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As Obama nears the end of his 8 years in office, the African Great Lakes Trio, Museveni, Kabila-Kanambe, and Kagame are laughing as they continue in their crimes and extending their forever hold on power… Superpower America seems impotent against them, this article shows WHY…


Incredible atrocities that the New York Times (Feb. 10, 2010) termed a “Holocaust” have been happening in the Democratic Republic of Congo for years and, during the entire 8 (eight) years of Barack Obama’s administration, this holocaust has continued unabated.  As President Obama’s last term draws to a close, questions should be asked and/or an assessment should be made as to WHY there hasn’t been an end to these atrocities – just visit Panzi Hospital and for evidence.

One is shocked, disappointed, and saddened when one hears Americans who are officials and experts speak about today’s DRC as if they’re talking about a parallel world in which the things that the media and the people KNOW and are speaking about, these Americans are so grandly oblivious to them.

The latest case of this irreconcilable dichotomy between the reality and what American experts still “believe” and continue to advocate was exemplified by the conference that took place at the Africa Security Initiative of the Brookings Institute in Washington DC on August 15, 2016.  The conference was titled “What can be done to avert the impending constitutional crisis in the Congo?.  We will come back to this.

Knowledge and elementary Logic teach that false assumptions lead to false conclusions; and, wrong intelligence, in the world of political, military, or espionage assessment, confrontation, or cooperation lead to wrong policy and wrong actions/moves that ultimately lead to defeat, to maintenance of the status quo, or to the aggravation of the situation that needed to be corrected in the first place.  Do American policy makers on Africa understand this?

The American policy toward the African Great Lakes, especially toward the DRC has been totally the opposite of reality, keeping in mind that the DRC, alone, has borne, during the entire two terms of the Obama administration, the full force of the violence and atrocities in the African Great Lakes and the barely veiled plotting between the presidents of Rwanda and of the DRC both in the perpetration of this holocaust and in the occupation, by Rwanda, of the Congolese Kivu, as the Beni Lubero priest, Vincent Machozi, reported on the internet site BeniLuberoOnline, on 21 June, 2016, which led to Kagame and “Kabila” sending Rwandan troops in RDC army uniforms to assassinate him manu militari .  Think about it: During the eight years of the Obama administration, NO Rwandans or Ugandans have died, gang raped, or mutilated. ONLY Congolese people.



The three, from right to left, are Michael O’Hanlon, Anthony Gambino, and Thomas Perriello, experts on African Great Lakes and the DRC. Yet, their views are unreal, lies that have already been exposed, and they cover up a holocaust that media like the New York Times have already written about… In which world have they been living the last 20 years?


Let’s take a brief look at this last Brookings Institute conference: Setting aside Mr. Balumwene, the DRC ambassador to the US, the three Americans who spoke at this conference are those experts who have been in the “field” in DRC and elsewhere, and these are the people that the American leaders such as the president and the secretary of state are counting on to provide them with reality-based facts: The moderator of the conference, Michael O’Hanlon, is a defense analyst who works as the director of research in Foreign Policy at Brookings; Anthony Gambino is a former USAID mission director to the Congo; and, Thomas Perriello, a former congressman who has worked as a special envoy in many areas around the world is now the special envoy for President Obama to the African Great Lakes and the DRC.

Now, what are these three experts saying about today’s reality, truth, on the Congo which, in the end, should affect today’s US policy?  When, for example, Obama became president, the assessment was that the old policy for Iraq and Afghanistan wasn’t working so a new policy was to be defined based on the reality of the moment.  Yet, on the DRC, same old same old:

  1. “JOSEPH KABILA”: Is he a Rwandan impostor (a plant) or a Congolese citizen who did replace “his father” Laurent Kabila as president of DRC?

Michael O’Hanlon, Thomas Perriello, and Anthony Gambino repeated the old tale that “Joseph Kabila” became president after “his father was assassinated”.  Why have US African policy experts and officials, since 2001, been stuck with this statement that has been proven to be patently and factually FALSE  as if none of them reads, sees, or hears?

