Paul Kagame, his associate Yoweri Museveni, and his Trojan Horse “Joseph Kabila” are parts and parcel of both the “Congo’s holocaust” and the robbing of the “Congo’s Wealth” (cr: Khalil)

Since the release of  BBC’s documentary “Rwanda, the Untold Story on October 1, 2014, Kagame’s Rwanda has proffered threats, loud complaints, and sustained false and manipulative moral outrages vis-à-vis England and BBC.  Rwanda’s reaction stems from the fact that the evidence – known since 1994 – shown in this documentary, do not agree with the web of lies constructed from Rwandan secret cultural weapon of “Manipulative Lying” (Ubwenge) which has been codified by Kagame’s Rwanda into the “official” version of the 1994 Kagame’s triggered mass slaughter in Rwanda that the world knows as “Rwandan Genocide”. (For killing so many people, Kagame declares that he doesn’t care being called “Adolf Hitler”).

Hitler Kagame

Paul Kagame says he doesn’t care that he’s compared to Adolf Hitler

[In order to really comprehend Paul Kagame’s crimes and his seemingly pristine, stately, and shameless attitude in spite of the horrors he has masterminded, ALL must study this Rwanda’s Ubwenge. (millions in the world who fell for Kagame as the savior of Tutsis in Rwanda and felt and sympathized for Rwandan Tutsis and the killings of 1994 have been lied to, manipulated, emotionally victimized, used, and taken advantage of).]

Wanting to “punish” BBC and England for deviating from his engineered lies, Kagame and his rubber-stamping “government” suspended BBC’s radio program in Rwanda.  In response, this past 12 March 2015, England’s Foreign Office, after pointing to some cases of Human Rights violations by Kagame’s Rwandan government, requested that it lifts the ban on BBC’s broadcast in the Rwandan national language of Kinyarwanda in Rwanda while assuaging Rwandan authorities’ feigned and manipulative ire with “The UK recognizes the hurt caused in Rwanda by some parts of the documentary” and “Rwanda’s progress on economic and social development remains impressive”, as if England has some guilt to share in or was part responsible for  Kagame’s shooting down of Habyarimana’s plane on April 6, 1994 to trigger the war that allowed him to slaughter both Hutus and Tutsis so he could seize power in Rwanda.

Whatever has happened to the United Kingdom’s legendary Moral Authority and National Stand Against Evil, especially in regard to Africa? Yes, where has gone England’s High Moral Stand so that today, Dr. Filip Reyntjens’ “… most important war criminal in the office today”, Paul Kagame, can threaten and intimidate England and BBC and, in response, the British government can only answer with a tepid “concern” about some instances of  Human Rights complaints that are really NOTHING compared to the iron-clad evidence on not only Paul Kagame’s terrorist acts of murdering THREE heads of State (Juvenal Habyarimana of Rwanda, Cyprien Ntaryamira and of Burundi, and Laurent Kabila of DRC),  but also his and his minority Tutsi-led army and militias’ genocide of Rwandans (in Rwanda and the DRC) and the holocaust that Kagame, Museveni, and “Joseph Kabila” have unleashed on the innocent Congolese since 1998 with the unspeakable mass rapes and mutilation of Congolese women and little girls???

Or is it that to the eyes of TODAY’S England and the West, slaughtering Africans or African heads of state IS NOT A CRIME as long as you, the criminal, take power in your country, you slaughter and subdue the majority, and you use the money you are stealing next door, after you slaughter them and gang rape their women and their 2 years old little girls, use their stolen money in order to “fix” your country and fund the women of your minority ethnic group’s projects and initiatives for “women’s equality and advancement” while the women of the majority are slaughtered, subjugated, or held in prisons – i.e. Victoire Ingabire? (As I lecture on African issues, many in the audience – Africans and others, people of all races – declare, “imagine what would have happened to Kagame, Museveni, and “Joseph Kabila” if they had killed three white heads of state, if they had gang raped and sexually mutilated only 20 white women, or if they had attacked a European country and killed just 10,000 whites!”) Thus, History will judge the world leaders of this GENERATION severely for their abandonment of DRC and Rwanda in the hands of Kagame-Museveni-Kabila/Kanambe, giving them carte blanche to kill, rape, and rob with total impunity, as long as they share some of the money they’ve been stealing in the DRC with the white world.

Back to the United Kingdom and her Legandary Moral Fiber and Universal Stand against Evil in Africa.  For those who are not students of History, it is helpful to remind them that England led the way, in the not-so-distant past, to combat to the very end two of the greatest evils to have befallen Africa and the Huge Congo (DRC): The African Slave Trade (by both the Europeans and the Arabs) and King Leopold II’s mass slaughter of Congolese during the period of the Congo Independent State.

