Who is afraid of whom?  Definitely, “Joseph Kabila” isn’t afraid of Barack Obama or of his many words and threats of “sanctions”; because, “Kabila” knows that Obama knows that he has billions of dollars all over the place… So, for “Kabila” all US threats are just to save face, no less, no more…



When Noriega got his ego all swollen up because of his dealings with the CIA (as reported by Wikipedia) that he thought gave him immunity for him continuing his criminal activities, President George H.W. Bush sent the US marines to invade Panama and capture Noriega in 1989.

Obama and the US Congress must show the world that America hasn’t become a paper tiger, that the USA has the power to act unilaterally to arrest “Joseph Kabila” and stop the atrocities and prevent the DRC from falling apart.  The EU (whose leaders – especially Belgian – have financial interests in DRC or have been paid by Kabila) cannot dictate the US to take it easy (forget about “sanctions” that are worthless since they’ve got enough cash to even buy bread from North Korea)…

Kabila is so emboldened believing that if Obama’s America hasn’t done anything to his master Kagame, nothing America can do to him.  So, as President H.W. Bush did to Noriega and to chasing Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait, and Bill Clinton did in Kosovo, Barack Obama should do to “Joseph Kabila”.

Beside hanging up on and refusing to take President Obama’s calls and using his minions to insult and disrespect America, “Joseph Kabila” believes that Americans are such cowards, stupid, and idiots (“Wadjinga” in Kinyarwanda, the language of Kabila/Kanambe’s Rwandan Tutsi parents) that  not only they do NOT know that he isn’t Congolese or the son of Laurent Kabila, but he is sure that even if Americans knew, they have NO guts or courage to say it or to dare accuse him with being an impostor in DRC…

So, first, let’s remind ourselves that “Joseph Kabila” was named in the 15th paragraph of the Associated Press article of October 10, 2010, that reported on the UN Mapping Report dealing with the crimes and atrocities committed all over the DRC that “could amount to crimes of genocide if investigated”, according to the UN investigators.  The Associated Press reported, as to the perpetrators of these crimes,

It was the Rwandan Tutsi soldiers, led by now-president Paul Kagame, who as rebels ended Rwanda’s 1994 genocide? But they now are accused of vengeful massacres of Hutus when they took the war into Congo (in 1996).”

In the second sentence of the 15th paragraph of the AP article on the Mapping Report, it says that,

After months of denials that Rwandan troops were in Congo, Kagame took ownership of the invasion, admitting he had planned and ordered it.   Among officers commanding the coalition forces was Joseph Kabila, now president of Congo.”

That’s one crime, beside others, that “Joseph Kabila”, as a Rwandan Tutsi Officer of the invading forces of Paul  Kagame, has gotten away with for too long, due to the inaction of the most powerful force on the earth that its envoy, Thom Perriello, as this video from Kinshasa shows, is being threatened like a street criminal from an insignificant little country on earth…


America, take a look at the attack on the US envoy, being threatened like a small town criminal… And, yet, America dares not remove “Joseph Kabila” because of some lobbies who have been corrupted with millions of Congolese stolen minerals’ money???


This Monday, September 19th, 2016, when the DRC Constitution is supposed to trigger the elections for a new president, in the DRC, the security forces, under the direct orders of “Joseph Kabila” are shooting down and arresting Congolese citizens who, peacefully, are marching to protest Joseph Kabila’s intentionally NOT scheduling elections so he can “slip” – glissement – past his last term.

What many experts and media have predicted, including Foreign Policy on September 8, 2016, that “Congo’s president is preparing for war against his ‘own’ people” is coming true.

As US intelligence services know, NOTHING happen and no one is killed, in DRC, without the direct orders of “Joseph Kabila” and Paul Kagame.  So, the verbal attack on Tom Periello this past Sunday wasn’t an isolated lone guy taking Joseph Kabila’s fate in his own hands… Now, most American officials are fooled because they fail to understand “Joseph Kabila” and Paul Kagame’s modus operandi :  whatever decisions they take, they let their Congolese paid servants (so-called ministers or press secretaries or spokespersons) or Rwandans with Congolese names to make the declarations or commit the criminal acts so that, when there is an outcry, the Congolese fools can take the blame (i.e., when “Joseph Kabila” gave the order to assassinate Human Rights leader Floribert Chebeya, the paid Congolese head of the police, General John Numbi, carried out the act; then, he paid the price by being suspended so that his second-in-command, Bisengimana, a Rwandan Tutsi, took over control of the entire Congolese Police force).

This attack on Periello is just the latest on numerous attacks and acts of defiant even against international rights organizations, as well as acts of disrespect and outright dismissal of US advice, admonitions, as well as demands.

This guy, “Joseph Kabila”, as the French jurist said, is referred to by the diplomats in Kinshasa, in French, as “Le Petit Rwandais, or “the Little Rwandan”, as the Mapping Report also says…

So, WHY is the US acting as if “Joseph Kabila” is the master and Barack Obama is the servant?  Even Russia would not insult the US as “Joseph Kabila” has been doing, while killing the Congolese people time and time again.  Why is America so chicken and afraid of “Joseph Kabila”?…  The Congolese people he’s been killing aren’t afraid to still protest as they did, again, this September 19th, so why wouldn’t America show some guts?

Most importantly, why does America and other Western speakers keep talking about “dialogue” when “Kabila” is out of his last term, beside his crimes against Congolese people, and, the Congolese people who march and protest and are shot down keep chanting and publicly declaring that “Kabila” must go and that “Kabila must go back to Rwanda”?  Are Congolese lives so expandable or meaningless  to Westerners???

