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Donald Trump, a candidate who did the unexpected in the primaries and who might do it again in the general election in November (photo cr.:


In my Huffington Post blog, “Brexit/Trump: when the Unexpected and the Unthinkable Happens”, I asked the question whether anyone knows of “any expert, in the entire constellation of political experts in America, regardless of party affiliation, who did or could have foretold, when the primaries began, that Donald Trump would vanquish all those Republican candidates who had “better” political resumes than he did?

As Ronald Reagan famously sighed: “Here we go again!”

Well, after the primaries, it seems that the Democrats haven’t learnt anything from the Republican primaries, and they are engaging themselves in trying to do what the Republicans tried but failed to do: vanquish Trump from being the choice of Americans THIS PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION by attacking his personality, his speech, his bluntness, in a word, his style.

The first thing that leaders, movers, and shakers of the Republican and, now of the Democratic parties failed to factor in their gray matter about Donald Trump is this: unless one has lived (not visited or stayed) in New York City, one would not understand Donald Trump’s bluntness, tit for tat, telling it like it is, and what many are calling “insults”… (For instance, Hilary Clinton hasn’t lived in New York City, so she wouldn’t understand, but, I am sure and though he might not say it, our beloved Senator Chuck Schumer understands):

Those who have lived in New York City understand Donald Trump’s personality.  In New York City, no one is above being responded to when you start an argument or a fight, regardless of whether you are the governor, the Cardinal, the mayor, or a soldier, or a parent of a soldier (once, in the A train, I actually saw a youth African-American girl actually punch several times a Black man who had taken maybe a few more beers because he dared tell her and her male friend to get out of the train because they were making “noise” by reciting their poems to seek some donations.  To all of us riders’ amazement, it was only after the young couple had left the train that the man, wiping the little blood that was coming out of his lip would say: “how do you like that; I have been to Afghanistan to fight and kill over there, and to come back here and a girl is going to bust my lip.”  To the veteran’s credit and magnificent character, though he was a little, you know, drunk, he never punched back and only tried to protect his face using his hands… See, in New York City’s unstated but understood behavioral law, he understood that he had no business criticizing her and her partner or getting into their “business”…)

This is the thing with Mr. Khan whose son gave his life in war for America…  All Americans honor our veterans… But, when the father goes to the enemy’s camp and uses his son’s sacrifice to score political points in trying to portray an American who has just won the primaries of his party as an ignoramus who has not read the US Constitution, which is nothing but an insult, well, why, Mr. Khan has just turned his son’s sacrifice into a football on the field of political campaign.  And, in New York City, when you do not respond to attacks, you are called a “punk”, and Donald Trump is not a punk!  New Yorkers are not punks! Our constitution or our respect for our veterans does not give their parents an inalienable right to attack or insult anyone without a response. So, there!

By the way, this is why the majority of Republican voters loved him and voted for him in the primaries… And, if his critics refuse to learn the lesson of the Republican primaries, they will find out this coming November that Americans, in the majority, appreciate, for once, a man who want to lead this country and who isn’t scared or a hypocrite or a compromiser or a liar or a manipulator…

Thus, in Mr. Khan’s case, when one listens to all the critics of Mr. Trump, one would think he insulted the memory of Mr. Khan’s son’s sacrifice.  Indeed, he did no such a thing…  This is why it is well and good for leaders and heroes of the Republican Party like the icon Senator McCain, a hero and one admired by many of us, Republicans or Democrats, not to fall into the Democrats’ and partisan’s media trap of trying to get them to respond to everything that Mr. Trump says…  This strategy is called “divide and conquer”…  The Democrats and some of the partisan media want to divide the Republicans so they can conquer them this coming November.  So, Republicans, stop playing into the hands and the mind games of the Democrats!

Donald Trump is a true New Yorker and he isn’t shy or afraid to respond to attacks…  Well, is that a disqualifying trait for one to become President of the United States?  Come on!  Though a Democrat, I, like everyone else, we saw that Donald Trump’s personality and “temperament” pleased the majority of the Republican voters in the primaries.  In fact, it is insulting the intelligence of the Republicans who voted for Trump to suggest that he doesn’t have the “temperament” to be president.  As one Democrat who voted for Trump in the primaries said to a TV reporter, “for a change, Americans like a man who isn’t shy or afraid to tell it to you in your face”.  And, I will add that in these troubled times, considering all that is going on in America and in the world, America, as a superpower, for once, needs a person who doesn’t shy away from telling the truth, calling a spade a spade, and desiring to make the laws of the United States to be enforced and to be respected while, at the same time, warning those who would attempt to harm Americans to keep away from challenging or starting a fight with us, Americans.

george-washington-landofthebrave-info OBAMA - biography-com

From George Washington in 1789 to Barack Obama in 2016, NO president was a saint, an angel, or perfect (photo cr.: Washington,; Obama,


And, by the way, American people are not fools for them to be persuaded with fuzzy words like “temperament”, as if our Constitution has defined its meaning and the “temperament” required for one to become president of the United States.  Why, from Washington in 1789 to Obama, today, we have had NOT one president who was a saint or perfect or else an angel.  We had humans who took this heavy responsibility and an office that renders anyone sober even with their failures in one area or another… And, believe me, President Obama, for whom I volunteered and voted for (read under “An International Impact”), twice, and whom I have defended in my many writings, his own failures, he knows them; and, if he does not, once out of the White House bubble this coming January 2017 and away from the “advisers” who have actually in some instances misled him and lied to him, he would “see” and count his own failures.

Name one person who became president of the United States who, then, made himself into a despot dictator so that what he said went without any laws or systems that limited his powers or his will like, say, North Korea’s Kim Jong Il or the other despot and mass killer from Rwanda who’s been called the African Hitler, Paul Kagame, or his associate, Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni?

These presidential elections are unlike any before, and the American people KNOW what they’ve been going through and what this country has been going through lately in the hands of the politicians.  Thus, maybe, the American people have decided that it is time to let a non-politician come in and fix or clean the mess that politicians have made in our great and beautiful and dynamic United States of America…


Mama Bush or Barbara Bush, the matriarch (photo cr.:


Maybe Mama Bush, the matriarch, was prophetic and altogether right when she bluntly said: “The American people are tired of the Bushes and the Clintons!”




If only the Atlantic Councils could stand up to save Congolese lives instead of ONLY looking at how many millions of dollars they can make from Congo while the people are being wiped out by Kagame, Museveni, and their Trojan Horse in DRC, “Kabila” and their agent in Katanga, “Katumbi”…


Are there NO ethics, NO morals, NO mere abhorrence of getting BLOOD money (or blood minerals) as long as it is the blood of Black Africans in the DRC, and do American (or Western) businesses, centers, councils, or groups care?


Inviting “Moise Katumbi” to speak at the Atlantic Center wouldn’t mean much for the Congolese intelligentsia in the Diaspora if it were not being done on the back of the ongoing Congolese holocaust that, according to the world renown and respected New York Times Nicholas D. Kristof, has lasted longer and claimed more victims than the Jewish Holocaust of World War II that led to the creation of the UN and the well-known pledge of “Never Again!”…