The US intelligence agencies had kept a file on Laurent Desire Kabila (LDK), the supposed father of “Joseph Kabila” from the Cold War in the 1980’s when Mobutu was the West’s guy and LDK was a rebel fighting Mobutu and the Americans and, in fact, he took some US hostages and he was even accused of having raped an American hostage.  The US intelligence agencies also knew about the Rwandan Tutsi Christopher Kanambe, LDK’s associate in the fight against the Hutu government in Rwanda, a friend of Mobutu. After both LDK and Kanambe had semi-retired into Tanzania, Kanambe took money from Mobutu’s people and agreed to betray LDK who, when he found out, got Christopher Kanambe executed and LDK, then, “integrated” Kanambe’s wife into his harem of 13 wives.  The US intelligence agencies knew that Kanambe’s wife, Marceline Mukambuguje, had children with Kanambe, which included 2 boys, Hyppolite and Zoe, who were never adopted, nor given LDK’s last name.  As these boys grew up without an education, they had to go back to the land of their Tutsi parents, Rwanda, where, as in the case of Hyppolite, he became the personal driver of his uncle, James Kabarebe, then an officer of the Rwandan army who, in 1995, was put in command of the units that were going to invade the then-Zaire.  So, James Kabarebe enrolled his nephew, Hyppolite Kanambe, in the Rwandan army.

Paul Kagame and James Kabarebe have publicly boasted how they put together a bunch of Congolese and formed a fictitious group, AFDL, in order to use it as a front and a cover of their 1996 invasion of today’s DRC.  The US intelligence agencies know this, too.  The invaders wanted one of theirs to keep an eye on Laurent Kabila who, neither the Americans (the Bill Clinton’s administration who were the power behind the invasion) nor the Rwandans trusted.  So they chose young Hyppolite Kanambe, a proven cold-blood killer trained in intelligence and whose mother was part of Laurent Kabila’s harem of wives, to hide him under his mother’s skirt while keeping an eye on LDK.  So, when the Rwandan army reached Kisangani during the invasion, the gullible and women lover LDK was ordered by the Rwandans, as a condition for him to become “the president of the Congo”, to introduce Hyppolite Kanambe with a new name, “Joseph Kabila”, and say that this is “his son”… The US intelligence agencies know this.  Do Obama and Kerry know this?

Furthermore, the US intelligence agencies are not the only one who know this truth, this fact about Hyppolite Kanambe a.k.a. “Joseph Kabila” being a foreigner, a 100% Rwandan Tutsi and nephew of James Kabarebe.  In 2001, the day after Laurent Kabila was assassinated by the order of Paul Kagame, the Belgian reporter Collette Braekman wrote, in French, in Belgium’s Le Soir that “Joseph Kabila” had a Tutsi mother and that he grew up in Tanzania…  Then, this past 2015, the Tanzanians, specifically, the late Reverend Christopher Mtikila , the late president of the Democratic Party of Tanzania, revealed that Hyppolite Kanambe, the Rwandan Tutsi boy who grew up in Tanzania and is now president of the DRC, was given the name “Kabila” even though he is not Congolese nor the son of Laurent Kabila.  In 2012, before the Fancophonie meeting in Kinshasa, a French jurist and former member of the French parliament, Francois Gonnot, wrote that ALL THE DIPLOMATS, in Kinshasa, capital of the DRC, referred to “Joseph Kabila”, in French, as “Le Petit Rwandais or “the Little Rwandan”…  Finally, these American experts who have watched and reported on the Congolese people’s marches and protests, from Kinshasa to Goma, from Kisangani to Lubumbashi, at least since 2006, they have heard the sovereign Congolese people chanting about “Joseph Kabila”, in Lingala saying “Kabila, zonga na Rwanda ” (Kabila, go back to Rwanda) and Zongisa ye na Rwanda (Send him back to Rwanda); why? Simply because the Congolese people found out and they now know that Hyppolite Kanambe a.k.a. “Kabila” IS RWANDAN.  So, WHY do American experts, analysts, and officials keep repeating A LIE, AN UNTRUTH that has been exposed for years now, by referring “Joseph Kabila” as a “Kabila” and the son of Laurent Kabila?  Is it an American foreign policy dictum that outside imposture must be covered up?