Should we list, for American officials, the actions taken by Kabila that threaten not only world peace, but also America’s strategic interests both in Africa and around the world?  How about him selling Congolese Uranium to North Korea and to Iran?  How about his giving China free dig-and-carry whatever minerals they want from the DRC soil?  How about his working with Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni for continued ethnic cleansing in eastern Congo for resources and land?  How about him now soliciting the different terrorists groups, from Syria to Somalia to come and set shop in the DRC?  Should we go on?…

(We know that, as reported by the AP and stated in the Mapping Report of Oct.1, 2010, as a former Rwandan Tutsi officer in Paul Kagame’s army, the Rwandan Tutsi “Joseph Kabila” – just look at the picture and see how he reverence his master


The Three who have turned the lives of Congolese people into HELL since 1996; And, check out the reverence and fear look in the eyes of the guy in the middle, “Kabila”/Kanambe, toward his master Paul Kagame, who is Satan-in-the-flesh (for those who know the TRUTH)


– is protected, supported, and defended by Paul Kagame who, in turn, has infiltrated his agents with Congolese identities all over America who, then, “mis-advise” American officials when it comes to Kagame, Kabila, or Museveni, beside the fact that Master Kagame has been friends with the Clintons, with members in the US government including close advisors of Obama and at the State Department, , and with many US institutions that have received millions of dollars of Congolese minerals blood-stained money from him…)

At the very least, NO ONE would say that Congolese-American experts and scholars and activists did NOT warn America and the world…

At the most, the world must know that Congolese people, at home and in the Diaspora, are not dumb and lambs of sacrifice for “Joseph Kabila”, Paul Kagame, and Kaguta Yoweri Museveni  who enjoy TOTAL IMPUNITY from Westerners no matter how they kill, mutilate, gang rape, and destroy the Congo and its people, for the world, instead of arresting and bringing to justice this trio of killers, to keep repeating ad nauseam that Congolese should dialogue, talk, and not rise up against these three who have been killing them in what, the New York Times called the longest and deadliest Holocaust on earth; while, the same Westerners go to war against Assad to protect “innocent” Syrians… No, Congolese people aren’t that stupid!!!!!!




Obama (photo cr: AATTP.org) Kabila-Kanambe (photo cr: Lemonde.fr), and Putin (photo cr: Mirror.co.uk). The chap in the middle, a Rwandan impostor – and it would be a shame if both American and Russian presidents DO NOT KNOW IT – has decided he’s going to get weapons from Russia and resist America’s desire that his time to leave the DRC is now…


America, the European Union, and the Congolese people are all opposed to “Joseph Kabila” imposing himself on the DRC after his last term expires this December 19, 2016.  The DRC’s constitution stipulates that the elections must take place three (3) months before Kabila-Kanambe’s last term expires on December 19th.  Yet, for many months now, Kabila-Kanambe has tried everything in order to maintain himself in power, with the help of Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni, the two dictators of Rwanda and Uganda, successively, who – as both Herman Cohen said in 2008 and Reverend Vincent Machizo reported on his online site, BeniLuberoOnline (benilubero.com), which cost him his life – having occupied Eastern Congo  for land and resources for years, have decided that it is in their interests that Kabila-Kanambe remains in power so he can continue to let them do whatever they want in the DRC, including, in eastern Congo, ethnic cleansing, gang-rape and mutilations, which go against both the interests of the Congolese people and President Obama’s decision to bring peace and security in DRC and to maintain DRC’s territorial integrity and national sovereignty.

[WHY do we use the name “Kabila-Kanambe” instead of “Kabila”? Twenty years since the invasion of the DRC by Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi with the financial, military, intelligence, and logistics backing of the Bill Clinton’s administration, it is no longer acceptable that the world continues to act as if the truth still eludes it as far as the true identity of the one called “Joseph Kabila” is concerned.  Starting with the the Belgian reporter for Le Soir, Collete Braekman, who reported the day after the assassination of Laurent Kabila in 2001 that “Joseph Kabila” has a Rwandan Tutsi mother,

Kanambe et maman M Mukambuguje

A rare family picture of Hyppolite Kanambe (impostor in DRC using the cover name of “Joseph Kabila”) the Rwandan nephew of James Kabarebe, Rwanda’s minister of defense, here in this photo next to his Rwandan Tutsi mother, Marceline Mukambuguje, with some Tutsi family members…

then the Congolese people themselves, as far back as 2006, they have been chanting “Zongisa ye na Rwanda”, Lingala language for “send him back to Rwanda” (a chant ignored by all the international media representatives who report from Kinshasa who have NEVER challenged him about his identity and family background either because they receive money from Kabila-Kanambe or because they have orders NOT to jeopardize Kabila-Kanambe’s government of occupation of the DRC).  The Congolese people have been chanting “Zongisa ye na Rwanda” because they understood that the young Rwandan soldier that was introduced to them as “Joseph”, the “son” of Laurent Kabila, was neither the son of, nor his name was “Kabila”, but rather, he was a Rwandan Tutsi son of Laurent Kabila’s late Rwandan Tutsi friend, Christopher Kanambe, whose widow was “integrated” into Laurent Kabila’s harem of 13 wives after the death of his friend.

Kanambe p et f

Young Hyppolite Kanambe a.k.a. “Joseph Kabila” next to the photo of his late Rwandan Tutsi father Christopher Kanambe (DNA or Genetics do not lie -even though the illiterate Hyppolite understands neither… Check also the photo of his young brother Zoe and they are like their father… Unfortunately the Western media, corrupt or otherwise, are so pathetic that none dares challenge this liar  in DRC passing for “Joseph Kabila”…

  So, this son of Kanambe by the name of Hyppolite Kanambe, whose uncle is James Kabarebe, today’s minister of defense of Rwanda who, before the invasion of the DRC in 1996, enrolled his nephew Hyppolite into the Rwandan army that was preparing to invade the DRC.  Then, strategically, as the Rwandans decided to use a Congolese as a figurehead and as a cover for this invasion and, since, even the Americans who were behind the invasion did not trust Laurent Kabila, they decided, unbeknown to Laurent Kabila, to place the young soldier, Hyppolite Kanambe, trained in intelligence, under the skirt of his mother Marceline Mukambuguje, next to the gullible, women-lover, and knowledge-less Laurent Kabila so that, when the time was right, it would be easy to get rid of him as it happened in January 2001.  The French jurist and former Member of Parliament, Francois Gonnot, revealed in 2012 that all the diplomats in Kinshasa referred to “Joseph Kabila”, in French, as “Le Petit Rwandais” or “The Little Rwandan”, which means that all the countries with representation in DRC know that “Joseph Kabila” is NOT Congolese.  WHY, then, none of these countries, their media or government, dares to bring up or expose this crucial revelation, which explains why the Congolese holocaust, the atrocities, the gang rapes, and the occupation of the DRC by Rwanda and Uganda have lasted so long?   This also explains why Kabila-Kanambe and Kagame meet, converse in Kinyarwanda, and they act like there is nothing wrong going on between Rwanda and the DRC (it’s like the Queen of England or General Charles de Gaulle, meeting Adolf Hitler often and in a friendly manner while Germany was bombarding and occupying Western Europe)… Forget about the ignorance of the US State Department that is still, in the majority, Clinton’s, therefore, defender of Paul Kagame, and which doesn’t even have the capacity to check the Belgium colonial records to find out that there has never been a “minority” group autochthonous to the DRC called Tutsi, or Hutu, or “Banyamulenge” or even “Banyarwanda” as Kagame’s lying or Ubwenge’s machine has misled it with this false information still being used by the State Department today].

