Who is afraid of whom?  Definitely, “Joseph Kabila” isn’t afraid of Barack Obama or of his many words and threats of “sanctions”; because, “Kabila” knows that Obama knows that he has billions of dollars all over the place… So, for “Kabila” all US threats are just to save face, no less, no more…



When Noriega got his ego all swollen up because of his dealings with the CIA (as reported by Wikipedia) that he thought gave him immunity for him continuing his criminal activities, President George H.W. Bush sent the US marines to invade Panama and capture Noriega in 1989.

Obama and the US Congress must show the world that America hasn’t become a paper tiger, that the USA has the power to act unilaterally to arrest “Joseph Kabila” and stop the atrocities and prevent the DRC from falling apart.  The EU (whose leaders – especially Belgian – have financial interests in DRC or have been paid by Kabila) cannot dictate the US to take it easy (forget about “sanctions” that are worthless since they’ve got enough cash to even buy bread from North Korea)…

Kabila is so emboldened believing that if Obama’s America hasn’t done anything to his master Kagame, nothing America can do to him.  So, as President H.W. Bush did to Noriega and to chasing Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait, and Bill Clinton did in Kosovo, Barack Obama should do to “Joseph Kabila”.

Beside hanging up on and refusing to take President Obama’s calls and using his minions to insult and disrespect America, “Joseph Kabila” believes that Americans are such cowards, stupid, and idiots (“Wadjinga” in Kinyarwanda, the language of Kabila/Kanambe’s Rwandan Tutsi parents) that  not only they do NOT know that he isn’t Congolese or the son of Laurent Kabila, but he is sure that even if Americans knew, they have NO guts or courage to say it or to dare accuse him with being an impostor in DRC…

So, first, let’s remind ourselves that “Joseph Kabila” was named in the 15th paragraph of the Associated Press article of October 10, 2010, that reported on the UN Mapping Report dealing with the crimes and atrocities committed all over the DRC that “could amount to crimes of genocide if investigated”, according to the UN investigators.  The Associated Press reported, as to the perpetrators of these crimes,

It was the Rwandan Tutsi soldiers, led by now-president Paul Kagame, who as rebels ended Rwanda’s 1994 genocide? But they now are accused of vengeful massacres of Hutus when they took the war into Congo (in 1996).”

In the second sentence of the 15th paragraph of the AP article on the Mapping Report, it says that,

After months of denials that Rwandan troops were in Congo, Kagame took ownership of the invasion, admitting he had planned and ordered it.   Among officers commanding the coalition forces was Joseph Kabila, now president of Congo.”

That’s one crime, beside others, that “Joseph Kabila”, as a Rwandan Tutsi Officer of the invading forces of Paul  Kagame, has gotten away with for too long, due to the inaction of the most powerful force on the earth that its envoy, Thom Perriello, as this video from Kinshasa shows, is being threatened like a street criminal from an insignificant little country on earth…


America, take a look at the attack on the US envoy, being threatened like a small town criminal… And, yet, America dares not remove “Joseph Kabila” because of some lobbies who have been corrupted with millions of Congolese stolen minerals’ money???


This Monday, September 19th, 2016, when the DRC Constitution is supposed to trigger the elections for a new president, in the DRC, the security forces, under the direct orders of “Joseph Kabila” are shooting down and arresting Congolese citizens who, peacefully, are marching to protest Joseph Kabila’s intentionally NOT scheduling elections so he can “slip” – glissement – past his last term.

What many experts and media have predicted, including Foreign Policy on September 8, 2016, that “Congo’s president is preparing for war against his ‘own’ people” is coming true.

As US intelligence services know, NOTHING happen and no one is killed, in DRC, without the direct orders of “Joseph Kabila” and Paul Kagame.  So, the verbal attack on Tom Periello this past Sunday wasn’t an isolated lone guy taking Joseph Kabila’s fate in his own hands… Now, most American officials are fooled because they fail to understand “Joseph Kabila” and Paul Kagame’s modus operandi :  whatever decisions they take, they let their Congolese paid servants (so-called ministers or press secretaries or spokespersons) or Rwandans with Congolese names to make the declarations or commit the criminal acts so that, when there is an outcry, the Congolese fools can take the blame (i.e., when “Joseph Kabila” gave the order to assassinate Human Rights leader Floribert Chebeya, the paid Congolese head of the police, General John Numbi, carried out the act; then, he paid the price by being suspended so that his second-in-command, Bisengimana, a Rwandan Tutsi, took over control of the entire Congolese Police force).

This attack on Periello is just the latest on numerous attacks and acts of defiant even against international rights organizations, as well as acts of disrespect and outright dismissal of US advice, admonitions, as well as demands.

This guy, “Joseph Kabila”, as the French jurist said, is referred to by the diplomats in Kinshasa, in French, as “Le Petit Rwandais, or “the Little Rwandan”, as the Mapping Report also says…

So, WHY is the US acting as if “Joseph Kabila” is the master and Barack Obama is the servant?  Even Russia would not insult the US as “Joseph Kabila” has been doing, while killing the Congolese people time and time again.  Why is America so chicken and afraid of “Joseph Kabila”?…  The Congolese people he’s been killing aren’t afraid to still protest as they did, again, this September 19th, so why wouldn’t America show some guts?