Paul Kagame is the mastermind of today’s Congo Holocaust, with the backing of Bill Clinton, Belgium, and the mining mafias… Now, Kagame enjoys TOTAL IMPUNITY even though he has committed worse crimes than Adolf Hitler…


A false document was infiltrated in the US State Department during Bill Clinton’s presidency by Kagame’s agents, and, up to now, this false document has become the basis for US understanding of the populations dynamics in the African Great Lakes and the DRC.  We wrote to the Justice Department, and reportedly the FBI has been investigating.  This false document resulted in a state-sponsored immigration fraud in the US that has brought tens of thousands of Rwandans to the US as “Congolese”, the LIE being that there are “minorities” – a notion unknown in DRC’s over 400 tribes or lingual groups – in the Congo named Tutsis, Hutus, Banyamulenge, and Banyarwanda.  A sad state of colonial history’s ignorance on the part of American experts on Africa since it takes only a quick check of the colonial records of Belgium (in the case of the DRC) and Germany (in the case of Rwanda – a German colony from 1885 to 1919) to find out that since the time of the explorers to the Berlin Conference of 1884 that began the colonial history of Africa onto mid-twentieth century African independence movements, NEVER  were there any autochthonous Congolese tribes of Tutsis or Hutus; and, Banyamulenge and Banyarwanda aren’t even tribes (Mulenge is a little hill in eastern Congo and Banyarwanda simply means “the people of Rwanda”.  These Rwandan infiltrates in America as “Congolese” have been misleading Americans and muddying the clear invasion and occupation of the Congo by Rwanda and Uganda even today.  This infiltration being accomplished through a plot by Kagame and “Kabila”, two Rwandan Tustis manipulating the world on the African Great Lakes.  Add to this the unheard of betrayal of the Congo by the UN (under orders of Bill Clinton?) which set up offices of the UN mission for the DRC, NOT in the huge DRC, but in the very countries that invaded and occupied and have been killing and gang raping in DRC: in Rwanda (an office that deals with, not Rwandan but Congolese refugees) and two other offices in Uganda.  How crazy is this? No wonder all “Congolese” refugees coming to America have been Rwandans, and American policy makers are oblivious?

  1. PAUL KAGAME “helped end the genocide in Rwanda”?

This is 2016; and, 22 years after the Rwandan genocide, an American expert on Africa such as Michael O’Hanlon states, without hesitation, that “Paul Kagame helped end the Genocide in Rwanda”.  Really? In 2016 an American expert can say this?  What planet has he been living on?  And these are the experts who have been advising American officials on the African Great Lakes?

No wonder that Obama is getting ready to end his last term and Paul Kagame, who is the worst mass killer in many generations who has been slaughtering even his own Tutsi people, has been “gallantly”cavorting with the leaders of the West while killing, gang raping, mutilating in, and occupying the DRC with TOTAL impunity while, at the same time, sending his killer agents all over the world to assassinate his fellow Rwandan Tutsis and, amazingly, all Western leaders act chicken toward Kagame.  Moreover, Kagame has changed Rwanda’s constitution so he can remain president for ever like his associate in Uganda, Yoweri Museveni; and, now, Kagame’s Trojan Horse in DRC, “Joseph Kabila” is also defying the Congolese constitution, the Congolese people, and even Obama’s admonition that he leaves as his last term in DRC ends in December

Question to American experts: have you watched the BBC’s investigative documentary, “Rwanda, the untold Story”?  Did you recommend that the intelligent Barack Obama views it too?  (The American and foreign experts and investigators, including Rwandan Tutsis who fought alongside Kagame, who were interviewed for this documentary provide enough evidence to convict Kagame for mass killing, gang rape, and international high perjury.  What else do you need?

We have also extensively documented most of this evidence.

Couldn’t Obama’s people reach the logical inference and conclusion from this mountain of evidence that, anyone who defends Kagame’s criminality is simply his agent, no matter whether the person is American, Rwandan, or “Congolese”?

  1. President Obama, even if your people mislead you, for the sake of JUSTICE, you should have ordered an official investigation of the UN Mapping Report of 1/10/2010.

Does anyone know why Barack Obama, who cares about the DRC, is about to end his second and last term and yet the UN Mapping Report of October 1, 2010 is still being hidden in UN drawers and no investigation has been ordered done?

The three points discussed above demonstrate the FAILURE of American policy in the African Great Lakes and the DRC.  Is America an accomplice or what does America need to get out of this ignorance?  Because, in the end, history will reveal all these falsehoods and, ultimately, Obama is going to be tagged for a leadership under which Panzi Hospital’s section of repairing brutally destroyed female genitals never went out of business, mass slaughter, gang rape, mutilations remained unabated, and, though not having a single Coltan mine on its territory, Rwanda retained the rank of first Coltan producer in the world: shame, shame, shame!