RUSSIAN TRUCKS Russian trucks that were delivered to DRC via the ocean port of Boma… Rwandan soldiers in FARDC uniforms, take delivery of them to drive them to Kinshasa (even though the doors have initials OR (Office de Route, or Transportation Office)…  

Thus, in blatant defiance of both the Congolese constitution and the world’s admonition that he quietly leaves office when his last term expires this December 19, Kabila-Kanambe has just received a lot of 150 trucks-load of weapons and ammunitions from Russia.  These trucks arrived at the Congolese port of Boma this past July 21, 2016, and, for camouflage purposes, the initials “O.R.” were painted on the doors which stand for “Office de Route” (Transportation Office) of the ministry of transportation.  Unfortunately for Kabila-Kanambe, he did not camouflage the Rwandan soldiers he sent to go and fetch these trucks from the port, as one can see from the pictures that were taken by Congolese in Boma; instead, on the day of the arrival of the ship bringing these trucks, all the employees working the docks were sent home and an army detachment from Kinshasa of Rwandan soldiers in Congolese army’s uniforms (they speak only the Rwandan language of Kinyarwanda, the Tanzania or Uganda’s version of Kiswahili, and some English, but barely Lingala, the DRC’s army’s lingua franca) flooded the docks and they drove these trucks, about 320 miles (515 km) from the Boma port on the Atlantic Ocean to the Kokolo military camp in the heart of Kinshasa.  Indeed, a military camp has nothing to do with the Ministry of Transportation and its “Transportation Office” or “Office de Route”.

What does Kabila-Kanambe want to use all these weapons for?  Even the Catholic Church has warned Kabila-Kanambe not to sacrifice millions of Congolese  on the altar of his political ambitions.

In Kinshasa, meanwhile, the plan conceived by Paul Kagame and Kabila-Kanambe is to trigger a false army rebellion in Kinshasa before November, 2016… During this false army uprising, the two military camps, Kokolo and Lufungola, in Kinshasa, which still have mostly true Congolese soldiers who have been disarmed would be attacked at night by Rwandan and Zimbabwean soldiers in Congolese army uniforms under the pretense that they want to put down the uprising by these weapon-less true Congolese soldiers.  In eastern Congo where Kabila-Kanambe has hired thousands of Namibian mercenaries, operating with units of Rwandan army officers and soldiers in Congolese uniforms, the same will be done for chaos and killing of true Congolese soldiers and civilians.  There are also plans for many Congolese politicians and a few diplomats to be assassinated during that “uprising”.  Kagame and Kabila-Kanambe plan to use these events for a State of Emergency to be declared throughout the DRC, and, since Kabila-Kanambe would be in charge of trying to put down the “insurgency”, in order to appease the US demand that he leaves, Kabila-Kanambe and his supporters Kagame, Museveni, Belgium, and some lobbies in the US would suggest to Obama that a “government of transition” be installed in which Etienne Tshisekedi or Moise Katumbi becomes prime minister in charge of the government while Kabila-Kanambe remains a “figurehead” president who remains in charge of the army for him to manage the state of emergency (this presupposes that Obama is ignorant of the fact that presently, the Congo is under total occupation and control of Rwanda, and that the Congo genocide and occupation has been very profitable to Rwanda and Uganda


For many years now, even since 1997 when the Rwandan army entered Kinshasa in May following the invasion, “Joseph Kabila” has both killed and caused the killing of thousands of Congolese soldiers in the hands of his fellow Rwandan soldiers. Moreover, during military operations against the two countries that have become the invaders and occupiers of eastern Congo, but especially against Rwanda, “Joseph Kabila” has continuously betrayed the Congolese soldiers by telling the Rwandans the positions of Congolese soldiers and, sometimes by arming Congolese soldiers with weapons with different and non-compatible ammunitions.  Then, following 2001, when “Joseph Kabila” was imposed through rigged elections as president, both he and Paul Kagame moved to the second phase of their infiltration of the Congolese army by simply giving Congolese identities and uniforms to Rwandan soldiers and setting them up as commanders and officers of Congolese soldiers who have been disarmed and hardly paid as well as badly housed.

Furthermore, in the most blatant and most dismissive of the Congolese laws and institutions, Kabila-Kanambe has been doing the unspeakable, which is to always “demobilize and integrate” in the Congolese army, Rwandan rebels who have been killing, raping, mutilating Congolese citizens in eastern Congo, whether they belonged to CNDP, M23, or any of the dozens of “rebels” causing havoc in eastern DRC where victims are only and always Congolese civilians so that the blame then is on FARDC or the Congolese army.  This scheme succeeds and continues because it’s agreed on by Kagame and Kabila-Kanambe so that none of them two would either denounce it or complain about it.  However, the evidence and exposing this scheme had been done by the former head of Rwandan military intelligence, Colonel Patrick Karegeya, who was assassinated in South Africa by Paul Kagame’s killlers, gave an interview to French media RFI, in which he, without equivocation, stated that all the so-called rebels operating in eastern Congo are “made in Rwanda and sent to the DRC

America, its president and Congress, understand that these times are dangerous times for the Congolese people.  Only America can help restore the Congo to the Congolese by removing Rwanda’s and Uganda’s control through, not only “Joseph Kabila” and his shadow Rwandans’ government, but, especially, the many mercenaries hired from Zimbabwe, Namibia, etc. and the Rwandan army officers and soldiers integrated in the Congolese army who control the DRC army and who, alone, are armed to the teeth while real Congolese soldiers and officers have no weapons, are unfed, and, most of  the time unpaid or barely paid, if ever…

PS: Every time that Kabila-Kanambe visits his master Paul Kagame or Museveni in Uganda or else eastern Congo that is, since at least 2008 as per Herman Cohen’s revelation, after this Trojan Horse of Paul Kagame goes back to Kinshasa, massacres take place in eastern Congo.  No difference this time as, following Kabila-Kanambe’s visit with his master Kagame, Congolese are massacred in eastern Congo.

