Dear Mr. President Barack Obama, our Commander-in-Chief:

I volunteered and voted for you.  By the struck of luck, MSNBC interviewed me in 2008 in Harlem, New York, USA.  I have also written to defend the righteousness of your policies, a tiny sample can be read here , here , and here.  Therefore, Mr. President, allow me to feel entitled to declare that I and my Congolese people, the real – not the impostors who are passing themselves as Congolese –, we deserve your addressing us and our concerns, both privately and publicly before the American people and before the world.

Mr. President, I am neither a Syrian-American, nor an Iraqi-American, nor a French-American.  I am a Congolese-American and, publicly, every day’s American foreign policy deals with Syria, Iraq, France’s terrorist attacks, yet, in none of these countries are its citizens being daily slaughtered and little girls being gang raped at the rate it is happening in the Congo, with TOTAL IMPUNITY and TOTAL SILENCE from the international community.


After being gang raped, Congolese women are killed (while Rwandan impostors in the US are receiving asylum passing for “Congolese” and lying that Congolese soldiers raped them) 


Our Commander-in-Chief, your foreign policy toward my Congo so-called “democratic republic”, my country of origin, though better than Bill Clinton’s who triggered this Congo genocide, gang rapes and misery by hiring and helping Rwanda, Uganda, and Burundi invade and occupy the Congo in 1996, has NOT been forceful enough to end the killings, the gang rapes, and the impunity since you became president.


Rwandan and Ugandan militias and soldiers wearing Congolese army’s uniforms kill whole Congolese families if they don’t run away from their villages, which are, then, repopulated with Rwandans and Ugandans who are given Congolese identities.


Why, Mr. President?

Bad advice or mis-information or lack of the decoding of Rwandan use of Ubwenge whereby the wolf – Rwanda – has put on sheep’s clothing – Congolese identity – and now speaks for the sheep both in the Congo and everywhere?

cndp_Rwandan Militia-FARDC uniforms

Rwandan soldiers metamorphosing into “Congolese” soldiers by putting on top of their Rwandan uniforms the Congolese ones given to them by “Joseph Kabila” who is Kagame’s Trojan Horse in DRC


As a teacher of Law and a thinker, realize, Mr. President, that the policy and Law 109-456 for the Congo you designed as a senator was based on false assumptions grounded in Rwanda’s Ubwenge (described above) and in Bill Clinton’s cover up of the invasion (claiming it was a “rebellion”) and occupation of our Congo, a sovereign country.  Thus, while your policy was designed for the relief, security, and democracy in DRC, it should have been designed for ending the invasion, the occupation of the DRC and ending the genocide, and the gang rapes by foreign forces from Rwanda and Uganda.

Why, Mr. President, has the Congo become the sacrificial lamb given to Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni as a reward for their armies’ participation in UN missions and their cooperation with the US Pentagon? Really, Mr. Commander-in-Chief, in this day and age, is it necessary, for our US military’s interests, to sacrifice the lives of over 9 million Congolese (being slaughtered by Rwandan and Ugandan armies and their militias) the gang raping of 2 million Congolese women and tiny little girls of less than 2 years old?


The trio Museveni-Kanambe/Kabila-Kagame who have made sure that the Congolese genocide and gang rapes that started in 1996 never end while they have become billionaires, benefiting TOTAL IMPUNITY from the International Community 


We, Congolese, never claimed that we would not sell our minerals to America for America, under Bill Clinton, to allow Rwanda and Uganda to invade, occupy, and wipe out the Congolese populations in the eastern Congo in order to annex these lands and sell Congo’s minerals to America and to others!  Plus, the Congolese army never refused to cooperate with the US Pentagon in order for the US Pentagon to have military bases in tiny Rwanda while “looking the other way” and keeping quiet over Rwanda’s continued occupation of, slaughter, and gang rapes in the Congo!