Congo Violence 02

Congolese Jean-Pierre, a father of 5, killed with machetes by Rwandan soldiers (method developed in Rwanda, 1990 on) in eastern DRC (photo cr.: Dearbhla Glynn)



16 Villagers Hacked to Death in Eastern DRC” (5/4/2016)

The French Press Agency, AFP (Agence France Press) in reporting the ongoing killings in eastern DRC reminded its readers:

The area has suffered chronic unrest for two decades fuelled by ethnic differences and claims to land, along with bids for control over valuable natural resources and rivalry between regional powers.”

(Translation: “ethnic differences” = The Rwandan Tutsis who want to remove Congolese ethnic groups through mass killings and mass rapes; “claims to land” = Rwanda and Uganda want to steal and balkanize Congolese land for Congolese “valuable natural resources” and “rivalry between regional powers” = Rwanda and Uganda controlling and effectively raping the resources of the DRC, which has no Congolese-controlled government).

Congo Violence -rwandan tutsi soldiers

Rwandan killers recruited in Rwanda and sent to the DRC under false militias’ names, as Colonel Patrick Karegeya revealed to RFI.

cndp_Rwandan Militia-FARDC uniforms

As Father Vincent Machozi revealed before the Rwandan soldiers killed him in plain daylight, Kagame and “Kabila” work together in the slaughter and the mass rape of Congolese, while “Kabila” provide Rwandan killers with Congolese army uniforms so that they operate as FARDC soldiers…


The local administrator, who could be Rwandan or must be working for Rwanda otherwise he would have been killed also since Rwanda and Uganda control the entire eastern Congo (North and South Kivu) in cooperation with the Rwandan Trojan Horse “Joseph Kabila” who, in Kinshasa, helps in giving Rwandan soldiers Congolese identities and placing them all over the DRC, especially in eastern Congo where they operate at night in continuing the ethnic cleansing and gang rapes of Congolese in order to slaughter off or chase out the Congolese and replace these Congolese with Rwandans and Ugandans for the ultimate balkanization of these areas in case Congolese were ever able to free their country from Rwandan control; this local administrator named Bernard Amisi Kalonda told AFP: “the brutal attack took place late Tuesday in the Beni region of North Kivu province, an area which has witnessed numerous massacres in the past”:

Between 8 pm and 10 pm (1900 GMT and 2100 GMT), the enemy managed to get past army positions and kill peaceful residents in their homes, slashing their throats,”

“The 16 bodies are in front of me, killed by machete or axe.”

The daily massacres go on in eastern Congo, without anyone being arrested, or, even when they are arrested, they are never punished once the army gets them.  This is the case with the two Rwandans who were arrested in Beni Lubero and Reverend Vincent Machizo reported on them on the internet.  Because he named the two leaders, Paul Kagame and “Joseph Kabila” who are responsible for the continued ethnic cleansing of Congolese populations, he was killed in plain sight of his people.

Here is a video of another mass killing in Beni Lubero where Rwandan assassins killed 30 people, including both the village pastor and the village chief (because he knows the history of the people there so the Rwandans and Ugandans have to erase that history so that, later, they can install a Rwandan Chief for that village) according to their long-range plans to take over the Congolese Kivus.


  1. Eastern Congo is under THE TOTAL CONTROL of Rwanda and Uganda who have been exploiting and exporting DRC resources; thus, NO “militias” unconnected to either Rwanda or Uganda could operate there without their knowledge or permission. Therefore, whatever militia is named as a culprit, it is only a cover because all militias are created by Rwanda and Uganda and placed in DRC as cover for the occupation, the mass killings and rape, and the exploitation of DRC’S resources, as the former head of the Rwandan Military Intelligence, Colonel Patrick Karegeya, revealed to French RFI before he was assassinated by Paul Kagame in South Africa.


  1. The so-called DRC’s “army positions”, in eastern DRC, are not Congolese army officers or soldiers.  These are Rwandan soldiers and officers who have been given Congolese army uniforms by “Joseph Kabila”, the Congolese president who, every foreign intelligence agency knows while the politicians and UN officials pretend to NOT KNOW, is the former Commandant Hyppo (from his real name Hyppolite Kanambe) who commanded an intelligence unit of Kagame’s Rwandan army that invaded the DRC in 1996 and committed the still unaddressed Genocide reported in the covered-up UN Mapping Report of October 1, 2010.