When would America and the International community act like the millions of Congolese being slaughtered by Kagame, Museveni, and Kabila-Kanambe are human beings too???



Bernie Sanders, the only Democrat who can defeat the Republican Donald Trump (photo cr.: Newyorker.com)



It is imperative that our Democratic Party leaders and Super Delegates put on realistic and worldview glasses in order to see and understand that the 2016 presidential elections are unlike any before…

America and the world are moving forward while most leaders of the Democratic Party are still stuck in the Bill Clinton administration’s era.  The Clinton aura has long past and gone.  And, as the Republican primaries have demonstrated, so has the Bush aura.  Mama Bush prophesied on this when she bluntly stated that America is “tired of the Bushes and the Clintons” and that Americans should choose someone else for president.  Her own son, Jeb, found out the hard way that Mama was right all along.

As anyone who has been watching the primaries can tell, Republican voters have not given a hoot about Donald Trump’s criticism of the two Bush siblings.  What does it say about this year’s electorate? Repeatedly, the pundits and the “experts” have been proven wrong time and time again as the voters have been solid behind Donald Trump.  Wisdom commands that one searches and digs deep to understand why. Especially now when it is coming out that there are many more Trump supporters (Democrats, Republicans, Independents) who do not publicly confess their support.

This is why today, against the wishes of his party leaders, elders, and former party officials, Trump is the presumptive Republican candidate after the remaining two opponents, Cruz and Kasich, dropped out.  Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders just upset Hilary Clinton in Indiana and in West Virginia.


Donald Trump has vanquished all of his Republican rivals, in spite of party opposition (photo cr.: redstate.com)


Explanation:  for the Democratic Party, the 2008 presidential primaries and elections demonstrated the move-forward of the electorate when Democrats chose Barack Obama over Hilary Clinton to represent the party, in spite of Obama being just an unknown first term senator and Bill Clinton’s presence and personally full time campaigning for his wife.  Bill Clinton became so frustrated that he resorted to minimizing Obama’s victories (“Jesse Jackson also won North Carolina…”, meaning Black American Jesse never became the Democratic Presidential candidate in spite of winning North Carolina…), or to just plainly and openly feeling nostalgic about the America of slave plantations with “just a few years back this guy (Obama) would be serving us (whites) coffee…”.  Democrats and American voters had moved forward, regardless; so, Senator Obama was chosen not only as the Democratic candidate for the presidency, but Americans elected him, twice, as president of the USA.

For the sake of full disclosure, I admit that I voted for Bernie Sanders.

What are the signs that tell us, Democrats that Hilary would not win against any Republican candidate?

First, look at the amount of enthusiasm and passion in the Republican primaries.  The only equivalent on the Democratic side is with Bernie Sanders.  Only Bernie Sanders’ voters are passionate way more than Hilary Clinton’s.  And, when Hilary gives these speeches where she indirectly or subtly appeals to women and to minorities, her “insincerity” is not missed by the voters.

Second, the Republicans have more weapons to use against Hilary than against Bernie.  Some of these, everyone knows already, from her e-mails when she was secretary of State to Libya.  But our contacts tell us that the thing about the Clintons being darlings of big money, as Senator Sanders has been saying, will be given another twist by Republicans.  The twist will be, how the Clintons have become multi-millionaires by raising millions of dollars from international and other “suspect” sources for the Clinton Foundation, and how, as the New York Times and others reported, Hilary Clinton, as Secretary of State, did not stop her husband from raising these monies from international donors.

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton waves after being introduced by Bill Clinton during a campaign rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Hilary and Bill Clinton, the powerful couple of the 1990’s:  “Americans are tired of the Bushes and the Clintons”, as Matriarch Bush said? (photo cr.: REUTERS/Adrees Latif)

Third and finally, and, maybe, more significantly, just as Bush was saddled with the Iraq War, there are the two genocides that Bill Clinton is responsible for, which her wife never denounced, even as Secretary of State:  the Rwanda genocide of 1994 and the subsequent and ongoing genocide in the Congo that started in 1996, the Congo that has become the Rape Capital of the World (and Hilary talks about being for women when she never condemned, as Secretary of State, the perpetrators Rwandan extremist Tutsis who run Rwanda under Paul Kagame and occupy and control eastern DRC,  because of her husband’s friendship with mass killer Rwandan Paul Kagame whose soldiers and militias have turned eastern DRC into the worse place in the world for twenty years now to be a woman, a little girl, even an infant female?)Both genocides happened with the backing and because of Bill Clinton who, then, derailed the investigations, as one saw in the BBC documentary, which would have led to the prosecution of the perpetrators of these two genocides and which have cost more lives than Bush’s Iraq War, or than even any war since World War II.  The UN investigative Mapping Report of October 1, 2010, that identified mass graves, war crimes, and crimes against humanity in DRC has been hidden in the UN’s drawers in order to cover up the footprints of those who were directly responsible for these genocides (like the classified “28 pages” of the 9/11 Report that covered up Saudi Arabia’s footprints in support of the 9/11 perpetrators).  The Republicans know this and are ready for Hilary.

Everyone knows that one of the reasons Barack Obama won in 2008 was because he denounced the War in Iraq that was started by President W. Bush.  In the same vein, the Republicans are looking forward to making Hilary wear these two genocides, especially since the Clintons’ friend, Paul Kagame, was both the trigger and driver of these genocides and he was responsible for the assassination of two or three heads of state while being protected by his friend Bill Clinton. And, the Republicans are not going to fall for or go along with Paul Kagame’s lies, manipulations, and blackmailing America and the UN with sending his American trained and armed mass-killing and little girl gang-raping army into “peace keeping” missions.

The Republicans will have an easier task lambasting Hilary than finding ways to defeat Bernie; so, it is up to the Democratic leaders and super delegates to understand the signs of the time, therefore, to look into the future instead of dwelling in the past.  Either they support Bernie, or the Democrats will lose the presidency in November…




Rwanda’s Strong Man since 1994 and the Trigger of the Rwandan Genocide of 1994, Paul Kagame 


Since BBC’s “Rwanda, the Untold Story” came out, it seems that the castle that Kagame built for himself since 1994, which he weaved and waved to the whole world that he was the savior of Rwandan Tutsis from, actually, his own manufactured and triggered “genocide” (according to the evidence) and the unifier (?) of all Rwandans, a castle he built with the sand of lies and manipulative machinations, is beginning to crumble. The Rwandan king’s clothes are beginning to come off one at a time.


