Who is afraid of whom?  Definitely, “Joseph Kabila” isn’t afraid of Barack Obama or of his many words and threats of “sanctions”; because, “Kabila” knows that Obama knows that he has billions of dollars all over the place… So, for “Kabila” all US threats are just to save face, no less, no more…



When Noriega got his ego all swollen up because of his dealings with the CIA (as reported by Wikipedia) that he thought gave him immunity for him continuing his criminal activities, President George H.W. Bush sent the US marines to invade Panama and capture Noriega in 1989.

Obama and the US Congress must show the world that America hasn’t become a paper tiger, that the USA has the power to act unilaterally to arrest “Joseph Kabila” and stop the atrocities and prevent the DRC from falling apart.  The EU (whose leaders – especially Belgian – have financial interests in DRC or have been paid by Kabila) cannot dictate the US to take it easy (forget about “sanctions” that are worthless since they’ve got enough cash to even buy bread from North Korea)…

Kabila is so emboldened believing that if Obama’s America hasn’t done anything to his master Kagame, nothing America can do to him.  So, as President H.W. Bush did to Noriega and to chasing Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait, and Bill Clinton did in Kosovo, Barack Obama should do to “Joseph Kabila”.

Beside hanging up on and refusing to take President Obama’s calls and using his minions to insult and disrespect America, “Joseph Kabila” believes that Americans are such cowards, stupid, and idiots (“Wadjinga” in Kinyarwanda, the language of Kabila/Kanambe’s Rwandan Tutsi parents) that  not only they do NOT know that he isn’t Congolese or the son of Laurent Kabila, but he is sure that even if Americans knew, they have NO guts or courage to say it or to dare accuse him with being an impostor in DRC…

So, first, let’s remind ourselves that “Joseph Kabila” was named in the 15th paragraph of the Associated Press article of October 10, 2010, that reported on the UN Mapping Report dealing with the crimes and atrocities committed all over the DRC that “could amount to crimes of genocide if investigated”, according to the UN investigators.  The Associated Press reported, as to the perpetrators of these crimes,

It was the Rwandan Tutsi soldiers, led by now-president Paul Kagame, who as rebels ended Rwanda’s 1994 genocide? But they now are accused of vengeful massacres of Hutus when they took the war into Congo (in 1996).”

In the second sentence of the 15th paragraph of the AP article on the Mapping Report, it says that,

After months of denials that Rwandan troops were in Congo, Kagame took ownership of the invasion, admitting he had planned and ordered it.   Among officers commanding the coalition forces was Joseph Kabila, now president of Congo.”

That’s one crime, beside others, that “Joseph Kabila”, as a Rwandan Tutsi Officer of the invading forces of Paul  Kagame, has gotten away with for too long, due to the inaction of the most powerful force on the earth that its envoy, Thom Perriello, as this video from Kinshasa shows, is being threatened like a street criminal from an insignificant little country on earth…


America, take a look at the attack on the US envoy, being threatened like a small town criminal… And, yet, America dares not remove “Joseph Kabila” because of some lobbies who have been corrupted with millions of Congolese stolen minerals’ money???


This Monday, September 19th, 2016, when the DRC Constitution is supposed to trigger the elections for a new president, in the DRC, the security forces, under the direct orders of “Joseph Kabila” are shooting down and arresting Congolese citizens who, peacefully, are marching to protest Joseph Kabila’s intentionally NOT scheduling elections so he can “slip” – glissement – past his last term.

What many experts and media have predicted, including Foreign Policy on September 8, 2016, that “Congo’s president is preparing for war against his ‘own’ people” is coming true.

As US intelligence services know, NOTHING happen and no one is killed, in DRC, without the direct orders of “Joseph Kabila” and Paul Kagame.  So, the verbal attack on Tom Periello this past Sunday wasn’t an isolated lone guy taking Joseph Kabila’s fate in his own hands… Now, most American officials are fooled because they fail to understand “Joseph Kabila” and Paul Kagame’s modus operandi :  whatever decisions they take, they let their Congolese paid servants (so-called ministers or press secretaries or spokespersons) or Rwandans with Congolese names to make the declarations or commit the criminal acts so that, when there is an outcry, the Congolese fools can take the blame (i.e., when “Joseph Kabila” gave the order to assassinate Human Rights leader Floribert Chebeya, the paid Congolese head of the police, General John Numbi, carried out the act; then, he paid the price by being suspended so that his second-in-command, Bisengimana, a Rwandan Tutsi, took over control of the entire Congolese Police force).

This attack on Periello is just the latest on numerous attacks and acts of defiant even against international rights organizations, as well as acts of disrespect and outright dismissal of US advice, admonitions, as well as demands.

This guy, “Joseph Kabila”, as the French jurist said, is referred to by the diplomats in Kinshasa, in French, as “Le Petit Rwandais, or “the Little Rwandan”, as the Mapping Report also says…

So, WHY is the US acting as if “Joseph Kabila” is the master and Barack Obama is the servant?  Even Russia would not insult the US as “Joseph Kabila” has been doing, while killing the Congolese people time and time again.  Why is America so chicken and afraid of “Joseph Kabila”?…  The Congolese people he’s been killing aren’t afraid to still protest as they did, again, this September 19th, so why wouldn’t America show some guts?

Most importantly, why does America and other Western speakers keep talking about “dialogue” when “Kabila” is out of his last term, beside his crimes against Congolese people, and, the Congolese people who march and protest and are shot down keep chanting and publicly declaring that “Kabila” must go and that “Kabila must go back to Rwanda”?  Are Congolese lives so expandable or meaningless  to Westerners???

Should we list, for American officials, the actions taken by Kabila that threaten not only world peace, but also America’s strategic interests both in Africa and around the world?  How about him selling Congolese Uranium to North Korea and to Iran?  How about his giving China free dig-and-carry whatever minerals they want from the DRC soil?  How about his working with Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni for continued ethnic cleansing in eastern Congo for resources and land?  How about him now soliciting the different terrorists groups, from Syria to Somalia to come and set shop in the DRC?  Should we go on?…

(We know that, as reported by the AP and stated in the Mapping Report of Oct.1, 2010, as a former Rwandan Tutsi officer in Paul Kagame’s army, the Rwandan Tutsi “Joseph Kabila” – just look at the picture and see how he reverence his master


The Three who have turned the lives of Congolese people into HELL since 1996; And, check out the reverence and fear look in the eyes of the guy in the middle, “Kabila”/Kanambe, toward his master Paul Kagame, who is Satan-in-the-flesh (for those who know the TRUTH)


– is protected, supported, and defended by Paul Kagame who, in turn, has infiltrated his agents with Congolese identities all over America who, then, “mis-advise” American officials when it comes to Kagame, Kabila, or Museveni, beside the fact that Master Kagame has been friends with the Clintons, with members in the US government including close advisors of Obama and at the State Department, , and with many US institutions that have received millions of dollars of Congolese minerals blood-stained money from him…)

At the very least, NO ONE would say that Congolese-American experts and scholars and activists did NOT warn America and the world…

At the most, the world must know that Congolese people, at home and in the Diaspora, are not dumb and lambs of sacrifice for “Joseph Kabila”, Paul Kagame, and Kaguta Yoweri Museveni  who enjoy TOTAL IMPUNITY from Westerners no matter how they kill, mutilate, gang rape, and destroy the Congo and its people, for the world, instead of arresting and bringing to justice this trio of killers, to keep repeating ad nauseam that Congolese should dialogue, talk, and not rise up against these three who have been killing them in what, the New York Times called the longest and deadliest Holocaust on earth; while, the same Westerners go to war against Assad to protect “innocent” Syrians… No, Congolese people aren’t that stupid!!!!!!