Most importantly, why does America and other Western speakers keep talking about “dialogue” when “Kabila” is out of his last term, beside his crimes against Congolese people, and, the Congolese people who march and protest and are shot down keep chanting and publicly declaring that “Kabila” must go and that “Kabila must go back to Rwanda”?  Are Congolese lives so expandable or meaningless  to Westerners???

Should we list, for American officials, the actions taken by Kabila that threaten not only world peace, but also America’s strategic interests both in Africa and around the world?  How about him selling Congolese Uranium to North Korea and to Iran?  How about his giving China free dig-and-carry whatever minerals they want from the DRC soil?  How about his working with Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni for continued ethnic cleansing in eastern Congo for resources and land?  How about him now soliciting the different terrorists groups, from Syria to Somalia to come and set shop in the DRC?  Should we go on?…

(We know that, as reported by the AP and stated in the Mapping Report of Oct.1, 2010, as a former Rwandan Tutsi officer in Paul Kagame’s army, the Rwandan Tutsi “Joseph Kabila” – just look at the picture and see how he reverence his master


The Three who have turned the lives of Congolese people into HELL since 1996; And, check out the reverence and fear look in the eyes of the guy in the middle, “Kabila”/Kanambe, toward his master Paul Kagame, who is Satan-in-the-flesh (for those who know the TRUTH)


– is protected, supported, and defended by Paul Kagame who, in turn, has infiltrated his agents with Congolese identities all over America who, then, “mis-advise” American officials when it comes to Kagame, Kabila, or Museveni, beside the fact that Master Kagame has been friends with the Clintons, with members in the US government including close advisors of Obama and at the State Department, , and with many US institutions that have received millions of dollars of Congolese minerals blood-stained money from him…)

At the very least, NO ONE would say that Congolese-American experts and scholars and activists did NOT warn America and the world…

At the most, the world must know that Congolese people, at home and in the Diaspora, are not dumb and lambs of sacrifice for “Joseph Kabila”, Paul Kagame, and Kaguta Yoweri Museveni  who enjoy TOTAL IMPUNITY from Westerners no matter how they kill, mutilate, gang rape, and destroy the Congo and its people, for the world, instead of arresting and bringing to justice this trio of killers, to keep repeating ad nauseam that Congolese should dialogue, talk, and not rise up against these three who have been killing them in what, the New York Times called the longest and deadliest Holocaust on earth; while, the same Westerners go to war against Assad to protect “innocent” Syrians… No, Congolese people aren’t that stupid!!!!!!




Obama (photo cr: AATTP.org) Kabila-Kanambe (photo cr: Lemonde.fr), and Putin (photo cr: Mirror.co.uk). The chap in the middle, a Rwandan impostor – and it would be a shame if both American and Russian presidents DO NOT KNOW IT – has decided he’s going to get weapons from Russia and resist America’s desire that his time to leave the DRC is now…


America, the European Union, and the Congolese people are all opposed to “Joseph Kabila” imposing himself on the DRC after his last term expires this December 19, 2016.  The DRC’s constitution stipulates that the elections must take place three (3) months before Kabila-Kanambe’s last term expires on December 19th.  Yet, for many months now, Kabila-Kanambe has tried everything in order to maintain himself in power, with the help of Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni, the two dictators of Rwanda and Uganda, successively, who – as both Herman Cohen said in 2008 and Reverend Vincent Machizo reported on his online site, BeniLuberoOnline (benilubero.com), which cost him his life – having occupied Eastern Congo  for land and resources for years, have decided that it is in their interests that Kabila-Kanambe remains in power so he can continue to let them do whatever they want in the DRC, including, in eastern Congo, ethnic cleansing, gang-rape and mutilations, which go against both the interests of the Congolese people and President Obama’s decision to bring peace and security in DRC and to maintain DRC’s territorial integrity and national sovereignty.

[WHY do we use the name “Kabila-Kanambe” instead of “Kabila”? Twenty years since the invasion of the DRC by Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi with the financial, military, intelligence, and logistics backing of the Bill Clinton’s administration, it is no longer acceptable that the world continues to act as if the truth still eludes it as far as the true identity of the one called “Joseph Kabila” is concerned.  Starting with the the Belgian reporter for Le Soir, Collete Braekman, who reported the day after the assassination of Laurent Kabila in 2001 that “Joseph Kabila” has a Rwandan Tutsi mother,

Kanambe et maman M Mukambuguje

A rare family picture of Hyppolite Kanambe (impostor in DRC using the cover name of “Joseph Kabila”) the Rwandan nephew of James Kabarebe, Rwanda’s minister of defense, here in this photo next to his Rwandan Tutsi mother, Marceline Mukambuguje, with some Tutsi family members…

then the Congolese people themselves, as far back as 2006, they have been chanting “Zongisa ye na Rwanda”, Lingala language for “send him back to Rwanda” (a chant ignored by all the international media representatives who report from Kinshasa who have NEVER challenged him about his identity and family background either because they receive money from Kabila-Kanambe or because they have orders NOT to jeopardize Kabila-Kanambe’s government of occupation of the DRC).  The Congolese people have been chanting “Zongisa ye na Rwanda” because they understood that the young Rwandan soldier that was introduced to them as “Joseph”, the “son” of Laurent Kabila, was neither the son of, nor his name was “Kabila”, but rather, he was a Rwandan Tutsi son of Laurent Kabila’s late Rwandan Tutsi friend, Christopher Kanambe, whose widow was “integrated” into Laurent Kabila’s harem of 13 wives after the death of his friend.