The BBC investigative video above presents so many unshakable proofs of Paul Kagame and his RPF’s culpability in triggering the Rwandan genocide that nowadays, Kagame’s feigned anger and threats have no more effects on the nations that ignorantly or conspiratorially supported him before. The agents that he has planted all over the world under different identities and nationalities in all international institutions are not going to be able to save him from being accountable for the innocent lives (Tutsis and Hutus) he killed and continues to kill in Rwanda, 1990-now (i.e., read the testimony of Kagame’s personal body guard of 10 years) and in the DRC (Hutus and millions of innocent Congolese) starting in 1996 to now (read the numerous UN reports and the Oct. 1, 2010 UN Mapping Report).


Just in recent months, it is getting worse for Paul Kagame.


On May 20, 2015, the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs, its Subcommittee on Africa and Global Human Rights held a hearing chaired by Republican Chris Smith of New Jersey and co-chaired by the Democratic ranking member from California, Karen Baas. This hearing titled “Developments in Rwanda“, was unusual in that, maybe for the first time, as far as Rwanda is concerned, two former President Kagame’s Tutsi colleagues and fellow members of his RPF, came out of hiding (from Kagame’s assassination’s squads) in order to testify about the state of human rights and liberties in Rwanda and the relentless campaign by Paul Kagame to assassinate anyone who disagrees with him.


Honorables Chris Smith and Karen Baas (photo cr.: http://www.brookings.edu)


At this hearing, two State Department officials testified, including Steven Feldstein, Deputy Assistant Secretary-of-State for the Department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, who told the Committee that while Rwanda has made “tremendous progress” in socioeconomic area and women issues in the last 21 years, and Rwanda participated in UN peace keeping missions, the US is still concerned about Rwanda’s human rights and political space. Furthermore, Mr. Feldstein pointed out Kagame’s intolerance of opposition and assassination of opponents and dissenters, as well as the lack of freedom of the press in Rwanda:


When it comes to the human rights situation in Rwanda, we see three trends of note. First, political space in Rwanda and the overall human rights environment continues to shrink… There are reports of targeted killings, and an increasing number of reports of disappearances and harassment of civil society groups and opposition parties.


The two former colleagues of Kagame provided evidence that challenged the data that everyone cites as tremendous “progress” in Rwanda’s economy and society.


Dr. David Himabara

Dr. David Himbara, former Rwandan Statistician who helped Paul Kagame cook the books on Rwanda’s “tremendous progress”… (photo cr.: Chrissmith.House.gov)


Mr. David Himbara, an economist and statistician who worked as an adviser to Paul Kagame, recounted that he had to flee because he could not continue to make up false statistics in order to lie to the world about how much progress Rwanda was making. As for the women’s advances in Rwanda, these Tutsi (not the subjugated Hutu) women who have no power, are used as pawns by Kagame to fool the gullible world. All Rwandans agree that in Rwanda, the only power that is and counts is Paul Kagame.


Mr Himbara pointed out that disagreement with Paul Kagame meant death. Mr. Himbara said that Kagame killed even his own driver and his private physician. As to how Kagame is “loved” by the people of Rwanda, Mr. Himbira revealed that Rwanda, under Kagame, is worse than a police state, in that “from the villages all the way to the capital city, every 10 huts or houses are controlled by one person who supervises and reports to the next level all the way to the president of the country”. And, if a hut, a house, or an individual, or a family dare to dissent or to disagree with Kagame’s dictates, the entire family or the individual would either disappear or they would find the body or bodies floating in the river the next day.


Major Robert Higiro

Rwandan Major Robert Higiro who was hired to kill Kagame’s opponents in South Africa, he balked and recorded the evidence… (Photo cr: http://www.France.Rwanda.Info)


The Rwandan Tutsi Major Robert Higiro, the other witness, was hired and offered a million dollars by Kagame for him to assassinate the exiled Rwandan General Kayumba Nyamwasa and Colonel Patrick Karegeya in South Africa (see BBC’s “Rwanda, the Untold Story”). Major Higiro agreed with the intended targets to tape all the conversations with Kagame’s emissary (Karegeya was finally assassinated in December 2013 and Paul Kagame could barely keep himself from boasting about the killing and warning those who are still alive that “it is a matter of time” before he gets them too).


Fast forward to Saturday, June 20th, 2015, when England arrested Paul Kagame’s spy chief, General Karensi Karake on war crimes, crimes against humanity, and human rights violations, who, hitherto, has had the freedom to go and come but, now, might be transferred to Spain on pending arrest warrants for him and 39 other Kagame’s associates.


Then, just this past July 3rd, 2015, the United Kingdom’s Telegraph just published a map of the world titled “Kagame’s Death Squads Murder Trail” that details the documented countries and cities of the world where Paul Kagame’s Death Squads have hit, killing Paul Kagame’s targeted victims.


Which Kagame’s shoe is going to fall next? Is the UN Security Council going to finally dust off the October 1, 2010 UN Mapping Report and bring back Madam Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte to investigate and prosecute the crimes documented therein? To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, “Kagame fooled (almost) all of the world for some time (20 years), and he’s fooled some of the world all the time (Tony Blair?), but he’s finding out that he cannot fool the entire world all of the time!”

CRISIS GROUP: RACIST AND/OR UNREALISTIC ? – Its Report (N- 225) on the DRC and Democracy

Psychology Underlying This Report:

This Crisis Group Report titled Congo, Is Democratic Change Possible? displays the 17th, 18th, and 19th century European world’s contempt toward Africa, toward African people, and toward the African Mind. These three centuries were when the prevailing white world’s expertise and scholarship on the African people was that they belonged into a zoo with the chimpanzee as in the case of the Congolese Ota Benga in the US (1906 in the Bronx Zoo in New York City) or that the African woman’s brains and genitals had to be “studied” and “experimented” on by European experts in order to prove “the innate inferiority of the Negro (read “Black”) race,” as in the case of Saartjie, the Hottentot Venus also called the Black Venus from today’s South Africa (the Khoi people) who was taken to England, then to France in the 19th century (1810 onward) and was put through demeaning and inhumane “exhibits” of her nakedness and more.  As pertaining to the Mind of the Africans, why, that white world believed that they had none.  That the Africans could not think, therefore, they could not speak for themselves, they could not feel the pain, the emotions (such as shame, dignity, pride, love, being offended,…) that white people feel, neither could they, therefore, know what is good for them.  Thus, the white experts decide what is good for Africans even when it is against their interests, against their well being; the white experts decide what the African reality is, even when the African reality is different from the one the white “experts” are touting.  The Africans are expected or rather obligated to accept, to embrace, and to act on the white experts’ reality, no matter how contrary it is to what the Africans themselves have gone or are going through (i.e., in America or Europe, no media or government would talk about the Arab world or Israel without referring to, consulting, or interviewing Arab or Israelis themselves; whereas with Africa, not only the Africans are rarely called to speak for and about themselves, but any African writing or speaking a different view from that of the Europeans’ “does not know better”, therefore, would not be interviewed or sought out for his or her views or advice).