Hitler Kagame yale-university-logo

Paul Kagame as Adolf Hitler, his little brother-in-crime, being invited by Yale University, an institution that is supposed to KNOW and uphold the TRUTH (Veritas)… Do those inviting Hitler Kagame know the truth about his crimes or have the millions that Kagame gave to Yale CLOSED their eyes???



Quiz question to the ignoramuses leaders at Yale who were involved in inviting this despicable mass killer: who killed more people, including running crematories, Adolf Hitler or Paul Kagame?



The question must be posed today when we learn that, in this 2016, a high learning institution like Yale, regardless of how gullible it is in receiving gifts without checking where the money is coming from, would invite a mass killer who is worse – if the comparison can really be made – than Adolf Hitler in every abominable mass killings that was done in Europe and more, that this Yale would invite this African mass killer to present a “World Fund Lecture”, this September 20, 2016.

coca-cola_logo_2007 whitney-betty-macmillan yale-un-petersalovey

Is there any connection between the lecture at Yale and Kagame’s crimes in the genocide of Rwanda and in the ongoing holocaust in the Congo or do Coca Cola, the Macmillans, and Salovey NOT CARE about the millions of Blacks and some whites who have been killed by Paul Kagame in Africa since 1990?  Which is it?


Let’s see:

Did the Coca Cola Company also fund Adolf Hitler’s European and Jewish Holocaust?  Has Coca Cola been funding Paul Kagame’s Rwandan genocide and DRC’s ongoing holocaust? Maybe anyone who is against holocausts, genocides, and gang rapes anywhere in the world should STOP consuming Coca Cola products?

Were or are Whitney and Betty Macmillan anti-Semites and/or anti-Blacks or else do they support mass killers Adolf Hitler or Paul Kagame who slaughters innocent people and occupy foreign countries as long as they have high positions in their countries and money  to give away?

Is Peter Salovey, the president of Yale University, an anti-Semites and/or anti Blacks, and does he have anything to say about who is invited to speak at Yale, like, Adolf Hitler or his African big brother-in-crime Paul Kagame?

What does Ian Shapiro, the director of the Macmillan Center, have upstairs instead of righteous judgment and abhorrence of atrocities and abominations such as perpetrated by Adolf Hitler and Paul Kagame?  Or, does he think that atrocities committed on Black people in Africa are not as comparable to those committed on white people in Europe?

730602mamaneventree-1 GENOCIDE - CONGO RAPE - CHOPPED ON NECK FATHER V MACHOZI massacreMwanaBeni[1]

Coca Cola, the Macmillans, or anyone at Yale who is a leader has a mother, a wife, a daughter, who, once raped by Paul Kagame, is cut off and killed in this manner, or a priest like Vincent Machozi who was recently killed for denouncing Kagame and Kabila’s scheme that has allowed Rwanda to now control Congo’s Kivu, and Congolese children being killed with machetes and axes just for being Congolese… All of them innocent… The Congo has NEVER invaded Rwanda!!


For anyone who does not know or is not aware of Paul Kagame as Big Brother-in-crime of Adolf Hitler, we’re saving most of our evidence for the debate we believe Yale will take us on since we’re publicly challenging their best gray matter; however, we give you, FIRST, an investigative documentary in video that was done and published by BBC titled “Rwanda, the Untold Story.

SECOND, we give you a UN Mapping Report released on October 1st, 2010, that detailed the multitude of crimes of mass slaughters committed throughout the Democratic Republic of the Congo under the order and leadership of Paul Kagame (because of Bill Clinton and the mining mafias reach and control of the UN, the report is still collecting dust in UN drawers without any investigation being done) – By the way, in the 15th paragraph of this AP article, you’ll read the name of “Joseph Kabila” as one of the officers commanding the invading troops that decimated the Rwandan Hutus and the Congolese army officers and civilians (you understand why Congolese people have been chanting for “Joseph Kabila” to “zonga na Rwanda” – meaning to “go back to Rwanda” –  also why, as soon as Kagame arranged for “Joseph Kabila” to replace Laurent Kabila, whom they assassinated, “Joseph Kabila” withdrew the DRC’s complaint against Kagame at ICJ, and he stopped demanding the 40 billions that ICJ ruled for Uganda to pay the DRC for stealing and selling its gold…

THIRD, we give you an article that was published in the New York Times, dealing with what the New York Times called the Congo “Holocaust”, lasting longer and costing more lives than the European or Jewish Holocaust…

Finally, for the sake of brevity and so you can have time to cover everything, we give you a website founded by Congolese religious minister, a priest by the name of Vincent Machozi, who was just assassinated manu militari by orders of Paul Kagame and his Trojan Horse in Kinshasa, cover name Joseph Kabila, real name Hyppolite Kanambe, because the priest dared to write that his Congolese home province of Kivu was now under the control of Rwanda due to a conspiracy between Kagame and Kabila-kanambe.  This website, Beniluberoonline, or Benilubero.com, though in French, you can see, in slide mode, the different atrocities committed by Paul Kagame on Congolese people (be strong to watch these photos, because, no human being, man, woman, or a child, deserves to be slaughtered in the way Paul Kagame, for Congo’s land and resources, has been slaughtering INNOCENT Congolese, who have done NO HARM to any Rwandan and the DRC has NEVER invaded Rwanda)…

Shame on Yale! Shame on Yale! Shame on Yale! Shame on Yale! Shame on Yale! Shame on Yale! Shame on Yale!



Rwanda_armyrecognition-com4,000 Rwandan troops arrived in Beni, in eastern Congo, this August 19, 2016.  When is Rwanda going to stop killing Congolese?  Until the UN and US investigate the UN Mapping Report of October 1, 2010, or until Kagame, Museveni, and “Kabila” are called to account for their crimes? (photo cr: armyrecognition.com)



The Congolese expert in intelligence who was trained in the top agencies of the world including the US, Germany, and Israel, who also directed Zaire’s intelligence services during part of Mobutu’s rule, and who is the only former Mobutu’s official who has been publicly engaged, through his movement called APARECO, joining forces with other Congolese in the worldwide Congolese Common Front, in trying to stop the DRC’s ongoing genocide and occupation by Rwandan and Ugandan forces, he, Honore Ngbanda, through his APARECO, has just issued, in French, an urgent warning about major events brewing in eastern Congo (No one has ever disputed the truthfulness of any secret dealings that he has exposed, such as how Paul Kagame and “Joseph Kabila” have infiltrated all the DRC institutions with Rwandans who make up a parallel government that truly runs the DRC):


Honore Ngbanda, the DRC expert in intelligence and former intelligence services director and minister of defense during part of Mobutu’s reign.  The only Mobutu’s official who is fighting to end the Congo genocide, gang rapes, and Rwanda’s and Uganda’s occupation of the DRC…


4,000 Rwandan soldiers have occupied the Beni airport in North Kivu since this past Friday 19th, 2016.  Why?  What is happening? What is in the works?

