THE HIDDEN “WEAPON” USED BY KAGAME “the most important war criminal in office today”: HIS CULTURAL TRAIT CALLED “UBWENGE”



For Paul Kagame and most Rwandans, NEVER TELLING THE TRUTH, misleading, manipulating, pretending and conning everyone to believe in and to never suspect the falsehood of what they are saying or doing is “a sign of nobility”.  This cultural trait is called, in the Rwandan language of Kinyarwanda, “Ubwenge”.


This Trio plans Ubwenge together before using it in DRC and on everyone else


Former Rwandan Prime Minister Agathe Uwiligiyimana declared, on January 8, 1994, in front of Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana and the head of the UN in Rwanda):  “Rwandans are liars and it is a part of their culture.  From childhood they are taught to not tell the truth, especially if it can hurt them”  (in Le patron de Dallaire parle : Revelations sur les derives d’un general de l’ONU au Rwanda, Jacques Roger Booh Booh, Paris, Editions Duboirs, 2005).


In short, Rwandans don’t believe in “Truth” (save those few wrestled from the teeth of Ubwenge by Christianity?)  A Rwandan saying: “Ukuli karazirwa” (Kinyarwanda for “the truth kills”).


Item: Congolese-Americans were shocked, recently (July 2014), when they uncovered in the US an immigration conspiracy against the US and the DRC in the form of a policy document with outright lies (ubwenge) (i.e., that there are native Tutsi and Hutu “minorities” in DRC or that Kinyarwanda is a language spoken by any DRC native populations, all made up falsehoods with no basis in history or in reality)  being used by the US State Department in its asylum policy supposedly to help Congolese refugees but, instead, the policy has been benefiting Rwandans.  Paul Kagame’s Rwanda, conspiring with DRC’s Joseph Kabila (a Rwandan Tutsi whose Rwandan name is Hyppolite Kanambe and a former intelligence officer in Kagame’s army that invaded the Congo, according to the 2010 UN Mapping Report) surreptitiously introduced this ubwenge-filled document in the US.  Since Kabila/Kanambe has headed the DRC government since 2001 (when this asylum policy started), his government has participated in this fraud by issuing Congolese identities and passports to the Rwandans who are then sent to the US in lieu of Congolese. (The Congolese-American community has filed a complaint with the US Justice Department and the FBI).


Item: The former Zaire (DRC) spy chief during the Mobutu regime – now living in exile in Europe – , a man trained by the best spy agencies including the US and Israel, has just published an investigative report, in French, detailing the existence and the functioning of a network of a covert and “parallel Rwandan Tutsi government” that actually runs the DRC government in Kinshasa, plus what Mr. Honore Ngbanda, the former spy chief, calls “The Functioning of a vast and clandestine network of a Rwandan Tutsi lobby that has inserted inside the Congolese army and police over 25,000 Rwandan soldiers and 354 Rwandan officers, including 32 generals, 140 colonels, and 70 majors”.  In other words, native Congolese aren’t even in charge of their country’s government, defense, and security institutions, but rather Paul Kagame is through his former intelligence officer Hyppolite Kanambe using the Congolese name of “Joseph Kabila” and other Rwandan agents and security apparatus in DRC.


The above two items are a sample of Paul Kagame’s Rwanda’s modus operandi using Ubwenge.


For lack of knowledge of this modus operandi, Ubwenge, all the UN, US, EU,  and everyone else going to the DRC thinking they are dealing truthfully with the Congolese government are just being FOOLED and MANIPULATED by Kagame’s operatives in the DRC, according to the eye-opening document by spy chief Ngbanda.


A Rwandan defines “Ubwenge”  (all translations from the French are ours):

The culture of telling lies called Ubwenge is, in Rwanda, an undeniable cultural fact.  The manifestations of this culture can be observed even today.  This word has no equivalent in French.  It combines together the French words for intelligence, lies, cunning or deviousness, shrewdness, duplicity, concealment, and treachery.” Gaspar Musabyimana (Rwandan researcher, author, and former government official in Ugbenge, the Culture of Lying in Rwanda, Oct. 9, 2009).