  1. The UN and the world powers make it daily news with images and world mobilizations for actions ONLY when light-skinned people are being killed, whether in Syria, in Iraq, or in Europe. But, when Black lives are being destroyed, they do not make the daily news.  Only after the fact that one may make a movie or a documentary about it.  Example, the Rwandan genocide of 1994: Bill Clinton, who actually helped Paul Kagame trigger it, ordered the UN to remove the peacekeepers who were in Rwanda so as to make things easier for Kagame to take over by force in Rwanda.  Likewise with the invasion and occupation of the DRC in 1996, which has resulted in the longest ongoing holocaust (longest and deadliest than A. Hitler’s holocaust) there; again, it was carried out by Kagame and Museveni with backing and participation of Bill Clinton, who, then, forbade UN investigators from bringing charges against the two main culprits, Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni.


Therefore, the ongoing mass killings that have been taking place in eastern DRC are part of the ethnic cleansing of Congolese being carried out by Rwandans who occupy and totally control all of eastern Congo and their Ugandan partners, with total cooperation and participation of the Congolese “government” which is also controlled by Paul Kagame who placed as head of it his young Rwandan Tutsi soldier Commandant Hyppolite Kanambe (Congolese name, Joseph Kabila).


If this was done to a white woman, wouldn’t the whole world go to war to arrest or destroy Kagame, Museveni, and “Kabila” as the world did against Hitler or the world is now doing agains ISIS?  But Black lives don’t matter to the white world, including the USA…


Any reporter or politician who does not know this or states otherwise is either really dumb and stupid or part of the conspiracy to cover up the truth because “Black Congolese Lives Do Not Matter” to him or her, because the evidence is clear as spring water…

(We’ve been denouncing these crimes since 2000 when we published the first book on the Congo genocide titled Genocide in the Congo: in the Name of Bill Clinton, and of the Paris Club, and of the Mining Conglomerates, so it is; and, since then, NO ONE has ever disagreed with us or dared to challenge us in a debate or dared challenge the evidence we presented).



Obama pm-fmjoseph-kabila-paul-kagame1

US ambassador to DRC says “Joseph Kabila” will leave in December 2016, yet, “Kabila” has shown no inkling, in word or in deed, that he will leave.  On the contrary, against the DRC Constitution, he has, using his paid cronies at CENI, set up the DRC elections the same month as the US, in November 2016, instead of September 2016, since the DRC constitution stipulates that the new president must be elected at least 90 days before December 20, when the new president takes over.  Can Ambassador Swan guess why “Kabila” did this?  Who is the fool who does not understand that “Kabila” did this so that Obama would not have time to do anything to remove him once another US president is elected in November?

Amb James Swan

US Ambassador to DRC, James Swan 

The US ambassador to the DRC, James Swan, spoke to the Voice of America’s Idriss Fall in Kinshasa this August 20, 2015, stating that the DRC is going to “…effectuate the first peaceful and democratic transfer of power in the history of this country…” Is Ambassador Swan serious?

The reality is that what the US, through Secretary of State John Kerry (one of my heroes) told “Joseph Kabila” about leaving at the end of his second and last term and what “Kabila” has been planning about NOT leaving are two different things.  To “Joseph Kabila”, America has never called him to account for any of the crimes he has committed since 2001, and neither would America do anything now besides just plain talk.

James Swan, as an American diplomat, is not foolish or naive enough to believe that a mass killer, a despot, a Trojan Horse, and an illiterate like “Joseph Kabila” is going to just quit the DRC and allow “free” elections take place.  This “Joseph Kabila”, as every Congolese and every diplomat in Kinshasa (maybe except American diplomats) knows that he is not a Congolese, as the French politician wrote in 2012 that the diplomats in Kinshasa call him “le petit rwandais” or “the little Rwandan”.  He is a citizen of Rwanda (real name “Hyppolite Kanambe”), according to Belgian journalists and politicians, US and EU intelligence services, the United Nations’ Mapping Report of October 1, 2010, and CIA and Mossad-trained Spy Chief of Zaire (now DRC). “Joseph Kabila” discovered the Congo as a commanding young intelligence officer in Paul Kagame’s mono-ethnic  Rwandan Tutsi army that invaded the DRC in 1996 and decimated hundreds of thousands of Rwandan Hutu civilians refugees and Congolese, with Bill Clinton’s total support.  “Joseph Kabila” is also the nephew of General James Kabarebe, the actual Minister of Defense of Rwanda, who commanded the Rwandan forces that, together with the Ugandan and Burundian armies, participated in the 1996 DRC invasion.