At the same time, 8,000 Ugandan soldiers have been stationed on the Ugandan border across from the Congolese town of Kasese, ready to move in and join forces with the Rwandan soldiers in order to heap havoc on the Congolese populations.

Meanwhile, from the DRC side, “Joseph Kabila” has infiltrated in the Congolese army in eastern Congo, thousands of Rwandan soldiers and officers who have been given FARDC’s uniforms and who operate, during the night, as “militias” and “rebels”, and, after gang raping, mutilating, and slaughtering Congolese people with machetes and hacks, and old hoes, they retreat to the army barracks before dawn where they put back on their uniforms: unseen and unheard!

cndp_Rwandan Militia-FARDC uniforms

Instantaneous metamorphosis: how “Joseph Kabila” helps Rwandan soldiers become Congolese soldiers by giving them FARDC’s uniforms that they just put on top of their Rwandan army uniforms…


Most of these 4,000 Rwandan soldiers are former prisoners, most of whom carry the HIV virus, who are given the assignment to go to eastern DRC and be paid to kill, and mutilate civilians, and, one of their incentive or reward is the “freedom” to rape any Congolese women, little girls, babies, or old ladies without worrying about the consequences of infecting or destroying these Congolese females (Panzi Hospital of Dr. Mukwege knows the reality of these crimes).  In order to carry out their assignment, these soldiers need no military training since the FARDC forces in eastern Congo are their fellow Rwandans who are there to work with them in ethnically cleansing eastern DRC of its Congolese populations as Rwandans move in to occupy the Congolese villages and towns.

This same Friday 19th, according to APARECO’s sources, a technical meeting took place in the  Rwandan border town of Gisenyi next to eastern Congo, where 14 Burundian Tutsi military generals who are beholden to Paul Kagame and were led by General Niyombare who is well known to MONUSCO and others.  These generals met with the fighters of M23 (hopefully everyone remembers that M23 fighters are Rwandans from Rwanda who were recruited in Rwanda and sent to go cause havoc in DRC, as the United Nations Security Council exposed it in 2012 and, even former head of Rwandan Military Intelligence, Colonel Patrick Karegeya, revealed and confirmed it, in 2014, to the French news agency RFI – So, who are those who are still so stupid or illiterate that they do not know this, and, therefore, Kagame and “Kabila” are trying to fool them by still boldly and publicly stating that, for peace’s sake, they are going to take these M23 Rwandan fighters from Rwanda, who are 100% Rwandans, and insert them, again, in the DRC army pretending that they are Congolese?).  This meeting in Gisenyi was intended to coordinate the planned murderous actions in eastern DRC against the Congolese populations.

This is why Paul Kagame and “Joseph Kabila” always assassinate any Congolese military officer who defeats Rwandan army units.  Examples are General Mbuza Mabe, Colonel Mamadou Ndala, and General Lucien Bahuma, just to name a few.  The Congolese troops and young officers are killed every day and those in military camps are disarmed and left to suffer and die; and, “Joseph Kabila” who is supposed to be their Commander-in-Chief, has been participating in this slaughter since he is, actually, Paul Kagame’s Trojan Horse in DRC…

All these preparations to cause havoc in the DRC, especially in eastern Congo, between now and December, have one goal: to keep “Joseph Kabila” in power past December of this year until Barack Obama leaves office, because, then, “Kabila” will continue to rule the DRC just like Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni are doing in their countries.  Kagame and Museveni know that if “Joseph Kabila” is no longer president of the DRC, they will lose their grip on eastern Congo where, working together with “Joseph Kabila”, they’ve been killing, gang raping, mutilating, and displacing Congolese populations while, at the same time, looting the DRC’s resources enriching themselves and their international partners.

So,  these three decided that if the international community is ok with Kagame and Museveni continuing their crimes in DRC, who’s going to make them not support “Kabila” continuing to rule in DRC?

As things are tightening up against him in Kinshasa, “Joseph Kabila” is spending most of his time in Goma, an eastern Congo town that is 100% controlled by Rwanda as is the entire Congolese Kivu, as Herman Cohen revealed as early as 2008, and the Beni Lubero priest, Vincent Machozi, revealed on the internet site BeniLubero.com, in March, 2016, which led to his assassination by Rwandan soldiers by orders of Paul Kagame and “Joseph Kabila”.  Indeed, plotting to allow Rwanda to take control of Congolese Kivu has been one of the tasks that were assigned to “Joseph Kabila” when his former commander-in-chief in the Rwanda army, Paul Kagame, arranged for him to become “president” of the DRC.  Thus, “Joseph Kabila”, in Rwanda-controlled Goma, is right at home, protected by his hired Namibian mercenaries and his fellow Rwandan Tutsi soldiers, albeit in FARDC’s uniforms.

Now, the populations of Beni and of Kasese are beginning to leave their houses and run to hide in the forests where they might escape for a while but they surely will be chased and slaughtered out of sight, even during the day, by these foreign forces from Rwanda and Uganda.

Where are MONUSCO, the US, the UN, and the EU, human rights NGO’s such as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and others to sound the alarm, as these troops begin to encroach on eastern Congo?

Remember, once more, that the entire Congolese Kivu is 100% under the control of Rwanda…  Any “new” militias such ADF (which is a Ugandan backed militia – why would Ugandans who want to overthrow Museveni in Uganda would be killing innocent Congolese people in their own country?) or the new “Islamist Terrorists” (who are nothing but Rwandans who drink alcohol and speak in Kinyarwanda and who were exposed by Reverend Machozi) are creations of Rwanda and Uganda in order to create a cover for the three partners, Kagame, Museveni, and “Kabila” to continue to slaughter Congolese people and create the excuse for “Kabila” to continue in power in DRC…

The UN and the world, you are warned so NOBODY would ever say that they never knew, as the Congolese people continue to be slaughtered.




The Irony: none of these African leaders has dared acknowledge, publicly, Kagame’s responsibility for the ongoing holocaust in or Rwanda’s occupation of the DRC, or even Kagame’s role in triggering the 1994 Rwandan genocide, or the ongoing assassination by Kagame of both his own people and Congolese, and those who have killed for him and any one who disagrees with him


How ridiculous, how frivolous, how demeaning for these African “Chiefs” to shamelessly gather together around this generation’s mass and mad-murderer worse-than-Hitler-and-King Leopold II-combined Paul Kagame!   (They do not deserve to be called heads of governments, whether presidents or prime ministers, but “Chiefs” in the old sense of some of those 16th and 17th centuries’ proud-less, humanity-less, and unprincipled African chiefs who will go to war against the tribe next door, catch its people, and sell them to European and Arab slave traders, and, sometimes, they sold even their own people who disagreed or challenged their misdeeds…)

These African chiefs just held the so-called “27th AU Summit” in, of all places, Kigali, in Rwanda, from 10th to 18th of July, 2016.