The German Richard Kandt (German explorer who became, in 1909, the Imperial Resident of Germany’s East African colony, the Deutsch-Ostafrika which comprised today’s Tanzania, Rwanda, and Burundi – then the little kingdom called “Rwanda-Urundi”) studied  and wrote about “Ubwenge” in 1921 in his book, Caput Nilli.  He discusses in this book how Rwandans are taught to lie:  “Ubwenge” is a form of education in which from childhood Rwandans, especially Tutsis are taught lying and misrepresentation:… For Tutsis, lying does not offend their moral concepts because, for them, it is a sign of nobility…”. Moreover, the Rwandans are taught to fool, to manipulate, to divert the attention of the curious so that they do not focus or find out what the Rwandans want to hide or lie about:

“… If he (the stranger, especially the European) asks for the mountain,… show him the fields along the sides of it; if he asks for rivers, show him the cows that are drinking the water; if he asks for the huts, show him the banana trees nearby.  Always keep lying, keep lying, keep lying. This is your strength.”

 Russ Feingold see gorillas

Ubwenge at work: Instead of showing Feingold the Congolese victims of M23, Kagame & Kabila/Kanambe arrange to show him Congolese gorillas! (see Richard Kandt above – photo cr.: Kenny Katombe/Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting)


>>Any wonder, then, that after the defeat of M23, when Senator Feingold visited eastern Congo, instead of taking him to speak with the Congolese victims of M23 criminals, or even for him to talk to DRC army units that fought M23 so he could enquire from the two DRC army officers (Mamadou Ndala and Ambamba Bahuma) who led the attack against M23 fighters, who were assassinated afterwards, Kagame and Kabila arranged for him to go and see the gorillas ? Ubwenge!


[While the American government and media and the UN have published reports that M23 was a Rwandan creation that was being managed by the Rwandan Defense minister, James Kabarebe, and even Kagame’s former spy chief, Patrick Karegeya whom he assassinated in South Africa had told French RFI that M23, like CNDP, and other groups before them were Kagame’s creations, yet, using Ubwenge, Kagame and Kabila use “reintegration of M23 fighters in the Congolese army (?) in order to insert Rwandan soldiers in the DRC army and Feingold as well as Kobler fall for this obvious manipulative lying – see Mr. Ngbanda’s Investigative Report above)]


>>Any wonder, then, that instead of the UN and the US focusing on the UN Mapping Report of 2010, which not only details the evidence of the genocide that has been perpetrated by Kagame, Museveni, and Kabila in the DRC, instead, this trio has been beating the drum of FDLR whereas, as the Rwandan minister of defense, James Kabarebe told UN Official Steve Hege, FDLR can never threaten the security of Rwanda”?  How many times, since 1996, has the FDLR attacked Rwanda? NOT ONCE!  In the meantime, how many millions Congolese have been slaughtered, gang raped, and mutilated by Rwandan soldiers and militias? Ubwenge!


>>Any wonder, then, that Kagame, Museveni, and now Kabila “volunteer” their soldiers for UN “peace-keeping” missions, as a form of blackmail, these same soldiers who have participated in the most heinous crimes ever perpetrated by any invading army in the history of humanity so that, now, the UN and the US look at this trio’s participation in UN missions instead of looking at the crimes they have been committing to the tune of millions slaughtered and gang raped?  Ubwenge!


All this “manipulative lying” being concocted by Kagame, Museveni, and Kabila, has been applied on anyone and everyone who have attempted to bring peace to the African Great Lakes region (UN, US, EU, and everyone else).  As a result, peace and security are far from being achieved during the over twenty years on now while the unspeakable crimes continue unabated and this trio continues to enjoy TOTAL IMPUNITY for their crimes.


Ubwenge’s role in Rwanda’s politics:

The use of manipulative lying (“Ubwenge”) has always constituted a fundamental and an essential element in the conquest of power and domination in Rwanda”. Shingiro Mbonyumutwa, a Rwandan analyst in Rwanda A Quand la Democratie, Paris, Editions l’Harmattan, 2009, pp. 107-109.


Paul Kagame’s “noble” personal mastery of Ubwenge:

With gusto, displaying no sign of trouble, beside the hands that agitate and the long legs that cross or uncross, Kagame can deny the evidence and lie to you while looking at you right in your eyes.” (Colette Braekman, Belgian writer for Le Soir in her book, Les Nouveaux Predateurs, Paris, Editions Fayard, 2003, p. 213).