(Isn’t it amazing that, on April 28th, 2010, the Atlantic Council awarded Bill Clinton the prestigious Distinguished International Leadership Award for his commendable intervention in the Balkans in the 1990’s to stop mass slaughter in Europe; and yet, it is the same Bill Clinton who, in 1994, not only backed two mass killers, Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni in their invasion of Rwanda that resulted in the Rwandan Genocide of 1994 that Paul Kagame triggered by assassinating two heads of state – probably, in Western thought, because these heads of state  were Black or African, it’s not such a big deal, it’s not like Kagame killed a European or an American head of state – and Bill Clinton ordered the UN to remove peace keeping forces that were in Rwanda and that could have stopped the genocide so that Kagame and Museveni had free killing sprees – the Rwandan genocide – without international witnesses.  And, when the UN investigators and prosecutors such as the Swiss Carla del Ponte wanted to bring charges against Kagame, why, his friend Bill Clinton simply fired Carla del Ponte from her US government, sorry, I mean her UN position so Kagame got a US-backed TOTAL IMMUNITY and TOTAL IMPUNITY, which Kagame and his machine he’s set up to run the Congo enjoy to this day, as so masterfully investigated and presented by good old BBC .  Just imagine if Adolf Hitler had such a friend in the White House, he sure would have expanded and increased the number of his European holocaust harvest.  And, that’s exactly what Paul Kagame and his associate Yoweri Museveni have done, expand on their holocaust harvest of millions of Black African lives, from Rwanda to the DRC; because, their powerful friend, Bill Clinton, backed them up, after they conquered Rwanda, to together conquer the biggest prize they were after, the Western-Europe-size Zaire – now the Democratic Republic of Congo – in 1996, which has been turned, by Kagame’s out-of-Satan’s own training workshop’s killers and gang rapists of even little girls as young as TWO YEAR OLDS, as per Panzi Hospital records.  “Coincidentally”, a few months after April 28th, 2010 mentioned above, specifically on October 1st, 2010, UN investigators who had done their assigned work, published – after the French Le Monde had leaked a copy of the report because Hitler and Little Satan Kagame was pressuring his American and European servants or valets or tools or partners to quash the report – what came to be known as “The October 1st, 2010 Mapping Report” or, The DRC Mapping Exercise Report or The Democratic Republic of the Congo 1993-2003 UN Mapping Report.  Though Bill Clinton did not pick up a machete or an old hoe, like Kagame and his people had done in Rwanda and in DRC to hack to death children, men and women or didn’t participate, like Kagame and his people in gang raping little girls and mutilating the women’s genitals, he, America, and Western Europe, who are still insuring Kagame’s Total Immunity and total impunity, have made sure that the Mapping Report of 2010 languishes in UN drawers until today as Kagame’s killing and gang-raping machine continues to function 24/7, non-stop in DRC where Kagame’s Trojan Horse operating under the cover name of “Joseph Kabila” – only idiots and paid propagandists still say that “Joseph Kabila” is Congolese or a son of Laurent Kabila, even after the French politician, Francois Gonnot, revealed that all diplomats in Kinshasa refer to this illiterate as “Le Petit Rwandais” or “the Little Rwandan” – has inserted and put under the Congolese army uniforms hundreds of thousands of Rwandan soldiers who now operate as FARDC while, at the same time, he has been systematically slaughtering by poison, by bullets, and by machetes hundreds of thousands of Congolese soldiers…  And, the West play along with Kagame that there are still “militias” in Eastern Congo that threaten Rwanda even after Colonel Patrick Karegeya, Kagame’s friend and companion who was in charge of Rwanda’s military Intelligence and was assassinated by Kagame in South Africa, revealed to French RFI that all eastern Congo militias are created, controlled, and run by Rwanda or even after former Assistant Secretary of State for Africa, Herman Cohen, candidly revealed that the Congolese Kivus “have been 100% integrated in Rwanda”…)

The long parentheses above was necessary to point out what The Atlantic Council does not address in the context of the DRC ongoing holocaust under the light of the Council’s stated aims.  For whether its aim is to “secure the 21st Century for NATO members”, or “to promote constructive leadership and engagement in international affairs”, or to “face global challenges”, or to “promote international cooperation, particularly between the U.S. and Europe”, or else “to promote business interests of the NATO member states”, these aims are not exclusive of the DR Congo surviving as a nation, a free nation, and as a people or that in order for these aims to be achieved, Congolese people must be slaughtered, or that little girls must be gang raped by grown Rwandan soldiers who then shoot bullets through their little genitals, or that, in a word, the Congolese people must disappear through an unspeakable holocaust being funded by the West in its support of Rwanda and Uganda…

Millions have been killed already, millions of women and little girls have been gang raped, mutilated, killed, or their genitals destroyed by Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni, and by Hyppolite Kanambe a.k..a. Joseph Kabila (the many awards the West has given to Dr. Denis Mukwege and Panzi Hospital bear this out even though, surprisingly, the West does NOTHING to denounce or to arrest the culprits named above).

The Mapping Report of October 1, 2010, the Atlantic Council has the influence and should demand that it be investigated.

In this context, as the Obama administration is determined to get rid of “Joseph Kabila”, the Atlantic Council, wants to push that he be replaced by alias “Moise Katumbi”, his twin partner-in-crime, whether it is in selling DRC Uranium to North Korea or to Iran, whether it is in opening Congolese mines to Chinese companies that are destroying the people and the environment, whether it is in assassinating Congolese civilians, soldiers, politicians, or anyone who demands justice, whether it is in hiding billions they’ve made in overseas fiscal paradises,  whether it is in allowing Islamic terrorists to, now, opening and financing mosques and madrassa schools in almost every village in DRC where they provide $10 to each Congolese parent to let their children attend these Islamic “schools” since the occupying Rwandans have completely destroyed the former Congo educational system built by American missionaries and others and there are no jobs for the parents to pay for their children’s education, then the teenagers are taken away to “higher academies” in Somalia and elsewhere.  The DRC that was a 99 % Christian nation has now more mosques than Christian churches.  If the AC has thinkers, let them meditate on what will happen in 10 or 15 years…


These are the leaders who are responsible for the Congo holocaust, the gang raping of millions of Congo’s women and little girls, and all 4 are now multi-millionaires even billionaires on the blood of the Congolese… All are foreigners by fathers and mothers…

Straight to the point: Moise Katumbi, whose real name is Moshe Raphael Soriano, is a foreigner who is prohibited by the Congolese Constitution from seeking the presidency of the DRC since the constitution  requires that both parents be Congolese born.  Moshe Soriano a.k.a. Moise Katumbi is of a Greek-Jewish father and of a Zambian mother (his Brother Katoto Soriano from the same father, has a Congolese mother).  Here is what his fellow Zambians say about “Moise Katumbi”:

“Moses Katumbi is ZAMBIAN.  His father is an Isrilite (sic) that settled in the Congo Katanga province, his mother who was the second wife of his father is of the Yeke/Bemba tribe from Mwansabombwe  in Kawambwa District (in Zambia).  If you want to know more go to the Kitwe Council (in Zambia).”

But, then again, it is not like the AC doesn’t have ways to find out the Zambian origin of “Katumbi”.  Maybe the question is, why would the AC want to replace a foreigner running the DRC who has been slaughtering Congolese and trading with NATO’s political and economic opponents with another foreigner who’s been his partner-in-crime and who, though he be imposed on the Congolese by Satan himself or as the first one was, would never be accepted by the Congolese people and leadership (not the Congolese traitors working with/for Rwandan occupiers) who are struggling to bring peace, justice, democracy, and restore their country’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity, which, we suppose, are also the wishes of Barack Obama, as per Law 109-456?

Why does the UN keep bending under Kagame’s blackmail threat of pulling his murderous soldiers from UN peacekeeping missions? Wouldn’t the Congo or the many other African countries participate in such missions if Kagame and Museveni are arrested? By the way, there are Rwandans who would like to stop mad-killer Kagame and bring democracy and freedom back to Rwanda.  Kagame is no Jesus or Moses for the Rwandans.  The economic or women projects in Rwanda are but “Ubwenge” for the West NOT to look at the Congo and at his crimes going back to 1990.

Would the AC had left Adolf Hitler to continue to kill Jews and other Europeans if he had sent his soldiers into UN peacekeeping missions and had great programs for women in Germany and nice economic projects? Why, then, allow Kagame who’s worse than Hitler, continue to kill and rape?

We, the members of the Congolese Common Front, the Congolese resistance movement of the Diaspora, and I, an American citizen of Congolese origin and an educated and thinking member of the human race, we are flabbergasted, we are insulted, we are just plainly upset at the cold-heartedness and the total disregard for Congolese lives that have been slaughtered since 1996, and the attempt, today, by world powers, institutions, mining companies’ representatives, and Kagame and Museveni’s lobbies, to try to replace a foreigner, “Joseph Kabila” who actually works for Paul Kagame, as the Tanzanians also revealed, with another foreigner, Moshe Soriano, a.k.a. Moise Katumbi…  If governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California could not run for the presidency of the US, why does the world community think that Congolese people are going to continue to let it impose another foreigner as president of the Congo?