Kanambe p et f

Young Hyppolite Kanambe a.k.a. “Joseph Kabila” next to the photo of his late Rwandan Tutsi father Christopher Kanambe (DNA or Genetics do not lie -even though the illiterate Hyppolite understands neither… Check also the photo of his young brother Zoe and they are like their father… Unfortunately the Western media, corrupt or otherwise, are so pathetic that none dares challenge this liar  in DRC passing for “Joseph Kabila”…

  So, this son of Kanambe by the name of Hyppolite Kanambe, whose uncle is James Kabarebe, today’s minister of defense of Rwanda who, before the invasion of the DRC in 1996, enrolled his nephew Hyppolite into the Rwandan army that was preparing to invade the DRC.  Then, strategically, as the Rwandans decided to use a Congolese as a figurehead and as a cover for this invasion and, since, even the Americans who were behind the invasion did not trust Laurent Kabila, they decided, unbeknown to Laurent Kabila, to place the young soldier, Hyppolite Kanambe, trained in intelligence, under the skirt of his mother Marceline Mukambuguje, next to the gullible, women-lover, and knowledge-less Laurent Kabila so that, when the time was right, it would be easy to get rid of him as it happened in January 2001.  The French jurist and former Member of Parliament, Francois Gonnot, revealed in 2012 that all the diplomats in Kinshasa referred to “Joseph Kabila”, in French, as “Le Petit Rwandais” or “The Little Rwandan”, which means that all the countries with representation in DRC know that “Joseph Kabila” is NOT Congolese.  WHY, then, none of these countries, their media or government, dares to bring up or expose this crucial revelation, which explains why the Congolese holocaust, the atrocities, the gang rapes, and the occupation of the DRC by Rwanda and Uganda have lasted so long?   This also explains why Kabila-Kanambe and Kagame meet, converse in Kinyarwanda, and they act like there is nothing wrong going on between Rwanda and the DRC (it’s like the Queen of England or General Charles de Gaulle, meeting Adolf Hitler often and in a friendly manner while Germany was bombarding and occupying Western Europe)… Forget about the ignorance of the US State Department that is still, in the majority, Clinton’s, therefore, defender of Paul Kagame, and which doesn’t even have the capacity to check the Belgium colonial records to find out that there has never been a “minority” group autochthonous to the DRC called Tutsi, or Hutu, or “Banyamulenge” or even “Banyarwanda” as Kagame’s lying or Ubwenge’s machine has misled it with this false information still being used by the State Department today].

RUSSIAN TRUCKS Russian trucks that were delivered to DRC via the ocean port of Boma… Rwandan soldiers in FARDC uniforms, take delivery of them to drive them to Kinshasa (even though the doors have initials OR (Office de Route, or Transportation Office)…  

Thus, in blatant defiance of both the Congolese constitution and the world’s admonition that he quietly leaves office when his last term expires this December 19, Kabila-Kanambe has just received a lot of 150 trucks-load of weapons and ammunitions from Russia.  These trucks arrived at the Congolese port of Boma this past July 21, 2016, and, for camouflage purposes, the initials “O.R.” were painted on the doors which stand for “Office de Route” (Transportation Office) of the ministry of transportation.  Unfortunately for Kabila-Kanambe, he did not camouflage the Rwandan soldiers he sent to go and fetch these trucks from the port, as one can see from the pictures that were taken by Congolese in Boma; instead, on the day of the arrival of the ship bringing these trucks, all the employees working the docks were sent home and an army detachment from Kinshasa of Rwandan soldiers in Congolese army’s uniforms (they speak only the Rwandan language of Kinyarwanda, the Tanzania or Uganda’s version of Kiswahili, and some English, but barely Lingala, the DRC’s army’s lingua franca) flooded the docks and they drove these trucks, about 320 miles (515 km) from the Boma port on the Atlantic Ocean to the Kokolo military camp in the heart of Kinshasa.  Indeed, a military camp has nothing to do with the Ministry of Transportation and its “Transportation Office” or “Office de Route”.

What does Kabila-Kanambe want to use all these weapons for?  Even the Catholic Church has warned Kabila-Kanambe not to sacrifice millions of Congolese  on the altar of his political ambitions.

In Kinshasa, meanwhile, the plan conceived by Paul Kagame and Kabila-Kanambe is to trigger a false army rebellion in Kinshasa before November, 2016… During this false army uprising, the two military camps, Kokolo and Lufungola, in Kinshasa, which still have mostly true Congolese soldiers who have been disarmed would be attacked at night by Rwandan and Zimbabwean soldiers in Congolese army uniforms under the pretense that they want to put down the uprising by these weapon-less true Congolese soldiers.  In eastern Congo where Kabila-Kanambe has hired thousands of Namibian mercenaries, operating with units of Rwandan army officers and soldiers in Congolese uniforms, the same will be done for chaos and killing of true Congolese soldiers and civilians.  There are also plans for many Congolese politicians and a few diplomats to be assassinated during that “uprising”.  Kagame and Kabila-Kanambe plan to use these events for a State of Emergency to be declared throughout the DRC, and, since Kabila-Kanambe would be in charge of trying to put down the “insurgency”, in order to appease the US demand that he leaves, Kabila-Kanambe and his supporters Kagame, Museveni, Belgium, and some lobbies in the US would suggest to Obama that a “government of transition” be installed in which Etienne Tshisekedi or Moise Katumbi becomes prime minister in charge of the government while Kabila-Kanambe remains a “figurehead” president who remains in charge of the army for him to manage the state of emergency (this presupposes that Obama is ignorant of the fact that presently, the Congo is under total occupation and control of Rwanda, and that the Congo genocide and occupation has been very profitable to Rwanda and Uganda


