The Mass Grave in Maluku on the outskirts of Kinshasa, capital of DRC: the UN and US must supervise the removal and identification of the bodies ASAP before Kabila’s people make the evidence “disappear”


[Both our world leaders and us all Homo sapiens sapiens of this GENERATION have NO SHAME allowing the Congo genocide to still be going on 18 years now. Enough impunity already!]


Question to world media and to Western leaders, especially to President Obama, Prime Minister Cameron, Chancellor Merkel, and President Hollande:

Why do you keep silent and don’t do anything to remove, by force, “Joseph Kabila” who’s been killing Congolese civilians with total impunity?


Yes, President Obama’s government is the only one, on earth, that is trying to bring peace to the DRC and safeguard and maintain DRC’s territorial integrity and national sovereignty; but, if this method of “talk and threaten” has not worked these many years and people continue to be kidnapped, to be killed, to be raped, to be buried in mass graves, shouldn’t America, the superpower, use some other method?


How many children, women, and men, human beings, ALL innocents, must be killed by a “president” before the international community can move to stop him??? Who is kidding who when y’all talk about removing a mass killing dictator through “elections”, especially when everyone knows that his two neighbors totally support him and insure that he stays in power because without him they won’t kill, rape, and enrich themselves in eastern Congo?  Was Adolf Hitler removed from occupying the European countries through elections?  Naïveté when you seize us!


Even in America, when an individual keeps killing, Law enforcement and the Justice System move in to stop and to isolate such a fiend, such a criminal, such an aberration from society. Yet, “Joseph Kabila” has been killing Congolese citizens since 1996 when he was a young intelligence officer in RPA, Paul Kagame’s RPF’s army that invaded the then-Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of Congo.  And, since being made “president” in 2001 by the will, “manipulative lying”, and corruption of Paul Kagame and his agents (after that Kagame ordered the assassination of President Laurent Kabila, the third head of state killed by Kagame in addition to killing those two heads of state on April 6, 1994 in Rwanda, as revealed by Kagame’s companions: General Kayumba Nyamwasa, Major Theogene Rudasingwa, and Colonel Patrick Karegeya),  “Joseph Kabila” has been on a killing binge in Kinshasa and elsewhere in DRC in a tri-killing fronts with the two others being in eastern Congo by Paul Kagame’s army and militias, one front, and Yoweri Museveni’s army and militias, the other front.  Before Patrick Karegeya, the former Rwandan Spy Chief, was assassinated in South Africa by Paul Kagame, he, Karegeya, gave RFI an interview in which he said some truths such as “all the militias operating in eastern Congo are created and manned in Rwanda and sent into the DRC by Paul Kagame”.  So we ask, WHAT, in the name of God and for the sake of the human race, have Paul Kagame, Yoweri Museveni, and “Joseph Kabila”, paid to the world leaders in cash or bribe or services or blackmail or lies so that the DRC has become now this “Land of Mass Graves and the three killers have been enjoying Total Impunity”?


Since 2001, this trio of Museveni, Kabila, and Kagame have worked together for Peace NOT to come to the DRC, slaughtering, in the process, over 8 million Congolese.  Why do those with the power to stop mass slaughter still fear them and let them enjoy TOTAL IMPUNITY in spite of the evidence?


Let’s take a stock of some of the MASS GRAVES strewn throughout the Democratic Republic of the Congo:


FOUR MASS GRAVES were just discovered in Eastern Congo in Beni.  As reported by Nick Long of the Voice of America (VOA) in its edition of April 30, 2015, the killers are “Ugandan Islamist ADF rebels”.  These four mass graves could contain the bodies of more than one thousand Congolese citizens who had been kidnapped by these Islamic extremists.  They are allowed in the DRC and supported by Uganda and by “Joseph Kabila”, who is referred to by diplomats in Kinshasa, according to a French politician, as Le Petit Rwandais” (the Little Rwandan). And, this same “Joseph Kabila” has been cited by UN investigators in the famous UN Mapping Report of 10/1/2010 as having been a young officer in the mono-ethnic Rwandan Tutsi army of Paul Kagame that invaded and occupied the DRC in 1996.