Moreover, “Moise Katumbi” and “Joseph Kabila”, according to some intelligence reports, are doing the Putin-Medvedev dance in order to contravene Obama’s insistence that Kabila leaves in December, with the understanding that after he is “elected” president, “Katumbi” will appoint “Kabila” president of the Senate and, later, give back the presidency to “Kabila”.  “Kabila” has so many proofs of Katumbi’s crimes co-crimes with himself in Katanga that if he wanted to sink him, he can do it in 3 minutes. The millions of dollars being spent on international lobby firms are intended to achieve this result.

Anyone ever heard “Moise Katumbi” denounce Kagame and Kabila’s slaughter of Congolese or Rwanda’s occupation of the DRC, or else Kabila’s slaughtering Congolese politicians, journalists, military officers or soldiers, or even the youth and peaceful marchers?  Congolese people have been reduced to be beggars, so, anyone who gives them a few dollars, they will march and chant for you, it does not make you “Popular”…

On the other hand, it is not like the Congolese people hate America or that they have a tradition of being communists or socialists or anti-Western or anti-NATO, or that they refuse to trade or to deal with the West, or else to be part of the 21st Century global village!

In America, many foreigners fool our government because  world history is not a required course in our schools so our “experts” do not know the real history of other countries (witness the US State Department’s total ignorance in acceptance and use, for its African Great Lakes policy, of a false document introduced there, during the Bill Clinton presidency, by Kagame’s Ubwenge or manipulative lying machine in which it is asserted that “Tutsis, Hutus, Banyamulenge, and Banyarwanda are Congolese minorities who have been denied citizenship by the majority since the late 1800’s”.  Based on these lies, Paul Kagame and his Trojan Horse in Kinshasa, the Rwandan Tutsi and former Kagame’s army soldier “Joseph Kabila” who runs the Congo for Kagame, have given Congolese identities to tens of thousands of Rwandan Tutsis and a few Hutus for them to receive asylum in the US, where they have lied, as they were told to, that they are “Congolese”…  The truth, if American State Department officials had studied African Colonial History or if they wanted to find out, is that Belgium, the former colonial master of the DRC, has records of all the tribes, languages, or ethnic groups that made up Belgium Congo from 1885 to 1960 and, “Tutsis and Hutus”, who were exclusively found in only a tiny kingdom called, at the time, Rwanda-Urundi which, by the way, was, with today’s Tanzania, part of Germany’s East African colony (Deutsch-Ostafrika) from 1885 to 1919 (in spite of Kagame’s Rwandan Tutsi’s attempt, since 1996, of trying to insert or publish false studies that show that Tutsis and Hutus – which do not fit the definition of “tribe” in the colonial sense – have been part of Congo’s autochthonous populations).  What is so sad about our US State Department African “experts” remaining so blissful in their ignorance, and, therefore, not wanting to KNOW the true facts is that the two terms, “Banyamulenge” and “Banyarwanda” do not identify a tribe or a  language, or even an ethnic group in any country in the entire planet earth.  “Mulenge” is a small hill in eastern DRC and “Banya” or “the people of” Mulenge or of the hill of Mulenge, which has nothing to do with even the Tutsis who were brought to the Congo by Belgium after World War I as migrant workers.  As to “Banyarwanda”, the term simply means “the people of Rwanda”, as one would say “Banya-America” means the people of America or “Banya-England” or the people of England.  Thus, because of lack of knowledge, a massive state-sponsored immigration fraud has been perpetrated in America being sponsored and directed by Kagame’s Rwanda and the Kagame’s occupying government in DRC headed by the Rwandan Tutsi Hyppolite Kanambe a.k.a. Joseph Kabila.  These Rwandan frauds (men, women, and children) have infiltrated even the US government agencies reaching even the tops of these agencies passing for “Congolese”…

Finally, again keeping in mind America’s general deficit in the knowledge of history, let’s remind the great leaders and experts of the AC, and through it the entire America that Congolese people not only love and have had, throughout their history, a high affinity with America, but that this love and affinity actually is based on America’s role in the very birth and defense of the Congo in its earliest history.

730602mamaneventree-1 massacreMwanaBeni[1]

The Powerful leaders of Atlantic Councils wouldn’t be indifferent if theses were whites! These are Congolese victims of Kagame/Museveni/Kabila and Katumbi who’s enriched himself along with them and has NEVER denounced or opposed or even condemned this holocaust!

As Mark Twain reminded his fellow Americans in 1905 in his illustrated book titled King Leopold’s Soliloquy, in which he exposed King Leopold II’s crimes in the Congo, when England and America were trying to stop a holocaust that was being perpetrated on the Congolese by King Leopold’s killing and exploitation machine, Mark Twain reminded his fellow Americans of America’s special responsibility to protect and defend the Congo and its people:

“On April 22, 1884, the US was the first power to recognize and to pledge to protect the flag of the International Association of the Congo as that of a friendly government” months before the Berlin Conference of December 1884.  US President Grover Cleveland’s letter recognizing the flag of this Congo Association which became Congo Independent State, then Belgium Congo in 1908, which is today’s DRC, was the power that actually insured not only the birth of the Congo but also it guaranteed that the Congo would remain the huge size it is today, keeping England, France, Portugal, and even Germany from grabbing a piece of it.  This is why, today, America must intervene to end Rwanda’s occupation and destruction of the Congo and America must, now, stop the ongoing Congo holocaust being perpetrated by Rwanda and Uganda.

On December 4, 1884, in his annual address to the US Congress, President Grover Cleveland reminded his fellow Americans of the friendly “government” that the flag of the Congo Association represented and that America was ready to “promote commercial rights and residence in the valley of Congo, free of intervention and political control by any of the nations.”

Thus, Atlantic Council, the Congolese millions being spent by “Moise Katumbi” or Paul Kagame or “Joseph Kabila” on international lobbyists would not deter the Congolese people from fighting to recreate the open and welcoming society that the Congo has always been; and, if you are looking for a true and worthy Congolese to speak to, we, Congolese of the Resistance Movement under the Congolese Common Front or the US government or its intelligence services can put you in touch with our spokesperson and leader of The Congolese Common Front, Honore Ngbanda, a US, Israel, and Germany trained expert in intelligence services who has been fighting to end Rwanda’s occupation of the DRC and Rwanda and Uganda’s holocaust and mass rape and balkanization of the DRC.

Because Congolese Lives Matter, we pledge and declare that the Congo holocaust must be brought to an end already, it has lasted too long (20 years) to this generation’s shame.  Again, investigate The UN Mapping Report of Oct. 1st, 2010 and arrest and prosecute Kagame, Museveni, and Kanambe/Kabila. Once the occupation of the Congo by Rwanda is brought to an end, with Congolese people leading their country would the Congo, having recovered her independence, national sovereignty, and territorial integrity truly become, as President Cleveland said in 1884, “FREE OF INTERVENTION AND POLITICAL CONTROL BY ANY OF THE NATIONS”.



orlando-abc-act of terrorism

No Comment… The news speak for themselves… (photo cr.:


Something is wrong with OUR world today. Very, very, very wrong!

(Please, take the time to click on all the links, read every document and watch every video so you KNOW and understand)

As Americans, we are all upset and outraged about the 49 humans killed in Orlando, Florida.  Who wouldn’t be when innocent lives are snuffed up in cold blood? But, what about the millions of innocents being slaughtered and gang raped in the Congo?

Question: Does the world react with revulsion and anger and act decisively to punish the perpetrators ONLY when innocent lives are killed in America, in Europe, or in the Middle East?


Over 8 million Congolese men, women, and children have been slaughtered… and, AMERICA and the world is…SILENT !!!!! Why?