For many years now, even since 1997 when the Rwandan army entered Kinshasa in May following the invasion, “Joseph Kabila” has both killed and caused the killing of thousands of Congolese soldiers in the hands of his fellow Rwandan soldiers. Moreover, during military operations against the two countries that have become the invaders and occupiers of eastern Congo, but especially against Rwanda, “Joseph Kabila” has continuously betrayed the Congolese soldiers by telling the Rwandans the positions of Congolese soldiers and, sometimes by arming Congolese soldiers with weapons with different and non-compatible ammunitions.  Then, following 2001, when “Joseph Kabila” was imposed through rigged elections as president, both he and Paul Kagame moved to the second phase of their infiltration of the Congolese army by simply giving Congolese identities and uniforms to Rwandan soldiers and setting them up as commanders and officers of Congolese soldiers who have been disarmed and hardly paid as well as badly housed.

Furthermore, in the most blatant and most dismissive of the Congolese laws and institutions, Kabila-Kanambe has been doing the unspeakable, which is to always “demobilize and integrate” in the Congolese army, Rwandan rebels who have been killing, raping, mutilating Congolese citizens in eastern Congo, whether they belonged to CNDP, M23, or any of the dozens of “rebels” causing havoc in eastern DRC where victims are only and always Congolese civilians so that the blame then is on FARDC or the Congolese army.  This scheme succeeds and continues because it’s agreed on by Kagame and Kabila-Kanambe so that none of them two would either denounce it or complain about it.  However, the evidence and exposing this scheme had been done by the former head of Rwandan military intelligence, Colonel Patrick Karegeya, who was assassinated in South Africa by Paul Kagame’s killlers, gave an interview to French media RFI, in which he, without equivocation, stated that all the so-called rebels operating in eastern Congo are “made in Rwanda and sent to the DRC

America, its president and Congress, understand that these times are dangerous times for the Congolese people.  Only America can help restore the Congo to the Congolese by removing Rwanda’s and Uganda’s control through, not only “Joseph Kabila” and his shadow Rwandans’ government, but, especially, the many mercenaries hired from Zimbabwe, Namibia, etc. and the Rwandan army officers and soldiers integrated in the Congolese army who control the DRC army and who, alone, are armed to the teeth while real Congolese soldiers and officers have no weapons, are unfed, and, most of  the time unpaid or barely paid, if ever…

PS: Every time that Kabila-Kanambe visits his master Paul Kagame or Museveni in Uganda or else eastern Congo that is, since at least 2008 as per Herman Cohen’s revelation, after this Trojan Horse of Paul Kagame goes back to Kinshasa, massacres take place in eastern Congo.  No difference this time as, following Kabila-Kanambe’s visit with his master Kagame, Congolese are massacred in eastern Congo.

When would America and the International community act like the millions of Congolese being slaughtered by Kagame, Museveni, and Kabila-Kanambe are human beings too???



Obama pm-fmjoseph-kabila-paul-kagame1

US ambassador to DRC says “Joseph Kabila” will leave in December 2016, yet, “Kabila” has shown no inkling, in word or in deed, that he will leave.  On the contrary, against the DRC Constitution, he has, using his paid cronies at CENI, set up the DRC elections the same month as the US, in November 2016, instead of September 2016, since the DRC constitution stipulates that the new president must be elected at least 90 days before December 20, when the new president takes over.  Can Ambassador Swan guess why “Kabila” did this?  Who is the fool who does not understand that “Kabila” did this so that Obama would not have time to do anything to remove him once another US president is elected in November?

Amb James Swan

US Ambassador to DRC, James Swan 

The US ambassador to the DRC, James Swan, spoke to the Voice of America’s Idriss Fall in Kinshasa this August 20, 2015, stating that the DRC is going to “…effectuate the first peaceful and democratic transfer of power in the history of this country…” Is Ambassador Swan serious?

The reality is that what the US, through Secretary of State John Kerry (one of my heroes) told “Joseph Kabila” about leaving at the end of his second and last term and what “Kabila” has been planning about NOT leaving are two different things.  To “Joseph Kabila”, America has never called him to account for any of the crimes he has committed since 2001, and neither would America do anything now besides just plain talk.