How did the African Slave Trade end?  As one writer so succinctly sums it up based on Dr. Thomas Sowell’s Race and Culture:

“… the driving impetus for the abolition of slavery was the evangelical awakening in England(British) Christians rammed abolition through Parliament in the beginning of the nineteenth century and then eventually used British gunboats to stop the slave trade across the Atlantic.


While there were about eleven million Africans who were shipped to America – and many didn’t make it – there were about thirteen million Africans shipped to become slaves in the Arab world.  Again it was the British, prompted by people whose hearts had been changed by Christ, who sent their gunboats to the Gulf to oppose this.”  (In Lee Strobel’s The Case for Christ, quoting Dr. Donald A. Carson).

As for King Leopold II’s Congo Independent State (1884-1908) and England’s role in ending that shameful, despicable, and savage treatment and mass slaughter of Congolese people by King Leopold II’s agents and their Congolese puppets, it was a young British citizen by the name of Edmund Dene Morel (known as E.D. Morel) who, after noticing what King Leopold II was doing in the Congo, resigned his job at King Leopold II’s docks in Antwerp, refusing to be “bought” or to be intimidated by the king who cajoled and threatened him so he would not be concerned about those “negroes” in Africa.  He then returned to England and single handedly galvanized and rallied the British people and their government in the defense of the Congolese people whom he had never met.  Then he traveled to America and enrolled such notable Americans as Mark Twain and Booker T. Washington so that England and America could put pressure on King Leopold II  for him to give up his killing machine in the Congo which had been his personal property, a killing machine that massacred over 15 million Congolese and mutilated hundreds of thousands more in the most shameful ways, as the Protestant missionaries and England’s investigator, the Irish Consul Roger Casement reported and, later, Leopold II’s own investigative “Commission” confirmed.  (King Leopold Ghost, by the American writer Adam Hochschild, though not thorough, gives a brief history of this holocaust, or the short book by Mark Twain, King Leopold’s Soliloquy, published 1905, powerfully summarizes this shameful holocaust, – read the one that is illustrated –).

E.D. MOREL mark twain - twainquotes-com Booker_T_Washington - en.wikipedia.org

Left to right: E.D. Morel (the tombeur of King Leopold II), Mark Twain, and Booker T. Washington – campaigned to save the Congo from Leopold II’s Holocaust (Twain cr.: Twainquotes.com, Booker T. cr.: en.wikipedia.org)

Now, what is the United Kingdom’s position vis-à-vis today’s Africa’s twin evils, both masterminded by Paul Kagame: the 1994 Rwandan Genocide that claimed the lives of over 500,000 Rwandan Tutsis and Hutus (1995-6 number that Kagame and his lying machine keeps inflating as the years go by), and the ongoing holocaust in the Congo-Zaire that has lasted longer than WWI and WWII combined and has claimed more lives than Hitler’s Holocaust (a huge shame for this generation)?

In the case of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide, BBC’s “Rwanda, the Untold Story”  did not cover the worst and most shameful evidence against Kagame.  The most damaging evidence are given by those young Rwandan Tutsis who joined the Rwandan Patriotic Front and thought that Kagame’s goal was about bringing Tutsis back to Rwanda to establish true democracy but they became disillusioned when they discovered that all Kagame wanted is to seize power for him and his Tutsi extremists while slaughtering any Rwandans (Hutu or Tutsi) who lived in Rwanda and, then, assassinating everyone who he had charged with committing unspeakable crimes so they would never expose or denounce him.  Here are three of these young officers:

Second-Lieutenant Aloys Ruyenzi, a personal body guard of Kagame for 10 years, not only provides the evidence of Kagame personally ordering the shooting down of Habyarimana’s plane, but he allows us to know more about Kagame’s inner personality, how his mind works, how he thinks “he is the cleverest man” in the world, and how he enjoys killing people, personally spraying Rwandan peasants in a market with bullets, then ordering his troops to slaughter everyone breathing on that market.  Second-Lieutenant Ruyenzi names crematories that were run by Kagame in Rwanda (Gabiro, Nasho, Masaka, Nyungwe, Kami, Gitarama military barracks and Mukamira) and he reveals Kagame’s “special hatred against religious people” (foreign or locals), Kagame’s personal orders to kill civilians, and much more.  Why is England tolerating this monster?

