Because of Clinton and Kagame’s friendship, millions of Africans have been slaughtered and gang raped (photo cr.

Of what interests to “All the News That’s Fit to Print” does this world power paper spend TWO full pages on Rwanda and the Clinton Fund is anyone’s guess.  However, it is neither journalistically ETHICAL nor TOLERABLE to keep on writing lies, false news, and information that have been investigated and proven wrong, even when they concern Black Africa that is never on the daily staple of news media in America. Especially when the reality in Africa is different from Kagame’s staged, always pre-staged picture of Rwanda presented to ALL foreigners.

Here are some of the main false old “facts” that are being presented in this article by its writers:

  1. (In 1994), “Hutu extremists slaughtered an estimated 500,000 to one million Tutsis and moderate Hutus;” and that “Mr. Kagame led the invading force of Tutsi exiles that quelled the massacre after 100 days…”

Are Kevin Sack and Sheri Fink, the writers of the NY Times article, working for Kagame and Bill Clinton?  Do they know how to google for news or information?  We know that Kagame is spending millions to buy media people, politicians, universities, and other institutions all over the world, but we hoped that the New York Times is above being bought by world mass killers and despots.

Maybe in July 1994 everyone thought that “Hutu extremists” slaughtered the Tutsis and that Paul Kagame saved the day by putting an end to it.  However today, there’re tons and tons of evidence that have exposed this huge lie:

There is the investigative documentary by the credible BBC called “Rwanda, the Untold Story”.  This documentary presents so many investigators and government officials, including Rwandan Tutsis who had been part of this manipulative lie, and who have come out now to expose Paul Kagame.  Beside the evidence that these investigators present showing that, actually, Paul Kagame was the trigger of the 1994 Rwandan genocide, which he used in order for him to take over power in Rwanda, which he could not achieve through truly democratic elections (since the Tutsis are but a minority in numbers).  There are also numerous Rwandan Tutsis who had followed Paul Kagame’s rebellion and invasion of Rwanda from Uganda thinking that Kagame wanted peace in Rwanda but later found out otherwise.  The New York Times reporters can read here the testimony of two of the young Tutsi military officers who had followed Kagame.  One, Lieutenant Abdul Ruzibiza, was one of the first to go into exile and speak out. He later was murdered in Europe.  The other, Second-Lieutenant Aloys Ruyenzi, was the personal body guard of Paul Kagame for 10 years. He is still alive and in hiding, after he survived about three assassination attempts in his own country because Kagame kills everyone who disagrees with him.

Finally, start with the short film, “Crisis in the Congo, Uncovering the Truth”, to get a window view of the havoc and the holocaust that Paul Kagame has been committing next door in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where, after he slaughtered the Hutus and moderate Tutsis who had fled Rwanda from Kagame’s killers (see the UN Mapping Report of 10-1-2010), he placed in power a former intelligence officer in his Tutsi army that invaded the Congo in 1996 and a nephew of James Kabarebe, as the leaders of the Congolese resistance to Rwanda’s occupation of their country have just stated in a Solemn Declaration”, in French and English, sent to all the nations of the United Nations.

  1. Bill Clinton’s “I suppose I make more allowances for a (Kagame) government that has produced as much progress as that one has” that the New York Times juxtaposes to the Belgian scholar and expert, Filip Reyntjens, who says of Bill Clinton “either he’s completely uninformed about what we know about Kagame or he’s in total denial”.

In case the New York Times writers of African issues wanted to really write the TRUTH, there is plenty of evidence that shows that the Rwandan genocide of 1994 would never have happened without Bill Clinton’s TOTAL backing of Paul Kagame and of Yoweri Museveni.  Bill Clinton even prevented the UN from stopping that genocide.  Bill Clinton helped Rwanda and Uganda invade the DRC afterward where Kagame slaughtered Hutus and moderate Tutsi civilians, children, the sick and the elderly.  Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, and the Belgian Louis Michel are the powers behind Kagame’s slaughter of millions of innocent Congolese and the gang raping of millions of Congolese women and little girls by Kagame’s Rwandan soldiers and militias.

Unfortunately for us in America, we do no longer have independent investigators of the likes of 60 minutes’ Mike Wallace.  Nor do we have any more independent media powerhouses.  “Corporate” media seem to mean that the guy with the money gets the write up the way he wants to be covered.  This is why Paul Kagame, who has killed more Blacks and even some whites in Africa than Adolf Hitler killed whites in Europe gets good media coverage and still is befriended by ex- presidents and prime-ministers from so-called democratic  power nations like the US and England.

Mike Wallace

Where is Mike Wallace when we need him? Kagame’s holocaust in Africa and Bill Clinton’s role would have been exposed long ago… (photo cr.

Imagine, after the European holocaust, that, instead of forcefully removing Hitler from power, former American presidents befriended Adolf Hitler, justifying their friendship on the industrial development of Germany under him; that is what Bill Clinton and Tony Blair have done by embracing Paul Kagame, who still continues killing throughout the African Great Lakes (even now in Tanzania), because, as he declared himself, he does not care to be compared to Adolf Hitler