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J. Herbst and G. Mills: “There is No Congo” (photo cr.: printerest.com)



Jeffrey Herbst and Greg Mills’ rant: “Why the only way to help Congo is to stop pretending it exists”.

We, Congolese, answer Herbst and Mills: Your racism, ignorance, and contempt toward our Ancestors’ land is as great as your Ph. D’s! The Congo existed before you were born, it will endure after you’re gone!

Who are these two pompous and contemptuous whites who think that their whiteness entitles and empowers them to speak for 70 million Congolese as if we, Congolese, are animals in the forest who do not count because we do not know or speak the language of humans in order for us to speak both for ourselves and for our own country so that these two whites dare decide for our country while ignoring and dismissing us, Congolese? If a Congolese spoke like this about one European country, wouldn’t he or she be called mad or crazy?

Greg Mills is Gregory John Barrington Mills, a white South African born in 1962, bred, and schooled as white in Apartheid South Africa. A central belief of racist white South Africans is that Blacks, especially Black Africans are non-humans.  Greg Mills heads an outfit based in Johannesburg, South Africa, called the Brenthurst Foundation (its moto is “Strengthening Africa’s Economic Performance”, which, if you cannot decipher it, means the same thing as what King Leopold II did in Congo Independent State and what Whites who implemented Apartheid’s policies did in South Africa, by strengthening Africa’s Economic performance” for whites, to hell with the Blacks, the Africans, their aspirations, their liberties, their voice, and their lives – which is the theme of “There is no Congo”).  This outfit was established and is funded by… guess who… the Oppenheimer family.  Yes, that very Oppenheimer family of Anglo American Corporation and of De Beers Consolidated Mines that will, for ever, be associated with Apartheid, dehumanization of millions of Black Africans, human “passes”, the slaughter and the debasing of Blacks, and the abuse and exploitation of Blacks as beasts of labor in South African mines for the enrichment and the enjoyment of whites ONLY…  Tell me who you work for and I’ll tell you…

Jeffrey Herbst is Jeffrey I. Herbst, a white American born in 1961, bred and schooled as a white during the racist Jim Crow laws in America. Tell me who do you associate with and I will tell you…


congo eat some

Mills and Herbst: “Congo… you’ll eat it until you tire away.” (photo cr.: nytimes.com)


Let NO ONE write to us about the expertise and the accomplishments of these two PhDs.  We have NO interest in their degrees, their works, or their status.  In their rambling against our country, the Congo, they demonstrate NO knowledge of our people, our culture, or our aspirations.  We, Congolese, do not give a hoot even if these two were Satan himself or Adolf Hitler or King Leopold II, or Paul Kagame, or Yoweri Museveni, or even Kagame’s Trojan Horse in DRC, Hyppolite Kanambe a.k.a. Joseph Kabila.  Mills and Herbst do not even know the Anthropology of our country or our cultural, spiritual, physical, ethnic and social oneness as bana ya mama na biso moko na kombo Congo.  None of these two is qualified to speak for us, Congolese.  Then, they use some saying by the thieves Yoweri Museveni and Paul Kagame that says, in the Kiswahili used by Tipo Tip, the Arab guy who was involved in African slave trading in East Africa, that “Congo is a big country — you will eat it until you tire away!”  And, these robbers’ dictum is used by these two white racists to somehow justify their rant that everyone has “eaten away at Congo’s vast mineral wealth with little concern for the coherency of the country left behind.”  These two pretentious “experts” willfully pretend to totally ignore the impact of the outside interference in the history of the Congo, from King Leopold II’s slaughter of 15 million Congolese, to Belgian colonial rule that ended with NOT ONE Congolese with a university degree as opposed to what the French and the British who allowed their colonized subjects to get higher education, to America’s CIA and Belgium not only killing Patrice Lumumba, but also trying to break up the Congo with the Katanga secession – which did not succeed because the Congolese refused to be divided, to Bill Clinton’s America and Tony Blair’s England deciding to get rid of the French influence in the African Great Lakes by funding, training, and militarily supporting and participating in Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni’s genocide in and take over of Rwanda in 1994 and their subsequent 1996 invasion of the then-Zaire, their ultimate aim, in order to remove Mobutu and allow  the minority Rwandan Tutsis to rule not only Rwanda but also the Congo while allowing the international mafias to help themselves to DRC’s resources until today, an invasion and occupation of the Congo where these Tutsis have slaughtered over 9 million innocent and raped over 2 million Congolese women and tiny 2 months-old girls (Herbst and Mills pretend to not know that “Joseph Kabila” whose real name is Hyppolite Kanambe, is not only a Rwandan Tutsi who’s not Laurent Kabila’s son but rather a Tutsi son of a Tutsi woman who was his thirteenth wife, he is also a former intelligence officer in Paul Kagame’s mono-ethnic Tutsi army that invaded the DRC, a nephew of James Kabarebe and, in the DRC, he works for or is the Trojan Horse of Paul Kagame who actually controls the Congo as King Leopold II used to do, as the Tanzanians recently revealed).

Strangely, Herbst and Mills follow their rant about “eating the big Congo…” with “Congo has none of the things that make a nation-state… Instead, Congo has become (from what?) a collection of peoples, groups, interests, and pillagers who coexist at best.”  This is a huge lie and it shows the racism and contempt of those whites who think they “know” the Congolese better than the Congolese know themselves.