James Swan, as an American diplomat, is not foolish or naive enough to believe that a mass killer, a despot, a Trojan Horse, and an illiterate like “Joseph Kabila” is going to just quit the DRC and allow “free” elections take place.  This “Joseph Kabila”, as every Congolese and every diplomat in Kinshasa (maybe except American diplomats) knows that he is not a Congolese, as the French politician wrote in 2012 that the diplomats in Kinshasa call him “le petit rwandais” or “the little Rwandan”.  He is a citizen of Rwanda (real name “Hyppolite Kanambe”), according to Belgian journalists and politicians, US and EU intelligence services, the United Nations’ Mapping Report of October 1, 2010, and CIA and Mossad-trained Spy Chief of Zaire (now DRC). “Joseph Kabila” discovered the Congo as a commanding young intelligence officer in Paul Kagame’s mono-ethnic  Rwandan Tutsi army that invaded the DRC in 1996 and decimated hundreds of thousands of Rwandan Hutu civilians refugees and Congolese, with Bill Clinton’s total support.  “Joseph Kabila” is also the nephew of General James Kabarebe, the actual Minister of Defense of Rwanda, who commanded the Rwandan forces that, together with the Ugandan and Burundian armies, participated in the 1996 DRC invasion.

“Joseph Kabila”, as a mass killer, knows that the US, the UN, and EU have given him carte blanche to kill the Congolese.  Since 2001 when “Joseph Kabila” was imposed on the Congolese until today, the slaughter and the gang rapes and Rwandan and Ugandan control of eastern DRC have never ended. Take the latest case: the mass grave of Maluku, on the outskirts of Kinshasa that contains at least 425 bodies who were buried in the middle of the night by Kabila’s foreign and personal soldiers, evidence of his last mass killing of Congolese citizens.  Human Rights Watch has officially demanded an investigation while America “looks the other way”.   Now, if this “mass grave” horror had taken place in Damascus, Syria, the US and the EU would have gone to the Security Council and demanded that UN investigators be allowed to identify all the bodies or else they would forcefully get rid of Assad as they did of Khadafy of Libya.  But, with the DRC, as the suffering Congolese people say, Obama, the EU, and the UN in essence support Kabila’s mass-killing them because, paraphrasing Jesus Christ, “if you do not denounce, condemn, and prosecute a mass killer, then you support him, you condone his actions, and you are just a mass killer like him”.  So, who is Ambassador Swan kidding?

Ambassador Swan rightly states that the DRC’s genocide, insecurity, rapes, unending killings especially in eastern Congo, have been going on for 20 (twenty years).  But, amazingly, he has no new idea on how to end these atrocities except by doing the same thing and going to the same people who have been responsible for these crimes the last 20 years.  To wit, the “2013 Addis Ababa Accords” and what he calls “a robust diplomatic action by special envoys from the US, the AU, the UN and others”.  Citing “robust diplomatic action” is as vague and meaningless a policy as one can get.  These envoys have been going to the DRC in these past 20 years and nothing has changed. In fact, UN forces shamelessly and conspiratorially  co-habit with the “rebel” and “militia” forces that, at night, go and rape and kill the Congolese populations, and the UN does nothing to either stop them or fight and destroy them.  In short, these forces know that the UN, the US, the EU, have given them the RIGHT to be in the Congo, to kill, to rape, to steal the DRC resources for Rwanda and Uganda, with “Joseph Kabila’s” complicity.  Thus, there is NOTHING different this year than during the “last 20 years”.

As for the “2013 Addis Ababa Accords”,  that haven’t led to any peace for the Congolese people until today, Ambassador Swan is not ignorant of what Congolese people and the other diplomats know NOW: that these “accords” were signed by “Joseph Kabila” for the DRC, Paul Kagame for Rwanda, and Yoweri Museveni for Uganda.  Who, between these three, cares about the Congolese people, knowing that “Joseph Kabila” is an agent and the Trojan Horse of, and takes orders from Kagame; and, Kagame himself has been controlling the DRC for the resources, for land and practicing ethnic cleansing in eastern Congo, and for power, while Museveni also controls part of the DRC bordering Uganda for resources and for land?   And Ambassador Swan is extolling these accords to bring peace to the DRC?

It is not rocket science to figure out that in order for peace to return to the DRC, America must end the DRC’s occupation by removing the government of occupation that is led by the Rwandan Tutsi “Joseph Kabila” and is run by Rwandan Tutsis as exposed and denounced by the CIA and Mossad-trained former spy chief of Zaire (DRC).  The Congolese who have been fighting this occupation are, naturally, outside of the Congo. The least that president Obama could do, today, in his last year-and-a-half that is left is to denounce this occupation and take strong action to end it, in spite of the millions of dollars out of the billions of dollars they have stolen from the DRC (once on the site, scroll down to read the copy of the letter from British MP Pauline Latham to MP Justine Greening, British Secretary of State for International Development dated March 26, 2013), millions that “Kabila” and Kagame  have been pouring in the US to politicians, lobbyists, institutions such as universities, media, and elected officials in order to keep America “looking the other way” while the DRC continues to die.  If Obama doesn’t do it, the DRC may no longer exist in the next 20 years.

If Ambassador Swan does not have the evidence, he can contact Congocoalition@hotmail.com and we will provide him with the evidence.  Because, it will forever tarnish President Obama’s African legacy if he leaves office and the DRC is still at the hands of Rwandans and Ugandans and “Joseph Kabila” is still on the throne of occupied DRC.

