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Whose son is the guy in the middle? Congolese Kabila’s on the left or Rwandan Tutsi Kanambe’s on the right? This is why “Joseph Kabila” stays mum (beside paid Congolese lying on his behalf) about his origins and his killing Congolese with NO pity… (Laurent Kabila photo cr:



A French jurist wrote it in 2012, that “Joseph Kabila”, the president of the DRC, is called or referred to by diplomats in Kinshasa, in French, as “Le Petit Rwandais” meaning, “the Little Rwandan” (even if one doesn’t read French, in the 3rd to the last paragraph one can read the three words)… If the diplomats in DRC know he’s a Rwandan, it means “Joseph Kabila” is a Rwandan indeed.  One cannot be both Rwandan and Congolese.

Due to the latest (Sept. 19-21, 2016) violent and shocking shooting with live bullets using weapons of war on peaceful marchers in a government sanctioned protest in Kinshasa, Americans in the US, even Europeans are beginning to finally realize that, no matter the lobbying (“Joseph Kabila” is spending $875,000 for just 4 months, Sept-Dec, to a lobby firm in D.C.), propaganda, and even outright lies by “Kabila” and Kagame’s agents around the world,  only a foreigner would have NO pity (as Hitler toward the Jews and non-Germans) toward peaceful citizens of another country being occupied by force (or through fraudulent elections), who are only demanding that the constitution of the country be respected.  This is the case with “Joseph Kabila”.  No native citizen can or would be such a SILENT and COLD BLOODED killer…

So, the question is, how and when did this chap, as the British would say, this uneducated Rwandan (who can’t even hold a press conference, let alone debate an opponent) become president of another country called Congo?

ANSWER: War, invasion, and occupation…

Before the 1996 invasion of the DRC, then Zaire, by the national armies of Rwanda, Uganda, and Burundi, no one had ever heard of “Joseph Kabila”… Those who had known or met him before, they remember a Rwandan Tutsi guy named Hyppolite Kanambe, who drove taxi in Dar es Salam, the capital city of Tanzania, who loved Congolese music like most Black Africa, and he used to chauffer Zairian musicians who went to perform in Tanzania.  The Tanzanians have also testified to this.

As any invading army planning an occupation, the Rwandan invaders had a plan:

First, they needed a Congolese person to use as cover for them to break international law and invade a sovereign state.  So, as Paul Kagame finally admitted to the Washington Post, he took responsibility, with his “big brother” Museveni of Uganda, in putting together various Congolese outlaws who had been opponents of Mobutu in creating a fictitious outfit called AFDL, and the Congolese they chose to be figurehead and the stooge of this outfit was a powerless, army-less, and even militia-less guy named Laurent Kabila.

Second, the Bill Clinton administration, which, in all aspects, was part of and directed the invasion of the Congo behind Rwanda, Uganda, and Burundi and who never trusted Laurent Kabila (who had previously taken American hostages during Mobutu’s rule) advised that Kagame puts someone around Laurent Kabila to monitor him so that this former rebel does not try to trick the US, Rwanda, Uganda, and Burundi, once they removed Mobutu.  Who was chosen to monitor Laurent Kabila? It so happened that, Muslim Laurent Kabila had many wives and he kept adding wives of his former associates, dead or imprisoned, into his harem.  And, one of the wives he added to his harem was a Tutsi, Marceline Mukambuguje, former wife of Laurent Kabila’s Rwandan Tutsi associate, the late Adrien Kanambe, with whom, as rebels, they fought both the Mobutu regime in Zaire, and the Hutu regime in Rwanda.  One of the children Adrien Kanambe had with Marceline was the boy mentioned above, Hyppolite Kanambe.

As Hyppolite Kanambe grew on his own into adulthood in Tanzania and there was neither education nor future for him there, in 1995, the year after Kagame had triggered the Rwandan genocide, again, with Bill Clinton’s backing, which allowed Kagame to take power by force in Rwanda and escape any genocidal charges, so in 1995, with American forces readying Rwanda and Uganda for the invasion of Zaire the following year, young Hyppolite Kanambe went back to Rwanda, the country of his parents, where his paternal uncle, James Kabarebe, was the Rwandan officer in charge of the forces that were going to invade Zaire.  After working as his uncle’s chauffeur, Hyppolite was enrolled in Rwandan army and trained as an intelligence officer.  This young officer became one of the officers of the Rwandan invading forces that decimated Hutu civilians and Congolese during the 1996-1997 invasion, as he is named in the UN Mapping Report of October 1, 2010, as also reported in the 15th paragraph of the AP story related to this Mapping Report.

Third, as the invasion proceeded, again, in order to better insure the undercover work of young intelligence officer Hyppolite Kanambe around Laurent Kabila, when the invading forces reached Kisangani in early 1997, the city that used to be the capital of Congo’s diamond trade over which the allied forces of Rwanda and Uganda would later fight each other over for control, Rwandan intelligence planners and military leaders ordered Laurent Kabila, as a condition for him to self-declare himself president of Congo, to introduce young Hyppolite Kanambe, as his own “son” with the “new” name of “Joseph Kabila”.  Laurent Kabila, who had no army, no intelligence outfit, and no force of his own, had no choice but to comply.  And, “Joseph Kabila” was “born” as a “son” of Laurent Kabila (James Kabarebe would be introduced also as a “Congolese” so he could take over the Zairian army, which allowed the Rwandans to slaughter, between 1997 and 1998, most of the Zairian army officers who had been trained all over the world when Zaire was the darling of the West against Communists)…