In Kigali? In Rwanda? Really?

Without shame, without self-respect, without manhood or womanhood, without any tiny intellectual, moral, or even human personality, pride, dignity, or self-worth, these African chiefs, as if they wanted to celebrate, elevate, and enthrone Paul Kagame as Satan himself while, at the same time, trampling both on his holocaust machine next door in DRC and on the bones that this Son-of-Satan has gathered in Rwanda and has labeled “monuments”, bones of mostly Hutus and some Tutsis who were slaughtered by this Satan Kagame himself and gathered together so he can, in the night, fancy over them (as his bodyguard of 10 years, Second Lieutenant Aloys Ruyenzi said that he likes to enjoy and fancy while killing and watching his fellow Rwandans and anyone he labels “enemy”, priest or not, being killed) while, during the day, he uses these bones to frighten into silence both his visitors and any Hutu or Tutsi who may think about being anything other than an obedient subject to him.  Without shame, these African chiefs decided to use as a theme for this meet in the home of Son-of-Satan, in Kigali, in Rwanda,

The “African Year of Human Rights”, “With Particular Focus of the Rights of Women”.  One could find it funny and comical if it were not so murderous, so seriously IRONIC as everyone knows the real record of Kagame’s Rwanda in these two areas!

Beni-victim-hache massacreMwanaBeni[1]

Human Rights in Kagame’s Rwanda?  This is what Kagame and his followers have been doing to Congolese children, after he did this to Hutu and Tutsi children in Rwanda.  And none of these African “leaders” know it or has the guts to publicly denounce it?


“Human Rights”? Really? In the Rwanda of Hitler Kagame who, with the help of Bill Clinton’s America and Uganda, and after triggering and slaughtering close to a million Rwandans in 1994 so he could take over power in Kigali – which he couldn’t do democratically since Tutsis are a minority – has turned Rwanda into a land of zombies who dare not speak up, dare not challenge him on policy (all his colleagues he has killed or they are on the run, hiding) or in elections (Victoire Ingabire still languishes in prison  even though the elections she challenged him about were in 2010) and dare not even question his satanic authority, whether they be Hutus or even his fellow Tutsis?

“African Year of Human Rights”?  “Human Rights” in Hitler Kagame’s Rwanda which has committed a greater holocaust in the DRC than Adolf Hitler committed in Europe or than King Leopold II of Belgium committed in DRC in the same time span (±20 years – 1887-1908)?

Has any of these Chiefs read the United Nations’ October 1, 2010 Mapping Report that detailed Paul Kagame’s crimes and serious human rights violations in DRC, and has the so-called African Union ever demanded that the UN investigates the crimes detailed in this report? NYET!

“African Year of Human Rights”?  What is the meaning of “Human Rights” to these African chiefs, the majority of them upholding NO rights whatsoever – human, social, political, intellectual, legal, free speech, free movement –  for their own people in their own countries?

“Human Rights”? In Kigali, Rwanda?  How many United Nations’ investigative reports detailing violation of DRC’s Human Rights have been published by UN investigators and panels of experts since Kagame’s Rwanda and Museveni’s Uganda’s 1996 invasion and subsequent occupation of the DRC that continues to this day?

Then, adding insult to injury, these African hypocrites dare embellish their “Human Rights” theme with “particular Focus on the Rights of Women”. Shame, shame, shame!  Which women, as far as Rwanda or the DRC is concerned? In 1994, as Aloys Ruyenzi recounts (link to his testimony given above), Hitler Kagame would climb on top of an armed jeep and begins, from the top of a hill, shoot indiscriminately on Rwandan women, children, men on a village market while ordering his troops to slaughter everyone, whether they be Hutus or Tutsis, in unprovoked attack so he could blame it on Hutus. Rights of women?

GENOCIDE - CONGO RAPE - CHOPPED ON NECK  730602mamaneventree-1

This is what the so-called leaders of the AU support and mean when they speak about the “Focus on the Rights of Women”, Kagame is doing this to Congolese women after gang raping them (he did the same to Rwandan women); he has made the DRC “rape capital of the world”, including raping 2-year old little girls for nearly 20 years now.  And, sorry, the African leaders  are all illiterate and blind, so they’re not aware of these crimes 


“Rights of women”? After taking power in 1994 in Rwanda, fanning the old and dépassé  “superiority” complex of Tutsis over Hutus, Kagame has elevated and created programs that put Tutsi women on top of Hutu women – hence Victoire Ingabire and other Hutu women rotting in prisons are the “lucky” ones alive for Kagame felt “sorry” for them instead of killing them, which they “deserve” as Kagame put it – while fraudulently sending tens of thousands of Tutsi women and children all over the world to receive asylum as “Congolese”.

Only in Africa where there is NO independent judicial save in a couple of countries so that mad men like Kagame can invent “crimes” that people in free countries simply call “freedom of speech” such as “genocide denier”, if one dare speak the scientific and verifiable truth that more Hutus than Tutsis died in 1994 or “threatening state security” when one questions the president’s murderous actions or the truthfulness of the government’s criminal and discriminatory policies.

“Rights of Women”? Unless all these African chiefs are as illiterate as Paul Kagame’s Trojan Horse in the DRC by the name of “Joseph Kabila” (real name Hyppolite Kanambe), they have to be aware that Hitler Kagame and his associate Museveni have turned the DRC, especially eastern DRC into, not only the “Rape Capital of the World” where Rwandan Tutsi maniacs have continued to gang rape Congolese women, but also they have been mutilating all Congolese women and tiny little girls in ways that will make Satan himself cringe.  Rights of Women?

These African chiefs who agreed to go and be guests of Paul Kagame have demonstrated to all African people and to the world (which KNOWS the truth though its governments keep quiet: i.e., all diplomats in Kinshasa refer to “Joseph Kabila”, in French, as “Le Petit Rwandais” – the Little Rwandan) that all of these African “big shots”, having cavorted with Kagame and none of them having denounced him, that they support:

  1. An African mad man who had slaughtered his own people in order for him to wrestle power from a democratic government by force, albeit with the unwitting(?)   yet the complete and total backing of THE SUPERPOWER OF THE WORLD AND THE MIGHTIEST ARMY EVER BUILT;


  1. A REALLY MANIAC WORSE THAN IDI AMIN DADA – if anyone out there remembers him since we live in what we call a short memory generation – who (Kagame), after getting in power through the genocide he triggered and committed, has engaged in an UNBELIEVABLE, INCOMPREHENSIBLE, UNHEARD OF, AND SYSTEMATIC ASSASSINATION of every one, young or old, man or woman, wherever in the world he or she escapes to, and, often times, whole families and relatives of the HUTU MAJORITY GROUP of his own country. He has assassinated all the officials and educated ones, but also anyone with any education or training and who has the potential to use that knowledge and education and training in A FREE AND FAIR society to advance the common good in a democratic society;


  1. The madness of Kagame rises to another level when, as described by his own Tutsi colleagues and young followers and subordinates who had been with the Tutsi RPF movement from the beginning in Uganda where the RPF originated, he has assassinated not just all the Tutsi leaders who led RPF before him so he could take control, but also those who were his friends and colleagues in invading and taking over in Rwanda, and any officer or member of the movement who disagreed or questioned his decisions or else dared to oppose his evil orders and plans; including, anyone who carried out his orders to kill, gang rape, mutilate


  1. The demented nature of Kagame’s convoluted mind in his plans to invade and occupy a neighboring country, the DRC.


  1. Moreover, even if these African chiefs do not read, listen to the radio, watch TV news, or surf the internet, they all MUST OR AT LEAST OUGHT TO BE aware that Satan Paul Kagame killed THREE (3) African heads of state: Juvenal HABYARIMANA of Rwanda and Cyprien NTARYAMIRA of Burundi, and Laurent KABILA of the DRC.