(PS; News from the DRC are that the Germans are building munitions’ depots in Bukavu and in the military base of Kitona in Lower Congo, two areas controlled 100 % by Rwandan soldiers, as every intelligence service in DRC knows and Honore Ngbanda’s investigative report has exposed it. Are Germans helping “Kabila” withstand America?  Is Martin Kobler in on this scheme of helping “Joseph Kabila” remain “president” beyond his final term? Is the Obama administration aware of this?)



The Congolese woman in eastern Congo (The Rape Capital of the World) has gotten tired of getting tired of being gang-raped, of being mutilated, of being shot through her genitals after being gang raped, of being shoved 3 to 5 feet wooden sticks through the genitals after being gang-raped then being killed, of being buried alive. So she has taken up a weapon now in order to defend her baby, her own body, her humanity, her village, her community, and her country, the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The world, to her, doesn’t care to stop it. Neither do the 20,000 UN troops who get paid by being “neutral” which has been letting the guys with the weapons commit these atrocities on the Congolese since 1996.

Beside her baby, she’s carrying now a weapon to defend herself

The Congolese woman has been victimized for too long since Rwanda and Uganda invaded her country in 1996 as BBC’s investigative documentary has just detailed it. This Congolese woman and her country did NOTHING to Rwanda and Uganda; yet, these two countries have caused the death of over 8 million Congolese since 1996 with impunity. These atrocities that had been described as worse than the Holocaust, have scantly caught the sustained attention of the world’s major media or governments, except for the Obama administration.

In President Obama’s second term, the Congo file has been authoritatively assigned to Secretary of State John Kerry and to former Senator Russ Feingold, the president’s Special Envoy to the African Great Lakes and the DRC.

Secretary of State Kerry, in the first Security Council meeting he presided on 25 July, 2013, sternly stated the US decision to bring an end to the Congo atrocities. To this end, the US and the UN put together a special UN Rapid Intervention Brigade that worked with the Congolese Army (minus the Rwandan Tutsi soldiers and combatants who had been inserted in the DRC army by Joseph Kabila as he, himself, is a former officer in Kagame’s Rwandan Tutsi army who was made DRC president in 2001). This new coalition of forces put together by the US and the UN then attacked the Rwanda and Uganda-backed rebels of M23, who had occupied, since 1996 (while changing names of militias as former spy chief of Rwanda, Colonel Patrick Karegeya told RFI before he was assassinated by Kagame in December 2013) major parts of eastern Congo where they had been killing, raping, maiming, and perpetrating all kinds of atrocities. In the heat of the fight, the US Secretary of State John Kerry and Britain foreign Secretary William Hague had to personally call Paul Kagame in order to, in essence, order him not to reinforce again M23 with Rwandan troops and weapons so that, this time, the battle ended up in the defeat of M23 in November 2013 after about two weeks of heavy fighting.

Congolese army supporters
The people cheer as the Congolese army passes after the defeat of M23 in November 2013 (AP)

[An aside revelation after the defeat of M23 was that the Congolese army and the media discovered, as they entered the liberated town (center) of Kibumba (which had been occupied by Rwandan forces for over 14 years) 2 flags of Vital Khamere’s political party, the UNC, flying over two separate houses – meaning that this Vital Khamere (many Congolese accuse him of being Rwandan, with many proofs, including the fact that his Rwandan cousin is General Gracien Kabiligi in Paul Kagame’s army, his sister’s ancestral wedding to a Congolese was performed in Rwanda, not in DRC, and, during Mobutu’s Authenticity cultural revolution when all Zairians had to forego their foreign names, Khamere kept his foreign name of “Vital” which also appear on his university diploma, because foreigners were allowed to keep their foreign names), who (Khamere), in Kinshasa, has been pretending in public to be in opposition to Joseph Kabila, to the violence in eastern Congo, and to Rwanda and Uganda’s occupation of eastern Congo, that he is actually a double agent, deceiving many Congolese, because he has – in secret with Joseph Kabila, whom he helped “elect” during the 2006 elections and of whom he published a book titled “Why I chose Joseph Kabila” – been cooperating all along with the Rwandan Tutsi forces of M23 (ergo with Kagame and Museveni) in the areas of the Congo these forces had been occupying, killing, raping, and maiming Congolese natives as well as stealing the Congo resources].

UNC flags in Kibumba
Surprise: Khamere’s UNC flags in Kibumba that had been occupied by Rwandan M23: Khamere has all along been working with M23, ergo with Kagame, Museveni, and Kabila while fooling Congolese that he is an opponent of these three!

After M23’s defeat, the whole eastern Congo was in jubilation because, thanks to the Obama administration leadership and for the first time since 1996, the killing, raping, mutilations, and other atrocities and mistreatment stopped. Unfortunately, this jubilation was not to last for too long.

When M23 was defeated, its fighters run back to where they came from: Rwanda and Uganda. So it was just a matter of time for these fighters to be sent back into eastern Congo, as long as Paul Kagame, Yoweri Museveni, and Joseph Kabila, who controlled and protected them were still in power.