Fourth, in 1998, when the Congolese people protested to Laurent Kabila about the Rwandan and Ugandan armies mistreatment of the civilian populations, Laurent Kabila ordered these foreign armies to leave, which triggered what had been called the “African world war” that had armies from nine African countries battling inside the DRC, until 2001 when Paul Kagame gave the order for the physical elimination of Laurent Kabila, as Kagame’s former associates, Theogene Rudasingwa, and Kayumba Nyamwasa had revealed.  This order was given to the undercover “Joseph Kabila” who had been hiding under his Tutsi mother’s skirt next to Laurent Kabila.  Even international media, in 2001, reported that “Joseph Kabila” was of a Rwandan Tutsi mother

kanambe-et-sifa-congoindependant kabila-mm-bakolokongo-com

On the left, the Congolese SIFA, on the right, the Rwandan Tutsi MUKAMBUGUJE; in 2001, the CIA sent a female agent to DRC to sort out who was the real mother of “Joseph Kabila”… One can sustain a lie for so long. Now every Congolese knows SIFA isn’t his mother and he isn’t Congolese either… (photos cr (l-r):,

After the killing of Laurent Kabila, many believe, by “Joseph Kabila” who not only took orders from Kagame, but was also in charge of Laurent Kabila’s security and intelligence and commanded the DRC army, Paul Kagame imposed, on the few powerless Congolese who had been working with Laurent Kabila, that Hyppolite Kanambe a.k.a. “Joseph Kabila”, be made “president” in his “father’s” stead.  And, of course, a false biography had to be created for “Joseph” by the Rwandan intelligence bureau, which no world media establishment has so far dared to challenge…

This is how the story of “Joseph Kabila”, as a Congolese, was born.

In fact, it took the Congolese people about 8 years, from 1997 to about 2005, for them to uncover the fraud and publicly reject “Joseph Kabila” as a foreigner.  Thus, from the 2006 elections on, the Congolese people have never stopped chanting, “Kabila, zonga na Rwanda” (Kabila, go back to Rwanda)… Unfortunately, for the Congolese people, the Congolese politicians, in DRC, are either corrupt, therefore, working for the Rwandans under “Joseph Kabila” or, they are afraid to confront the Rwandan occupation of the DRC under “Joseph Kabila”, seeing that the international community, especially superpower America, even under the Obama administration, has granted Kagame, Museveni, and “Joseph Kabila” total impunity no matter the slaughter of Congolese innocent civilians, the gang rape even of two years old little Congolese girls, the unspeakable mutilations of Congolese women’s genitals, the ethnic cleansing taking place in eastern Congo for Rwanda and Uganda to replace these slaughtered Congolese with their own people in order to annex these Congolese territories and control their riches…

Enjoying this total impunity, Kagame, “Kabila”, and Museveni have not hesitated to assassinate any one who has dared to expose their scheme to occupy or control the DRC, or the Rwandan Tutsi identity of “Joseph Kabila”…  Beside the numerous civilians they have murdered, even priests haven’t been spared, from Cardinal Etsou, in 2009 to Father Vincent Machozi in 2016.  And, even Etienne Tshisekedi has not dared to expose or decry the Rwandan identity of “Joseph Kabila” or Kagame’s control of the DRC through a Rwandan parallel government set in DRC, if he, Tshisekedi, wanted to stay alive, he and his family…

WARNING: The Rwandan intelligence bureau never wanting to leave their scheme in DRC to chance and incomplete, in 1998, during the Congo war and while they prepared to assassinate Laurent Kabila so they could take over the DRC, they invented out of the blue another history of Colonial Africa by falsely claiming that Rwandans (Hutus, Tutsis, and fictitious “Banyamulenge” and “Banyarwanda”) were part of autochthonous pre-colonial and colonial Congo.  This false history has been spread by Rwandan propaganda and infiltration throughout the world so that major media, institutions, and governments repeat, ad nauseam, these lies that there ever have been Congolese “Tutsis”, or “Hutus”, or “Banyamulenge”; whereas it is not difficult to INDEPENDENTLY check the Colonial history of the DRC (1884-1960) in Belgium and of Rwanda (1884-1939) in Germany (Even Encyclopedia Britannica tells the History of Tutsis’ origin and settlement).  Rwanda has been using everything (money, lies, manipulation, infiltration,…) in order to maintain these lies throughout the world.

Does the UN have any principled and upright historians who can check these colonial documents in order to expose Rwanda’s lies and manipulations, which constitute a weapon Rwandans call “Ubwenge” in their language and is part of their ancestral culture?

No wonder “Joseph Kabila” has shown no pity when it came to ordering his private republican guards (imported and paid for the task and they speak only English) to crushing any peaceful march using lethal and unforgiving weapons of war shooting live bullets on unarmed Congolese civilians!

No wonder that “Joseph Kabila”, who is supposed to be the president of the Congo, meets all the time, sometimes in secret even in Kigali, laughs with and is always submissive to Kagame, in spite of Kagame’s crimes in DRC and his setting up and directing “militias” and “rebels” in eastern DRC (as exposed by the UN Security Council’s investigation   and even by Kagame’s former head of intelligence who revealed it to the French news agency RFI), as a pretext for him to continue to control the resources of eastern DRC while, at the same time, ethnically cleansing eastern Congo while repopulating it with Rwandans.


“Joseph Kabila”, Paul Kagame’s Trojan Horse in DRC, laughing and reporting to his master while, as the many UN Security Council reports, including the Mapping Report of 2010 have accused Paul Kagame of committing genocide in DRC and continued slaughter and gang rape in eastern DRC: imagine the Queen of England meeting, laughing with Adolf Hitler while Germany was bombing London, or Charles de Gaulle doing the same while Germany was occupying France…

Can one imagine the Queen of England meeting with, laughing and joking with Adolf Hitler while he was bombarding London or General Charles de Gaulle, meeting, laughing and joking with Adolf Hilter while Germany was still occupying France?


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