Left: Ota Benga, the Congolese as an exhibit  in the New York Bronx Zoo (USA) in 1906; Right: Saartjie, the South African Khoi young woman named the “Hottentot Venus”, exhibited both in London and Paris starting in 1810

Hence, on the DRC:

  • On one hand, European powers, their big media, and groups or institutions that could’ve made a difference to stop it do not care about the millions of Congolese who have been slaughtered by Kagame’s Rwanda, Museveni’s Uganda, and their agents in DRC with “Joseph Kabila” as head (any Black who wants to have and keep a job with these powers or media or groups has to toe the line, the thinking, and the theses of these Europeans about the DRC, no matter how erroneous or contrary they are). So these experts never speak of the Congo holocaust, rather they elevate, protect, and defend both the Tutsi “Nazis” slaughtering the Congolese and the Tutsi in the DRC overseeing this slaughter, this holocaust, “Joseph Kabila”, whom these experts legitimize by legitimizing and dubbing “democracy” his fraudulent and violent “elections”, his imprisoning, poisoning, and blatantly murdering all political foes, and his never-ending killing with live bullets of unarmed citizens who protest and his nightly mass assassinations of kidnapped young people who are buried in mass graves or thrown into the Congo River daily! (the 10/1/2010 UN Mapping Report gives plenty of the evidence of the Congo holocaust or genocide and on some of the known mass graves; but, because the white “experts” think the lives and the reality of the Congolese do not matter, the report has been buried in the UN drawers and the Crisis Group, Western governments and other “experts” write, speak, and report as if there is no killing or gang rape in DRC).


Left (cr. @nickkristof): Dr. Denis Mukwege gets a degree and a standing ovation at Harvard University commencement for repairing the few Congolese women who survive gang rape; right: over 2 million Congolese women and little girls are slaughtered like the girl here after being gang raped; yet, Harvard University and other institutions and governments fail to denounce Paul Kagame and his extremist Rwandan Tutsi army and militias responsible for these atrocities (UN Mapping Report 10/1/2010)

  • On the other hand, while showering Dr. Denis Mukwege with awards and prizes (the latest is Harvard University that just awarded him a degree to a standing ovation), no European government, institution, or group has taken the initiative to publicly denounce by name or taken the steps to STOP if not to punish Kagame, Museveni, Kabila, and their soldiers and militias who gang rape, mutilate, and slaughter Congolese women and little girls. Would not the best prize and award be to denounce and campaign against the rapists in the first place? Indeed, the fundamental fact is that before Rwanda and Uganda’s invasion of the DRC in 1996, these gang rapes and mutilations and mass killings never took place in Zaire.  Since Rwanda and Uganda’s occupation of the DRC, beside systematically slaughtering the Congolese, they have used gang rape as a weapon to destroy the Congolese females and, therefore, depopulate Congo’s eastern populations (hence Kagame and Kabila’s several attempts to assassinate Dr. Mukwege for “saving” the Congolese female) so Rwanda and Uganda can control the Congo and annex its eastern part for the resources. That’s why neither the UN nor the “Kabila” government of occupation has stopped these killings and rape for 18 years now.

Reality of the Crisis Group Report vs. Congolese Reality

A picture is worth a thousand words…

The Crisis Group illustrates their “Executive Summary and Recommendations” with the image of a “happy” crowd holding a huge picture of “Joseph Kabila”.  The caption says, “Ruling party PPRD rally in Kinshasa following Joseph Kabila’s re-election, 28 November 2011.

But, what is the reality?  The Congolese reality is that both the picture and the caption are misleading.  This foreigner from Rwanda, “Joseph Kabila”, both in 2006 and 2011, lost the elections to a “Mwana mboka” (child of the country).

Can  one associate the name of “Joseph Kabila” and his rule in DRC with “Democracy”? .

  • Imagine that after US presidential elections there are unarmed American people who march to protest against Obama and, in response, Obama sets soldiers in uniforms who shoot down civilians with live bullets and these dead American citizens are simply dumped in trucks and are thrown in the river or ocean, as “Joseph Kabila” did in the 2011 after his so-called “re-election”, will the Crisis group call that democracy?


Left: Photo in Crisis Group’s report – the young starving and jobless Congolese given money to praise Kabila; right: the Congolese reality scrawled on the wall because hundreds of thousands have ended up in mass graves or in the Congo River for voicing the truth that Joseph Kabila is not a Congolese but a Rwandan Tutsi and Paul Kagame’s Trojan Horse in DRC

  • Imagine Barack Obama using foreign soldiers in America to whom he gives uniforms of US forces and US police and these foreign forces are the ones that “protect” Obama, and kill citizens who are unceremoniously dumped in mass graves all over the US as “Joseph Kabila” has done to the Congolese who dared to march and protest and ended up in mass graves all over the DRC, one of the latest being in Kinshasa (Maluku); will the Crisis Group really call that “democracy”?

cndp_Rwandan Militia-FARDC uniforms

(Rwandan soldiers metamorphosing into Congolese soldiers and VOILA!): Paul Kagame and “Joseph Kabila” have devised a scheme of giving Congolese military and police uniforms to the Tutsi killers and rapists who make up the Rwandan army and militias who operate in DRC.  This way they can kill, rape, commit any crimes and blame them on DRC army and police. 

