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Harvard University President Drew G. Faust and Rwanda’s despot and mass killer Paul Kagame


Dear President Faust,

We are warning you and demanding that you protect the life of Harvard University business school student Sacha Yabili, whose life is now in danger from Paul Kagame’s killers because, being in America and believing in the Freedom of Expression, she wrote in the Harvard’s Crimson to expose some of Paul Kagame’s crimes in the Democratic Republic of Congo in her 2/26/2016 piece titled “How Harvard Abdicates its Moral Responsibility. Now she is being threatened by Kagame’s agents.

Before saying more, we want you to know that we are Congolese-Americans  who have been battling, both in US and at home, to free our country, the DRC, from Paul Kagame and his Rwandan extremists’ occupation, as the Tanzanians declared it right before their last elections and the Congolese in the Diaspora have declared it to the world nations in our Solemn Declaration (in French and English).

President Faust:

We are aware of Harvard’s years of “special” relations with Paul Kagame, his gifts, his noose around Harvard’s neck consisting of Rwandan Tutsis’ connection to Harvard’s Medical and Business schools, and all the other “connections” from Paul Kagame not only to Harvard, but also to many other US institutions of high learning and other US governmental and non-governmental bodies. You all might as well be in such sweet “special” relations with Adolf Hilter’s Nazi Germany, because, to paraphrase the Christ, “Kagame here is ‘greater’ than Adolf Hitler!”


Former UN Prosecutor Madam Carla del Ponte (who was fired from her UN gig by Paul kagame’s friend and sponsor Bill Clinton, because she wanted to do the right thing and prosecute Paul Kagame after uncovering evidence linking him to being responsible and trigger of Rwandan 1994 genocide) Photo cr.:


The question is, whether Havard and all these institutions buried their heads in the sand before or after they learnt that Paul Kagame not only was the trigger of the 1994 Rwandan genocide, as succinctly evidenced in BBC’s investigative documentary, “Rwanda, the Untold Story”, but that he also is responsible for the ongoing genocide in the Democratic Republic of the Congo that has claimed, now, over 8 million innocent Congolese lives .

Regardless, President Faust: America, not just its high learning institutions, but many other groups, religious, non-religious, even the US government, have been played for fools by Paul Kagame and his Tutsi extremists, who have used the billions they’ve stolen from Congo’s minerals in order to “donate”, buy  and corrupt everyone. Those individuals and institutions they couldn’t buy, they’ve used Rwanda’s Ubwenge (Ugbenge), to mislead and manipulate them (this is why, per Anthropology, only foolish nations and institutions go and deal with a people without a clear knowledge of their culture).

Here is Tutsis’ or Rwanda’s cultural anchor 101:

Every Rwandan child who begins to learn to speak is always taught the first philosophical, moral, and ethical dictum that will guide his or her life till the end.  It is short and to the point:

Ukuli karazirwa”,

which is Kinyarwanda (a language spoken exclusively by both Rwandan Tutsis and Hutus),

and which means, “The Truth Kills.” (Think, or rather meditate on the deep and all-encompassing ramifications of this cultural foundation in the personality and behavior of a people).

This cultural anchor for Rwandans is what guides their entire lives (save the very few who have been rescued by Christianity’s “Thou shalt not lie!”, such as the dignified late Tutsi Prince of the Banyiginya lineage, Antoine NYETERA, who exposed this “satanic” cultural trait of his people in French in “Education au mensonge et de la calomnie” …).  Speak to a Rwandan, at your university or anywhere, and he or she will lie to you “truthfully”, sincerely, even with tears in his or her eyes, and, you will believe him or her, too.

(In fact, America has been victimized by this Rwandan trait to the point that there have been in the US, since about 1996, literally tens of thousands of Rwandan Tutsi women, men, and children who have acquired asylum passing for Congolese, with Congolese names and identities (talking about identity theft, this is state-sponsored IDENTITY THEFT!), who know nothing about the DRC, its history, its languages, or its culture.  These frauds are all over America and some have even attained some of the highest positions in the US government. Indeed, this flows from Rwanda’s invasion, occupation, and control of the DRC since then, with the Rwandan Tutsi, Paul Kagame’s Trojan Horse in DRC, and former Rwandan intelligence officer Hyppolite Kanambe, now using the Congolese cover name “Joseph Kabila”, running the Congo since 2001).

We, Congolese academics and real Congolese in America, were shocked a few years back when we uncovered Rwanda’s use of Ubwenge in sending Rwandans to the US as “Congolese”, so we researched this Rwandan phenomenon, which was studied by Germans in colonial times. Based on what Germans found out and some Rwandans have revealed about their own culture, America and most of the world are oblivious to what they are dealing with in Kagame’s Rwanda, since Kagame has made Ubwenge the central modus operandi of his government both at home and abroad .

From the above, the inference should be obvious that all these projects and cooperation between the outside world and Paul Kagame’s Rwanda are but part of their applied Ubwenge intended to make the world “look the other way” while Kagame and his agents headed by “Joseph Kabila” continue killing and raping in the DRC while occupying it and raping its resources (in association with Yoweri Museveni’s Uganda) to the tune of billions of dollars.  At the same time, the world keeps its eyes, emotions, and reason on these programs so that no one calls Kagame to account for killing his own people in Rwanda (1990-1995) and his continuing killing and hunting his own fellow Rwandans to assassinate them all over the world, including his fellow friends and colleagues Tutsis who had disagreed with him

This is how the above modus operandi is taught to Rwandans in Ubwenge when it comes to dealing with strangers or foreigners:

“… If he (the stranger, especially the European or white) asks for the mountain,… show him the fields along the sides of it; if he asks for rivers, show him the cows that are drinking the water; if he asks for the huts, show him the banana trees nearby.  Always keep lying, keep lying, keep lying.  This is your strength”. (Richard Kandt, German explorer, colonist, researcher and author, in Caput Nilli, 1921).

Back to protecting the life of Congolese student Sacha Yabili.

Ask the CIA and they will tell you that everyone who criticizes or disagrees with Paul Kagame MUST die.  How many white journalists have challenged Paul Kagame with the evidence?  None! They know better!  A Black BBC journalist who tried, ended up dead, sudden death, which is one of the modus operandi of Kagame’s killers.  These killers can be young women, men, students, diplomats, even those Rwandans who have become residents or citizens in host countries…

These Kagame’s killers carry with them a substance called, in Kinyarwanda, Utuzi Twa Munyuza, which, according to Rwandans themselves and as evidenced by the many victims killed all over the world with this deadly native Rwandan poison, it kills “without any scientific or medical detection of the cause of death” and it “mimics natural causes such as heart attack, cardiac arrest, kidney failure, prostate, hypertension, etc.” (Hundreds of thousands of Rwandans and Congolese have fallen victims to this deadly poison both in the DRC and around the world).

Paul Kagame is so sure about the efficiency of this poison and he is so pompous and inflated with his impunity and success of his use of Ubwenge that his agents used this poison to kill the BBC African reporter Komla Dumor,  because he dared ask Kagame and his supporter Bill Clinton too many questions about Kagame’s crimes in Africa…

Therefore, President Faust, the Congolese-American council and other Congolese groups in the United States are demanding that you and your university insure the protection and the wellbeing of Congolese student Sacha Yabili, that she does not end up partially paralyzed from a heart attack or that she dies from any sudden or prolonged illness caused by Rwandan Utuzi Twa Munyuza. She has the God-given and US-Constitution-guaranteed RIGHT to Freedom of thought and of speech.

You, President Faust and Harvard University are now both informed and warned.


For the Congolese Community in America,

Professor Yaa Lengi.