Why the question? Because as a Black man of Congo-Zaire origin, I am frustrated by the silence (or is it a cover up) maintained by America, the UN, the world governments, the leaders of the world, the media, as well as the influential and non-influential citizens of the world over the ongoing holocaust that started in 1996 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo which, according to a 2010 –  that’s TWO-THOUSAND-AND-TEN, meaning 6 (SIX) YEARS AGO – a 2010 Op-Ed in the New York Times by world-renown Nicholas D. Kristof, is “worse than the holocaust”.  Why? Why? WHY this incredible, this unbelievable silence, and this… cold, diabolic double standard?  Why?

massacreMwanaBeni[1] FATHER V MACHOZI

A innocent Congolese child hacked to death just for being Congolese and a Congolese priest, Reverend Vincent Machozi shot to death for denouncing Kagame and Kabila, both Rwandan Tutsis responsible for Congo holocaust…


The murderer in Orlando is rightly branded a “mass killer”, and the swat team went in and shot him dead in order to end the mass slaughter, which was the right thing to do so that no more lives are lost.  Bravo! Yet, in the DRC, OVER EIGHT MILLION lives have been deliberately and systematically killed already, and the nut, the mad man, the blood-thirsty, the mass murderer who is responsible for the ongoing mass slaughter of these millions of innocent lives in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is welcomed at the White House in the U.S., at the Élysée Palace in Paris, at 10 Downing Street in London, at Bundeskanzleramt in Berlin, and at the UN headquarters in New York.  And, because he also uses the billions he has been making robbing and selling DRC’ minerals as well as the billions his agents and his Trojan Horse in DRC have been making for him, he’s been using these billions to dole out millions and hundreds of thousands of “gifts” to institutions in America and around the world, which institutions then have kept SILENCE over the slaughter and the shameful gang-raping of millions of women and little girls as young as 2 years old in DRC…

This nut, this mad man, this blood-thirsty and mass murderer of Congolese is none other than the despot of Rwanda, Paul Kagame.

orlando-omar-cell paul-kagame4

Omar Mateen (left, photo cr.: the killer of 49 people in Orlando was shot dead… Yet, Paul Kagame, who slaughtered Rwandans and has been killing Congolese (over 9 millions altogether) is welcomed by world leaders and institutions…

In 1994, with the full backing and help of Bill Clinton, Paul Kagame who was then an officer in the Ugandan army but who wanted power of his own, invaded his country of origin, Rwanda, with the Ugandan army behind him, he triggered his invasion of Rwanda that turned into the “Rwandan genocide” by shooting down and killing the legitimate head of state of Rwanda and another head of state…  Yet, being a friend of Bill Clinton, he’s been getting away with these assassinations. It’s like welcoming Osama bel Laden or Adolf Hitler to the White House after they’ve killed innocent people.  Why???

During his attack and invasion of Rwanda in 1994, Paul Kagame slaughtered both Tutsis (his people) and Hutus (his fellow Rwandans) in order for him to take over power.  As his fellow Tutsis (such as his personal body guard of 10 years) testified and published testimonies, Kagame did not care which Rwandans were slaughtered and, when UN prosecutors such as the Swiss Carla Del Ponte had evidence and wanted to bring charges against him, superpower America of Bill Clinton behind Kagame’s former private lobbyist and friend, and Bill Clinton’s high official, Suzan Rice,  fired Carla del Ponte and protected Kagame, even until today… Why?

Then, in 1996, again with Bill Clinton’s full backing, together with the Ugandan and the Burundian armies, Kagame invaded the DRC, then called Zaire, where he committed another genocide over his own Rwandan people, both Tutsis and  Hutus, women, children, the elderly, and the sick, who were pursued all over the DRC and decimated en masse (a UN investigative Mapping Report released on 10/1/2010 is collecting dust in UN drawers in order to protect this mass killer, Kagame, who keeps killing because the world keeps protecting him, so he keeps killing… Why?)  Knowing that he has friends in superpower places (in Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, and Suzan Rice, and others…), Kagame has kept slaughtering in Rwanda, especially the majority Hutus, who have been reduced, now, to sub-servient and silent majority (it’s against Kagame’s law for anyone to speak up) in their own country…

In 2001, Paul Kagame and his backers gave the order for their plant in DRC to assassinate Laurent Kabila, the Congolese puppet who was used as a front for the invasion of the DRC, as revealed by Kagame’s former colleagues, General Kayumba Nyamwasa and Major Theogene Rudasingwa.  The cold-blood killer of Laurent Kabila was a young intelligence officer of Kagame’s mono-ethnic army, Hyppolite Kanambe whose troops called “Commandant Hyppo”, who had been given a cover name, “Joseph Kabila”, earlier during the invasion. (Laurent Kabila, a friend of Christopher Kanambe, his biological father, had taken his biological mother, Marceline Mukambuguje, to become his 13th wife after the death of his biological father.  Laurent Kabila, who was involved in trafficking Congo’s minerals to survive in Tanzania, never adopted anybody else’s children since he had many of his own, and, Hyppolite Kanambe had to go to Rwanda and become his uncle, James Kabarebe’s chauffeur before enrolling in Kagame’s Tutsis’ RPF and RPA)….

Thus, after killing Laurent Kabila, Paul Kagame and his backers imposed the 29 year old uneducated Rwandan Tutsi Hyppolite Kanambe, now called “Joseph Kabila” for cover, as “president” of DRC…. All this is known by the UN, the world powers…  Yet, while all diplomats in Kinshasa RIGHTLY call this “Joseph Kabila” by a French moniker, “Le Petit Rwandais”, meaning “The Little Rwandan” as revealed by a French member of Parliament on his blog, none of these world leaders have  denounced this imposture in DRC, exposed it, or spoken the TRUTH, thereby both Kagame and his agent in DRC, Kanambe a.k.a. Joseph Kabila, with TOTAL IMPUNITY, have continued the slaughter of millions of innocent Congolese and the gang rape of millions of women and little girls.

orlando-steven colbert Obama_on_Orlando

Steven Colbert (photo cr.: and President Obama both speak on the Orlando mass shootings of 49 people.  What about the over 8 millions Congolese?


Thus, as we, Americans, rightly denounce and condemn the slaughter in Orlando, Kagame, Museveni, and the Rwandan agents of Kagame running the DRC have found boldness to kill and to gang rape in DRC with impunity.  These killers laugh at the world HIGHWAY HYPOCRISY in the fact that world institutions have been giving or actually raining prizes upon prizes on the gynecologist, Dr. Denis Mukwege of Panzi Hospital who’s been “repairing” the gang raped and mutilated women and little girls, while none of the world powers and institutions has EVER ASKED THE QUESTION as to who are the rapists of Congo’s women and girls or sought to punish the gang rapists, knowing fully well that they are Rwandan Tutsis (and the UN forces in DRC and the world intelligence services know also that the Rwandan Tutsis headed by “Joseph Kabila” controlling the DRC have been giving Congolese army uniforms to Rwandan Tutsi killers so they can kill and rape while blaming “Congolese soldiers”, as if none of these world backers of Kagame know that this barbarous way of slaughtering innocent people and gang raping and mutilating women and little girls are modi opperandi of Rwandans only, never Congolese…    Why not name, denounce, and punish the gang rapists?  Why?  Why?

Having been emboldened with TOTAL IMPUNITY the world powers have given him, the criminality of Paul Kagame and his Tutsi agents has gone worldwide, since the powers of the world do NOTHING TO STOP this mad man who is worse than Adolf Hitler in ethnic cleansing. (In Congo, now, Kagame’s Rwandan Tutsi forces who are given Congolese army uniforms and Congolese names by the Rwandan Tutsis running the Congo, Joseph Kabila and Ruberwa, these forces are systematically slaughtering Congolese soldiers daily using bullets, machetes, and poison in all Congolese military bases).

Kagame’s agents are sent all over the world to assassinate either by torture and suffocation as in the case of Colonel Patrick Karegeya in South Africa, or by bullets, as they have attempted at least twice to kill General Kayumba Nyamwasa in South Africa, or by trying to lure anyone who disagrees with him then kill them, as they tried to do to Major Theogene Rudasingwa right here in America using American professors and others, or else Kagame’s agents kill with a special poison from Rwanda called, in the Rwandan language of Kinyarwanda, Utuzi twa Munyuza, which has been used in Rwanda, in DRC since 1996 thousands of time on Congolese political elite, officers of army and police, journalists and artists, and on anyone who dares challenge or speak out on Rwandan occupation of the DRC and on the Rwandan origins of “Joseph Kabila”.  Internationally, Kagame’s agents are confident that since their master Kagame is free and benefits TOTAL IMPUNITY from world powers, they can roam the world and kill with impunity (a British intelligence agency warned Rwandan dissidents that Kagame’s agents were after them in England, there have been Kagame’s death squads identified also in Belgiumand it is known that the BBC’s courageous journalist from Ghana, Komla Dumor, was poisoned by Kagame’s agents because he started asking specific questions that were going to expose Kagame’s crimes beginning in Rwanda, in DRC including his occupation  and continued crimes there, and all over the world).