But, before reconstituting M23 and sending them back into eastern Congo, Kagame, Museveni, and Kabila made sure that the Congolese officers who had led the fight to defeat M23 were assassinated. So, the young Congolese Colonel Mamadou Ndala (the hero of Goma) who led the fight against M23 was assassinated on January 2, 2014 (barely 2 months after the defeat of M23 in November, 2013). Then General Lucien Bahuma, the Chief of the Army of North Kivu (Colonel Mamadou’s commander), was killed by poisoning on August 30, 2014, 8 months after Mamadou’s assassination. General Francois Olenga, the Chief of Staff of the DRC land forces and Colonel Olivier Hamuli, the spokesperson during the fight against M23, both are now being treated for poisoning. Last of all, the DRC army units that defeated M23 have been ordered by Joseph Kabila out of eastern Congo and sent to other parts of DRC where they are not needed (in a restructuring of the DRC army in which many Rwandan Tutsis from these Rwandan militias were made officers in DRC’s army, and they were assigned in eastern Congo in order to insure the continued control of eastern Congo by Rwanda and Uganda).

Now, then, M23 has reconstituted out of Rwanda and the M23 elements that had run to Uganda are using a cover name ADF/NALU. These two groups are now back in eastern Congo committing the same atrocities as before.


Ugandan and Rwandan militias did this in Beni, in North Kivu this 10/16/2014 as they’ve been doing since 1996: Is there a mother who will not take a weapon to punish the savages who do this to her child?

Hence, the latest killings and gang-rape that have taken place in Beni, beginning on October 16th, 2014, then two days later even while Mr. Kobler, the UN representative, was in Beni, and the third time on October 30th, even as Joseph Kabila, the president, was spending the night in Beni.

During the attack on 10/16, as they were hacking children, men and women to death using machetes, hoes, and hacks, one of the killers told a Congolese woman: “your soldiers chased us with Obama’s help but we’re back. Where is Obama now to protect you?

We’re back”, the Ugandan and Rwandan killers were telling the Congolese as they were slaughtering them on the night of 10/16/2014, “Where’s Obama now to protect you?

This is why she’s picked up a weapon even as NO POWER cares (with all UN and other evidence available) to openly denounce and stop Kagame, Museveni, and Kabila, who, since 1996, have been butchering her and her people, killing 8 million of her people

America is determined that Joseph Kabila will not perpetuate himself in power after his 2nd and final term ends in 2016. But Kabila, who insures Kagame and Museveni’s interests in eastern Congo, plans to use all means and tricks to survive Obama until January 2017 when Obama leaves office; and, therefore, if Kagame and Museveni get Kabila to stay in power or someone they control to replace Joseph Kabila in power in Congo, the atrocities in DRC may last another twenty years.


Paul Kagame, Rwanda’s president, is very mad and he is planning to do something about it.  He is mad that John Kerry and the Obama administration, the EU and the UN want to bring an end to his DRC cash cow criminal enterprise by demanding that his Trojan Horse in DRC, Joseph Kabila, respects the DRC Constitution and not change it so that he can seek a third term in 2016, which is prohibited as of now.

If Joseph Kabila goes, the next DRC president may not let Paul Kagame kill, gang rape, and steal Congolese resources with impunity, as Kabila has done since 2001 – when Joseph Kabila was set up in Kinshasa as president and a protégé of Paul Kagame – and, since then, Joseph Kabila has never, even once, denounced Paul Kagame or Yoweri Museveni by name in all the crimes they have committed in the DRC over the years since, at least, 2001.  On the contrary, as these two’s junior partner in crime, he has always sold Congolese troops movements to Rwanda and Uganda so they get defeated by Rwanda and Uganda’s armies and militias while giving treasonous orders to DRC’s army, and he has participated in imprisoning, torturing, and killing Congolese as well as in stealing and hiding billions of Congolese monies overseas ( see at bottom of this link copy of letter from British MP Pauline Latham to MP Justine Greening dated March 26, 2013).


[Joseph Kabila, Kagame’s Trojan Horse, takes orders from his master]


Paul Kagame’s plan to help Kabila defy the wish of the international community is to trigger mass killings in DRC as he did in Rwanda in 1994, when he triggered the Rwandan genocide with his downing of Habyarimana’s plane, which allowed him to invade Rwanda from Uganda and take over power in Kigali.

Indeed, while most of the world is still asleep and maintains Kagame’s false image as a hero who ended the 1994 Rwandan genocide, the cat is now out of the bag and overwhelming evidence is out now (and has been for the longest for those who sought it) about Kagame’s guilt so that only fools, ignorants, and Kagame’s paid apologists continue to consider this mass killer as a hero:

Undeniable Evidence has come both from his fellow Tutsi high-ranking officers like General Kayumba Nyamwasa, Colonel Patrick Karegeya (assassinated in South Africa by Kagame this past January 2014), and Major Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa; and from his low-ranking officers such as Second Lieutenant Aloys Ruyenzi, Lieutenant Abdul Ruzibiza, and Intelligence Officer Jean-Pierre Mugabe.  All have stated that President Kagame planned and ordered the shooting down of the plane carrying two heads of state, Rwanda’s Habyarimana and Burundi’s Ntariamira, which triggered the Rwandan genocide.


[Hitler Kagame who “believes that all opponents must die” – Karegeya]


American investigators also uncovered Kagame’s crimes going back to 1994.  Examples are The Gersony Report by Robert Gersony, the Information Memorandum for Secretary of State Warren Christopher by then-Assistant Secretary of State for Africa George Moose, Christian Davenport and Allan C. Stam’s What Really Happened in Rwanda, and The Accidental Genocide by Peter Erlinder.  Add to these Suisse’s Carla Del Ponte’s Memoirs and Australia’s Michael Hourigan’s Affidavit.

