Bernie Sanders, the only Democrat who can defeat the Republican Donald Trump (photo cr.:



It is imperative that our Democratic Party leaders and Super Delegates put on realistic and worldview glasses in order to see and understand that the 2016 presidential elections are unlike any before…

America and the world are moving forward while most leaders of the Democratic Party are still stuck in the Bill Clinton administration’s era.  The Clinton aura has long past and gone.  And, as the Republican primaries have demonstrated, so has the Bush aura.  Mama Bush prophesied on this when she bluntly stated that America is “tired of the Bushes and the Clintons” and that Americans should choose someone else for president.  Her own son, Jeb, found out the hard way that Mama was right all along.

As anyone who has been watching the primaries can tell, Republican voters have not given a hoot about Donald Trump’s criticism of the two Bush siblings.  What does it say about this year’s electorate? Repeatedly, the pundits and the “experts” have been proven wrong time and time again as the voters have been solid behind Donald Trump.  Wisdom commands that one searches and digs deep to understand why. Especially now when it is coming out that there are many more Trump supporters (Democrats, Republicans, Independents) who do not publicly confess their support.

This is why today, against the wishes of his party leaders, elders, and former party officials, Trump is the presumptive Republican candidate after the remaining two opponents, Cruz and Kasich, dropped out.  Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders just upset Hilary Clinton in Indiana and in West Virginia.


Donald Trump has vanquished all of his Republican rivals, in spite of party opposition (photo cr.:


Explanation:  for the Democratic Party, the 2008 presidential primaries and elections demonstrated the move-forward of the electorate when Democrats chose Barack Obama over Hilary Clinton to represent the party, in spite of Obama being just an unknown first term senator and Bill Clinton’s presence and personally full time campaigning for his wife.  Bill Clinton became so frustrated that he resorted to minimizing Obama’s victories (“Jesse Jackson also won North Carolina…”, meaning Black American Jesse never became the Democratic Presidential candidate in spite of winning North Carolina…), or to just plainly and openly feeling nostalgic about the America of slave plantations with “just a few years back this guy (Obama) would be serving us (whites) coffee…”.  Democrats and American voters had moved forward, regardless; so, Senator Obama was chosen not only as the Democratic candidate for the presidency, but Americans elected him, twice, as president of the USA.

For the sake of full disclosure, I admit that I voted for Bernie Sanders.

What are the signs that tell us, Democrats that Hilary would not win against any Republican candidate?

First, look at the amount of enthusiasm and passion in the Republican primaries.  The only equivalent on the Democratic side is with Bernie Sanders.  Only Bernie Sanders’ voters are passionate way more than Hilary Clinton’s.  And, when Hilary gives these speeches where she indirectly or subtly appeals to women and to minorities, her “insincerity” is not missed by the voters.

Second, the Republicans have more weapons to use against Hilary than against Bernie.  Some of these, everyone knows already, from her e-mails when she was secretary of State to Libya.  But our contacts tell us that the thing about the Clintons being darlings of big money, as Senator Sanders has been saying, will be given another twist by Republicans.  The twist will be, how the Clintons have become multi-millionaires by raising millions of dollars from international and other “suspect” sources for the Clinton Foundation, and how, as the New York Times and others reported, Hilary Clinton, as Secretary of State, did not stop her husband from raising these monies from international donors.

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton waves after being introduced by Bill Clinton during a campaign rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Hilary and Bill Clinton, the powerful couple of the 1990’s:  “Americans are tired of the Bushes and the Clintons”, as Matriarch Bush said? (photo cr.: REUTERS/Adrees Latif)

Third and finally, and, maybe, more significantly, just as Bush was saddled with the Iraq War, there are the two genocides that Bill Clinton is responsible for, which her wife never denounced, even as Secretary of State:  the Rwanda genocide of 1994 and the subsequent and ongoing genocide in the Congo that started in 1996, the Congo that has become the Rape Capital of the World (and Hilary talks about being for women when she never condemned, as Secretary of State, the perpetrators Rwandan extremist Tutsis who run Rwanda under Paul Kagame and occupy and control eastern DRC,  because of her husband’s friendship with mass killer Rwandan Paul Kagame whose soldiers and militias have turned eastern DRC into the worse place in the world for twenty years now to be a woman, a little girl, even an infant female?)Both genocides happened with the backing and because of Bill Clinton who, then, derailed the investigations, as one saw in the BBC documentary, which would have led to the prosecution of the perpetrators of these two genocides and which have cost more lives than Bush’s Iraq War, or than even any war since World War II.  The UN investigative Mapping Report of October 1, 2010, that identified mass graves, war crimes, and crimes against humanity in DRC has been hidden in the UN’s drawers in order to cover up the footprints of those who were directly responsible for these genocides (like the classified “28 pages” of the 9/11 Report that covered up Saudi Arabia’s footprints in support of the 9/11 perpetrators).  The Republicans know this and are ready for Hilary.

Everyone knows that one of the reasons Barack Obama won in 2008 was because he denounced the War in Iraq that was started by President W. Bush.  In the same vein, the Republicans are looking forward to making Hilary wear these two genocides, especially since the Clintons’ friend, Paul Kagame, was both the trigger and driver of these genocides and he was responsible for the assassination of two or three heads of state while being protected by his friend Bill Clinton. And, the Republicans are not going to fall for or go along with Paul Kagame’s lies, manipulations, and blackmailing America and the UN with sending his American trained and armed mass-killing and little girl gang-raping army into “peace keeping” missions.

The Republicans will have an easier task lambasting Hilary than finding ways to defeat Bernie; so, it is up to the Democratic leaders and super delegates to understand the signs of the time, therefore, to look into the future instead of dwelling in the past.  Either they support Bernie, or the Democrats will lose the presidency in November…


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