  • Imagine that Barack Obama arrests, tortures, and imprisons any leader of another political parties or NGO or media or religion who criticizes or dares to challenge him, or who dares simply to speak up for the American people as it happens daily in DRC (Diomi Ndongala, Christopher Ngoy, Kutino Fernando,…); will the Crisis Group seriously say this is practicing “democracy”?
  • Imagine that, after Desert Storm/Desert Shield, that two of the commanding officers of the US armed forces, i.e., Gl. Colin Powell (Joint Chiefs) and Gl. Norman Schwarzkopf (commanding the operations) were assassinated by order of the President of the US, as it happened to the two Congolese commanding officers, Gl. Bahuma Ambamba and Cl. Mamadou Ndala, who led the Congolese troops against M23 forces in 2013. Would any world government, group, or organization NOT denounce the “president”? Would it be considered practicing “democracy”?

Thus, the very title “Congo: is Democracy Change Possible?” is misleading if not callous and 18th century.   The few items provided above, based on the basic tenets of democracy, challenge the “democracy” thesis of the Crisis Group.  Government of occupation? Yes!  Democracy? Not to anyone who is not an 18th century racist or an accomplice or a paid apologist, or an ignoramus!

The DRC is a country where Congolese citizens are killed every day.  Some are killed personally by “Joseph Kabila” such as Armand Tungulu whose body has never been found.   Some are killed by his direct orders and every Congolese in Kinshasa knows it such as the cold blood execution of Laurent Kabila’s daughter Aimee Kabila in Kinshasa and “Joseph Kabila” giving orders to the media in Kinshasa that no one could write about her death or – even though all Kinshasa knew the president’s oldest daughter –  acknowledge  that she was the former president’s daughter. Why? Because she had refused to lie publicly that “Joseph Kabila” was her blood brother – which he is not. Other examples are the assassination of Floribert Chebeya (president of the ONG Voice of the Voiceless) in the office of the head of the Police; or the poisoning of the Catholic Prelate Cardinal Etsou for denouncing that the DRC was being run by “foreigners”; or else the killing of the Congolese General Mbuza Mabe because he defeated the Rwandan troops in the east (any Congolese officers and soldiers who defeat Rwandan soldiers are killed by “Joseph Kabila” because Rwandans are his blood brothers and, as the Trojan Horse in Kinshasa, his task is to see to it that Rwandans kill, rape, and steal DRC’s resources, but that no Rwandans are killed by Congolese). Does the Crisis Group know about these killings or is it that to Crisis Group these killings are part of “Democracy” in the DRC?

The Crisis Group states that “The democratisation process launched a decade ago is reaching its moment of truth, as the excessive hopes raised by the 2006 elections have not materialized;” whereas to the Congolese people, 2006 did not “raise any hope” but rather dashed their hope of seeing the end of their genocide at the hands of invaders while foreigners decided to legitimize through changing the results of the elections and imposing on the DRC an impostor, a Rwandan Tutsi, an illiterate at that, as “president” of the DRC.  In fact, since 2006, the Congolese people have been chanting “Kabila, zonga na Rwanda” or “Kabila, go back to Rwanda”.  Experts from entities such as the Crisis Group have matter-of-factly ignored the cry of the Congolese people. The reality is that “Joseph Kabila” has never been a Congolese by birth or even by naturalization.  After Kagame’s army invaded the former Zaire in 1996 and Kagame gave the order, in 2001, to “Joseph Kabila” for him to assassinate the naïve Congolese, Laurent Kabila, who was used as a front cover for the invasion, this young, uneducated, and foreign Tutsi soldier who didn’t even speak one Congolese language, beside the Tanzania version of Swahili, was simply imposed on the Congolese as president (those Congolese politicians and intellectuals who questioned this masquerade were either bought with money, or promised positions in the government, or simply assassinated).

Everyone who followed the 2011 elections in DRC knows that “Joseph Kabila” did not win the elections.  Everyone knew that his opponent, Etienne Tshisekedi, won.  For instance, Collette Braekman, the Belgian journalist who was in Kinshasa  to monitor and report on the elections wrote, on the night of the elections:

Everywhere the scene was the same: agents of the CENI (the office running the elections) were sleepy, they were sweeping the classrooms (where people had gone to vote) before they could go home, after that the results had been carefully posted, validated with the witnesses signatures.  And everywhere, the results were similar: two-thirds of the votes for Etienne Tshisekedi, one-third for Joseph Kabila, about 10 votes for Vital Kamerhe, and nothing, absolutely nothing for the others except, here and there in the areas of the rich people a vote or two for Kengo wa Dondo…”

Another Belgian journalist, a TV reporter by the name of Peter Verlinden who monitored the 2011 elections in DRC, was even more blunt upon his return to Brussels stating,

… His name is not Joseph Kabila, his name is Hyppolite Kanambe – because he is Rwandan – thus, not only it is that Hyppolite Kanambe a.k.a. Joseph Kabila did not win the elections (of November 28, 2011) but Kanambe could not have won the elections even if he was running against a Congolese dog!…”

Finally, the Crisis Group’s conclusion that “the transformation of the Congolese political system has a long way to go and requires a change in governance practices that will be the work of many years,” is the old white contempt attitude being denounced here:  the Congolese people do not need “the transformation of… (a) political system”; their country was invaded and is occupied by  two foreign countries, Rwanda and Uganda with their Trojan Horse, “Kabila” in Kinshasa.  They need to be freed from occupation and from this holocaust.

Last question: How many of these “experts” (including those from the US State Department) have done “due diligence” or even just a little reading on the colonial history of the Belgium Congo (today’s DRC) or that of Germany’s East Africa – Deutsch-Ostafrika –  (which included today’s Tanzania, Rwanda, and Burundi) in order to find out that NO Tutsis or Hutus have ever been part of the native populations of the DRC  –  Just as no Tutsis or Hutus have ever been part of the native populations of Tanzania, even though the two tiny countries of these 2 groups were part of ONE German colony from 1884 to 1919)?

The last question above should shed some light to those who lack the knowledge about ethnic groups in Central Africa and who have fallen victims to Rwandan “Manipulative Lies” about “Tutsis and Hutus being minorities in DRC”.  The minority-majority notion applies only in Rwanda and Burundi, small countries populated exclusively by the majority Hutus and the minority Tutsis – the Twa people being in negligible numbers.  This notion does not even apply in Tanzania that was, with Rwanda and Burundi, part of the German colony. Kagame’s Tutsis extremists who are running the DRC came up with this lie in order to cover their covert ruling of the DRC (see Honore Ngbanda’s report).  Rwandans call this cultural trait of “Manipulative lying” in their language of Kinyarwanda, “Ubwenge”.

U.S. African Allies Who Are Mass Murderers (Kagame/Museveni/Kabila), What to do with Them?