The facts on the ground in DRC are that there are hurried up plans being put in motion there  by Kagame and Kabila. In order to trigger the mass killings in the DRC a la Rwanda 1994, he must assassinate the most popular Congolese leader (as he did with Habyarimana) so that his supporters would revolt and try to retaliate against government forces.  When they revolt, Joseph Kabila will then, under the guise of “re-establishing order”, use the foreign forces that he has acquired from his neighbors with millions of dollars to slaughter Congolese and, in the chaos that ensues, assassinate the Congolese opposition leaders who are now speaking with the International Community about the upcoming elections and the after-Kabila’s DRC.

The Congolese leader most popular now who is being targeted to be assassinated is Etienne Tshisekedi.  To accomplish this, Paul Kagame sent to Kabila through Brazzaville on June 9th  the “Death Team” unit, the special commando of Rwandan assassins that he had sent to South Africa to assassinate former Rwandan spy chief Patrick Karegeya and attempted numerous times to also kill General Kayumba Nyamwasa.  Our sources inform us that after they crossed the Congo River from Brazzaville to Kinshasa during the night of June 9th, they were taken to Azarias Ruberwa’s residence where they received their instructions before being taken to safe places where they will wait for their next killing “assignment” in DRC.

Thus, Joseph Kabila, by arrangements with Paul Kagame, paying the presidents of these countries millions of dollars either in cash, in mining or exploitation interests in DRC, or else in cuts received through Kabila’s “investments” in the countries of these presidents: for one, Kabila has received 1500 soldiers from South Africa (many of whom are criminal soldiers who had been imprisoned but are sent to Kabila so they can kill Congolese while being paid in US dollars); they landed in Kinshasa at 2 AM this past June 8, 2014.  Second, after the last visit of Tanzania’s president in Kinshasa this past May, 2014, President Kikwete, upon his return to Tanzania, sent 2000 Tanzanian trigger-happy, fearless, and “heartless” soldiers to Joseph Kabila.  Third, beside thousands of regular soldiers from Rwanda who are stationed in Congolese military camps all over the DRC, this past June 9th, 200 elements of Rwanda’s special forces together with former Rwandan M23 members, landed in Kinshasa and were sent to the Kokolo army camp in Kinshasa.  Fourth, the Old Warrior of Zimbabwe, President Mugabe, an old partner-in-crime with Joseph Kabila, sent him hundreds of hard-nosed soldiers who are now stationed in Kinshasa.  All these foreign forces are waiting for the “event”, the “trigger” to take place before they can act.  Meanwhile, they are well fed, well paid in dollars while Congolese soldiers have been disarmed and not paid; even the contingent of the Congolese policemen sent to the Central African Republic have not been paid for 4 months now…


[Kagame’s criminality, we know!  But why are Mugabe, Zuma, and Kikwete sending troops to Kabila? Apareco-]


Paul Kagame, who has been called the “African Hitler”, has been emboldened to continue killing since none of the world leaders has publicly denounced him or his amply documented crimes .  So now he plans to create more havoc in the DRC than he has already created since his invasion of the DRC in 1996.  The question is whether the Obama administration, the EU, and the UN are going to let it happen before they can stop him or begin to beg him to help stop the killings he starts in the first place.

This American administration (not the one of 1994 which actually helped Kagame and let him get away with mass murder) and the International Community may, this time, have to physically stop Paul Kagame (and Joseph Kabila) from triggering another series of mass killings just so that Kabila can remain forever le petit rwandais (“the little Rwandan”, according to one French official) inept and murderous dictator in DRC.

It is worth remembering that this Obama administration has decided to put an end to the mass rapes and mass killings in DRC, especially in eastern Congo.  Secretary of State John Kerry forcefully and unequivocally so stated when he presided his first Security Council meeting at the UN on July 17, 2013, after his confirmation as Secretary of State.  To this end, the US pushed for the creation of an FIB force that joined forces with a unit of the Congolese army (free of Rwandan infiltrates) and the UN in order to dislodge in October-November 2013 the Rwandan-created, Rwandan-manned, Rwandan-financed, Rwandan-equipped, and Rwandan-directed M23 forces that had been killing, raping, and occupying Congolese Kivus for over a decade (M23 being but the latest manifestation, according to Rwanda’s Chief Spy, Patrick Karegeya, of Kagame’s forces used to control eastern Congo).

Kerry and Kabila

[Kabila  intends to defy Kerry, the EU, and the UN]


The US, the EU, and the UN have to stand up to Kagame, to Kabila, and to their partners in order to stop the multitude of crimes, gang rapes, and instability they have already created in the DRC.  There is nothing mystical about the horrible crimes that the trio Kagame-Kabila-Museveni has perpetrated in DRC.  In order to put an end to crimes, good people must stop the criminals, regardless of their positions, their titles, or their ability to buy publicity, the media, or some other heartless presidents.

The people of DRC and of Rwanda deserve to be freed from these heartless criminals they have for leaders, Joseph Kabila, le petit Rwandais (real name Hyppolite Kanambe), and Paul Kagame.