UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon and NY First Lady Chirlane McCray de Blasio launching 30th UN International Women’s Day Celebration (photo cr: Andrew Thoth/Filmmagic)



[Women of the world:  “knowledge is POWER!” Read carefully the following article and all the related relevant and evidential links so you WILL KNOW and, therefore, BE EMPOWERED in order to campaign and achieve JUSTICE and FREEDOM for your Congolese sisters.]


The UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon, along with New York’s First Lady Chirlane McCray de Blasio (in the spirit of openness, we campaigned and voted for her husband) launched at the UN here in New York City, with over 1,000 notable women of the world, the 30th annual celebration of International Women’s Day (with programs for the next 3 weeks).  While Mrs. De Blasio focused on women achieving equality, “We still have a long way to go before we get to equality; but we are going to get there”; we urge First Lady de Blasio and the women of the world to NOT forget their sisters in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


On this occasion, the UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon in his official statement posted on UN website states, in part, “The world must come together in response to the targeting or women and girls by violent extremists.  From Nigeria and Somalia to Syria and Iraq, the bodies of women have been transformed into battlegrounds for warriors carrying out specific and systematic strategies, often on the basis of ethnicity and religion.”


In the above statement, though, Mr. Ban Ki-Moon “forgot” to mention the ONE place in the world where women have been enduring, the biggest, the most barbaric and unspeakable violence against women in centuries: the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  Willful omission? Powerful interests’ engendered forgetfulness?



Who, in the world, does not know the plight of the Congolese women? Or else, who does not know the Congolese doctor who has become the symbol of the survival of the Congolese women who, even as we write this, are being gang raped at a rate of one gang rape a minute? Indeed, as reported in the New York Times, a study by the American Journal of Public Health set the number of Congolese women raped much higher than previously stated, numbering two million, or one Congolese woman being raped every minute. That was in 2011, ladies!


Congolese women on the run, being hunted down like animals by Rwandan and Ugandan soldiers and


We just want to remind First Lady de Blasio, all First Ladies of the world, all the notable and the regular women of the world that, for the women of the Congo D.R., it’s not a matter of “equality” but rather a matter of survival, of not becoming extinct as humans and as women because, since 1996, they’ve been destroyed in the worst ways as a weapon of war.  We are talking about being buried alive in groups, being gang raped by multiple soldiers and militias then, after being killed, they shove 3 to 5 feet wooden sticks or metal pieces in the genitals because, according to Rwandan beliefs as revealed by a former Rwandan young officer of Kagame’s army, this act would keep the gang raped woman’s spirit from coming after the rapists for vengeance; and a personal body guard of Kagame reveals also his inner personality that he hides to the world;  we are talking about being gang raped then these rapists shoot the women through their genitals (some women survive this horror), and now, as Veronique de Keyser, a Belgian government official who happen to be a woman found out recently at Panzi Hospital during her visit with Dr. Denis Mukwege, we are talking about 18 months old little girls being gang raped and mutilated (in French, the title of her article is “l’etau se resserre autour du docteur Mukwege” or “the noose is tightening around Dr. Mukwege“.  In it, she begs for the world to intervene to stop those responsible for these unspeakable crimes BEFORE THEY STOP DR. MUKWEGE.

 Dr Mukwege and Jill Biden

Dr. Denis Mukwege and Vice President Biden’s wife, Mrs Jill Biden at Panzi hospital

Yes, ladies of the world, your Congolese sisters have been slaughtered and gang raped since 1996 when Rwanda and Uganda invaded their country, then called Zaire. These two countries have occupied the country and have used gang rape as a weapon or war for ethnic cleansing while they steal the billions in DRC mineral resources.  So, ladies, as you might guess, billions of dollars have a way of keeping leaders of the world keep quiet.