Does America embrace and invite mass murderers to the White House? Does America act the see-hear-speak-no-evil role hoping that Americans will not know or notice?

Mass killers who are not our friends, we can denounce them, fund and support their opponents, and, finally, we can get rid of them. Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, Libya’s Kaddafi, and even Osama bin Laden come to mind as examples.

What about our allies such as the African Great Lakes’ trio: Paul Kagame of Rwanda, Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, and Joseph Kabila of the DRC, who, between them, have slaughtered over 10 million people? Americans do not hear about these dead or about the unspeakable violence such as gang raping four-year-old little girls. Why?


Trio Kagame/Museveni/Kanambe: United to slaughter and rape in DRC


The head of this trio is Paul Kagame. He helped Yoweri Museveni seize power in Uganda (1980-1985); he led the murderous invasion from Uganda to seize power in Rwanda in 1994; and, in 1996, he masterminded the invasion of a sovereign country, Zaire (DRC), and, since then, the occupation of eastern DRC for land and the illegal exploitation of the DRC’s resources.


The mastermind Paul Kagame who smiles “when he is killing or seeing people killed”


In DRC in 2001, as revealed now by Major Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa and General Kayumba Nyamwasa, Kagame’s former RPF (Rwandan Patriotic Front – the Tutsi rebel movement from Uganda that took power in Rwanda in 1994)  companions,  Kagame ordered the killing of Congolese president Laurent Kabila (who was used as a front for the invasion of Zaire in 1996) and he installed as president a 29-year-old intelligence officer of his RPF movement  by the name of Hyppolite Kanambe, cover name “Joseph Kabila”. Though the world calls him “President Kabila”, according to a French official, the diplomats in Kinshasa, the capital city of the DRC, refer to him as le petit rwandais (the little Rwandan).


Rwandan Genocide Hero or Villain?

The evidence shows that Americans were bamboozled in 1994 by Kagame who, it turns out, was actually the trigger of the Rwandan genocide instead of the hero who stopped it.

The tell-telling evidence is coming both from his fellow high-ranking officers like
General Kayumba Nyamwasa ; Colonel Patrick Karegeya (assassinated in South Africa by Kagame this past January 2014), and Major Dr. Theogene Rudsingwa; and from his low-ranking officers such as Second Lieutenant Aloys Ruyenzi, Lieutenant Abdul Ruzibiza, and Intelligence Officer Jean-Pierre Mugabe. All have stated that President Kagame planned and ordered the shooting down of the plane carrying two heads of state, Rwanda’s Habyarimana and Burundi’s Ntariamira, which triggered the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

From 1990 to 1994, Paul Kagame participated and ordered the killing of Rwandan people in Rwanda, including Tutsis like himself. In fact, Kagame is a mad mass murderer who “enjoys” killing, as one of his body guards for 10 years, 2nd Lieutenant Aloys Ruyenzi, has given an eyewitness account:

Kagame can spend a whole month without smiling… He is a bloodthirsty person. When I worked with him, he would go very early in the morning to visit detention places of DMI2 to sometime supervise killing. I recall once in Muhura when we were fighting to capture Kigali, he personally went on a 12.7mm AAC (anti air craft) mounted on a jeep of his escort and sprayed bullets on a peaceful market crowd of peasants gathered on a market place. It was in 1994. He then ordered his soldiers to use all available weapons and shell the market. It is very saddening to see a leader getting involved in massacring people in a market, while sarcastically laughing. The few times you will ever see him smiling is mainly when he is killing or seeing people killed”.

Kagame Has Also Run Crematories in Rwanda a la Adolf Hitler:, Ruyenzi continues:

“…I saw him personally instructing for the digging of mass graves for people who had been massacred in Byumba, Muhura and Murambi. Later, he ordered their removal
and to be taken to crematory centres in Gabiro, Nasho, Masaka, Nyungwe, Kami, Gitarama military barracks and Mukamira. At times, people would be packed alive into lorries and be taken directly to the above places to be executed on the spot”.

Americans investigators also uncovered Kagame’s crimes going back to 1994. Examples are The Gersony Report by Robert Gersony, the Information Memorandum for Secretary of State Warren Christopher by then-Assistant Secretary of State for Africa George Moose, Christian Davenport and Allan C. Stam’s “What Really Happened in Rwanda”, and The Accidental Genocide by Peter Erlinder. Add to these Suisse’s Carla Del Ponte’s Memoirs and Australia’s Michael Hourigan’s Affidavit.

So, how many millions more Paul Kagame has to kill before America and the world stops him from killing anymore? How many millions a mass murderer must kill for our world to decide that he has killed enough and we are not going to allow it any longer?

Kagame’s toll has surpassed that of Adolf Hitler. As the New York Times wrote in 2010 in “Congo killing fields worse than holocaust, 6.9 millions have died in DRC alone; and, when extrapolated to today, over 8 millions have died in DRC alone. Add to this the 500,000 Hutu and Tutsi refugees and Zairians slaughtered in 1996 to 1998, the 550 to 800 thousands of mostly Hutus and moderate Tutsis slaughtered in 1994 in Rwanda, and the over 200,000 Congolese soldiers and civilians killed by Joseph Kabila throughout DRC and you get a total of nearly 10 million lives destroyed by Paul Kagame, Yoweri Museveni and Joseph Kabila.

This trio’s culpability is amply documented in the October 1, 2010’s UN Report of the Mapping Exercise Documenting the Most Serious Violations of Human Rights and International Law Committed within the Territory of the Democratic Republic of the Congo between March 1993 and June 2003. The crimes detailed “…in this report reveal a number of inculpatory elements that, if proven before a competent court, could be characterized as crimes of genocide.”

Finally, the U.S. Congress is waking up to Kagame’s criminality. Thus, Congressman Edward Royce, Chairman of House Foreign Committee wrote to Secretary of State John Kerry on March 11, 2014, requesting that he “reevaluate U.S. engagements with Rwanda and take into account these troubling actions when considering future assistance.”

What is America going to do about these three allies — Kagame, Museveni and Kabila/Kanambe — who are mass murderers and have been blackmailing the U.S. with two military bases and the service of their mass-rapist armies: invite them to the White House and fete and wine and dine them?

Can this America be silent and “look the other way” while this trio continues to slaughter and rape because of whatever we get from the DRC through their bloody hands when America could get it from Congolese themselves without people dying or little girls being gang raped?