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US ambassador to DRC says “Joseph Kabila” will leave in December 2016, yet, “Kabila” has shown no inkling, in word or in deed, that he will leave.  On the contrary, against the DRC Constitution, he has, using his paid cronies at CENI, set up the DRC elections the same month as the US, in November 2016, instead of September 2016, since the DRC constitution stipulates that the new president must be elected at least 90 days before December 20, when the new president takes over.  Can Ambassador Swan guess why “Kabila” did this?  Who is the fool who does not understand that “Kabila” did this so that Obama would not have time to do anything to remove him once another US president is elected in November?

Amb James Swan

US Ambassador to DRC, James Swan 

The US ambassador to the DRC, James Swan, spoke to the Voice of America’s Idriss Fall in Kinshasa this August 20, 2015, stating that the DRC is going to “…effectuate the first peaceful and democratic transfer of power in the history of this country…” Is Ambassador Swan serious?

The reality is that what the US, through Secretary of State John Kerry (one of my heroes) told “Joseph Kabila” about leaving at the end of his second and last term and what “Kabila” has been planning about NOT leaving are two different things.  To “Joseph Kabila”, America has never called him to account for any of the crimes he has committed since 2001, and neither would America do anything now besides just plain talk.

James Swan, as an American diplomat, is not foolish or naive enough to believe that a mass killer, a despot, a Trojan Horse, and an illiterate like “Joseph Kabila” is going to just quit the DRC and allow “free” elections take place.  This “Joseph Kabila”, as every Congolese and every diplomat in Kinshasa (maybe except American diplomats) knows that he is not a Congolese, as the French politician wrote in 2012 that the diplomats in Kinshasa call him “le petit rwandais” or “the little Rwandan”.  He is a citizen of Rwanda (real name “Hyppolite Kanambe”), according to Belgian journalists and politicians, US and EU intelligence services, the United Nations’ Mapping Report of October 1, 2010, and CIA and Mossad-trained Spy Chief of Zaire (now DRC). “Joseph Kabila” discovered the Congo as a commanding young intelligence officer in Paul Kagame’s mono-ethnic  Rwandan Tutsi army that invaded the DRC in 1996 and decimated hundreds of thousands of Rwandan Hutu civilians refugees and Congolese, with Bill Clinton’s total support.  “Joseph Kabila” is also the nephew of General James Kabarebe, the actual Minister of Defense of Rwanda, who commanded the Rwandan forces that, together with the Ugandan and Burundian armies, participated in the 1996 DRC invasion.

“Joseph Kabila”, as a mass killer, knows that the US, the UN, and EU have given him carte blanche to kill the Congolese.  Since 2001 when “Joseph Kabila” was imposed on the Congolese until today, the slaughter and the gang rapes and Rwandan and Ugandan control of eastern DRC have never ended. Take the latest case: the mass grave of Maluku, on the outskirts of Kinshasa that contains at least 425 bodies who were buried in the middle of the night by Kabila’s foreign and personal soldiers, evidence of his last mass killing of Congolese citizens.  Human Rights Watch has officially demanded an investigation while America “looks the other way”.   Now, if this “mass grave” horror had taken place in Damascus, Syria, the US and the EU would have gone to the Security Council and demanded that UN investigators be allowed to identify all the bodies or else they would forcefully get rid of Assad as they did of Khadafy of Libya.  But, with the DRC, as the suffering Congolese people say, Obama, the EU, and the UN in essence support Kabila’s mass-killing them because, paraphrasing Jesus Christ, “if you do not denounce, condemn, and prosecute a mass killer, then you support him, you condone his actions, and you are just a mass killer like him”.  So, who is Ambassador Swan kidding?

Ambassador Swan rightly states that the DRC’s genocide, insecurity, rapes, unending killings especially in eastern Congo, have been going on for 20 (twenty years).  But, amazingly, he has no new idea on how to end these atrocities except by doing the same thing and going to the same people who have been responsible for these crimes the last 20 years.  To wit, the “2013 Addis Ababa Accords” and what he calls “a robust diplomatic action by special envoys from the US, the AU, the UN and others”.  Citing “robust diplomatic action” is as vague and meaningless a policy as one can get.  These envoys have been going to the DRC in these past 20 years and nothing has changed. In fact, UN forces shamelessly and conspiratorially  co-habit with the “rebel” and “militia” forces that, at night, go and rape and kill the Congolese populations, and the UN does nothing to either stop them or fight and destroy them.  In short, these forces know that the UN, the US, the EU, have given them the RIGHT to be in the Congo, to kill, to rape, to steal the DRC resources for Rwanda and Uganda, with “Joseph Kabila’s” complicity.  Thus, there is NOTHING different this year than during the “last 20 years”.

As for the “2013 Addis Ababa Accords”,  that haven’t led to any peace for the Congolese people until today, Ambassador Swan is not ignorant of what Congolese people and the other diplomats know NOW: that these “accords” were signed by “Joseph Kabila” for the DRC, Paul Kagame for Rwanda, and Yoweri Museveni for Uganda.  Who, between these three, cares about the Congolese people, knowing that “Joseph Kabila” is an agent and the Trojan Horse of, and takes orders from Kagame; and, Kagame himself has been controlling the DRC for the resources, for land and practicing ethnic cleansing in eastern Congo, and for power, while Museveni also controls part of the DRC bordering Uganda for resources and for land?   And Ambassador Swan is extolling these accords to bring peace to the DRC?

It is not rocket science to figure out that in order for peace to return to the DRC, America must end the DRC’s occupation by removing the government of occupation that is led by the Rwandan Tutsi “Joseph Kabila” and is run by Rwandan Tutsis as exposed and denounced by the CIA and Mossad-trained former spy chief of Zaire (DRC).  The Congolese who have been fighting this occupation are, naturally, outside of the Congo. The least that president Obama could do, today, in his last year-and-a-half that is left is to denounce this occupation and take strong action to end it, in spite of the millions of dollars out of the billions of dollars they have stolen from the DRC (once on the site, scroll down to read the copy of the letter from British MP Pauline Latham to MP Justine Greening, British Secretary of State for International Development dated March 26, 2013), millions that “Kabila” and Kagame  have been pouring in the US to politicians, lobbyists, institutions such as universities, media, and elected officials in order to keep America “looking the other way” while the DRC continues to die.  If Obama doesn’t do it, the DRC may no longer exist in the next 20 years.

If Ambassador Swan does not have the evidence, he can contact and we will provide him with the evidence.  Because, it will forever tarnish President Obama’s African legacy if he leaves office and the DRC is still at the hands of Rwandans and Ugandans and “Joseph Kabila” is still on the throne of occupied DRC.

(PS; News from the DRC are that the Germans are building munitions’ depots in Bukavu and in the military base of Kitona in Lower Congo, two areas controlled 100 % by Rwandan soldiers, as every intelligence service in DRC knows and Honore Ngbanda’s investigative report has exposed it. Are Germans helping “Kabila” withstand America?  Is Martin Kobler in on this scheme of helping “Joseph Kabila” remain “president” beyond his final term? Is the Obama administration aware of this?)