Lieutenant Abdul Ruzibiza states unequivocally Kagame’s responsibility in Habyarimana’s terrorist murder.  He also states that Kagame’s RPF attacked Rwandan civilians regardless of their ethnic group (most being, naturally, Hutus), dumped their bodies in mass graves, then unearthed them later and called all the dead “Tutsis” (using the skulls and the bones to build the macabre “memorials” to the ‘Tutsis Genocide’ throughout Rwanda).  Lieutenant Ruzibiza speaks of Kagame’s RPF strategy in 1991-1992 when they were wiping out entire populations of Rwandan villages along the border with Uganda from Mutara to the Volcans in order for the Tutsis returning from Uganda to occupy this territory (Kagame has been using the same strategy today in the DRC’s Kivus along the border with Rwanda by wiping out Congolese locals and replaced them with Rwandans such as those who were kicked out of Tanzania – who are given fake Congolese identities).  Ruzibiza reveals that Kagame had established a list of all officials (Tutsi and Hutu) who were in Habyarimana’s government, who were slaughtered within three days following Habyarimana’s assassination (nine criteria were used to determine who to put on the list to be slaughtered).  Then, Ruzibiza explains why many of the crimes committed by Kagame and his RPF are not known, and Paul Kagame’s gall to proclaim himself the savior of the Tutsis.  Why is the world tolerating this monster?

 Intelligence Officer Jean-Pierre Mugabe gives, in incredible details, the preparation, the training of the team that was to shoot down Habyarimana or Habyalimana’s plane according to Paul Kagame’s plans intended for him to take power by force in Rwanda, knowing that he could not win a democratic election since his ethnic group, the Tutsis, were a minority and he did not want to share power with the Hutu majority.  Why are ALL the countries that make up the UN keeping SILENT and tolerating this monster?




To these three courageous young Rwandan Tutsi officers can be added the testimony of Kagame’s friends and colleagues: Kayumba Nyamwasa, Theogene Rudasingwa,and  Patrick Karegeya (assassinated by Kagame in 2014).  Indeed, these three went into exile and in opposition because the guy they had fought alongside with finally turned against them and wanted them dead.  Thus, they have not given as many details of the crimes (many of which they were involved in planning and executing) as the young officers named above.  Even so, the question must still be posed: why is the ENTIRE EUROPEAN UNION still KEEPING SILENT over the crimes of Kagame’s army and militias in Rwanda and the DRC, and why is the EU tolerating this monster???

We know that the British MP’s, in the character of the British people who love reading and value the acquisition of knowledge, they must have read Peter Erlinder’s Accidental Genocide and Carla Del Ponte’s Memoirs, Madam Prosecutor. So, when are the MP’s and the British government going to stand up for Truth and denounce Kagame’s evils?  We dare to believe that the descendants of the British who fought and resisted the Nazis know that one cannot be “diplomatic” with a war criminal and a mad mass killer who is a combination of Adolf Hitler and King Leopold II.

It is imperative, today, that the British people, their Queen and their government embrace BBC’s “Rwanda, the Untold Story” and that they demand that their government  forcefully denounces and exposes Kagame for the “most important war criminal in office today” that he is.  Kagame’s manipulative lying, “Ubwenge”, and his propaganda and lying machine must be understood in all their facets and also denounced.

PS:  For the DRC, the Congolese people and the world have just woken up to the Spy Bombshell revelations from Paris by Mr. Honore Ngbanda, the former spy chief of Zaire (now DRC).  He provides factual and verifiable evidence that since 2001, the DRC has been run by Rwandan natives who have now infiltrated and control all of the Congo’s government, police, army, and security structures, and that “Joseph Kabila”, the chap heading the Congolese government is, actually, a Paul Kagame’s Trojan Horse in Kinshasa.  Mr. Honore Ngbanda’s Report though short (30 pages), clearly demonstrates the scheme used by Paul Kagame and Museveni in order to control and run the huge DRC and this report is, in its importance and impact, similar to The British Counsel, Roger Casement’s Report on the crimes and the scheme set up by Leopold II in the Congo that resulted in the massacre of 15 million Congolese.

RogerCasemant HONORE NGBANDA - ikazeiwaku.fr -

British Counsel Roger Casement’s Report exposed King Leopold II; Honore Ngbanda’s Report exposes Paul Kagame and “Joseph Kabila” (Casement cr.: makedonika.wordpress.com; Ngbanda cr.: ikazeiwaku.fr)

Would that the British people rediscover their legendary Moral Fiber and expose  the evil of the holocaust and of the despicable gang rapes and destruction of Congolese women and little girls’ reproductive organs that are taking place in the DRC and to combat it to the bitter end?  The people of the Congo need the help today as they did during the time of that fine and fearless British soul, E.D. Morel.