A Rwandan Catholic priest even boasted about the superiority of Rwandan Ubwenge over what he termed “European intelligence of the books”:

If the Mututsi (singular for Tutsi people, ‘Batutsi’ is plural) acknowledges the European’s abilities in the technical field – electricity, physics, mathematics, etc. – If the Mututsi acknowledges the European’s intelligence of the books (Ubwenge bwo mu gitabo), the Mututsi deplores the European lack of craftiness of the spirit. Knowing how to distort, to disguise, to misrepresent the truth, knowing how to substitute the truth with a lie without arousing any suspicions whatsoever, this is a science that the European lacks and the Mututsi is proud to possess; the genius of the intrigue, the art of lying are in the eyes of the Mututsi art forms that he prides himself of being really good at; this is proper to the Mututsi and, by contagion and by defensive reflexes, proper to every Rwandan.”  (Abbe Stanislas Bushayiia, “Aux origines du probleme Bahutu au Rwanda”, Revue Nouvelle, Tome XXVIII, No 12, December 1958, pp. 594-597).


The US, the UN, and everyone who works to bring peace to DRC and end the Congo horrors such as what Dr. Mukwege sees every day must study and understand the phenomenon of Ubwenge which, in the final analysis, has been used by the above trio to literally get away with murder for over 20 years now.  The Congo is being decimated and, yet, using Ubwenge, the trio Kagame-Museveni-Kabila while they kill, rape, and mutilate Congolese and infiltrate the DRC institutions, this trio has been diverting the focus of everyone to non-issues like FDLR, “peace accords”, “Tutsi refugees”, “army reinsertions”,…


Finally, a dignified and respectful Rwandan Tutsi prince of the Banyiginya lineage, Antoine Nyetera, who abhorred Kagame’s crimes against other Rwandans, also wrote a document, « Rwandan Mindset and Culture, a Document ». In it Prince Nyetera discusses the origins, the meaning, and the application of Ubwenge and how Paul Kagame and his movement, the RPF, have “effectively”, in a Machiavelli fashion, used this “Ubwenge” against other Rwandans and against everyone else.  Mr. Nyetera  summed this up in one paragraph – his words retain their weight and sharpness in French as he wrote them – :

« Il faut avoir un esprit fourbe et malicieux, haineux et revanchards comme les Tutsi du FPR,   

pour commettre les crimes les plus abominables et crier au secours ! D’être bourreaux et se

présenter pour victime ! Il faut également avoir un courage exceptionnel, un cœur aussi dur que

l’acier, pour condamner les innocents avec sang froid. »



One must have a malicious and deceitful, hateful and vengeful spirit like the Tutsis of the (Kagame’s) RPF, in order to commit the most abominable crimes while crying aloud for help! To be the executioners while portraying yourselves as victims!  One must equally have an exceptional courage, a heart as hard as steel, in order to condemn and slaughter the innocents in cold blood!


Toward the end of his document, Prince Nyetera laments the effect of this “Ubwenge” in his country:


-“It is, however, regrettable to realize that, in the long run, this culture of lying has permeated all levels of the Rwandan population…”  


In America, where tens of thousands of Rwandans have received asylum passing for Congolese using the Rwandan culture of Ubwenge, Congolese-Americans wait for the results of the US government’s investigation.  What kind of investigation can be conducted if the US department of Defense cannot differentiate between a real Congolese and a Rwandan passing for Congolese???  This is the question.  Meanwhile, look around you.  Any Congolese you might know might NOT be Congolese at all.  Remember what the Rwandan Prime minister said.  Rwandan women “weeping” that they were raped when they weren’t and they are not even Congolese, all this is Ubwenge in action.  America has been fooled really well.


Shingiro Mbonyumutwa cited above, in the same book, writes that “The Rwandans have understood” Ubwenge as part of their culture:

Doesn’t one of their proverbs say that ‘the truth you were going to tell the king you hide it from him in order to better use it at the right time and obtain favors from him’?  Seen under this angle, lying is not a sin.   Neither is manipulating the truth.  The essential task is in knowing how to lie in such a manner that no one would find out that you are lying;  so that your listener does not even realize that you are pulling the wool over his eyes or literally duping him.   Another Rwandan proverb complements the one above in that it boasts of the mastery of being able ‘to set the hut (house) on fire and having the unimaginable abilities to hide the smoke.”  Ubwenge!

(Just imagine, a master manipulative liar who’s able to set your house on fire while hiding the smoke! Any wonder why the mass killer Kagame, his partner Museveni, and their junior disciple Kabila/Kanambe are still in the mass killing business with TOTAL impunity from the world’s smartest leaders and most powerful nations???)



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