“Joseph Kabila”, as a mass killer, knows that the US, the UN, and EU have given him carte blanche to kill the Congolese.  Since 2001 when “Joseph Kabila” was imposed on the Congolese until today, the slaughter and the gang rapes and Rwandan and Ugandan control of eastern DRC have never ended. Take the latest case: the mass grave of Maluku, on the outskirts of Kinshasa that contains at least 425 bodies who were buried in the middle of the night by Kabila’s foreign and personal soldiers, evidence of his last mass killing of Congolese citizens.  Human Rights Watch has officially demanded an investigation while America “looks the other way”.   Now, if this “mass grave” horror had taken place in Damascus, Syria, the US and the EU would have gone to the Security Council and demanded that UN investigators be allowed to identify all the bodies or else they would forcefully get rid of Assad as they did of Khadafy of Libya.  But, with the DRC, as the suffering Congolese people say, Obama, the EU, and the UN in essence support Kabila’s mass-killing them because, paraphrasing Jesus Christ, “if you do not denounce, condemn, and prosecute a mass killer, then you support him, you condone his actions, and you are just a mass killer like him”.  So, who is Ambassador Swan kidding?

Ambassador Swan rightly states that the DRC’s genocide, insecurity, rapes, unending killings especially in eastern Congo, have been going on for 20 (twenty years).  But, amazingly, he has no new idea on how to end these atrocities except by doing the same thing and going to the same people who have been responsible for these crimes the last 20 years.  To wit, the “2013 Addis Ababa Accords” and what he calls “a robust diplomatic action by special envoys from the US, the AU, the UN and others”.  Citing “robust diplomatic action” is as vague and meaningless a policy as one can get.  These envoys have been going to the DRC in these past 20 years and nothing has changed. In fact, UN forces shamelessly and conspiratorially  co-habit with the “rebel” and “militia” forces that, at night, go and rape and kill the Congolese populations, and the UN does nothing to either stop them or fight and destroy them.  In short, these forces know that the UN, the US, the EU, have given them the RIGHT to be in the Congo, to kill, to rape, to steal the DRC resources for Rwanda and Uganda, with “Joseph Kabila’s” complicity.  Thus, there is NOTHING different this year than during the “last 20 years”.

As for the “2013 Addis Ababa Accords”,  that haven’t led to any peace for the Congolese people until today, Ambassador Swan is not ignorant of what Congolese people and the other diplomats know NOW: that these “accords” were signed by “Joseph Kabila” for the DRC, Paul Kagame for Rwanda, and Yoweri Museveni for Uganda.  Who, between these three, cares about the Congolese people, knowing that “Joseph Kabila” is an agent and the Trojan Horse of, and takes orders from Kagame; and, Kagame himself has been controlling the DRC for the resources, for land and practicing ethnic cleansing in eastern Congo, and for power, while Museveni also controls part of the DRC bordering Uganda for resources and for land?   And Ambassador Swan is extolling these accords to bring peace to the DRC?

It is not rocket science to figure out that in order for peace to return to the DRC, America must end the DRC’s occupation by removing the government of occupation that is led by the Rwandan Tutsi “Joseph Kabila” and is run by Rwandan Tutsis as exposed and denounced by the CIA and Mossad-trained former spy chief of Zaire (DRC).  The Congolese who have been fighting this occupation are, naturally, outside of the Congo. The least that president Obama could do, today, in his last year-and-a-half that is left is to denounce this occupation and take strong action to end it, in spite of the millions of dollars out of the billions of dollars they have stolen from the DRC (once on the site, scroll down to read the copy of the letter from British MP Pauline Latham to MP Justine Greening, British Secretary of State for International Development dated March 26, 2013), millions that “Kabila” and Kagame  have been pouring in the US to politicians, lobbyists, institutions such as universities, media, and elected officials in order to keep America “looking the other way” while the DRC continues to die.  If Obama doesn’t do it, the DRC may no longer exist in the next 20 years.