As we write this, all these African “leaders” know that the DRC is being run by Rwandans, that “Joseph Kabila” is a Rwandan who works for his master Satan Kagame and, together, they’ve been wiping out all Congolese populations of Congo’s Kivus so that they can replace them with Rwandan Tutsis who are now being educated all over the world as “Congolese” and Hutu villagers who will then be servants to these Tutsis.

These African chiefs who know the colonial history of Africa, they DO know that Tutsis and Hutus had never been, as a group, Congolese because, historically, Rwanda and Burundi formed the little ancient kingdom called Rwanda-Urundi that, with today’s Tanzania, made up Germany’s east African colony (Deutsch Ostafrika), 1884-1919, before being cut up, after Germany lost the first World War, with Tanzania going to England and Rwanda-Urundi to Belgium.  After bringing Tutsis and Hutus to Belgium Congo as migrant workers after 1920, Belgium tried and failed to carve a piece of land in the Congo for these workers because those established tribes, as anywhere in Africa, had inherited their land from their ancestors and, without forbidding any foreigners from living among them, they would not permanently relinquish the land of their ancestors to any foreigner. Thus, since 1996, Satan Kagame and his Tutsi extremists have been grabbing, stealing Congolese Kivus by simply wiping out Congolese populations.  The UN forces have been witnessing this holocaust and ethnic cleansing saying NOTHING, and doing NOTHING to stop it (Rwandan killers carrying out this ethnic cleansing in eastern Congo wearing DRC’s army uniforms given them by the Rwandan Tutsi Hyppolite Kanambe a.k.a. Joseph Kabila have become so bold that recently, in broad day light and with UN troops knowledge, assassinated a Congolese Catholic priest, Father Vincent Machozi, because he dared to write the truth that “Joseph Kabila” has been conspiring with Paul Kagame in Rwanda’s occupation of the Kivus) .

Whatever happened to the “NEVER AGAIN” pledge by the nations of the world after the European holocaust of the Second World War?  For these African so-called “leaders”, as long as their former colonial masters have said nothing in denouncing Kagame for his crimes in Rwanda, DRC, and all over the world, the African chiefs who met in Rwanda are required, obliged, and commanded to keep quiet, consequently, they have all been keeping their mouths shut.

What a travesty!  What a shame!  It might as well have been an act of God who imposed on the gathering this theme so that all who attended will be crowned with an ETERNAL SHAME.  And, maybe, no, most definitely, we pray, we request, and we petition that this righteous God will make pompous, megalomaniac, and psycho-neurotic Paul Kagame, who kills and gang rapes and mutilates and thinks of himself above God and man so he hunts down and destroys God’s created humans – Tutsis, Hutus, Congolese, Ghanaians, whites, including servants of God and volunteers of all races who only wanted to better the lives of the victimized in Rwanda and DRC – maybe God will make him go mad like he made King Nebuchadnezzar (in the book of Prophet Daniel) so that he, Kagame, like Nebuchadnezzar, can eat grass and sleep in the company of the cattle on his ranch in Rwanda, and he can moo and wail and wail, day and night, over the millions he has killed, gang raped, mutilated, and burned in crematories in Rwanda and in the DRC, and then, unlike Nebuchadnezzar who was restored, that Kagame can go and join his brother Lucifer in hell for them to run the business there.

Here is the little caviar in all of this: none of the African countries that make up what they call today the African Union that met in Rwanda is independent enough with a strong and righteous leader who can denounce the Congo holocaust, for fear that the colonial masters and the superpowers that give them “aid” wouldn’t like it since they’ve been benefiting from the blood of the Congolese.

“There comes a time when silence is betrayal,” Martin Luther King, Jr. said, which applies to these African so-called leaders.  And we add that morality and humanity are not currencies used by the world’s vultures of money and power, as exemplified by the vultures benefiting from the DRC resources on the blood of the Congolese holocaust!



COP 21

Cop 21 for the entire world, not just for the light-skinned part of the world (photo cr.: ibtimes.co.uk)



As UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon welcomed over a hundred world leaders to the UN, this April 22, 2016 in order for them to sign the COP 21 Agreement, anyone who is HONEST and seriously interested in the survival of our planet Earth should read this and take stock.

This is about ONE-THIRD of the LUNGS of our planet and it is being quickly destroyed by greed, corruption, murder, and gang-rape. This is befalling a race of people who are, today, the object of world media and world leaders’ indifference, silence, and contempt (over 8 million have been slaughtered and over 3 million women and little girls have been gang-raped) because of the victims’ “sable skin,” as the French Philosopher and Scholar of the 19th century, Count Constantin de Volney, put it so bluntly in his indictment of the ruling powers of his time. The Black race in Africa, de Volney wrote, had become the object of the ruling world’s “scorn” and discrimination.  Nevertheless, anyone who’s not corrupt, racist, greedy, or ignorant and who’s sincere about saving the earth’s environment must, at the very least, dialogue with us who are involved in trying to end the generalized slaughter of the people and of the biodiversity of the country that is the subject of this article.


Celebrating Cop 21 while letting Rwanda, with TOTAL impunity, occupy, kill and gang rape the people, and destroy the biodiversity in the Congo-Zaire while totally ignoring the people’s voices and their cries (photo cr.: Alphr.com)


The country of the Blacks we are dealing with here is the Democratic Republic of the Congo, or, as we like to refer to it, Congo-Zaire.

How important is Congo-Zaire to the survival of our common planet EARTH?

According to Greenpeace.org of the United Kingdom (England), “the rainforest of the Congo basin is the second largest on Earth; only the Amazon is larger. Around two-thirds of the region’s intact forest is found in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)…”


The wealth of biodiversity is also immense… the Congo plays a vital role in regulating climate, both locally and globally….  In spite of all this natural wealth (or, more to the point, because of it), the African forests are under threat: titles for these areas across central Africa already cover some 50 million hectares… More than 20 million hectares of logging titles are in the DRC, where international logging companies are causing social chaos and environmental havoc….

