover name “Joseph Kabila”, no matter the evidence exposing the set up, no matter the cries of the Congolese people to “send him back to Rwanda”, and no matter the thousands of the Congolese he has slaughtered...]

How sad, how sad, how sad that Obama-Hollande-Merkel-Cameron are still keeping quiet over the Congo holocaust as if they have partaken of the Billions made from the Congolese innocent blood… How sad…