If Ambassador Swan does not have the evidence, he can contact and we will provide him with the evidence.  Because, it will forever tarnish President Obama’s African legacy if he leaves office and the DRC is still at the hands of Rwandans and Ugandans and “Joseph Kabila” is still on the throne of occupied DRC.

(PS; News from the DRC are that the Germans are building munitions’ depots in Bukavu and in the military base of Kitona in Lower Congo, two areas controlled 100 % by Rwandan soldiers, as every intelligence service in DRC knows and Honore Ngbanda’s investigative report has exposed it. Are Germans helping “Kabila” withstand America?  Is Martin Kobler in on this scheme of helping “Joseph Kabila” remain “president” beyond his final term? Is the Obama administration aware of this?)



The Mass Grave in Maluku on the outskirts of Kinshasa, capital of DRC: the UN and US must supervise the removal and identification of the bodies ASAP before Kabila’s people make the evidence “disappear”


[Both our world leaders and us all Homo sapiens sapiens of this GENERATION have NO SHAME allowing the Congo genocide to still be going on 18 years now. Enough impunity already!]


Question to world media and to Western leaders, especially to President Obama, Prime Minister Cameron, Chancellor Merkel, and President Hollande:

Why do you keep silent and don’t do anything to remove, by force, “Joseph Kabila” who’s been killing Congolese civilians with total impunity?


Yes, President Obama’s government is the only one, on earth, that is trying to bring peace to the DRC and safeguard and maintain DRC’s territorial integrity and national sovereignty; but, if this method of “talk and threaten” has not worked these many years and people continue to be kidnapped, to be killed, to be raped, to be buried in mass graves, shouldn’t America, the superpower, use some other method?


How many children, women, and men, human beings, ALL innocents, must be killed by a “president” before the international community can move to stop him??? Who is kidding who when y’all talk about removing a mass killing dictator through “elections”, especially when everyone knows that his two neighbors totally support him and insure that he stays in power because without him they won’t kill, rape, and enrich themselves in eastern Congo?  Was Adolf Hitler removed from occupying the European countries through elections?  Naïveté when you seize us!


Even in America, when an individual keeps killing, Law enforcement and the Justice System move in to stop and to isolate such a fiend, such a criminal, such an aberration from society. Yet, “Joseph Kabila” has been killing Congolese citizens since 1996 when he was a young intelligence officer in RPA, Paul Kagame’s RPF’s army that invaded the then-Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of Congo.  And, since being made “president” in 2001 by the will, “manipulative lying”, and corruption of Paul Kagame and his agents (after that Kagame ordered the assassination of President Laurent Kabila, the third head of state killed by Kagame in addition to killing those two heads of state on April 6, 1994 in Rwanda, as revealed by Kagame’s companions: General Kayumba Nyamwasa, Major Theogene Rudasingwa, and Colonel Patrick Karegeya),  “Joseph Kabila” has been on a killing binge in Kinshasa and elsewhere in DRC in a tri-killing fronts with the two others being in eastern Congo by Paul Kagame’s army and militias, one front, and Yoweri Museveni’s army and militias, the other front.  Before Patrick Karegeya, the former Rwandan Spy Chief, was assassinated in South Africa by Paul Kagame, he, Karegeya, gave RFI an interview in which he said some truths such as “all the militias operating in eastern Congo are created and manned in Rwanda and sent into the DRC by Paul Kagame”.  So we ask, WHAT, in the name of God and for the sake of the human race, have Paul Kagame, Yoweri Museveni, and “Joseph Kabila”, paid to the world leaders in cash or bribe or services or blackmail or lies so that the DRC has become now this “Land of Mass Graves and the three killers have been enjoying Total Impunity”?


Since 2001, this trio of Museveni, Kabila, and Kagame have worked together for Peace NOT to come to the DRC, slaughtering, in the process, over 8 million Congolese.  Why do those with the power to stop mass slaughter still fear them and let them enjoy TOTAL IMPUNITY in spite of the evidence?