And, finally,

In the DRC, we’ve also shown that in exchange for the rights to log timber worth many hundreds of thousands of dollars, companies may give communities gifts worth as little as $100. These ‘social responsibility contracts’ provide gifts like salt, beer, soap and sugar and are little more than licences to loot the country’s rainforest, so we prefer to call them ‘contracts of shame’. Schools and hospitals promised by the loggers also fail to materialise but the communities are also forced to sign away their right to protest. Those who do are often met with intimidation and sometimes arrest as the local authorities side with the loggers.

The impact of uncontrolled logging on climate change could be catastrophic. If current trends continue, by 2050 deforestation in the DRC will release about the same amount of CO2 into the atmosphere as the UK has over the last sixty years…”


THE GREEDY COMPANIES ARE GETTING THEIR “CONTRACTS OF SHAME” FROM “JOSEPH KABILA”’S GOVERNEMENT… (Remember the British exposed that he had stolen and stored away $15 billion of DRC wealth in the British Virgin Islands (this chap, as the British would say, who entered the DRC for the first time  wearing gardener’s boots in 1996 as Commander Hyppo with the RPA, the Rwandan army that was led by James Kabarebe, his uncle and today’s Rwandan defense minister) and his aunt Jaynet “Kabila” was just cited in the Panama Papers with billions stored there too).



The UN has been conspiring NOT to expose the killers and the destroyers of Congo-Zaire’s people and biodiversity.  It has buried and locked in its drawers The Mapping Report of October 1, 2010.  How long? What happened to the pledge of Never Again? Who is the UN protecting by burying this Report, Bill Clinton, Paul Kagame, the slaughtered and gang raped Congolese people, the Congolese biodiversity being decimated? (The UN knows that if this report is investigated, it will expose the criminals…  However, the UN’s raison d’être is NOT to protect mass murderers but to protect and safeguard the lives of the innocent, regardless of the color of their skin, and, as to COP 21 and humanity’s environment, the UN should be prosecuting mass killers who have NO immunity regardless of their position…).


Whatever happened to “Never Again” or do you weep only for the light skinned ones , oh ye the powerful? (photo cr.: climatechangenews.com)


The BBC’s investigative documentary report speaks volumes on the African Great Lakes horror stories since 1990 when Paul Kagame led mono-ethnic Tutsi forces, backed by the Ugandan official army, to take power by force in Rwanda, in 1994, when Kagame ordered the shooting down of the Rwandan government presidential plane that killed two heads of state.

Additionally, “Crisis in the Congo, Uncovering the Truth”, documents the invasion of the Congo-Zaire under the twin command of Clinton-Kagame, which has led to the unspeakable and still continuing slaughter, mass rapes, and the above-mentioned “contracts of shame”.

For all these crimes and environmental destruction in the Congo-Zaire to end, good world leaders and philanthropists must unite and speak and work with the Congolese forces outside of the DRC such as the Congolese Common Front, in order to speed up the change that is needed in the DRC.

The earth will be better off when the nations, the governments, and the influential philanthropists join forces to battle and prosecute mass killers and greedy companies that put money above human lives and the survival of our planet’s biodiversity.





Dear Mr. President Barack Obama, our Commander-in-Chief:

I volunteered and voted for you.  By the struck of luck, MSNBC interviewed me in 2008 in Harlem, New York, USA.  I have also written to defend the righteousness of your policies, a tiny sample can be read here , here , and here.  Therefore, Mr. President, allow me to feel entitled to declare that I and my Congolese people, the real – not the impostors who are passing themselves as Congolese –, we deserve your addressing us and our concerns, both privately and publicly before the American people and before the world.

Mr. President, I am neither a Syrian-American, nor an Iraqi-American, nor a French-American.  I am a Congolese-American and, publicly, every day’s American foreign policy deals with Syria, Iraq, France’s terrorist attacks, yet, in none of these countries are its citizens being daily slaughtered and little girls being gang raped at the rate it is happening in the Congo, with TOTAL IMPUNITY and TOTAL SILENCE from the international community.


After being gang raped, Congolese women are killed (while Rwandan impostors in the US are receiving asylum passing for “Congolese” and lying that Congolese soldiers raped them) 


Our Commander-in-Chief, your foreign policy toward my Congo so-called “democratic republic”, my country of origin, though better than Bill Clinton’s who triggered this Congo genocide, gang rapes and misery by hiring and helping Rwanda, Uganda, and Burundi invade and occupy the Congo in 1996, has NOT been forceful enough to end the killings, the gang rapes, and the impunity since you became president.


Rwandan and Ugandan militias and soldiers wearing Congolese army’s uniforms kill whole Congolese families if they don’t run away from their villages, which are, then, repopulated with Rwandans and Ugandans who are given Congolese identities.


Why, Mr. President?

Bad advice or mis-information or lack of the decoding of Rwandan use of Ubwenge whereby the wolf – Rwanda – has put on sheep’s clothing – Congolese identity – and now speaks for the sheep both in the Congo and everywhere?

cndp_Rwandan Militia-FARDC uniforms

Rwandan soldiers metamorphosing into “Congolese” soldiers by putting on top of their Rwandan uniforms the Congolese ones given to them by “Joseph Kabila” who is Kagame’s Trojan Horse in DRC


As a teacher of Law and a thinker, realize, Mr. President, that the policy and Law 109-456 for the Congo you designed as a senator was based on false assumptions grounded in Rwanda’s Ubwenge (described above) and in Bill Clinton’s cover up of the invasion (claiming it was a “rebellion”) and occupation of our Congo, a sovereign country.  Thus, while your policy was designed for the relief, security, and democracy in DRC, it should have been designed for ending the invasion, the occupation of the DRC and ending the genocide, and the gang rapes by foreign forces from Rwanda and Uganda.

Why, Mr. President, has the Congo become the sacrificial lamb given to Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni as a reward for their armies’ participation in UN missions and their cooperation with the US Pentagon? Really, Mr. Commander-in-Chief, in this day and age, is it necessary, for our US military’s interests, to sacrifice the lives of over 9 million Congolese (being slaughtered by Rwandan and Ugandan armies and their militias) the gang raping of 2 million Congolese women and tiny little girls of less than 2 years old?


The trio Museveni-Kanambe/Kabila-Kagame who have made sure that the Congolese genocide and gang rapes that started in 1996 never end while they have become billionaires, benefiting TOTAL IMPUNITY from the International Community 


We, Congolese, never claimed that we would not sell our minerals to America for America, under Bill Clinton, to allow Rwanda and Uganda to invade, occupy, and wipe out the Congolese populations in the eastern Congo in order to annex these lands and sell Congo’s minerals to America and to others!  Plus, the Congolese army never refused to cooperate with the US Pentagon in order for the US Pentagon to have military bases in tiny Rwanda while “looking the other way” and keeping quiet over Rwanda’s continued occupation of, slaughter, and gang rapes in the Congo!

Has America become a country that tolerates mass killers and gang rapists, as long as America’s  nebulous mining companies and military are being served by these criminals?

