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Donald Trump, a candidate who did the unexpected in the primaries and who might do it again in the general election in November (photo cr.:


In my Huffington Post blog, “Brexit/Trump: when the Unexpected and the Unthinkable Happens”, I asked the question whether anyone knows of “any expert, in the entire constellation of political experts in America, regardless of party affiliation, who did or could have foretold, when the primaries began, that Donald Trump would vanquish all those Republican candidates who had “better” political resumes than he did?

As Ronald Reagan famously sighed: “Here we go again!”

Well, after the primaries, it seems that the Democrats haven’t learnt anything from the Republican primaries, and they are engaging themselves in trying to do what the Republicans tried but failed to do: vanquish Trump from being the choice of Americans THIS PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION by attacking his personality, his speech, his bluntness, in a word, his style.

The first thing that leaders, movers, and shakers of the Republican and, now of the Democratic parties failed to factor in their gray matter about Donald Trump is this: unless one has lived (not visited or stayed) in New York City, one would not understand Donald Trump’s bluntness, tit for tat, telling it like it is, and what many are calling “insults”… (For instance, Hilary Clinton hasn’t lived in New York City, so she wouldn’t understand, but, I am sure and though he might not say it, our beloved Senator Chuck Schumer understands):

Those who have lived in New York City understand Donald Trump’s personality.  In New York City, no one is above being responded to when you start an argument or a fight, regardless of whether you are the governor, the Cardinal, the mayor, or a soldier, or a parent of a soldier (once, in the A train, I actually saw a youth African-American girl actually punch several times a Black man who had taken maybe a few more beers because he dared tell her and her male friend to get out of the train because they were making “noise” by reciting their poems to seek some donations.  To all of us riders’ amazement, it was only after the young couple had left the train that the man, wiping the little blood that was coming out of his lip would say: “how do you like that; I have been to Afghanistan to fight and kill over there, and to come back here and a girl is going to bust my lip.”  To the veteran’s credit and magnificent character, though he was a little, you know, drunk, he never punched back and only tried to protect his face using his hands… See, in New York City’s unstated but understood behavioral law, he understood that he had no business criticizing her and her partner or getting into their “business”…)

This is the thing with Mr. Khan whose son gave his life in war for America…  All Americans honor our veterans… But, when the father goes to the enemy’s camp and uses his son’s sacrifice to score political points in trying to portray an American who has just won the primaries of his party as an ignoramus who has not read the US Constitution, which is nothing but an insult, well, why, Mr. Khan has just turned his son’s sacrifice into a football on the field of political campaign.  And, in New York City, when you do not respond to attacks, you are called a “punk”, and Donald Trump is not a punk!  New Yorkers are not punks! Our constitution or our respect for our veterans does not give their parents an inalienable right to attack or insult anyone without a response. So, there!

By the way, this is why the majority of Republican voters loved him and voted for him in the primaries… And, if his critics refuse to learn the lesson of the Republican primaries, they will find out this coming November that Americans, in the majority, appreciate, for once, a man who want to lead this country and who isn’t scared or a hypocrite or a compromiser or a liar or a manipulator…

Thus, in Mr. Khan’s case, when one listens to all the critics of Mr. Trump, one would think he insulted the memory of Mr. Khan’s son’s sacrifice.  Indeed, he did no such a thing…  This is why it is well and good for leaders and heroes of the Republican Party like the icon Senator McCain, a hero and one admired by many of us, Republicans or Democrats, not to fall into the Democrats’ and partisan’s media trap of trying to get them to respond to everything that Mr. Trump says…  This strategy is called “divide and conquer”…  The Democrats and some of the partisan media want to divide the Republicans so they can conquer them this coming November.  So, Republicans, stop playing into the hands and the mind games of the Democrats!

Donald Trump is a true New Yorker and he isn’t shy or afraid to respond to attacks…  Well, is that a disqualifying trait for one to become President of the United States?  Come on!  Though a Democrat, I, like everyone else, we saw that Donald Trump’s personality and “temperament” pleased the majority of the Republican voters in the primaries.  In fact, it is insulting the intelligence of the Republicans who voted for Trump to suggest that he doesn’t have the “temperament” to be president.  As one Democrat who voted for Trump in the primaries said to a TV reporter, “for a change, Americans like a man who isn’t shy or afraid to tell it to you in your face”.  And, I will add that in these troubled times, considering all that is going on in America and in the world, America, as a superpower, for once, needs a person who doesn’t shy away from telling the truth, calling a spade a spade, and desiring to make the laws of the United States to be enforced and to be respected while, at the same time, warning those who would attempt to harm Americans to keep away from challenging or starting a fight with us, Americans.

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From George Washington in 1789 to Barack Obama in 2016, NO president was a saint, an angel, or perfect (photo cr.: Washington,; Obama,


And, by the way, American people are not fools for them to be persuaded with fuzzy words like “temperament”, as if our Constitution has defined its meaning and the “temperament” required for one to become president of the United States.  Why, from Washington in 1789 to Obama, today, we have had NOT one president who was a saint or perfect or else an angel.  We had humans who took this heavy responsibility and an office that renders anyone sober even with their failures in one area or another… And, believe me, President Obama, for whom I volunteered and voted for (read under “An International Impact”), twice, and whom I have defended in my many writings, his own failures, he knows them; and, if he does not, once out of the White House bubble this coming January 2017 and away from the “advisers” who have actually in some instances misled him and lied to him, he would “see” and count his own failures.

Name one person who became president of the United States who, then, made himself into a despot dictator so that what he said went without any laws or systems that limited his powers or his will like, say, North Korea’s Kim Jong Il or the other despot and mass killer from Rwanda who’s been called the African Hitler, Paul Kagame, or his associate, Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni?

These presidential elections are unlike any before, and the American people KNOW what they’ve been going through and what this country has been going through lately in the hands of the politicians.  Thus, maybe, the American people have decided that it is time to let a non-politician come in and fix or clean the mess that politicians have made in our great and beautiful and dynamic United States of America…


Mama Bush or Barbara Bush, the matriarch (photo cr.:


Maybe Mama Bush, the matriarch, was prophetic and altogether right when she bluntly said: “The American people are tired of the Bushes and the Clintons!”