Let’s take a stock of some of the MASS GRAVES strewn throughout the Democratic Republic of the Congo:


FOUR MASS GRAVES were just discovered in Eastern Congo in Beni.  As reported by Nick Long of the Voice of America (VOA) in its edition of April 30, 2015, the killers are “Ugandan Islamist ADF rebels”.  These four mass graves could contain the bodies of more than one thousand Congolese citizens who had been kidnapped by these Islamic extremists.  They are allowed in the DRC and supported by Uganda and by “Joseph Kabila”, who is referred to by diplomats in Kinshasa, according to a French politician, as Le Petit Rwandais” (the Little Rwandan). And, this same “Joseph Kabila” has been cited by UN investigators in the famous UN Mapping Report of 10/1/2010 as having been a young officer in the mono-ethnic Rwandan Tutsi army of Paul Kagame that invaded and occupied the DRC in 1996.

One of the kidnapped victim who survived recounted how these Islamic terrorists would torture these innocent Congolese victims and then read to them from the Koran.  Then, forcing these kidnapped people to watch how they were killing their victims, then, the remaining prisoners had to applaud after the person died.



“UN wants bodies exhumed from mass grave in DRC” , reported the VOA (Voice of America) in its edition of April 15, 2015.  Everyone knows about this mass grave in Maluku on the outskirt of Kinshasa, the capital city.


The question is, why is the UN requesting for the bodies to be exhumed by the same government that buried, in the night, innocent citizens it had slaughtered, when the UN Charter gives the UN and the international community the Right and Duty to intervene in any country where genocide is committed on the innocent?


Maybe America should take the lead with other nations and support and monitor the exhuming of these bodies, with Congolese government representatives as witnesses.  No nation has the Right to do what it pleases with bodies of human beings that it had murdered and dumped in a mass grave in the middle of the night.

Come on, world leaders, what’s stopping you and why acting like the world body has NO power so that the Congolese “government” is getting away with mass murder?


“Mass graves found in Bas-Congo, rights groups claims” , as reported by IRIN (April 11, 2008).  These mass graves in the Lower Congo, south-east of Kinshasa the Capital city, contain the dumped bodies of citizens followers of a movement called Bundu Dia Kongo against whom “Joseph Kabila” famously promised, “We Will Crush You”.


“Mass graves found as troops retake Congo cities from Rwanda sponsored M23 rebels” in 2013.  “Soldiers cleaning up after retaking Kibumba discovered three mass graves.  One witness said “I saw three or four child skulls, underwear and women’s clothing.  There were insects in some places, which meant there were not just bones there.  Further on there was a large ravine where people said quite a lot of bodies had been thrown but I wasn’t able to check,” Other mass graves were discovered after the retaking of Bunagana.


“Mass graves in DR Congo: UN Report exposes grave crimes”; by the Human Rights Watch, October 1, 2010.  The entire Mapping Report is still collecting dust in UN drawers while the culprits, led by the trio Kagame-Museveni-Kabila still continue to kill, to maim, to rape, and to steal.


Mass graves found in troubled DRC region”; by Mail and Guardian, 13 September 2007


Mass Graves in Rutshuru: October 5, 2005: “Rwanda: Government refutes DRC’s mass graves claims”  in Norwegian council for Africa.  Rwanda’s denials were later proven to be lies, “Manipulative Lies”, part of Rwanda’s cultural trait called, in their language of Kinyarwanda, “Ubwenge”.


DRC: UN finds 38 bodies in mass grave in Kisangani,” 16 december 2002, by IRIN.  The investigators concluded that the bodies were buried between 1994 and 2001.  This was the period of the Congo invasion by Rwanda, Uganda, and Burundi.


President Barack Obama is pressing the “Kabila” government to hold elections and for “Kabila” to quit in 2016.  These mass graves and the ongoing kidnappings and  killings all over the DRC clearly show that a mass killing impostor who did not have pity in killing his fellow countrymen, the Hutus and has been killing Congolese who are not Rwandans Tutsis like himself, and on top of killing Congolese, he has enriched himself to the tune of 15 billion dollars as the British found out while also enriching his master, Kagame, and their associate, Museveni,  will never leave or hold democratic, free, and fair elections.  History makes it abundantly clear, and it will be the same in DRC.  “Kabila”, using any and every gimmick possible, is just buying time until President Obama leaves office.

President Obama, the de facto leader of the Free World, America, and the world at large can do better by the innocent Congolese millions already killed and gang raped, and those who will meet the same fate if no immediate and radical action is taken, than this!