Has America become a country that tolerates mass killers and gang rapists, as long as America’s  nebulous mining companies and military are being served by these criminals?

Really, Mr. President, don’t you know that Paul Kagame triggered the Rwanda genocide of 1994 while being protected by Bill Clinton, and that, after taking over Rwanda, Clinton helped, supported, participated in Rwanda and Uganda’s invasion of the Congo, and that, as Tanzania revealed recently, the Congo has become now a colony of Rwanda with Rwandans, using Congolese identities, running the Congo?


Bill Clinton and Paul Kagame (Both are the reason why the 1994 Rwandan genocide took place and the Congolese genocide and gang rapes have been going on since 1996)


Is the above evidence kept from you, Mr. President?

Why, Mr. President, is the 2010 UN Mapping Report on mass killings in the DRC still languishing in the drawers of the UN?  Aren’t you aware that letting this report of Kagame’s crimes in DRC remain dormant in UN drawers is equivalent to you covering up for the criminal Paul Kagame, just like Bill Clinton covered up for him in stopping any investigations that would have charged Paul Kagame with triggering the Rwandan genocide  as you saw in the BBC’s investigative documentary?

Mr. President, why is America pretending like the Congo is a democracy when even small countries’ intelligence agencies know that the Congo is being run by extremist Rwandan Tutsis under the command of Paul Kagame and our CIA knows this?

How and why can America, its CIA, not expose the occupation of the Congo by Rwanda when, not only Tanzania, but also the former Congolese spy chief, Honore Ngbanda, who was trained by the CIA, have given details and named names in Rwandan occupation of the Congo?

Can a genocide be covered up forever?  Can Paul Kagame, while killing and raping in DRC, intimidate the UN, the West, and the international community forever while also buying, using Congolese minerals’ billions, world media and institutions forever? Does this mean that Adolf Hitler would have gotten away with the holocaust if he had been friends with America and England as Paul Kagame was with Bill Clinton and Tony Blair and has been getting away with the Rwandan and Congolese genocides?

Finally, Mr. President, we, Congolese-Americans and Congolese opposed to Rwandan occupation of our country, have filed complaints with the CIA and with the Justice Department about the crimes that Rwanda and Uganda are committing in our Congo and about Rwanda sending its citizens to America with Congolese identities so that tens of thousands of them have been fraudulently given asylum as Congolese in the US; meanwhile, our people back in eastern Congo have become refugees in their own country by being killed and chased out of their own villages by Rwandan militias and Rwandan soldiers in Congolese uniforms (operating as “Congolese” soldiers) while their villages are being given over to Rwandans through a conspiracy by Paul Kagame and his Trojan Horse in DRC, Hyppolite Kanambe a.k.a. Joseph Kabila.


Congolese being chased from their villages by Rwandan and Ugandan armies (wearing Congolese army uniforms) and militias. They settle as refugees in their own country while Rwanda, in a conspiracy with Bill Clinton, has brought to the US for asylum tens of thousands of Rwandans with Congolese identities. (Photos cr.: left,; right,



And, Mr. President, like the French resistance movement under General Charles de Gaulle, we, Congolese who are opposed to Rwanda’s occupation of our country and who cannot fight inside the DRC in order to avoid being killed (by bullets or by poison), and with the leadership of Honore Ngbanda mentioned above, we have published our Solemn Declaration (in French and English) to all the nations that make up the United Nations, hoping that some nations will contact us and help us free our country from Rwanda’s and Uganda’s occupation, and restore our country’s independence, national sovereignty, and territorial integrity, before we can, then, bring about REAL DEMOCRACY.

We appreciate what you’ve done so far for the DRC, Mr. President; but, based on the evidence provided above, please, adjust your policy toward the DRC in order to end, before your last term ends, the ongoing occupation and genocide in the Congo. And, please, talk to us because we are also Americans who care just like Syrian-Americans, Jewish-Americans, Palestinian-Americans…

Thank you, Mr. President.