Finally, our Rwandan Tutsi friends (opposing Kagame) have advised us that Kagame’s agents in the United States have been “quietly” trying to find ways to “silence” us. We have passed on the information to US security agencies. (While Kagame’s death squads operate with world’s political impunity, intelligence agencies and other media outlets, have been keeping tabs on Kagame’s assassins the world over).

730602mamaneventree-1 GENOCIDE - CONGO RAPE - CHOPPED ON NECK

Imagine if, after gang raping 2 European women, they were killed like this.  Would America, Europe, and the UN keep quiet?  This is daily done to Congolese women by Kabila and Kagame’s Tutsis soldiers and militias in the Congo… Why do we keep quiet? 


ALL OF US, Americans and citizens of the world, our leaders and our legislators, our media and all other institutions, we MUST get angry, denounce, and arrest and prosecute the mass killers and mass rapists of Congolese who are Paul Kagame, Yoweri Museveni, and “Joseph Kabila”, just like we did for the Colorado mass killer?  Here is a TV Show on these atrocities in the Congo we just did in Manhattan, USA



Bernie Sanders, the only Democrat who can defeat the Republican Donald Trump (photo cr.:



It is imperative that our Democratic Party leaders and Super Delegates put on realistic and worldview glasses in order to see and understand that the 2016 presidential elections are unlike any before…

America and the world are moving forward while most leaders of the Democratic Party are still stuck in the Bill Clinton administration’s era.  The Clinton aura has long past and gone.  And, as the Republican primaries have demonstrated, so has the Bush aura.  Mama Bush prophesied on this when she bluntly stated that America is “tired of the Bushes and the Clintons” and that Americans should choose someone else for president.  Her own son, Jeb, found out the hard way that Mama was right all along.

As anyone who has been watching the primaries can tell, Republican voters have not given a hoot about Donald Trump’s criticism of the two Bush siblings.  What does it say about this year’s electorate? Repeatedly, the pundits and the “experts” have been proven wrong time and time again as the voters have been solid behind Donald Trump.  Wisdom commands that one searches and digs deep to understand why. Especially now when it is coming out that there are many more Trump supporters (Democrats, Republicans, Independents) who do not publicly confess their support.

This is why today, against the wishes of his party leaders, elders, and former party officials, Trump is the presumptive Republican candidate after the remaining two opponents, Cruz and Kasich, dropped out.  Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders just upset Hilary Clinton in Indiana and in West Virginia.


Donald Trump has vanquished all of his Republican rivals, in spite of party opposition (photo cr.:


Explanation:  for the Democratic Party, the 2008 presidential primaries and elections demonstrated the move-forward of the electorate when Democrats chose Barack Obama over Hilary Clinton to represent the party, in spite of Obama being just an unknown first term senator and Bill Clinton’s presence and personally full time campaigning for his wife.  Bill Clinton became so frustrated that he resorted to minimizing Obama’s victories (“Jesse Jackson also won North Carolina…”, meaning Black American Jesse never became the Democratic Presidential candidate in spite of winning North Carolina…), or to just plainly and openly feeling nostalgic about the America of slave plantations with “just a few years back this guy (Obama) would be serving us (whites) coffee…”.  Democrats and American voters had moved forward, regardless; so, Senator Obama was chosen not only as the Democratic candidate for the presidency, but Americans elected him, twice, as president of the USA.

For the sake of full disclosure, I admit that I voted for Bernie Sanders.

What are the signs that tell us, Democrats that Hilary would not win against any Republican candidate?

First, look at the amount of enthusiasm and passion in the Republican primaries.  The only equivalent on the Democratic side is with Bernie Sanders.  Only Bernie Sanders’ voters are passionate way more than Hilary Clinton’s.  And, when Hilary gives these speeches where she indirectly or subtly appeals to women and to minorities, her “insincerity” is not missed by the voters.

Second, the Republicans have more weapons to use against Hilary than against Bernie.  Some of these, everyone knows already, from her e-mails when she was secretary of State to Libya.  But our contacts tell us that the thing about the Clintons being darlings of big money, as Senator Sanders has been saying, will be given another twist by Republicans.  The twist will be, how the Clintons have become multi-millionaires by raising millions of dollars from international and other “suspect” sources for the Clinton Foundation, and how, as the New York Times and others reported, Hilary Clinton, as Secretary of State, did not stop her husband from raising these monies from international donors.

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton waves after being introduced by Bill Clinton during a campaign rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Hilary and Bill Clinton, the powerful couple of the 1990’s:  “Americans are tired of the Bushes and the Clintons”, as Matriarch Bush said? (photo cr.: REUTERS/Adrees Latif)

Third and finally, and, maybe, more significantly, just as Bush was saddled with the Iraq War, there are the two genocides that Bill Clinton is responsible for, which her wife never denounced, even as Secretary of State:  the Rwanda genocide of 1994 and the subsequent and ongoing genocide in the Congo that started in 1996, the Congo that has become the Rape Capital of the World (and Hilary talks about being for women when she never condemned, as Secretary of State, the perpetrators Rwandan extremist Tutsis who run Rwanda under Paul Kagame and occupy and control eastern DRC,  because of her husband’s friendship with mass killer Rwandan Paul Kagame whose soldiers and militias have turned eastern DRC into the worse place in the world for twenty years now to be a woman, a little girl, even an infant female?)Both genocides happened with the backing and because of Bill Clinton who, then, derailed the investigations, as one saw in the BBC documentary, which would have led to the prosecution of the perpetrators of these two genocides and which have cost more lives than Bush’s Iraq War, or than even any war since World War II.  The UN investigative Mapping Report of October 1, 2010, that identified mass graves, war crimes, and crimes against humanity in DRC has been hidden in the UN’s drawers in order to cover up the footprints of those who were directly responsible for these genocides (like the classified “28 pages” of the 9/11 Report that covered up Saudi Arabia’s footprints in support of the 9/11 perpetrators).  The Republicans know this and are ready for Hilary.

Everyone knows that one of the reasons Barack Obama won in 2008 was because he denounced the War in Iraq that was started by President W. Bush.  In the same vein, the Republicans are looking forward to making Hilary wear these two genocides, especially since the Clintons’ friend, Paul Kagame, was both the trigger and driver of these genocides and he was responsible for the assassination of two or three heads of state while being protected by his friend Bill Clinton. And, the Republicans are not going to fall for or go along with Paul Kagame’s lies, manipulations, and blackmailing America and the UN with sending his American trained and armed mass-killing and little girl gang-raping army into “peace keeping” missions.

The Republicans will have an easier task lambasting Hilary than finding ways to defeat Bernie; so, it is up to the Democratic leaders and super delegates to understand the signs of the time, therefore, to look into the future instead of dwelling in the past.  Either they support Bernie, or the Democrats will lose the presidency in November…



PRESIDENT FAUST - HU President-Paul-Kagame-7

Harvard University President Drew G. Faust and Rwanda’s despot and mass killer Paul Kagame


Dear President Faust,

We are warning you and demanding that you protect the life of Harvard University business school student Sacha Yabili, whose life is now in danger from Paul Kagame’s killers because, being in America and believing in the Freedom of Expression, she wrote in the Harvard’s Crimson to expose some of Paul Kagame’s crimes in the Democratic Republic of Congo in her 2/26/2016 piece titled “How Harvard Abdicates its Moral Responsibility. Now she is being threatened by Kagame’s agents.

Before saying more, we want you to know that we are Congolese-Americans  who have been battling, both in US and at home, to free our country, the DRC, from Paul Kagame and his Rwandan extremists’ occupation, as the Tanzanians declared it right before their last elections and the Congolese in the Diaspora have declared it to the world nations in our Solemn Declaration (in French and English).