One of the kidnapped victim who survived recounted how these Islamic terrorists would torture these innocent Congolese victims and then read to them from the Koran.  Then, forcing these kidnapped people to watch how they were killing their victims, then, the remaining prisoners had to applaud after the person died.



“UN wants bodies exhumed from mass grave in DRC” , reported the VOA (Voice of America) in its edition of April 15, 2015.  Everyone knows about this mass grave in Maluku on the outskirt of Kinshasa, the capital city.


The question is, why is the UN requesting for the bodies to be exhumed by the same government that buried, in the night, innocent citizens it had slaughtered, when the UN Charter gives the UN and the international community the Right and Duty to intervene in any country where genocide is committed on the innocent?


Maybe America should take the lead with other nations and support and monitor the exhuming of these bodies, with Congolese government representatives as witnesses.  No nation has the Right to do what it pleases with bodies of human beings that it had murdered and dumped in a mass grave in the middle of the night.

Come on, world leaders, what’s stopping you and why acting like the world body has NO power so that the Congolese “government” is getting away with mass murder?


“Mass graves found in Bas-Congo, rights groups claims” , as reported by IRIN (April 11, 2008).  These mass graves in the Lower Congo, south-east of Kinshasa the Capital city, contain the dumped bodies of citizens followers of a movement called Bundu Dia Kongo against whom “Joseph Kabila” famously promised, “We Will Crush You”.


“Mass graves found as troops retake Congo cities from Rwanda sponsored M23 rebels” in 2013.  “Soldiers cleaning up after retaking Kibumba discovered three mass graves.  One witness said “I saw three or four child skulls, underwear and women’s clothing.  There were insects in some places, which meant there were not just bones there.  Further on there was a large ravine where people said quite a lot of bodies had been thrown but I wasn’t able to check,” Other mass graves were discovered after the retaking of Bunagana.


“Mass graves in DR Congo: UN Report exposes grave crimes”; by the Human Rights Watch, October 1, 2010.  The entire Mapping Report is still collecting dust in UN drawers while the culprits, led by the trio Kagame-Museveni-Kabila still continue to kill, to maim, to rape, and to steal.


Mass graves found in troubled DRC region”; by Mail and Guardian, 13 September 2007


Mass Graves in Rutshuru: October 5, 2005: “Rwanda: Government refutes DRC’s mass graves claims”  in Norwegian council for Africa.  Rwanda’s denials were later proven to be lies, “Manipulative Lies”, part of Rwanda’s cultural trait called, in their language of Kinyarwanda, “Ubwenge”.


DRC: UN finds 38 bodies in mass grave in Kisangani,” 16 december 2002, by IRIN.  The investigators concluded that the bodies were buried between 1994 and 2001.  This was the period of the Congo invasion by Rwanda, Uganda, and Burundi.


President Barack Obama is pressing the “Kabila” government to hold elections and for “Kabila” to quit in 2016.  These mass graves and the ongoing kidnappings and  killings all over the DRC clearly show that a mass killing impostor who did not have pity in killing his fellow countrymen, the Hutus and has been killing Congolese who are not Rwandans Tutsis like himself, and on top of killing Congolese, he has enriched himself to the tune of 15 billion dollars as the British found out while also enriching his master, Kagame, and their associate, Museveni,  will never leave or hold democratic, free, and fair elections.  History makes it abundantly clear, and it will be the same in DRC.  “Kabila”, using any and every gimmick possible, is just buying time until President Obama leaves office.

President Obama, the de facto leader of the Free World, America, and the world at large can do better by the innocent Congolese millions already killed and gang raped, and those who will meet the same fate if no immediate and radical action is taken, than this!