Paul Kagame of Rwanda, “The most important war criminal in office today”


President Paul Kagame is the most important war criminal in office today…”  (Dr. Filip Reyntjens, expert on Rwanda and Professor of African Law and Politics at the Institute of Development Policy and Management at the University of Antwerp in Belgium, in the BBC investigative documentary “Rwanda, the Untold Story.


We had an act of terrorism (the downing over Rwanda’s international airport, on 4/6/1994, of the plane carrying two heads of state), we were in a time frame where we were covered, and we felt that it was our jurisdiction to investigate that act…” (In the above BBC documentary: Jim Lyons, FBI agent who commanded a UN appointed investigation team over this “act of terrorism” in Rwanda). His investigation was ordered stopped when it led to Paul Kagame’s RPF as the perpetrators of this act of terrorism.


The United Nations’ Mapping Report of October 1, 2010, gives a long list of mass slaughters and other crimes that should have gotten Paul Kagame arrested long before today.  Yet, the report is collecting dust in UN drawers while Kagame continues to kill (both Rwandans and Congolese) with total impunity.  As Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa, fellow Rwandan Tutsi, colleague, and former Rwandan ambassador to the US, said in the above BBC documentary:  “Kagame’s impunity has reached scandalous proportions, as you can see in the case of Congo, his impunity has gone beyond the borders of Rwanda“.


Since 1994 when the Rwandan genocide covered in the above BBC documentary took place, as the many witnesses and investigators interviewed therein state, the evidence against Paul Kagame have continued to pile up, including from his own former Tutsi colleagues and subalterns. One can get more or detailed evidence with the Gersony Report, also the Michael Hourigan’s Affidavit, or else the Information Memorandum for Secretary of State Warren Christopher by the then-Assistant Secretary of State for Africa George Moose, to name just these few.


After close to one to two million Rwandan Hutus and moderate Tutsis perished between 1990 to 1997 in Rwandan and in DRC due to Paul Kagame’s actions, millions of innocent Congolese have perished and over 3 million have been gang raped and mutilated, since 1998, including little children as young as 18 months-old.


The question then is, how has Paul Kagame, this aberration of a “leader” whose horrific and genocide-proportion crimes have been so abundantly documented, how has he endured for over twenty-one years now?


Why has he benefitted for so long with TOTAL IMPUNITY from our twenty-first century world leaders and a UN that has sworn, NEVER AGAIN to any mass slaughter of innocents anywhere in the world?  Or is it that mass slaughter and mass raping of Black Africans are not included in the “NEVER AGAIN” pledge?


The above are questions that our Free World leaders as well as the world media and any person who cares about human lives and human decency MUST DEAL WITH AND ANSWER TODAY!


Why?  Because, everyday, thousands are killed and gang raped in the DRC by Paul Kagame’s troops and militias.  And, as Dr. Denis Mukwege’s little girls and women, young and old who are gang raped and mutilated daily would tell you, none of them has done anything to any Rwandan or any Ugandan for her to deserve being unspeakably gang raped and mutilated.  No Congolese ever did anything against any Rwandan except to welcome them in his country as refugees; but, today, Rwandan Tutsis have been repaying the Congolese with occupation and with slaughtering them all over the DRC and with ethnic cleansing  of all Congolese in the villages and towns bordering Rwanda and Uganda that has surpassed Adolf Hitler’s numbers, beside the gang raping and the mutilations.

Meanwhile, from the same Tutsi ethnicity as Paul Kagame, a dignified and respectful Rwandan prince of the Banyiginya lineage, the late Antoine Nyetera,  who abhorred Kagame’s crimes against all Rwandans, wrote about Kagame and his RPF’s use of the Rwandan cultural trait of “manipulative lying” (Ubwenge) and sheer cold-blood slaughter just for the sake of power and wealth.  Nyetera’s document, in French, is titled “Education du mensonge et de la calomnie”.  In one paragraph, Nyetera sums up the horror of how Paul Kagame and his group have manipulated and misled everyone while committing the most abominable crimes:

« Il faut avoir un esprit fourbe et malicieux, haineux et revanchards comme les Tutsi du FPR,  pour commettre les crimes les plus abominables et crier au secours ! D’être bourreaux et se présenter pour victime ! Il faut également avoir un courage exceptionnel, un cœur aussi dur que l’acier, pour condamner les innocents avec sang froid. »



One must have a malicious and deceitful, hateful and vengeful spirit like the Tutsis of the (Kagame’s) RPF, in order to commit the most abominable crimes while crying aloud for help! To be the executioners while portraying yourselves as victims!  One must equally have an exceptional courage, a heart as hard as steel, in order to condemn  and slaughter the innocents in cold blood!


Paul Kagame and his RPF army (photo cr.:


One of the ways Paul Kagame has used these traits described by Antoine Nyetera is by blackmailing the UN with his troops to be used for “peace missions” by the UN; so, every time he commits crimes and the UN investigations expose them, Kagame threatens with pulling his troops from these “peace” missions. Beside Kagame, this practice is used by Museveni of Uganda and, now, by Joseph Kabila (a.k.a. Hyppolite Kanambe) of the DRC. Thus, our world today has become tolerant of (laissez-faire) and powerless to stop mass slaughterers in Africa as it stopped similar mass slaughterers such as Adolf Hitler in Europe.


How will history judge our generation and the leaders of the Powers of the Free World in light of the horrors described above?


[The cultural trait that the Rwandans call “Ubwenge” mentioned above in Prince Antoine Nyetera’s document has been “successfully” used by Paul Kagame, Yoweri Museveni, and now by “Joseph Kabila” in a way that has maintained this trio in power in spite of their unspeakable crimes they continue to commit.  In the next article we will explain this uniquely Rwandan cultural trait and how it is still being utilized.]



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