President Faust:

We are aware of Harvard’s years of “special” relations with Paul Kagame, his gifts, his noose around Harvard’s neck consisting of Rwandan Tutsis’ connection to Harvard’s Medical and Business schools, and all the other “connections” from Paul Kagame not only to Harvard, but also to many other US institutions of high learning and other US governmental and non-governmental bodies. You all might as well be in such sweet “special” relations with Adolf Hilter’s Nazi Germany, because, to paraphrase the Christ, “Kagame here is ‘greater’ than Adolf Hitler!”


Former UN Prosecutor Madam Carla del Ponte (who was fired from her UN gig by Paul kagame’s friend and sponsor Bill Clinton, because she wanted to do the right thing and prosecute Paul Kagame after uncovering evidence linking him to being responsible and trigger of Rwandan 1994 genocide) Photo cr.:


The question is, whether Havard and all these institutions buried their heads in the sand before or after they learnt that Paul Kagame not only was the trigger of the 1994 Rwandan genocide, as succinctly evidenced in BBC’s investigative documentary, “Rwanda, the Untold Story”, but that he also is responsible for the ongoing genocide in the Democratic Republic of the Congo that has claimed, now, over 8 million innocent Congolese lives .

Regardless, President Faust: America, not just its high learning institutions, but many other groups, religious, non-religious, even the US government, have been played for fools by Paul Kagame and his Tutsi extremists, who have used the billions they’ve stolen from Congo’s minerals in order to “donate”, buy  and corrupt everyone. Those individuals and institutions they couldn’t buy, they’ve used Rwanda’s Ubwenge (Ugbenge), to mislead and manipulate them (this is why, per Anthropology, only foolish nations and institutions go and deal with a people without a clear knowledge of their culture).

Here is Tutsis’ or Rwanda’s cultural anchor 101:

Every Rwandan child who begins to learn to speak is always taught the first philosophical, moral, and ethical dictum that will guide his or her life till the end.  It is short and to the point:

Ukuli karazirwa”,

which is Kinyarwanda (a language spoken exclusively by both Rwandan Tutsis and Hutus),

and which means, “The Truth Kills.” (Think, or rather meditate on the deep and all-encompassing ramifications of this cultural foundation in the personality and behavior of a people).

This cultural anchor for Rwandans is what guides their entire lives (save the very few who have been rescued by Christianity’s “Thou shalt not lie!”, such as the dignified late Tutsi Prince of the Banyiginya lineage, Antoine NYETERA, who exposed this “satanic” cultural trait of his people in French in “Education au mensonge et de la calomnie” …).  Speak to a Rwandan, at your university or anywhere, and he or she will lie to you “truthfully”, sincerely, even with tears in his or her eyes, and, you will believe him or her, too.

(In fact, America has been victimized by this Rwandan trait to the point that there have been in the US, since about 1996, literally tens of thousands of Rwandan Tutsi women, men, and children who have acquired asylum passing for Congolese, with Congolese names and identities (talking about identity theft, this is state-sponsored IDENTITY THEFT!), who know nothing about the DRC, its history, its languages, or its culture.  These frauds are all over America and some have even attained some of the highest positions in the US government. Indeed, this flows from Rwanda’s invasion, occupation, and control of the DRC since then, with the Rwandan Tutsi, Paul Kagame’s Trojan Horse in DRC, and former Rwandan intelligence officer Hyppolite Kanambe, now using the Congolese cover name “Joseph Kabila”, running the Congo since 2001).

We, Congolese academics and real Congolese in America, were shocked a few years back when we uncovered Rwanda’s use of Ubwenge in sending Rwandans to the US as “Congolese”, so we researched this Rwandan phenomenon, which was studied by Germans in colonial times. Based on what Germans found out and some Rwandans have revealed about their own culture, America and most of the world are oblivious to what they are dealing with in Kagame’s Rwanda, since Kagame has made Ubwenge the central modus operandi of his government both at home and abroad .

From the above, the inference should be obvious that all these projects and cooperation between the outside world and Paul Kagame’s Rwanda are but part of their applied Ubwenge intended to make the world “look the other way” while Kagame and his agents headed by “Joseph Kabila” continue killing and raping in the DRC while occupying it and raping its resources (in association with Yoweri Museveni’s Uganda) to the tune of billions of dollars.  At the same time, the world keeps its eyes, emotions, and reason on these programs so that no one calls Kagame to account for killing his own people in Rwanda (1990-1995) and his continuing killing and hunting his own fellow Rwandans to assassinate them all over the world, including his fellow friends and colleagues Tutsis who had disagreed with him

This is how the above modus operandi is taught to Rwandans in Ubwenge when it comes to dealing with strangers or foreigners:

“… If he (the stranger, especially the European or white) asks for the mountain,… show him the fields along the sides of it; if he asks for rivers, show him the cows that are drinking the water; if he asks for the huts, show him the banana trees nearby.  Always keep lying, keep lying, keep lying.  This is your strength”. (Richard Kandt, German explorer, colonist, researcher and author, in Caput Nilli, 1921).

Back to protecting the life of Congolese student Sacha Yabili.

Ask the CIA and they will tell you that everyone who criticizes or disagrees with Paul Kagame MUST die.  How many white journalists have challenged Paul Kagame with the evidence?  None! They know better!  A Black BBC journalist who tried, ended up dead, sudden death, which is one of the modus operandi of Kagame’s killers.  These killers can be young women, men, students, diplomats, even those Rwandans who have become residents or citizens in host countries…

These Kagame’s killers carry with them a substance called, in Kinyarwanda, Utuzi Twa Munyuza, which, according to Rwandans themselves and as evidenced by the many victims killed all over the world with this deadly native Rwandan poison, it kills “without any scientific or medical detection of the cause of death” and it “mimics natural causes such as heart attack, cardiac arrest, kidney failure, prostate, hypertension, etc.” (Hundreds of thousands of Rwandans and Congolese have fallen victims to this deadly poison both in the DRC and around the world).

Paul Kagame is so sure about the efficiency of this poison and he is so pompous and inflated with his impunity and success of his use of Ubwenge that his agents used this poison to kill the BBC African reporter Komla Dumor,  because he dared ask Kagame and his supporter Bill Clinton too many questions about Kagame’s crimes in Africa…

Therefore, President Faust, the Congolese-American council and other Congolese groups in the United States are demanding that you and your university insure the protection and the wellbeing of Congolese student Sacha Yabili, that she does not end up partially paralyzed from a heart attack or that she dies from any sudden or prolonged illness caused by Rwandan Utuzi Twa Munyuza. She has the God-given and US-Constitution-guaranteed RIGHT to Freedom of thought and of speech.

You, President Faust and Harvard University are now both informed and warned.


For the Congolese Community in America,

Professor Yaa Lengi.





Dear Mr. President Barack Obama, our Commander-in-Chief:

I volunteered and voted for you.  By the struck of luck, MSNBC interviewed me in 2008 in Harlem, New York, USA.  I have also written to defend the righteousness of your policies, a tiny sample can be read here , here , and here.  Therefore, Mr. President, allow me to feel entitled to declare that I and my Congolese people, the real – not the impostors who are passing themselves as Congolese –, we deserve your addressing us and our concerns, both privately and publicly before the American people and before the world.

Mr. President, I am neither a Syrian-American, nor an Iraqi-American, nor a French-American.  I am a Congolese-American and, publicly, every day’s American foreign policy deals with Syria, Iraq, France’s terrorist attacks, yet, in none of these countries are its citizens being daily slaughtered and little girls being gang raped at the rate it is happening in the Congo, with TOTAL IMPUNITY and TOTAL SILENCE from the international community.


After being gang raped, Congolese women are killed (while Rwandan impostors in the US are receiving asylum passing for “Congolese” and lying that Congolese soldiers raped them) 


Our Commander-in-Chief, your foreign policy toward my Congo so-called “democratic republic”, my country of origin, though better than Bill Clinton’s who triggered this Congo genocide, gang rapes and misery by hiring and helping Rwanda, Uganda, and Burundi invade and occupy the Congo in 1996, has NOT been forceful enough to end the killings, the gang rapes, and the impunity since you became president.


Rwandan and Ugandan militias and soldiers wearing Congolese army’s uniforms kill whole Congolese families if they don’t run away from their villages, which are, then, repopulated with Rwandans and Ugandans who are given Congolese identities.


Why, Mr. President?