The TRUTH: Actually, no African country, since its independence, has resisted the attempts at being broken up or divided as the Congo has. The over 250 ethnic groups that make up the Congo live and form ONE people, ONE nation, and ONE culture that is epitomized in Congo’s cultural unit displayed in what all Black Africa and the world know as “Congo music” sang in the Congo’s cultural national language of Lingala (not French as these two “experts” write).  A Congo culture that has transcended the continent of Africa and is being studied and copied all over the world, from Europe to the Americas and to Asia.  In fact, little Rwanda has had more inter-ethnic strife than the huge DRC.  Or Herbst and Mills do not know this?

To these two racists, the Congo in nothing but a “vast territory that is sparsely populated but packed with natural resources”,   And their ultimate agenda as agents of international economic vultures and backers of Rwanda’s and Uganda’s occupation and control of the DRC is revealed in their statement that “Economically, the various outlying parts of Congo are better integrated with their neighbours than with the rest of the country;” concluding, without shame or decency, that “Congo’s neighbors have learned to ignore its sovereignty”.  Note that in the above rambling, Congolese people are not mentioned even ONCE!

Not believing that the entire world is racist and anti-Congolese and covet Congolese resources while not giving a damn about its people, we, Congolese intellectuals and leaders demand that the International Community remembers this “simple, albeit brutal fact”:  The Democratic Republic of the Congo belongs to us and is inhabited by us (now, we have another struggle to contend with which is that, since invading and occupying Congo, Kagame and the Tutsis have given Congolese identities to tens of thousands of Tutsis – there’s never been an ethnic group in DRC called Tutsi or Hutu, you can check with Belgian colonial records – who’ve been sent to the US as Congolese refugees and given asylum as such); furthermore, the DRC is not the only country on this planet that is huge compared to its tiny or poor neighbors.  China, Russia, India, Germany, and France come to mind.  No one has ever suggested that these countries give up their territorial integrity and national sovereignty so that their tiny and less prosperous neighbors help themselves to these big countries’ territory and resources. No one has ever suggested that, because of the many ethnic groups in China, India, or Russia, that these countries cannot BE LEFT ALONE or helped to build their economy. Thus, we, Congolese, deserve, demand, and would accept no less for our country.  It is, therefore, the height of contempt for anyone, white or Black, to suggest what Herbst and Mills wrote in their diatribe “there is no Congo”.

As for “peacekeeping missions, special envoys, interagency processes, and diplomatic initiatives” that “are doomed to fail”, as Mills and Herbst proclaim, it is not because “Congo does not exist”; but, rather, it is because of the very racism, greed, and contempt of the likes of Mills and Herbst who cover up the West’s interference and crimes against the Congo added to the propaganda that Congo “does not exist” so as to justify the foreign vultures’ illegal exploitation of the wealth of the Congo.

A few facts that Herbst and Mills could not dare mention:  Since 2000, UN investigators have put out numerous reports on the “Illegal Exploitation of the resources of the Democratic Republic of the Congo,” and the UN investigators have recommended that those countries and companies involved in this thievery be sanctioned.  None has ever been sanctioned.  Bill Clinton, who initiated the Congo’s invasion of 1996-1997, made sure that no country (Rwanda or Uganda,…) and no company (mining, or otherwise) was ever sanctioned.  For instance, Madam Prosecutor Carla del Ponte was removed from the UN by Bill Clinton for wanting to prosecute Kagame’s crimes in Rwanda and the DRC, and many investigations on the Rwandan genocide and the Congo crimes were stopped by the same Bill Clinton.  Finally, as we write this, while Syria’s president’s “crimes” have invited world powers to remove him, Kagame, who killed 500,000 Rwandans and over 9 million Congolese is still being funded and welcomed by the West while there is a 2010 Mapping Report on the Congo Crimes that has been collecting dust in the drawers of the UN.  America, England, Germany, China, and even South Africa, NO ONE has demanded that these crimes against the innocent Congolese be investigated and the culprits, Paul Kagame, Yoweri Museveni, and a.k.a. Joseph Kabila, their armies and militias be brought to justice.  Thus the  “peacekeeping missions, special envoys, interagency processes, and diplomatic initiatives” are but instruments of the Congo’s occupation and exploitation. They insure maintaining the status quo while allowing Kagame’s Rwandan army and militias to continue killing, raping, and occupying the entire DRC in association with Museveni’s Uganda.  Meanwhile, the international resource vultures are having a free for all in the DRC provided that they ignore the occupation, the exploitation, the gang rapes, and the holocaust in the Congo, while sharing the loot with everyone involved.

Did Mills and Herbst watch “Crisis in the Congo, Uncovering the Truth”?  Did they see BBC’s “Rwanda, the untold Story?  Have they read the “Solemn Declaration – in French and English – ” by the Congolese leaders of the Diaspora who have been fighting their country’s occupation by Rwandans?

As the cry from America’s all races youth herald a new era with “Black Lives Matter”, we hope that the world, beginning with America, England, Germany, France, Russia, China, and African states would heed our Congolese cry that “Congo Lives Matter” and help stop this Congo holocaust that has been going on since 1996 while condemning cheap and contemptuous diatribes such as “There is no Congo”.