Rwanda’s Strong Man since 1994 and the Trigger of the Rwandan Genocide of 1994, Paul Kagame 


Since BBC’s “Rwanda, the Untold Story” came out, it seems that the castle that Kagame built for himself since 1994, which he weaved and waved to the whole world that he was the savior of Rwandan Tutsis from, actually, his own manufactured and triggered “genocide” (according to the evidence) and the unifier (?) of all Rwandans, a castle he built with the sand of lies and manipulative machinations, is beginning to crumble. The Rwandan king’s clothes are beginning to come off one at a time.


The BBC investigative video above presents so many unshakable proofs of Paul Kagame and his RPF’s culpability in triggering the Rwandan genocide that nowadays, Kagame’s feigned anger and threats have no more effects on the nations that ignorantly or conspiratorially supported him before. The agents that he has planted all over the world under different identities and nationalities in all international institutions are not going to be able to save him from being accountable for the innocent lives (Tutsis and Hutus) he killed and continues to kill in Rwanda, 1990-now (i.e., read the testimony of Kagame’s personal body guard of 10 years) and in the DRC (Hutus and millions of innocent Congolese) starting in 1996 to now (read the numerous UN reports and the Oct. 1, 2010 UN Mapping Report).


Just in recent months, it is getting worse for Paul Kagame.


On May 20, 2015, the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs, its Subcommittee on Africa and Global Human Rights held a hearing chaired by Republican Chris Smith of New Jersey and co-chaired by the Democratic ranking member from California, Karen Baas. This hearing titled “Developments in Rwanda“, was unusual in that, maybe for the first time, as far as Rwanda is concerned, two former President Kagame’s Tutsi colleagues and fellow members of his RPF, came out of hiding (from Kagame’s assassination’s squads) in order to testify about the state of human rights and liberties in Rwanda and the relentless campaign by Paul Kagame to assassinate anyone who disagrees with him.


Honorables Chris Smith and Karen Baas (photo cr.:


At this hearing, two State Department officials testified, including Steven Feldstein, Deputy Assistant Secretary-of-State for the Department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, who told the Committee that while Rwanda has made “tremendous progress” in socioeconomic area and women issues in the last 21 years, and Rwanda participated in UN peace keeping missions, the US is still concerned about Rwanda’s human rights and political space. Furthermore, Mr. Feldstein pointed out Kagame’s intolerance of opposition and assassination of opponents and dissenters, as well as the lack of freedom of the press in Rwanda:


When it comes to the human rights situation in Rwanda, we see three trends of note. First, political space in Rwanda and the overall human rights environment continues to shrink… There are reports of targeted killings, and an increasing number of reports of disappearances and harassment of civil society groups and opposition parties.


The two former colleagues of Kagame provided evidence that challenged the data that everyone cites as tremendous “progress” in Rwanda’s economy and society.


Dr. David Himabara

Dr. David Himbara, former Rwandan Statistician who helped Paul Kagame cook the books on Rwanda’s “tremendous progress”… (photo cr.:


Mr. David Himbara, an economist and statistician who worked as an adviser to Paul Kagame, recounted that he had to flee because he could not continue to make up false statistics in order to lie to the world about how much progress Rwanda was making. As for the women’s advances in Rwanda, these Tutsi (not the subjugated Hutu) women who have no power, are used as pawns by Kagame to fool the gullible world. All Rwandans agree that in Rwanda, the only power that is and counts is Paul Kagame.


Mr Himbara pointed out that disagreement with Paul Kagame meant death. Mr. Himbara said that Kagame killed even his own driver and his private physician. As to how Kagame is “loved” by the people of Rwanda, Mr. Himbira revealed that Rwanda, under Kagame, is worse than a police state, in that “from the villages all the way to the capital city, every 10 huts or houses are controlled by one person who supervises and reports to the next level all the way to the president of the country”. And, if a hut, a house, or an individual, or a family dare to dissent or to disagree with Kagame’s dictates, the entire family or the individual would either disappear or they would find the body or bodies floating in the river the next day.


Major Robert Higiro

Rwandan Major Robert Higiro who was hired to kill Kagame’s opponents in South Africa, he balked and recorded the evidence… (Photo cr: http://www.France.Rwanda.Info)


The Rwandan Tutsi Major Robert Higiro, the other witness, was hired and offered a million dollars by Kagame for him to assassinate the exiled Rwandan General Kayumba Nyamwasa and Colonel Patrick Karegeya in South Africa (see BBC’s “Rwanda, the Untold Story”). Major Higiro agreed with the intended targets to tape all the conversations with Kagame’s emissary (Karegeya was finally assassinated in December 2013 and Paul Kagame could barely keep himself from boasting about the killing and warning those who are still alive that “it is a matter of time” before he gets them too).


Fast forward to Saturday, June 20th, 2015, when England arrested Paul Kagame’s spy chief, General Karensi Karake on war crimes, crimes against humanity, and human rights violations, who, hitherto, has had the freedom to go and come but, now, might be transferred to Spain on pending arrest warrants for him and 39 other Kagame’s associates.


Then, just this past July 3rd, 2015, the United Kingdom’s Telegraph just published a map of the world titled “Kagame’s Death Squads Murder Trail” that details the documented countries and cities of the world where Paul Kagame’s Death Squads have hit, killing Paul Kagame’s targeted victims.


Which Kagame’s shoe is going to fall next? Is the UN Security Council going to finally dust off the October 1, 2010 UN Mapping Report and bring back Madam Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte to investigate and prosecute the crimes documented therein? To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, “Kagame fooled (almost) all of the world for some time (20 years), and he’s fooled some of the world all the time (Tony Blair?), but he’s finding out that he cannot fool the entire world all of the time!”