Bad advice or mis-information or lack of the decoding of Rwandan use of Ubwenge whereby the wolf – Rwanda – has put on sheep’s clothing – Congolese identity – and now speaks for the sheep both in the Congo and everywhere?

cndp_Rwandan Militia-FARDC uniforms

Rwandan soldiers metamorphosing into “Congolese” soldiers by putting on top of their Rwandan uniforms the Congolese ones given to them by “Joseph Kabila” who is Kagame’s Trojan Horse in DRC


As a teacher of Law and a thinker, realize, Mr. President, that the policy and Law 109-456 for the Congo you designed as a senator was based on false assumptions grounded in Rwanda’s Ubwenge (described above) and in Bill Clinton’s cover up of the invasion (claiming it was a “rebellion”) and occupation of our Congo, a sovereign country.  Thus, while your policy was designed for the relief, security, and democracy in DRC, it should have been designed for ending the invasion, the occupation of the DRC and ending the genocide, and the gang rapes by foreign forces from Rwanda and Uganda.

Why, Mr. President, has the Congo become the sacrificial lamb given to Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni as a reward for their armies’ participation in UN missions and their cooperation with the US Pentagon? Really, Mr. Commander-in-Chief, in this day and age, is it necessary, for our US military’s interests, to sacrifice the lives of over 9 million Congolese (being slaughtered by Rwandan and Ugandan armies and their militias) the gang raping of 2 million Congolese women and tiny little girls of less than 2 years old?


The trio Museveni-Kanambe/Kabila-Kagame who have made sure that the Congolese genocide and gang rapes that started in 1996 never end while they have become billionaires, benefiting TOTAL IMPUNITY from the International Community 


We, Congolese, never claimed that we would not sell our minerals to America for America, under Bill Clinton, to allow Rwanda and Uganda to invade, occupy, and wipe out the Congolese populations in the eastern Congo in order to annex these lands and sell Congo’s minerals to America and to others!  Plus, the Congolese army never refused to cooperate with the US Pentagon in order for the US Pentagon to have military bases in tiny Rwanda while “looking the other way” and keeping quiet over Rwanda’s continued occupation of, slaughter, and gang rapes in the Congo!

Has America become a country that tolerates mass killers and gang rapists, as long as America’s  nebulous mining companies and military are being served by these criminals?

Really, Mr. President, don’t you know that Paul Kagame triggered the Rwanda genocide of 1994 while being protected by Bill Clinton, and that, after taking over Rwanda, Clinton helped, supported, participated in Rwanda and Uganda’s invasion of the Congo, and that, as Tanzania revealed recently, the Congo has become now a colony of Rwanda with Rwandans, using Congolese identities, running the Congo?


Bill Clinton and Paul Kagame (Both are the reason why the 1994 Rwandan genocide took place and the Congolese genocide and gang rapes have been going on since 1996)


Is the above evidence kept from you, Mr. President?

Why, Mr. President, is the 2010 UN Mapping Report on mass killings in the DRC still languishing in the drawers of the UN?  Aren’t you aware that letting this report of Kagame’s crimes in DRC remain dormant in UN drawers is equivalent to you covering up for the criminal Paul Kagame, just like Bill Clinton covered up for him in stopping any investigations that would have charged Paul Kagame with triggering the Rwandan genocide  as you saw in the BBC’s investigative documentary?

Mr. President, why is America pretending like the Congo is a democracy when even small countries’ intelligence agencies know that the Congo is being run by extremist Rwandan Tutsis under the command of Paul Kagame and our CIA knows this?

How and why can America, its CIA, not expose the occupation of the Congo by Rwanda when, not only Tanzania, but also the former Congolese spy chief, Honore Ngbanda, who was trained by the CIA, have given details and named names in Rwandan occupation of the Congo?

Can a genocide be covered up forever?  Can Paul Kagame, while killing and raping in DRC, intimidate the UN, the West, and the international community forever while also buying, using Congolese minerals’ billions, world media and institutions forever? Does this mean that Adolf Hitler would have gotten away with the holocaust if he had been friends with America and England as Paul Kagame was with Bill Clinton and Tony Blair and has been getting away with the Rwandan and Congolese genocides?

Finally, Mr. President, we, Congolese-Americans and Congolese opposed to Rwandan occupation of our country, have filed complaints with the CIA and with the Justice Department about the crimes that Rwanda and Uganda are committing in our Congo and about Rwanda sending its citizens to America with Congolese identities so that tens of thousands of them have been fraudulently given asylum as Congolese in the US; meanwhile, our people back in eastern Congo have become refugees in their own country by being killed and chased out of their own villages by Rwandan militias and Rwandan soldiers in Congolese uniforms (operating as “Congolese” soldiers) while their villages are being given over to Rwandans through a conspiracy by Paul Kagame and his Trojan Horse in DRC, Hyppolite Kanambe a.k.a. Joseph Kabila.


Congolese being chased from their villages by Rwandan and Ugandan armies (wearing Congolese army uniforms) and militias. They settle as refugees in their own country while Rwanda, in a conspiracy with Bill Clinton, has brought to the US for asylum tens of thousands of Rwandans with Congolese identities. (Photos cr.: left,; right,



And, Mr. President, like the French resistance movement under General Charles de Gaulle, we, Congolese who are opposed to Rwanda’s occupation of our country and who cannot fight inside the DRC in order to avoid being killed (by bullets or by poison), and with the leadership of Honore Ngbanda mentioned above, we have published our Solemn Declaration (in French and English) to all the nations that make up the United Nations, hoping that some nations will contact us and help us free our country from Rwanda’s and Uganda’s occupation, and restore our country’s independence, national sovereignty, and territorial integrity, before we can, then, bring about REAL DEMOCRACY.

We appreciate what you’ve done so far for the DRC, Mr. President; but, based on the evidence provided above, please, adjust your policy toward the DRC in order to end, before your last term ends, the ongoing occupation and genocide in the Congo. And, please, talk to us because we are also Americans who care just like Syrian-Americans, Jewish-Americans, Palestinian-Americans…

Thank you, Mr. President.




congo wealth n holocaust

J. Herbst and G. Mills: “There is No Congo” (photo cr.:



Jeffrey Herbst and Greg Mills’ rant: “Why the only way to help Congo is to stop pretending it exists”.

We, Congolese, answer Herbst and Mills: Your racism, ignorance, and contempt toward our Ancestors’ land is as great as your Ph. D’s! The Congo existed before you were born, it will endure after you’re gone!

Who are these two pompous and contemptuous whites who think that their whiteness entitles and empowers them to speak for 70 million Congolese as if we, Congolese, are animals in the forest who do not count because we do not know or speak the language of humans in order for us to speak both for ourselves and for our own country so that these two whites dare decide for our country while ignoring and dismissing us, Congolese? If a Congolese spoke like this about one European country, wouldn’t he or she be called mad or crazy?

Greg Mills is Gregory John Barrington Mills, a white South African born in 1962, bred, and schooled as white in Apartheid South Africa. A central belief of racist white South Africans is that Blacks, especially Black Africans are non-humans.  Greg Mills heads an outfit based in Johannesburg, South Africa, called the Brenthurst Foundation (its moto is “Strengthening Africa’s Economic Performance”, which, if you cannot decipher it, means the same thing as what King Leopold II did in Congo Independent State and what Whites who implemented Apartheid’s policies did in South Africa, by strengthening Africa’s Economic performance” for whites, to hell with the Blacks, the Africans, their aspirations, their liberties, their voice, and their lives – which is the theme of “There is no Congo”).  This outfit was established and is funded by… guess who… the Oppenheimer family.  Yes, that very Oppenheimer family of Anglo American Corporation and of De Beers Consolidated Mines that will, for ever, be associated with Apartheid, dehumanization of millions of Black Africans, human “passes”, the slaughter and the debasing of Blacks, and the abuse and exploitation of Blacks as beasts of labor in South African mines for the enrichment and the enjoyment of whites ONLY…  Tell me who you work for and I’ll tell you…

Jeffrey Herbst is Jeffrey I. Herbst, a white American born in 1961, bred and schooled as a white during the racist Jim Crow laws in America. Tell me who do you associate with and I will tell you…


congo eat some

Mills and Herbst: “Congo… you’ll eat it until you tire away.” (photo cr.:


