Kagame kanda  KAGAME with GUN

  • Kagame believes and his modus operandi is that “all opponents must die”, as Patrick Karegeya, a Tutsi like Kagame and the personal friend and colleague who knew him for over 30 years and was Rwandan spy chief described Kagame to Radio France International (RFI) on July 9, 2013. Then, this past New Year’s eve 2014, Kagame assassinated Karegeya in South Africa. US House Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee, Ed Royce, wrote Secretary Kerry about it.
  • Kagame is “vicious, spiteful, erratic, insensitive, greedy, and murderous”, according to another Tutsi friend and colleague, Kayumba Nyamwasa, a former Rwandan general and Chief of Staff, who Kagame has tried three (3) times already to assassinate him in South Africa.
  • Paul Kagame’s legendary vindictiveness and unquenchable thirst for spilling blood” is another description of this monster provided by another Tutsi companion and colleague of his, a medical doctor and former Major and Rwanda’s ambassador to the US, Theogene Rudasingwa (who’s also on the run and hiding from Paul Kagame’s assassins).
  • According to a young Rwandan Tutsi officer, 2nd Lieutenant Aloys Ruyenzi who was his personal guard for 10 years (wanted also by this mad killer), Kagame is:
  1. The person who triggered 1994 Rwandan genocide by shooting down President Habyarimana’s plane (paragraphs 23-26 or P23-26)
  2. Trigger-happy, of very bad character, extremely nervous, doesn’t tolerate advice, once…you are suspected of disloyalty this is enough to warrant your death (P18)
  3. Blood-thirsty, the few times you’ll see him smiling is mainly when he is killing or seeing people killed (P19)
  4. All atrocities committed by the army in operational areas are sanctioned by him (P21)
  5. Gave orders to kill civilians (P27)
  6. Hates religious people (gave orders to kill them)  (P28)
  7. Runs crematories (P29)

Kagame, as a mass murderer despot, is worse – if any such comparison can be made – than any mad mass killer in history.  The number of people he has killed, more than 9 million altogether, is beyond any in history: from the invasions of Rwanda from Uganda in early 1990’s to 1994 when Kagame’s triggered Rwandan genocide madness (see here, here, and here) of slaughtering over 500,000 Hutus and Tutsis in Rwanda so he can take power in Rwanda, to his invasion of Zaire (DRC) in 1996-1997 to slaughter about 350,000 – 500,000 of his countrymen and women (mostly women, children, the elderly, and the sick) refugees in Zaire (DRC) and the Congolese who had helped these Rwandans , to the second invasion of Zaire in 1998 to occupy it for its resources and land, an occupation that has cost the lives of over 8 million Congolese, the indescribable gang rape of over 3 million women, including little girls as small as 2 years old and the savagery mutilation of women’s genitals.


From the above, WHY, in the name of decency, humanity and Human Rights, abhorrence of mass killers no matter their titles, and America’s self-respect, would the White House welcome such a fiend, a mass killer, and a vindictive despot who hunts everyone who disagrees with him anywhere in the world (see here and here) and even assassinates heads of state?


NEW REVELATION: KAGAME’S CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE U.S.:  Did the US government and the American people know that, since 2001, Kagame has been violating US laws, Homeland and National Security by infiltrating (plotting with “Joseph Kabila” of DRC who’s Kagame’s Trojan Horse in Kinshasa)  Rwandans in US passing for “Congolese” refugees, subverting a program that was intended to help Congolese victims of Rwanda and Uganda’s armies and militias in eastern Congo?  What is their assignment?  What is Kagame’s plan? How deep have these infiltrates gotten inside US government and institutions? (Even as we write this, Rwandans are still coming to the US as “Congolese” without America re-acting to this huge international fraud).  Congolese-Americans and the Congolese Diaspora in the US have uncovered and exposed this conspiracy against the U.S. and have sent the documents to the Secretary of State and to Homeland Security (See the TV show on Video that exposed the conspiracy).


Finally, President Barack Obama is determined to end the mass rapes, atrocities, mutilations, mass killings, misery and impunity in the DRC, which are the cash-cow of Despot Paul Kagame (and his Trojan Horse in DRC, “Joseph Kabila” who lets NO ONE go against or criticize his master Kagame and neither will he dare do it himself, since he is also related to General James Kabarebe, Rwandan’s minister of defense).  Kagame has threatened to kill the Tanzania’s President Kikwete by poison if he has to for advising him to speak to the FDLR which he uses as the excuse to continue invading over and over, occupying, killing, raping, and robbing resources in eastern Congo.


Who, then, in his right thinking mind, would welcome this tyrant to America or to the White House or even bring him close to Obama, when one knows that this maniac (while wearing the antidote) would not hesitate to rub on his hand the Rwandan poison called in Kinyarwanda, their language, Utuzi Twa Munyuza, so that when he shakes hands with or touches Obama he will infect the president, and this is a poison that kills “without any scientific or medical detection of the cause of death”  and it mimics natural causes such as “heart attack, kidney failure, prostate, …”); and was used recently by Rwandan agents in London, on Paul Kagame’s orders, in killing the BBC African reporter Komla Dumor for asking too many questions about Kagame’s criminal projects???

Komla speaks to Kagame

BBC’s Komla Dumor interviews Paul Kagame


We know that Paul Kagame, using the billions of dollars he has made from his criminal and genocidal enterprises in the Congo, has been purchasing politicians, media, higher institutions, and even university professors in order to work for him, to defend him, to “look the other way” while he kills, gang rapes, maims, and robs, to disregard these crimes while praising him for the false narrative that he ended the 1994 Rwandan genocide which he triggered as evidence has shown, and to laud him for the “economic recovery” of Rwanda (one wonders why didn’t the Allies disregard Adof Hitler’s holocaust because of the industrial advances his Nazi Germany had made?). These billions he has been using to fund the assassination of his “enemies” all over the world, working in tandem with his associate, Yoweri Museveni, and his agent, “Joseph Kabila“.  All three “billionaires” at the cost of DRC’s genocide, atrocities, and misery.


The trio Paul Kagame, Yoweri Museveni, and “Joseph Kabila”, African billionaires


When is our country, the USA, the beacon of Liberty and Democracy, going to blow the horn of outrage and denounce these crimes and the targeting of both Rwandans and DRC citizens in the US and throughout the Diaspora who dare speak out???