Really, Mr. President, don’t you know that Paul Kagame triggered the Rwanda genocide of 1994 while being protected by Bill Clinton, and that, after taking over Rwanda, Clinton helped, supported, participated in Rwanda and Uganda’s invasion of the Congo, and that, as Tanzania revealed recently, the Congo has become now a colony of Rwanda with Rwandans, using Congolese identities, running the Congo?


Bill Clinton and Paul Kagame (Both are the reason why the 1994 Rwandan genocide took place and the Congolese genocide and gang rapes have been going on since 1996)


Is the above evidence kept from you, Mr. President?

Why, Mr. President, is the 2010 UN Mapping Report on mass killings in the DRC still languishing in the drawers of the UN?  Aren’t you aware that letting this report of Kagame’s crimes in DRC remain dormant in UN drawers is equivalent to you covering up for the criminal Paul Kagame, just like Bill Clinton covered up for him in stopping any investigations that would have charged Paul Kagame with triggering the Rwandan genocide  as you saw in the BBC’s investigative documentary?

Mr. President, why is America pretending like the Congo is a democracy when even small countries’ intelligence agencies know that the Congo is being run by extremist Rwandan Tutsis under the command of Paul Kagame and our CIA knows this?

How and why can America, its CIA, not expose the occupation of the Congo by Rwanda when, not only Tanzania, but also the former Congolese spy chief, Honore Ngbanda, who was trained by the CIA, have given details and named names in Rwandan occupation of the Congo?

Can a genocide be covered up forever?  Can Paul Kagame, while killing and raping in DRC, intimidate the UN, the West, and the international community forever while also buying, using Congolese minerals’ billions, world media and institutions forever? Does this mean that Adolf Hitler would have gotten away with the holocaust if he had been friends with America and England as Paul Kagame was with Bill Clinton and Tony Blair and has been getting away with the Rwandan and Congolese genocides?

Finally, Mr. President, we, Congolese-Americans and Congolese opposed to Rwandan occupation of our country, have filed complaints with the CIA and with the Justice Department about the crimes that Rwanda and Uganda are committing in our Congo and about Rwanda sending its citizens to America with Congolese identities so that tens of thousands of them have been fraudulently given asylum as Congolese in the US; meanwhile, our people back in eastern Congo have become refugees in their own country by being killed and chased out of their own villages by Rwandan militias and Rwandan soldiers in Congolese uniforms (operating as “Congolese” soldiers) while their villages are being given over to Rwandans through a conspiracy by Paul Kagame and his Trojan Horse in DRC, Hyppolite Kanambe a.k.a. Joseph Kabila.


Congolese being chased from their villages by Rwandan and Ugandan armies (wearing Congolese army uniforms) and militias. They settle as refugees in their own country while Rwanda, in a conspiracy with Bill Clinton, has brought to the US for asylum tens of thousands of Rwandans with Congolese identities. (Photos cr.: left, worldwithouttorture.org; right, genderacrossborders.com)



And, Mr. President, like the French resistance movement under General Charles de Gaulle, we, Congolese who are opposed to Rwanda’s occupation of our country and who cannot fight inside the DRC in order to avoid being killed (by bullets or by poison), and with the leadership of Honore Ngbanda mentioned above, we have published our Solemn Declaration (in French and English) to all the nations that make up the United Nations, hoping that some nations will contact us and help us free our country from Rwanda’s and Uganda’s occupation, and restore our country’s independence, national sovereignty, and territorial integrity, before we can, then, bring about REAL DEMOCRACY.

We appreciate what you’ve done so far for the DRC, Mr. President; but, based on the evidence provided above, please, adjust your policy toward the DRC in order to end, before your last term ends, the ongoing occupation and genocide in the Congo. And, please, talk to us because we are also Americans who care just like Syrian-Americans, Jewish-Americans, Palestinian-Americans…

Thank you, Mr. President.




congo wealth n holocaust

J. Herbst and G. Mills: “There is No Congo” (photo cr.: printerest.com)



Jeffrey Herbst and Greg Mills’ rant: “Why the only way to help Congo is to stop pretending it exists”.

We, Congolese, answer Herbst and Mills: Your racism, ignorance, and contempt toward our Ancestors’ land is as great as your Ph. D’s! The Congo existed before you were born, it will endure after you’re gone!

Who are these two pompous and contemptuous whites who think that their whiteness entitles and empowers them to speak for 70 million Congolese as if we, Congolese, are animals in the forest who do not count because we do not know or speak the language of humans in order for us to speak both for ourselves and for our own country so that these two whites dare decide for our country while ignoring and dismissing us, Congolese? If a Congolese spoke like this about one European country, wouldn’t he or she be called mad or crazy?

Greg Mills is Gregory John Barrington Mills, a white South African born in 1962, bred, and schooled as white in Apartheid South Africa. A central belief of racist white South Africans is that Blacks, especially Black Africans are non-humans.  Greg Mills heads an outfit based in Johannesburg, South Africa, called the Brenthurst Foundation (its moto is “Strengthening Africa’s Economic Performance”, which, if you cannot decipher it, means the same thing as what King Leopold II did in Congo Independent State and what Whites who implemented Apartheid’s policies did in South Africa, by strengthening Africa’s Economic performance” for whites, to hell with the Blacks, the Africans, their aspirations, their liberties, their voice, and their lives – which is the theme of “There is no Congo”).  This outfit was established and is funded by… guess who… the Oppenheimer family.  Yes, that very Oppenheimer family of Anglo American Corporation and of De Beers Consolidated Mines that will, for ever, be associated with Apartheid, dehumanization of millions of Black Africans, human “passes”, the slaughter and the debasing of Blacks, and the abuse and exploitation of Blacks as beasts of labor in South African mines for the enrichment and the enjoyment of whites ONLY…  Tell me who you work for and I’ll tell you…

Jeffrey Herbst is Jeffrey I. Herbst, a white American born in 1961, bred and schooled as a white during the racist Jim Crow laws in America. Tell me who do you associate with and I will tell you…


congo eat some

Mills and Herbst: “Congo… you’ll eat it until you tire away.” (photo cr.: nytimes.com)