Who is the culprit? Who benefits from the destruction of Congolese women?   Now the evidence has come out that Rwandan president, Paul Kagame, is the one who triggered the Rwandan genocide by assassinating two heads of state with the shooting down of the plane that was bringing them home.  The chaos created by this terrorist act allowed Paul Kagame to seize power by force in Rwanda (which he couldn’t do democratically because his ethnic group, the Tutsis, is small in number in Rwanda) and Kagame didn’t want to share power with the majority Hutus like the other Tutsis who had been living in Rwanda with their fellow Hutus in a democratic society while Kagame was living in Uganda fomenting war against his own country.


But, seizing power in Rwanda wasn’t the ultimate goal of Kagame, Museveni, and their international supporters.  The ultimate goal of taking Rwanda was to move on to invade, occupy, and control DRC’s resources.  And, once they seized the Congo, Paul Kagame, in 2001, ordered the assassination of the Congolese Laurent Kabila who had been used by Rwanda and Uganda as a cover for the Congo invasion of 1996. After killing Laurent Kabila, Kagame and his allies installed as president of Congo a former Rwandan army’s young intelligence officer (who, supposedly, carried out the L Kabila’s murder) by the name of Hyppolite Kanambe who had family ties, no blood ties, to Laurent Kabila (his Tutsi mother was 13th wife of Muslim Laurent Kabila).  This young Rwandan Tutsi army intelligence officer took on the Congolese name of “Joseph Kabila”.  The diplomats in Kinshasa, though, still refer to him as “le Petit Rwandais”) or the “Little Rwandan”.


In accomplishing their plans for the huge Congo, the women and little girls of the DRC have become a weapon of war in order to systematically destroy and ethnically cleanse the Congolese populations bordering Rwanda and Uganda and to ultimately annex these parts of the DRC.  This is why, even the Congolese doctor, Denis Mukwege, who has been repairing these women, has, by God’s grace, escaped being assassinated by Paul Kagame and Joseph Kabila .


In case women of the world and anyone wants to know how Rwanda, Uganda, with the conspiracy of “Joseph Kabila” have been destroying women of the Congo, remember that since 1996, none of these three leaders who control the Congo and eastern Congo from where the trio get the minerals that have made all three billionaires has punished any of the militias’ heads who, actually, are sent in eastern Congo by Paul Kagame, the overall commander of this criminal trio, as revealed by Patrick Karegeya, the former Rwanda’s spy chief who was assassinated last year by Paul Kagame in South Africa.


This is the friendly and happy trio (enjoying TOTAL IMPUNITY) of Kagame, Museveni, and Kabila/Kanambe that plots to permanently control and depopulate the DRC while making billions of dollars from DRC resources (they care less about DRC population)


Now, if YOU, the women of the world rise up as ONE, Paul Kagame, Joseph Kabila, and Yoweri Museveni, who are the overall responsible for these crimes (as, for instance, detailed in the UN Mapping Report of 10/1/2010, which has been collecting dust in Ban Ki-Moon’s drawers – thus insuring TOTAL IMPUNITY for the trio Kagame-Kabila-Museveni – with NO action taken or contemplated), can be removed and stopped.  Or, at the least, Rwanda’s occupation of the DRC through “Joseph Kabila” and Rwandan agents and infiltrated soldiers can be ended so that the rapists can be chased out of the Congo back to Rwanda and Uganda where they came from.


Warning: ladies of the world, do not be fooled and manipulated as the most of us, including the Congolese, the US, the UN, and many other governments have been misled by Paul Kagame, Yoweri Museveni, and Joseph Kabila (Hyppolite Kanambe) using Rwanda’s cultural trait of “Manipulative Lying” called Ubwenge.  For instance, read how this trio fools and manipulates the international community saying they are campaigning to end violence against women but they use these make-believe campaigns to actually bring together all these rapists from Rwanda and Uganda and give them official Congolese military uniforms, thus allowing them to carry out their criminal deeds under the cover of the Congolese army (leaving the real Congolese soldiers and civilians powerless).


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