Let NO ONE write to us about the expertise and the accomplishments of these two PhDs.  We have NO interest in their degrees, their works, or their status.  In their rambling against our country, the Congo, they demonstrate NO knowledge of our people, our culture, or our aspirations.  We, Congolese, do not give a hoot even if these two were Satan himself or Adolf Hitler or King Leopold II, or Paul Kagame, or Yoweri Museveni, or even Kagame’s Trojan Horse in DRC, Hyppolite Kanambe a.k.a. Joseph Kabila.  Mills and Herbst do not even know the Anthropology of our country or our cultural, spiritual, physical, ethnic and social oneness as bana ya mama na biso moko na kombo Congo.  None of these two is qualified to speak for us, Congolese.  Then, they use some saying by the thieves Yoweri Museveni and Paul Kagame that says, in the Kiswahili used by Tipo Tip, the Arab guy who was involved in African slave trading in East Africa, that “Congo is a big country — you will eat it until you tire away!”  And, these robbers’ dictum is used by these two white racists to somehow justify their rant that everyone has “eaten away at Congo’s vast mineral wealth with little concern for the coherency of the country left behind.”  These two pretentious “experts” willfully pretend to totally ignore the impact of the outside interference in the history of the Congo, from King Leopold II’s slaughter of 15 million Congolese, to Belgian colonial rule that ended with NOT ONE Congolese with a university degree as opposed to what the French and the British who allowed their colonized subjects to get higher education, to America’s CIA and Belgium not only killing Patrice Lumumba, but also trying to break up the Congo with the Katanga secession – which did not succeed because the Congolese refused to be divided, to Bill Clinton’s America and Tony Blair’s England deciding to get rid of the French influence in the African Great Lakes by funding, training, and militarily supporting and participating in Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni’s genocide in and take over of Rwanda in 1994 and their subsequent 1996 invasion of the then-Zaire, their ultimate aim, in order to remove Mobutu and allow  the minority Rwandan Tutsis to rule not only Rwanda but also the Congo while allowing the international mafias to help themselves to DRC’s resources until today, an invasion and occupation of the Congo where these Tutsis have slaughtered over 9 million innocent and raped over 2 million Congolese women and tiny 2 months-old girls (Herbst and Mills pretend to not know that “Joseph Kabila” whose real name is Hyppolite Kanambe, is not only a Rwandan Tutsi who’s not Laurent Kabila’s son but rather a Tutsi son of a Tutsi woman who was his thirteenth wife, he is also a former intelligence officer in Paul Kagame’s mono-ethnic Tutsi army that invaded the DRC, a nephew of James Kabarebe and, in the DRC, he works for or is the Trojan Horse of Paul Kagame who actually controls the Congo as King Leopold II used to do, as the Tanzanians recently revealed).

Strangely, Herbst and Mills follow their rant about “eating the big Congo…” with “Congo has none of the things that make a nation-state… Instead, Congo has become (from what?) a collection of peoples, groups, interests, and pillagers who coexist at best.”  This is a huge lie and it shows the racism and contempt of those whites who think they “know” the Congolese better than the Congolese know themselves.

The TRUTH: Actually, no African country, since its independence, has resisted the attempts at being broken up or divided as the Congo has. The over 250 ethnic groups that make up the Congo live and form ONE people, ONE nation, and ONE culture that is epitomized in Congo’s cultural unit displayed in what all Black Africa and the world know as “Congo music” sang in the Congo’s cultural national language of Lingala (not French as these two “experts” write).  A Congo culture that has transcended the continent of Africa and is being studied and copied all over the world, from Europe to the Americas and to Asia.  In fact, little Rwanda has had more inter-ethnic strife than the huge DRC.  Or Herbst and Mills do not know this?

To these two racists, the Congo in nothing but a “vast territory that is sparsely populated but packed with natural resources”,   And their ultimate agenda as agents of international economic vultures and backers of Rwanda’s and Uganda’s occupation and control of the DRC is revealed in their statement that “Economically, the various outlying parts of Congo are better integrated with their neighbours than with the rest of the country;” concluding, without shame or decency, that “Congo’s neighbors have learned to ignore its sovereignty”.  Note that in the above rambling, Congolese people are not mentioned even ONCE!

Not believing that the entire world is racist and anti-Congolese and covet Congolese resources while not giving a damn about its people, we, Congolese intellectuals and leaders demand that the International Community remembers this “simple, albeit brutal fact”:  The Democratic Republic of the Congo belongs to us and is inhabited by us (now, we have another struggle to contend with which is that, since invading and occupying Congo, Kagame and the Tutsis have given Congolese identities to tens of thousands of Tutsis – there’s never been an ethnic group in DRC called Tutsi or Hutu, you can check with Belgian colonial records – who’ve been sent to the US as Congolese refugees and given asylum as such); furthermore, the DRC is not the only country on this planet that is huge compared to its tiny or poor neighbors.  China, Russia, India, Germany, and France come to mind.  No one has ever suggested that these countries give up their territorial integrity and national sovereignty so that their tiny and less prosperous neighbors help themselves to these big countries’ territory and resources. No one has ever suggested that, because of the many ethnic groups in China, India, or Russia, that these countries cannot BE LEFT ALONE or helped to build their economy. Thus, we, Congolese, deserve, demand, and would accept no less for our country.  It is, therefore, the height of contempt for anyone, white or Black, to suggest what Herbst and Mills wrote in their diatribe “there is no Congo”.

As for “peacekeeping missions, special envoys, interagency processes, and diplomatic initiatives” that “are doomed to fail”, as Mills and Herbst proclaim, it is not because “Congo does not exist”; but, rather, it is because of the very racism, greed, and contempt of the likes of Mills and Herbst who cover up the West’s interference and crimes against the Congo added to the propaganda that Congo “does not exist” so as to justify the foreign vultures’ illegal exploitation of the wealth of the Congo.

A few facts that Herbst and Mills could not dare mention:  Since 2000, UN investigators have put out numerous reports on the “Illegal Exploitation of the resources of the Democratic Republic of the Congo,” and the UN investigators have recommended that those countries and companies involved in this thievery be sanctioned.  None has ever been sanctioned.  Bill Clinton, who initiated the Congo’s invasion of 1996-1997, made sure that no country (Rwanda or Uganda,…) and no company (mining, or otherwise) was ever sanctioned.  For instance, Madam Prosecutor Carla del Ponte was removed from the UN by Bill Clinton for wanting to prosecute Kagame’s crimes in Rwanda and the DRC, and many investigations on the Rwandan genocide and the Congo crimes were stopped by the same Bill Clinton.  Finally, as we write this, while Syria’s president’s “crimes” have invited world powers to remove him, Kagame, who killed 500,000 Rwandans and over 9 million Congolese is still being funded and welcomed by the West while there is a 2010 Mapping Report on the Congo Crimes that has been collecting dust in the drawers of the UN.  America, England, Germany, China, and even South Africa, NO ONE has demanded that these crimes against the innocent Congolese be investigated and the culprits, Paul Kagame, Yoweri Museveni, and a.k.a. Joseph Kabila, their armies and militias be brought to justice.  Thus the  “peacekeeping missions, special envoys, interagency processes, and diplomatic initiatives” are but instruments of the Congo’s occupation and exploitation. They insure maintaining the status quo while allowing Kagame’s Rwandan army and militias to continue killing, raping, and occupying the entire DRC in association with Museveni’s Uganda.  Meanwhile, the international resource vultures are having a free for all in the DRC provided that they ignore the occupation, the exploitation, the gang rapes, and the holocaust in the Congo, while sharing the loot with everyone involved.

Did Mills and Herbst watch “Crisis in the Congo, Uncovering the Truth”?  Did they see BBC’s “Rwanda, the untold Story?  Have they read the “Solemn Declaration – in French and English – ” by the Congolese leaders of the Diaspora who have been fighting their country’s occupation by Rwandans?

As the cry from America’s all races youth herald a new era with “Black Lives Matter”, we hope that the world, beginning with America, England, Germany, France, Russia, China, and African states would heed our Congolese cry that “Congo Lives Matter” and help stop this Congo holocaust that has been going on since 1996 while condemning cheap and contemptuous diatribes such as “There is no Congo”.