Let NO ONE write to us about the expertise and the accomplishments of these two PhDs.  We have NO interest in their degrees, their works, or their status.  In their rambling against our country, the Congo, they demonstrate NO knowledge of our people, our culture, or our aspirations.  We, Congolese, do not give a hoot even if these two were Satan himself or Adolf Hitler or King Leopold II, or Paul Kagame, or Yoweri Museveni, or even Kagame’s Trojan Horse in DRC, Hyppolite Kanambe a.k.a. Joseph Kabila.  Mills and Herbst do not even know the Anthropology of our country or our cultural, spiritual, physical, ethnic and social oneness as bana ya mama na biso moko na kombo Congo.  None of these two is qualified to speak for us, Congolese.  Then, they use some saying by the thieves Yoweri Museveni and Paul Kagame that says, in the Kiswahili used by Tipo Tip, the Arab guy who was involved in African slave trading in East Africa, that “Congo is a big country — you will eat it until you tire away!”  And, these robbers’ dictum is used by these two white racists to somehow justify their rant that everyone has “eaten away at Congo’s vast mineral wealth with little concern for the coherency of the country left behind.”  These two pretentious “experts” willfully pretend to totally ignore the impact of the outside interference in the history of the Congo, from King Leopold II’s slaughter of 15 million Congolese, to Belgian colonial rule that ended with NOT ONE Congolese with a university degree as opposed to what the French and the British who allowed their colonized subjects to get higher education, to America’s CIA and Belgium not only killing Patrice Lumumba, but also trying to break up the Congo with the Katanga secession – which did not succeed because the Congolese refused to be divided, to Bill Clinton’s America and Tony Blair’s England deciding to get rid of the French influence in the African Great Lakes by funding, training, and militarily supporting and participating in Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni’s genocide in and take over of Rwanda in 1994 and their subsequent 1996 invasion of the then-Zaire, their ultimate aim, in order to remove Mobutu and allow  the minority Rwandan Tutsis to rule not only Rwanda but also the Congo while allowing the international mafias to help themselves to DRC’s resources until today, an invasion and occupation of the Congo where these Tutsis have slaughtered over 9 million innocent and raped over 2 million Congolese women and tiny 2 months-old girls (Herbst and Mills pretend to not know that “Joseph Kabila” whose real name is Hyppolite Kanambe, is not only a Rwandan Tutsi who’s not Laurent Kabila’s son but rather a Tutsi son of a Tutsi woman who was his thirteenth wife, he is also a former intelligence officer in Paul Kagame’s mono-ethnic Tutsi army that invaded the DRC, a nephew of James Kabarebe and, in the DRC, he works for or is the Trojan Horse of Paul Kagame who actually controls the Congo as King Leopold II used to do, as the Tanzanians recently revealed).

Strangely, Herbst and Mills follow their rant about “eating the big Congo…” with “Congo has none of the things that make a nation-state… Instead, Congo has become (from what?) a collection of peoples, groups, interests, and pillagers who coexist at best.”  This is a huge lie and it shows the racism and contempt of those whites who think they “know” the Congolese better than the Congolese know themselves.

The TRUTH: Actually, no African country, since its independence, has resisted the attempts at being broken up or divided as the Congo has. The over 250 ethnic groups that make up the Congo live and form ONE people, ONE nation, and ONE culture that is epitomized in Congo’s cultural unit displayed in what all Black Africa and the world know as “Congo music” sang in the Congo’s cultural national language of Lingala (not French as these two “experts” write).  A Congo culture that has transcended the continent of Africa and is being studied and copied all over the world, from Europe to the Americas and to Asia.  In fact, little Rwanda has had more inter-ethnic strife than the huge DRC.  Or Herbst and Mills do not know this?

To these two racists, the Congo in nothing but a “vast territory that is sparsely populated but packed with natural resources”,   And their ultimate agenda as agents of international economic vultures and backers of Rwanda’s and Uganda’s occupation and control of the DRC is revealed in their statement that “Economically, the various outlying parts of Congo are better integrated with their neighbours than with the rest of the country;” concluding, without shame or decency, that “Congo’s neighbors have learned to ignore its sovereignty”.  Note that in the above rambling, Congolese people are not mentioned even ONCE!

Not believing that the entire world is racist and anti-Congolese and covet Congolese resources while not giving a damn about its people, we, Congolese intellectuals and leaders demand that the International Community remembers this “simple, albeit brutal fact”:  The Democratic Republic of the Congo belongs to us and is inhabited by us (now, we have another struggle to contend with which is that, since invading and occupying Congo, Kagame and the Tutsis have given Congolese identities to tens of thousands of Tutsis – there’s never been an ethnic group in DRC called Tutsi or Hutu, you can check with Belgian colonial records – who’ve been sent to the US as Congolese refugees and given asylum as such); furthermore, the DRC is not the only country on this planet that is huge compared to its tiny or poor neighbors.  China, Russia, India, Germany, and France come to mind.  No one has ever suggested that these countries give up their territorial integrity and national sovereignty so that their tiny and less prosperous neighbors help themselves to these big countries’ territory and resources. No one has ever suggested that, because of the many ethnic groups in China, India, or Russia, that these countries cannot BE LEFT ALONE or helped to build their economy. Thus, we, Congolese, deserve, demand, and would accept no less for our country.  It is, therefore, the height of contempt for anyone, white or Black, to suggest what Herbst and Mills wrote in their diatribe “there is no Congo”.

As for “peacekeeping missions, special envoys, interagency processes, and diplomatic initiatives” that “are doomed to fail”, as Mills and Herbst proclaim, it is not because “Congo does not exist”; but, rather, it is because of the very racism, greed, and contempt of the likes of Mills and Herbst who cover up the West’s interference and crimes against the Congo added to the propaganda that Congo “does not exist” so as to justify the foreign vultures’ illegal exploitation of the wealth of the Congo.

A few facts that Herbst and Mills could not dare mention:  Since 2000, UN investigators have put out numerous reports on the “Illegal Exploitation of the resources of the Democratic Republic of the Congo,” and the UN investigators have recommended that those countries and companies involved in this thievery be sanctioned.  None has ever been sanctioned.  Bill Clinton, who initiated the Congo’s invasion of 1996-1997, made sure that no country (Rwanda or Uganda,…) and no company (mining, or otherwise) was ever sanctioned.  For instance, Madam Prosecutor Carla del Ponte was removed from the UN by Bill Clinton for wanting to prosecute Kagame’s crimes in Rwanda and the DRC, and many investigations on the Rwandan genocide and the Congo crimes were stopped by the same Bill Clinton.  Finally, as we write this, while Syria’s president’s “crimes” have invited world powers to remove him, Kagame, who killed 500,000 Rwandans and over 9 million Congolese is still being funded and welcomed by the West while there is a 2010 Mapping Report on the Congo Crimes that has been collecting dust in the drawers of the UN.  America, England, Germany, China, and even South Africa, NO ONE has demanded that these crimes against the innocent Congolese be investigated and the culprits, Paul Kagame, Yoweri Museveni, and a.k.a. Joseph Kabila, their armies and militias be brought to justice.  Thus the  “peacekeeping missions, special envoys, interagency processes, and diplomatic initiatives” are but instruments of the Congo’s occupation and exploitation. They insure maintaining the status quo while allowing Kagame’s Rwandan army and militias to continue killing, raping, and occupying the entire DRC in association with Museveni’s Uganda.  Meanwhile, the international resource vultures are having a free for all in the DRC provided that they ignore the occupation, the exploitation, the gang rapes, and the holocaust in the Congo, while sharing the loot with everyone involved.

Did Mills and Herbst watch “Crisis in the Congo, Uncovering the Truth”?  Did they see BBC’s “Rwanda, the untold Story?  Have they read the “Solemn Declaration – in French and English – ” by the Congolese leaders of the Diaspora who have been fighting their country’s occupation by Rwandans?

As the cry from America’s all races youth herald a new era with “Black Lives Matter”, we hope that the world, beginning with America, England, Germany, France, Russia, China, and African states would heed our Congolese cry that “Congo Lives Matter” and help stop this Congo holocaust that has been going on since 1996 while condemning cheap and contemptuous diatribes such as “There is no Congo”.